Small Business Internet Marketing Key Takeaways


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This transcript is from the last session of the Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop. It focuses on the biggest insights and key takeaways in all the sessions.

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Small Business Internet Marketing Key Takeaways

  1. 1. 1 FINAL WORDS Rome wasn’t built in a day. David: What we might do is we’ll just go up to the final wrap up here. It’s a little bit small but you’ve got this screen. It’s one of the first slides that I showed you and I just want to bring you back now to come full circle. We’ve just given you so much information today. When I started the day, you might not have realized it when I gave you that metaphor for the tree and hanging those little leaves off the branches. It’s all in there now and I just want to bring it full circle. Review the plan So the way that I work with a client and you can follow this same process. I’ve thought about this process, it is in a particular order for a particular reason. There is a reason why Pete and I had the seminar in the order that we had it because this is the process that you can follow. Understanding products / services First, start off, understand your products and services, get really clear on that. Create that avatar so you find out exactly who that person is who you’re going to market towards. Research target market / competition / keywords Research that target market, look at what your competitors are doing, try and build that keyword research list. Everything that happens online starts with the keywords. So you need to make sure you know who your searcher is so you’re making sure you’re selecting the right keywords to get in front of that person. Build a website The next thing, you build a website, whether it’s WordPress or take an existing website that you’ve already got, build one.
  2. 2. 2 Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Install Google Analytics as Pete talked about and also have a look at Webmaster Tools as well. That way you can know. As Pete said, you can’t improve what it is that you don’t measure. So that’s what all the installing of Google Analytics is about. On page optimisation / conversion / enquiry form Then we do our on page optimization, conversion and that type of thing. Pete again talked about that, making sure that the phone number is in the right spot, making sure that you’re speaking to that avatar, making sure that you’re giving the user what it is that they’re looking for. I can’t express this enough, once you put yourself in that avatar, or you’re typing something in, imagine what is it they’re looking for. What is it that you would want to see to help you make the decision whether or not you’re going to do business with someone. Google Places Once you’ve done that, then you look to register the website with Google Places. Google AdWords Once you’ve done Google Places, then start on AdWords. You want to drive some traffic as quickly as you can to the site, get some quick results. Find out if there are any keywords that maybe you missed and hey, maybe I should try and optimize for some of the keywords as well because they’re the most profitable. Quick cash: promo / customer reactivation Then when working with a client we do quick cash. This is more the way I work with clients because it’s important for me to get them a result as quickly as possible. Once they get a result that they’re happy with, they’ll be happy to go on our $1,500 a month retainer because we’ve got them those quick results. That’s why I want to get results as early on as possible. Off page SEO Then you look at your off page SEO, building all those things that I talked about over there. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It does take time to implement that type of thing. So whether or not it’s something you look to outsource, I would suggest you do it once yourself first, just so you understand the process and then it makes the outsourcing process a lot easier.
  3. 3. 3 Talking about the tomato technique, just break down some extra time each day where you say, right, I’m going to devote this little time block to marketing my particular business. Video marketing At that point I’d add in video marketing and the viral-type videos that we created, like the Google vs. Yellow Pages and also the video when they land on the home page, which I just talked about. White paper, build database and autoresponders Once I do that, then I look to build the white paper so you’re starting to get a bit of traction on your website. You’re starting to get some visibility. You’re starting to get some users. Now we want to make sure that we capture those users. To do that, we create the autoresponder system and make sure that we give them a free report and a reason to want to opt in so we can build up that database. Web 2.0: Twitter / Facebook / foursquare At that point, I analyze whether or not I’m going to do Web 2.0 for a particular business. Again coming back to the avatar, is it something that we should be doing and can it take what we’re doing to the next level? We may or may not do that one. Press release At that point, I introduce the press release. I use press release more for SEO purposes, whereas Pete uses it more for media. You can get both benefits out of it. Media is really good because if you have a look at the, and I’ve got my story and I’ll put little snippets of me in the paper and things like that, it just keeps on boosting that credibility so people can trust. Like Pete said, it’s that halo effect, you can’t fake that type of thing. Regular blogging: top questions / interview experts / Google Alerts Then I get the client to look to start doing regular blogging. You want to get them into a rhythm because bigger sites win and you want to send links to the pages that you want to have ranked. So we use the blog to keep targeting those longer tail keywords.
  4. 4. 4 Build info product Then the final thing, which we haven’t really talked about too much, but the idea of building a back end product. So depending on your particular service, maybe you run a workshop like this. You get a few clients in the room and you run a little workshop, and you create a DVD set. That DVD set can be used for cutting up and posting on YouTube or you could use it to sell as a backend product, and hopefully, get a second revenue stream so you can start to step outside of your business and do what Pete said, work on your business instead of in your business. Big rocks From here, I’ve given you so much here. You just focus on the big rocks. You want to build a business that adds value. The speed of implementation, this is something that I got from Eben Pagan. It’s really important; you’re going to take away a lot of information today, you’ve got the little game plan of what it is you’re going to do. The speed at which you can implement this material after you leave this seminar will determine how much of a success you are. The quicker that you take this information and implement it, the quicker you’ll get to that end result. The speed of implementation is what separates people who are a huge success and people who aren’t. It all comes down to execution. You’ve learned a great deal of information today, but as much as people say, knowledge is power and so on, that’s all fantastic and you’ve got a game now. But it really comes down to the execution and the implementation. Money is made when you take action and unsubscribe from some of those different e-mails that you get and you’re hearing about the latest product launch, and you’re getting distracted. Unsubscribe from all of those things, just get focused and implement everything you’re learning as quickly as you can. Try not to get caught up in the details as well. People might ask me a question, what hosting provider should I use? I’m trying to build up this network here. Should I look at using different IP addresses so that way Google doesn’t think that it’s all me linking back to my website? What autoresponder system should I use? These types of questions, you don’t want to get stuck in there because often that can stop you getting through implementation.
