How To Distribute Web Video Content


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This transcript is the sixth session in the Lights Camera Profits Workshop. This will teach you on how to distribute your web video content in the proper platforms such as YouTube.

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How To Distribute Web Video Content

  1. 1. 1 VIDEO DISTRIBUTION Maximum exposure, minimum work. David: Ok, in this session we’re going to be talking about what do we do once we’ve got the videos. We went through how do you set up your home studio, what equipment to get. Ben also talked about then what do we do once we’ve recorded that video, how do we edit it, what things do we add into the video. Now we go to the final piece in the puzzle which is making sure that we get maximum distribution for that video. YouTube Facts The first thing that I want to talk about is YouTube and I’m not going to go into any great detail in this because you’re all already at the video seminar, so I don’t have to sell you on the idea that video is the place to go. What I do want to tell you is YouTube needs to be the area that you focus on and there are a few reasons for that. Obviously comScore, they’re a research company based out in the States. They said that YouTube is now the number two search engine. You may have heard people use that, so when people are looking for things they go to Google number one, and then they go to YouTube number two. Twenty-eight percent of all the searches done in the Google network, so the Google network is all of their sites, 28% of them come from YouTube. So a big part of all of their traffic is going through YouTube. YouTube has thirteen times more traffic than the position number two. Of all the different video sharing sites out there, Hulu is currently sitting in number two, but YouTube has thirteen times as many views. When you think about where you’re going to focus your attention on, you make sure you focus on the big rocks and you make sure that you put your attention into the things that are going to get you the biggest impact.
  2. 2. 2 The other things to keep in mind as well are some YouTube facts. YouTube is now the default everywhere. It’s the default on all the Smartphones that come out. Whenever there is any sort of video search, it’s all YouTube. When you think about a lot of the new TVs that are coming out that have integrated in things like Google TV and even ones that don’t have Google TV integrated, they all use YouTube as the default search engine. The Apple TV uses YouTube as the default search engine. Then you’ve also got the iPads. iPads have increased the consumption of video significantly. Everybody is starting to use iPads to consume video, and the default on that – YouTube. So I think you’re starting to get the pattern here. It’s all about YouTube. The other thing to keep in mind, I think I heard Paul Colligan mention this one, which I think is interesting. You don’t see Google search results in the YouTube search results. So when you’re on YouTube and you’re typing something in, you don’t see normal listings there. But when you’re on Google and you’re doing a search, what do you see? You see videos in the normal search. That shows you when you do video, you not only have the ability to dominate universal search and normal organic search through the but you can also dominate on YouTube as well. Where to Spend Your Time? What do we need to do? We need to make sure we spend out time on YouTube. Ninety per cent of what I do for any video work starts with YouTube. When to use some other sites. Some of the other sites that we do use, we use Vimeo, Viddler and Amazon S3, there are a whole lot of other different services out there. These are the main ones that we use, you might use one that works well for you. We use Vimeo. Vimeo is an excellent software, you can get an account. How much do you pay to upgrade to the Pro versions? Fifty dollars or something like that and you’re able to upload high quality videos into Vimeo.
  3. 3. 3 You can then embed them and when you go the Pro account, you can remove a lot of the branding. When you’re embedding YouTube videos onto your own website, it’s still got all the YouTube video. You can do some things about turning off the referrers because at the end of a video, a whole lot of those referring type videos pop up. You can turn that off but there’s still all the YouTube branding, people can double click it and very easily get back to it. So we use Vimeo. The thing with Vimeo to keep in mind is, it’s not a commercial website, they don’t allow you to have commercial content on Vimeo. So we only use Vimeo if I’m giving away really good material. It might be an interview, it might be for the podcast interviews. If I want to embed that into my website on we might use Vimeo because we’re not using it for commercial content and I want it to be less YouTube branded. YouTube to a certain extent can look at bit unprofessional. You don’t see any big Fortune 500 embedding YouTube video throughout their sites. There are exceptions and I think people are getting more comfortable with seeing YouTube embedded into websites. I even recommend for some clients, some clients will embed the video into their website because there are some other benefits from an SEO point of view when you’ve got those videos embedded into high quality pages. But we tend towards Vimeo in that circumstance. Viddler is the other one that I use so Viddler is when I’m doing commercial content. I like to use video streaming services, YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler before I use Amazon S3. All of those sites, their core competencies are online web video. So they know how to encode and get the best streaming of your video and making sure it gets delivered to the end user in the best possible format. That’s why I tend towards these sites before I move to Amazon S3. So we use Viddler for the commercial content. It is a little bit more expensive. You can’t negotiate with them. They do have $100 a month minimum, that’s where they suggest you start and they give you a certain package for how much you can download and upload. If you chat with them they can reduce that for you. You can get away with, I think we pay $50 a month. The good thing when I pay $50, the other thing about Viddler, is you can really de brand it. It doesn’t have to have any reference to Viddler. It’s a great way to embed video on your site that looks very professional and streams very well.
