What Teachers Can Learn From Rock Band, Facebook and Angry Birds


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  • In 2007, a well known literacy scholar James Gee, did a fantastic thing: he looked at what his son was doing for entertainment and took the time to understand it before discounting it.\n\nThe text that resulted is possibly the greatest general work to date in the educational games movement.\n\nI want to extend this spirit of inquiry into a few domains of popular media to see what they might teach us.\n\n\n
  • Games allow our intent to be magnified and our skills augmented.\n\n-We can experience life as an expert, though we are novice\n-We receive many channels of feedback to help us improve\n
  • \nThis is a game I helped produce that teaches a college level engineering course.\n\nEngineering on a chalkboard is a math class, we wanted to:\n\n- Experience the life of a “rock star engineers”\n- Have the chance to do hundreds or thousands of experiments during a course, not just a few.\n- See the results of their experiments\n\n\n
  • \nThe N-Cycle game is a card game that manifests a hard to teach system in play.\n
  • \n
  • Last year ENGAGE did a grant for student collaborative work.\n\nHindu law is a complex subject that does not have a single source. \n\nDon Davis, The professor of this course thought it would make sense to have the course build the wikipedia entry for the world and jump start the conversation in a public space \n\nSee: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharmasastra and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_law\n\n
  • A map aggregating information about the 2008 elections in Zimbabwe\n\nSee: http://www.sokwanele.com/map/electionviolence\n
  • \n
  • A situated documentary made by Jim Matthews in Madison\n\nSee: http://arisgames.org\n \n
  • We built a prototyping tool for our exploration and have now open sourced it and are giving it away for free.\n\nCome to the Session to learn more\n
  • What Teachers Can Learn From Rock Band, Facebook and Angry Birds

    1. 1. What teachers can learn from Rock Band,Facebook and Angry BirdsDavid J. GagnonTwitter: @djgagnonUW-Madison Academic TechnologyGames, Learning and Society
    2. 2. Mulitmodal Feedback, Rock Band 2 Mediated Identity
    3. 3. Systemic Knowledge coolitgame.net situated in Practice
    4. 4. Exploratory Systems theNgame.org
    5. 5. Circles, Hangouts, Sparks Google+
    6. 6. Students contributing toAuthentic Audience global knowledge
    7. 7. Realtime Data Sokwanele - Enough is Enough
    8. 8. Mobile is a revolution Contextual, Personal, and JIT
    9. 9. Place Based Learning Dow Day
    10. 10. ARISAugmentedReality&InteractiveStorytellingarisgames.org