  5. 5. 5 We know this from MetaStock work; a lot of people never get around to trading because they’re too busy learning the software and they never quite get it. It’s the same thing in all areas. A lot of people just get caught in the details. So focus, focus, focus. Big insights competition I might finish with a final little story and then hand it over to Pete to see if there’s anything he wants to add. I just thought I’d talk a little bit about, we’ve all had these defining moments in our lives. You look back now over everything that got you here. There are probably a few big memories that stick out in your mind and it’s those ones that really shaped who it is that you are today. One of the early experiences that I can remember having was I was living in a flat with my Mum on Tooronga Road in Glen Iris. I was going to school at Melbourne High at the time and I started talking to a guy and he was saying, oh, you should get into martial arts. I thought, yes this sounded interesting. I started to have a look at some different martial arts. I got myself a copy of UFC and started to watch some people fighting to figure out which particular fighting method I was going to go after. I decided and settled on something called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s a grappling sport, so for those of you who don’t know, when you do stand up, things like Muay Thai and kickboxing and boxing, it’s all you stand up and it’s all about your legs, your arms. It’s all about distance fighting. Grappling is almost like wrestling. When you think of street fighting, what usually happens on the street, people just run at each other and then they fall to the ground. That’s usually what happens. Grappling, I thought, from a real-life application point of view, I should learn grappling because that’s how things go. So I went along, it was Malvern Martial Arts where I trained. It was right around the corner. I used to go up there and train. And I remember the first class that I went to I went up there. I’m not a big dude, and I go into this gym and there are some massive dudes. I ended up grappling with these guys on my first night. I know they were going easy on me, but for those of you who know anything about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, often one of the first things that you do, it’s all about trying to fight strength with strength in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  6. 6. 6 If I’m going up against these massive dudes there is no chance at all that I’m going to beat them strength on strength. You don’t know that when you’re first learning and later on you pick up some lessons along the way and you realize you can start to go with the flow. There is a lot easier way of doing things that you may not have realized before. So hopefully, I’m starting to open your eyes up to the idea that there are some easier ways to do things. That’s why we gave you this little step by step plan that you could follow. But on this first session that I was there, I remember going in and grappled with these dudes and I was just destroyed. I’m sitting there, lying on the mat, if you can imagine this, it’s on a blue mat, they’ve got these jigsaw mats. I’m lying there, not wanting to move. You know when you’ve exerted yourself so much that you feel like, if I move, I’m going to vomit. So I’m not going to move an inch. I’m lying there, saying, do not move. Do not close your eyes. The world will spin. Just stay strong and not throw up. So what did I do? I focused on what it is that I wanted to do and I threw up all over the mat on my first class. I threw up and to make matters worse, no one wanted to clean up the new guy’s spew. So they went and got me some paper towels and said, alright. Dave. It’s time for you to clean up your mess. It’s one of those things, I have that picture clearly in my mind. I went home that night and as you can imagine I was a little bit embarrassed and thought this is pretty embarrassing. First night there and I vomited all over. I thought about it during the week and I thought, no, I’m going to go back. I’m going to go back. So I went back the next week. I went to go for another class and my sensei pulled me aside and he said, I can’t believe that you came back. I thought, ok, a nice way to welcome me back. But he said, most people would not just stick with it and go all the way through. It was that persistence to break over what was uncomfortable, what was embarrassing, what I thought was hard and I stuck with it. I ended up sticking with that for about three or four years and got second in the Pan Pacifics, beaten by a Brazilian. But they start when they’re eight. Maybe that gets me a little bit off the hook.
  7. 7. 7 The reason I tell you that story is a couple of things. One, just thinking about what those defining moments are, and again I always like the idea of, if you want this to be a defining moment for you, you get to choose. When you walk out of here, if you want to make this a defining moment, where you say, ok, that is the point where things started to change and headed in the direction. If you want, that can happen. There are a few other little lessons in there that, they all seeped in and when they need to come out, they’ll come out. I’ll hand over to Pete. Pete: I won’t keep you guys for much longer. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your attention today, it’s been much appreciated. I really hope you’ve found your pony in all of this, coming back to what we said this morning. I really hope you found your pony and if you haven’t found it, let me give it to you. It’s that CFT time. It’s that critical focus time. If you can just find 50 minutes a day to devote to work on your business and actually make sure you make that time, it will impact a big deal. It’s one of the things we try and implement with everything that we do and particularly myself, is to have that critical focus time on a daily basis and you give yourself 50 minutes to work on your business every day. It’s so easy to get distracted by the tools and get distracted by the staff and get distracted by the clients. At the end of the day it’s your business you have to grow, so make sure you actually make the time to grow your business. Thank you very much and I hope you really enjoyed today’s session.
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