  4. 4. 4 Then you’ve got Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is just a file serving in the Cloud online server. So it’s an online server where you can upload your videos. If you’re going to do that, the time and the pace when we use that is when we don’t want to share the content. When they’re on a lot of these other sharing sites, you can limit them somewhat. If you’re putting them on a video sharing website, it’s much easier for someone to come across it. We might use Amazon S3 in our membership style software. So the Online Trading Mastermind where we don’t want those videos shared around, because people are paying $100 a month or something like that, we put it behind closed doors. Things that are on Amazon S3, that’s when you need to know a little bit more about encoding or use one of the services Rob is going to talk about to make sure that it is encoded out at the right quality. People can select, do I want to get it in iPhone version, do I want to get it in medium or high def version. That’s when we use Amazon S3 to offer those different options in there. Just before Jen jumps in, The SEO Method is a good example of the way that we use Amazon S3, so my particular course is done through Amazon S3 and it will have a high quality video embedded on the download page. Underneath that, we have a lower quality version which we encode using some software Ben will talk about using VisualHub and we’ll talk about that in the tools section. Then you can download that and we also have an audio version. So we’re doing it a little bit more manually, we’re re-encoding but there are some in the Cloud solutions that we’ll talk about. Question: What about recordings of webinars? If you have an hour long webinar that you’d like to share with as many people as possible, it’s too long for a YouTube video. So in Amazon it couldn’t be found, so then would you use Viddler for that or Vimeo? David: Yes, Viddler you can go longer, it depends on what you’re using it for. When I do presentations like that, I’ll still use YouTube and I cut it up into little pieces and I have it available in little pieces on YouTube. Then what I do is, you want to get the full version all stitched together, then you might charge them a small nominal fee for. That’s the way that I do it, but if you want to give away your free webinar, then I’d probably tend to, if it’s just content and you’re not pitching anything, go to Vimeo. If it‘s pitching, then you might want to look at something like Viddler.
  5. 5. 5 They are the three different services I use and there are plenty of different ones but that is a good place to start if you’re not using any. Remember what the point of getting your videos out and about is. The point is to drag them back to your website. For the majority of a lot of the videos that I do, I want to get them back onto my website to get them into my funnel. If you imagine these are just little bits of content spread out all over the web that I’m hoping they start nibbling on these bits of bait, they get hooked and then they get dragged back into my site. Then I try to get them into my funnel and then I start to take them down my sales process. So always keep in mind what the idea of what it is that you’re trying to do with the video. Edit Channel I’ll take you through a few things about how to go ahead and set up a YouTube video account, edit your channel. I can show you my trading site. There are a few things we can look through. I’ll take you through each step of the way. I’ll just go through this and then you just follow the steps. A lot of editing and setting up your YouTube channel is something that you need to do once and then once it’s set up you don’t need to worry about it. Then you start to focus on creating content. We’ll just head over to my YouTube account and here’s one I prepared earlier. That’s the ‘I eat shit for breakfast.’ I actually took the same video and re branded it and one, on my djenyns account, I used at as ‘Anthony Robbins Green Drink 2.0’ and then on my internet marketing one I did ‘You Eat Pieces of Shit for Breakfast’ and the keyword I was going after was a Happy Gilmore quote. So I was getting to come up for that. We’ll come to keyword research in a little bit.
  6. 6. 6 Let’s have a look at editing the channel. The first things I want to have a look at, once you sign into your account and you go to your channel page, so you can just use your drop down and you’ll go down to my channel. Once you get to my channel, when you’re logged into your account, you get these extra settings along the top here and these are the extra setting you only see as an account owner. The first one I want to show you or talk about is making sure that you set a good user name. When you go ahead and set up an account djenyns is probably not the best choice. That was something I set three or four years ago when I first opened the account. Try and do something keyword rich if you can, or something related to your brand. On the other account, my internet marketing, I did The SEO Method because that’s the brand, my product. It’s also a good idea if you can try and bring some keywords into that. A good example of that, Free Yoga videos. That might be a really good name for a YouTube channel, thinking in terms of what your business is. I don’t stress too much about it because I’ve already set up my account and I’ve come too far now. The next thing we need to have a look at, you come into settings. What you want to do is, under the channel type here, you want to change the channel type to be a different channel. You get some choices. Automatically it’s set to YouTuber. You want to make sure that you set it to guru or one of the other ones. Just don’t set it to YouTube. The reason for this is from You Tube you get awards for when you’re the most viewed or your video is getting a lot of attention or your channel is most subscribed. Everybody automatically by default gets put into the YouTuber style of channel type. If you change that channel type it’s much easier to win awards because you’re competing against a lot fewer people. Once you start to compete against a lot fewer people, then what do you do? You do something like this because I’m always looking to build that credibility, looking to build that trust.
  7. 7. 7 When you see something pop up, thirteen most viewed today. That’s just I took a little screen shot when I did get that award and that’s just adding credibility to what it is that I do. They click that and it links through to my website. So that’s a way to increase the chance of your account getting awards. I took a screen shot of that award and then put it on my website. It’s just adding a bit of proof. People are familiar with the YouTube logo. It’s often a good idea if you get awards and things like that, there’s that level of familiarity as soon as they get to the website. The next thing that I’ve got, I talked about the screen shots, setting up your themes. So under the themes here, you want to come down into themes, you can change your colours. I’m just going to show you the important material. Come down to the advanced options down here and change your background image. There are custom YouTube backgrounds that you can get and you can pay to get them done. Gideon Shalwick, he’s got a really good example of a custom one and I’ll show you that a little bit later. The way that I do it, I’m a little bit more ghetto and we’ll just go to here. I think in my head, what’s the primary objective of this website? It’s hard because we’re on a small screen, I’m only on a very small MacBook here. Usually for most other people when they see it, I do the background image, I tile it and I just do the url. What’s the aim of the game? Get them back to my website. So I use different sizes there because, dependent on where it’s placed on the thing, see I’ve got a smaller one off to the right hand side which is easy to see on the right hand side. On the left hand side you’ll see this one over here is easier to see when it’s on the other side. No matter where they are on the site, they’re seeing my logo. So that’s that. The two accounts we’ll be having a look at, I prefer to show my trading material because I often see a lot of internet marketers show their marketing internet marketing material. I like to show you guys, here’s how I’m doing it in a business outside of internet marketing.
  8. 8. 8 This is my trading site so you can see it’s the same thing, just and we’ll just make sure we sign into the right account. The next thing we need to talk about after setting the background images, is also setting an auto play feature. I’m just going to come through to my channel. Now the more attention you can get to your videos, the better you will go in the search results, the better your channel gets, the more attention you get. So what you want to do is at every opportunity see what you can do to increase the views to your video. As you saw, as soon as I loaded up this page, it auto plays. Auto plays, they disabled the auto play function so what people used to do, they’d take a YouTube video, they’d embed it in a whole series of blogs, have the auto play feature and then you’d just have all of the different websites out there generating views for you. That was a really good way to generate views but they realized people were starting to game it now. So the only place you get recognition for a view on auto play is on your channel page. What I do I to set my channels, I’ve got that under video play list and then just under here down here you just check the box saying auto play feature. That’s just an extra way to get a few more views onto your video. The other thing that you want to do is once you’re on this edit screen and you’re looking at your profile, you have the option to edit some of the text on the left hand side just down here. Under the profile, you want to go ahead, I fill out everything. I put all of my details, links to my websites. I make sure that whenever I add a link I always do http://www. The reason I do that I suppose it’s out of a little bit of a habit and something we do when we’re posting Ezine articles. Sometimes when people re post your article, they won’t hyper link your link. But sometimes if you put the http in some website software, CMS software will pick that up as a link and re activate it, even thought they haven’t done it. so that’s why I do it, I suppose I do it out of habit for that but I always do it in here in all of the areas that I do online. So you can see here I do a little bit of a bio, I do a little bit of a plug for some of my websites. We’ll just go to cancel so you can see it. A few of the links they do make active. So within the website area and then to find out more they do and then down here, under companies, they don’t.
  9. 9. 9 What you want to do, at this point we want to build up credibility. The other thing that I do in my description, you want to tell them to sign up. You want subscribers, the more subscribers you can get the better. It’ll get more views and there are some other things that you can do for that but I say first things first. Sign up to this YouTube account by clicking the yellow subscribe button above and here’s why. Then I tell them what to do. How many people actually read that, I don’t know. Probably not that many, but if we’re going to do things, we might as well do them right. So that’s editing that info, tell them to subscribe. The next thing I would suggest you do then, you log into the back end. You go into account settings and then under account settings, just take your time and work through each of the different sections and fill it out as best as you can. Some of this is taken from the edit section that I just showed you on the channel page but some of it isn’t. There are other options in here on different things you can customize. It’s best to make all the changes that you can. You get rewarded for putting in that little extra effort there. The other thing I’d do, you want to change your profile picture as well. So just under the profile set up, you can take a screen capture of something and make it a little bit more attractive. Otherwise it will randomly sometimes pull whatever your most recent video is or it does the featured video image as well and it’s just a random clip. You get the option, so why not make it a little bit more enticing and I’m going a little bit for that branding because a lot of the video I do now, t-shirt, coloured, something they’re familiar with so when they subscribe. That is that.
  10. 10. 10 Then we need to have a look at the sharing as well, just under activity sharing. I think it’s a good idea to connect some of the other accounts. My accounts aren’t connected because we do a lot of this work manually and I’ll decide where I want what content to go where depending on what it is my outcome is for that video. Actually another reason I don’t do a lot of sharing is I have two niches that I operate in. I’m in the stock market niche and I’m also in the internet marketing niche. I try where possible to separate those and keep them separate because I don’t want my stock market people thinking, oh, he’s just an internet marketer. I’m more of a complete entrepreneur, that’s how I position it for my guys. I do business, real estate and trading as well. That’s how I explain it to them but where I can, I try and keep it separate. I would connect these accounts, you can have it go through to twitter, Facebook. The reason you want to do that, the more views you get to your videos the better. Videos are a great way to connect with your clients, so the more that you can get them to watch it, feeding into your fan page on Facebook or posting it out to twitter, the better. So that’s sharing. Ben: I was just going to see if you could say something on play lists. David: I’ve got a page. When I go to distribution, if I forget it, when I go through to uploading video, I’ll go through just in there. Good point, I don’t think I have that in here. The other area as well that you want to have a look at and I’m trying to remember under what area it is, I don’t use it so much, there’s a section about demographics. I already know my avatar, that’s why I don’t check in it very often. There is a way where you get your channel. It’s up the top there where it says insight.
  11. 11. 11 Each video does get their own analytics and we’ll talk about this but this is the analytics for your website. So if you don’t know who your avatar is yet and you’re putting out content and you want to know who it is you want to pitch to, sometimes it’s a good idea, I don’t go in here very often because I know who I’m marketing to but it might be a good way to help you create that avatar that you’re going to be marketing to. It’s also a good place to jump into to find out which videos are most effective, which videos are getting most views and that type of thing. Question: You can also look at other people’s things. Account Settings David: When I get to keyword research, I’ll go through that. The next thing we want to have a look at now, I’ll just jump back to my Keynote. So we talked about filling out those details. Now when it goes to uploading to YouTube you want to make sure that you don’t use any automated software. I do this all manually. Why? Because it makes up 90% of video, so you might as well do it right. I don’t use Traffic Geyser for YouTube, I don’t use any of the other video material because we do it manually. We take the time to make sure we do the right keyword research and really customize it. We do that, the importance of understanding your avatar as well. Once you understand your avatar, you set up your profile and you’re ready to rock and roll. Then the next thing you need to do is you’ve got your video content just as Ben taught you how to create and we’ve exported it out onto my desktop and we’re going to go through a live example. Then you need to know who it is you’re going to be marketing this to. Then we need to start to look into picking our keywords. So this is a little bit more of a live example. On YouTube I tend to go for more aggressive keywords and I’ll go for broader keywords. A lot of times in normal search you’ll go for longer tail words because less competition and there’s that idea that the longer tail that you get on a search, it’s more of a buying phrase. So they’re closer to the point at which they’re buying, that’s why we do that in search. In YouTube because there is still a lot less competition and it’s still pretty broad and it’s quite far up our funnel, these are just little nuggets, I really just want to get this video in front of as many people as I can. So I go for more aggressive keywords and broader keywords.
  12. 12. 12 The way that I start my process for determining what keyword I’m going to select, I’d use Market Samurai. I’ll go to Google and type in Free Google Keyword Tool. Most keyword tools just pull their data from Google anyway. This tool at the moment, and I know the good thing about Market Samurai they’re keeping on the cutting edge because there are rumors coming out that this is about to get disabled and you have to be logged into your account. So they’re looking at setting things up to make sure you can still get access to this type of information. But it’s always a good idea to feed back to Google what it says is relevant. That’s why I like to use their free keyword tool. If I type in a keyword, which I will in a moment, it will tell me what keywords it thinks are relevant. I can try and spot the gold within it. Someone mentioned the other day when we were talking about tea leaves, picking keywords is a little bit like reading tea leaves. Over time you get better at it. I’m still trying to get to the point of documenting that process, I need to get a really clear system. This is the best that I could get, the system as to the way that I do it because I’ve got it so ingrained now. I’ll try and break it down as best as I can. After you do it more and more and you understand your avatar, you’ll just drift into their head and you’ll think, if I was a person looking for a wedding celebrant and I was on YouTube, what types of things would I be typing into YouTube that are related to wedding celebrants or the perfect wedding or something like that. Those might be the type of keywords you think about targeting. The problem with YouTube keyword tool, let’s go to that now. As you can see here, there’s another one and I first heard this by Geoff Johnson. Geoff Johnson, if you don’t listen to his work and you’re into SEO, you should. He’s really good at his work. He was the first one that I heard reference this one. It’s a keyword tool that Google offers that’s specific to YouTube. The problem that I’ve found with this is, if I type in keyword, so let’s type in viral videos. The results that it gives me back, I never find anything I can really take and work with.
  13. 13. 13 The keywords it throws back, maybe some viral videos 2009, some of these top ones, that’s probably not a good example. Maybe we’ll just do weddings and we’ll see what we get. When you type something into YouTube, you have to go for very broad terms. I just haven’t found it that effective. I’ll show you the method that I choose that is more effective. Also if you drop videos into YouTube here you can have it recommend keywords that it thinks are related to videos. So you could look at someone else’s video and say what keywords would you recommend but I just don’t get good results that way. You can try it, that’s why I included it in the notes, so you can test it out, you might get better results and it’s still a very young keyword tool, so they’re still developing it. What I would do, we’re looking at viral videos, so this is trying to think in terms of Ben’s video that we just put out there. So having a look down here, usually what I like to do, like I said I’ll go for more broad, very aggressive keywords. I’ll start off by trying to get a few broad topics here. So let’s just have a look here. Maybe we’ll go, I can see video marketing, I can see some viral marketing, let’s go viral marketing. Basically at this point in time, I’ll try and pick out three or four broader type keywords and then I’m going to jump over to YouTube and then drill it down even further depending on who my competition is. What I want to look at when I’m on this page, I’ll look for ones that have the highest volume. Like I said, I’ll go for broader, more aggressive keyword phrases because there are not as much competition. For me that’s a high one. Let’s see if there are any other ones that have some higher numbers. Video marketing, that’s probably another one we’ll tag. What else, video clips, for me that’s probably a little bit too far off topic, so video clips I probably I wouldn’t do that one.
  14. 14. 14 We’ll see if they’re anything else. I’m happy with both of those. Let’s do viral marketing and video marketing. The next step that I do once I get my broad ones and make sure that I’m following as I’ve outlined the notes. Then what I want to do is head over to YouTube and then I’ll type in these phrases and we’ll look at what sort of competition and what things come up. So viral marketing. So I’ll scroll down. I usually like to look at ones that have high views. So I’ll come down here and see what videos are already getting some high views. So viral marketing, it looks reasonably competitive because a lot of them have very high terms. It is a very aggressive, broad term. What I might do at this point in time, at the moment I’m really trying to come up with some different keyword ideas. I might drill down a little bit deeper. I’ll go into the video. I like to identify, and this comes to what you were talking about, I’ll identify which videos are getting the most views. So this is a really key nugget here and I don’t think anyone teaches this. You then go into the insight area and then you come down and look at what are the keywords that are driving traffic to the ones that have the most views. I first go to the Google keyword tool. I get my really broad phrases, then I go over to YouTube, I drop those phrases into YouTube and I’ve only done one at the moment. I’ll look at what some of the top videos that are getting the most views. Then I’ll go and have a look at the insight tool and come under here and look, under YouTube search, ‘how to sell’, no, that’s probably not going to work, ‘marketing’ too general, ‘viral marketing’, I still feel that might be little bit too competitive of a phrase. If you saw all of the videos had a high number of views, so I’m probably going to steer clear of that one, ‘how to sell soap’, we might skip that one. So I’ll come back here. Then I just go through and do that to a few videos in this search. Then what I might do is, what was the other one, ‘video marketing,’ so I might go to ‘video marketing’ and do a similar sort of thing. So ‘video marketing’ we’ve got 72,000 views here, keep scrolling down. Gideon’s in here, so we’ll have a look at his. We’ll start off at this one. We’ll come down we’ll have a look at the insight tool.
  15. 15. 15 You can see they’ve disabled the insight tool. Most people don’t know you can disable the insight tool, so they’ve disabled it so you don’t get the stats. But clearly they’re a more educated, savvy SEO YouTuber, so they’ve disabled it, so we’ll keep on going. The rest had quite low views. Let’s have a look at Gideon. Gideon is probably not going to not be happy if we choose a keyword that he’s been going for, but that’s ok, we know him. We’ll just go into the insight tool and we’ll scroll down here. Ok, here are some YouTube searches. Ok, he’s getting quite a lot of traffic for that keyword and a lot of traffic for that keyword. ‘How to get more views on YouTube’ and ‘how to get a lot more views on YouTube.’ I think both of those could be killer keywords to go after. Most of the people you’re going to be going after to take their keywords aren’t going to be doing any of the SEO I’m going to show you. You find out what keywords are already driving them traffic, you do a little bit of SEO to them, you knock them off and you start taking their traffic. At the moment it is a little bit of an exploratory phase for me. I’m just moseying around YouTube and trying to find a series of keywords. Another place you can look is under the tags. The tags I find are more useful when it’s done by someone who knows. Gideon is a good example. I reckon if you look at 95% of the other videos out there, the tags aren’t that helpful because you’ll see they’re just random things. They’re not really thought through from an SEO perspective. But tags can be good if the person knows what it is that they’re doing. Gideon clearly does, he’s got a video course about how to do video blogging. He interviewed me about how I do my SEO so he’s learnt from the best! So there are some tags there and some keywords here. Now we also need to be thinking in the back of our mind about that avatar and thinking about what can we do. What’s going to be the right bait to hook them. It also needs to be related to the video. There’s nothing worse than searching something and then clicking on the first video that comes up and then finding it’s completely unrelated, you might watch a few seconds. That is what I did with that Happy Gilmore quote. I’m riding on that a little bit except I do play the start of ‘You eat pieces of shit for breakfast’ from Happy Gilmore and then I go into my video after that.
  16. 16. 16 You’ve just got to make sure, no one likes to feel like they’re being duped. I don’t like it when I type something in and I don’t get what it was that I was looking for. Question: What do you think the cause of that rapid change of traffic was there? David: Here? I think the cause of that rapid change would probably be something like he’s done a blog post or he’s doing a product launch or something like that. So he’s probably gone out there and promoted it. This is an indication as to when the views are coming through. I know he was doing a product launch so that was a good example because I know what he was doing at that point in time. That’s what gave him that spike. The more gradual rises, that’s more to do with people just stumbling across your video because you’ve optimized right and just normal views throughout the way that you optimize and get traffic to your videos. We now need to come up with a selection on the keyword that we’re going to go after. Some of the ones that we could choose, a good place to start, ‘how to get more views on YouTube’. The only problem I have with that is I feel like the person might feel duped. If this is another video, that would be a great keyword to go after but probably not for this example because it’s not quite right. I think what I would like to do. We’ll go back to ‘video marketing.’ Question: Some of the videos there that are two years old, they might not be getting views anymore. If you’re trying to leapfrog like the Happy Gilmore one, that video might not have had any views in the last two years but if you look at the search options and seeing what videos are getting massive views now and try and piggyback off the traffic from them, I’ve found to get a video to get a lot of views fast, piggybacking on the material that is getting massive views now. David: Yes, so having a look in the notes, on the slide and I should bring it up, it’s an excellent point. Now is probably a really good time because we’re talking about keyword selection. A really good place to start, product names, industry leaders, news stories and product launches. That’s another place, if I can’t find something through my research that I’m happy with, that’s a really good place to start. Find out who the industry leaders are in your particular niche and start to piggyback those names.
  17. 17. 17 In the SEO space we target, GuruBob, I think I’ve gone after your name on a few different searches that I’ve managed to get and quite a few internet marketers. Find out who the experts are in your niche, that’s a great place to start. Product names, if you know a product is coming out as well, a product launch, you can create a video based around that keyword and news stories which is kind of leading to what you were talking about. Ben talked about some of those viral videos, so that Briteny one. If Chris Crocker came out with that video, find out what keywords he’s going after, assuming your product and service and that’s the right target market for you. There’s no point in trying to fish in an area that you’re fishing with the wrong bait and you’re going to catch the wrong fish. You want to make sure you’re fishing in the right area to catch the right fish. But if you can find news stories to write, that’s another excellent place to look for keywords. We need to move along now and make sure that we are going to pick a good keyword. Just in this example, I’m going to go ahead because I need to punch this out a little bit quicker. Let’s just choose ‘viral marketing.’ I showed you the way that I do it. You can go ahead and pick one with a little bit more research. Now what we need to do is think about crafting our post. I’ll just go over to the notes and quickly explain what I’ve got in the notes and then we’ll do it really quickly. Crafting Your Posts So search on YouTube for the term, copycatting what other people are doing, so look at other people’s videos, See where they’re getting the traffic using that insight tool, some of those different keywords. The other thing to do once you’ve figured out what your keyword is, some people like to name the file that they’re going to upload with the keyword. I’ve heard that. It doesn’t make any huge difference to any of the testing that I’ve done but I suppose it can’t hurt. Once you’ve selected your keyword, you need to write a title, description, and come up with some tags. When we write those three different things I can take you through exactly the steps and then we’ll quickly write one up. For the titles, this is all about copywriting is king and making sure you’re selecting the right copy to draw in the person. We want to
  18. 18. 18 make sure when it comes up in the YouTube results, they click it. Sure they click number one, but they might click number two if it’s got a better written headline. Just like normal search as you would, you need to deliver on what you promise. Don’t make a promise in that headline or that title then they watch the video and then they feel duped. Go four to six words, I don’t go much longer than that. You might go more words if they’re shorter words. So if you’ve got ‘two’ and ‘the’ and those types of words then you could probably get away with six or seven. It really just depends on what it is that you’ve got, there’s just a guide. Crafting – Part 2 Make sure you have your primary keyword in your title. This is just basic on page SEO work. If you don’t know your SEO, you probably go out and purchase The SEO Method. Then in the description as well, the thing that you want to do is always start every description with a url. Have it http because that makes it clickable and I’ll show you an example of some of the videos that I’ve done. That way in the description there is a link underneath the video that they can click that will take them back to your website. You want to have a call to action in there as well. Very rarely do people actually read the description. I know when Ben first got started we were going through this process. He’d spend a lot of time because he’s an A player perfectionist making sure that he did it really well. Then we started to realize not that many people are actually reading it. As long as you do something good enough, we still include call to action and do some basic copywriting but it doesn’t need to be a sales letter piece. You also want to include your primary and your secondary keywords. What I’m talking about there is we’ll come up, viral marketing will be that primary keyword. Then for some of our secondary keywords, some of our other keyword research that I went through like ‘viral marketing’ ‘how to get more views on YouTube’ those type of things, that’s what I’d end up including in that copy as well.
  19. 19. 19 Then under your tags, tags are just keywords, like meta keywords when you’re talking about normal optimization of any page. I’d go for three to six of them. That said though, there is no perfect rule of thumb. I’ve seen videos that rank with one, I’ve seen videos rank with twenty, thirty. Some people just spam it in. It’s still very early days in the algorithm. I just go for, this is coming from my SEO background. It’s a good idea to use quotes around your longer keywords. So if it’s a single word, then you don’t need a quote, but if it’s more than one word in it, use quotes around it, otherwise YouTube breaks it up and considers each one as a separate tag, but you can use quotes and it will lump them together. Research what the competition is doing, so let’s have a go. Let’s have a really quick look at how to do this. We might do something like video viral marketing/branded content strategies. Now I’m going to have to fly through this and it’s not going to be perfect but let’s just get something up. I made sure I put the primary keyword in there. I made sure that I spelt it correctly and I also included the word strategy, that’s more of a copywriting thing. I could just do viral marketing/branded content but I want to include strategies because, when someone is searching it on YouTube, that’s a little bit more enticing. They want viral marketing/brand content strategies. Then we’d include http: We need to include our url. While I’m working this out as well, we’ll just head over to my YouTube account and we’ll start uploading the video. That way, when we’re right to go, I just need to make sure that we’re loaded into the right account. I just don’t want to upload it to my trading account, so we’ll just sign out of that one and we’ll sign into this one. We’ll just drop this in and we’ll then come into my videos. Actually we could have just hit upload. Ben: They keep moving it around. Every week it changes.
  20. 20. 20 David: I’ll just go to upload video. Ben saved it on the desktop and it’s called that. So let’s go ahead and upload that. It’s 23 Meg so hopefully that loads pretty quickly. That can happen in the background now while we come back to writing this. So we’ve made sure we’ve got the url in there. Then we want to add a little bit of content, there is no perfect amount here. At the moment you can get away with not having anything in there but let’s just say ‘most people don’t know the difference between viral marketing and branded content.’ So I’m getting keywords in there: ‘All too often they confuse the two. Ben McEwing will set you straight in this short video taken from the Lights, Camera, Profits workshop. So if you want to get more views on YouTube, watch this video now and remember to visit our site.’ Just come up here, copy that in down there. Then we go ‘viral marketing’, put our quotes around it, video marketing and then taking from Gideon ‘how to get more views on YouTube’. That’s a little bit on the fly. You’d probably take a little bit more time to craft it a little bit better but that’s head and shoulders above what anyone else is doing on YouTube. I showed you how to pick the right keyword. Question: Ben, just confirming M4V is the highest quality video file that we should save to. Then from that, everything else gets dumbed down. Ben: The M4V, that’s the default one for Apple that all play in iTunes. MP4 is fine and the H.264 format. Question: I’ve been sharing directly to YouTube which obviously means then when I delete the project it’s just on YouTube and shouldn’t do that. So I should export to Movie and save it. Ben: I would export to QuickTime which is the one below it and it will default to the one we’re talking about, the MP4, H.264. Question: What does that mean then for embedding into PowerPoint? Does PowerPoint like QuickTime? Ben: It should be fine. I just did it recently. As long as the file is not too big. Is this to make your podcast?
  21. 21. 21 Question: No, just for presentations. Ben: What you want is to take that video and have it in a folder that the PowerPoint can reference. Usually if the file is too big, it won’t hold it within the program. It will just have it as a place hold and reference it. That’s what I would do, I’d have it sitting separately. Question: A QuickTime file is a what? Ben: MOV. David: The way that I like to do it with the videos, depending on what video format you’re working with, or what editor, just rely on the player. iMovie is going to export it out or you get someone who really knows what they’re talking about and let them handle it. It’s really easy to get caught up in the details and that might stop you from getting the content out because you’re trying to get the perfect file format. So that’s just going to upload in the background there and we’ll come back to that a little bit later and we’ll see if we get any views before the end of the workshop. Then as well, once it gets uploaded, I’ll let you guys know and whoever is on twitter, just send it out and we’ll see how many views we can get it up to before the end of the day. Ok. Now the thing we need to do is go back to my presentation. In typical Dave fashion, I just want to give you a massive brain dump as quickly as I can. The reason I want to do that is so it all goes in there and when the time is right, it will filter out and it also means you have to get the DVDs and then listen to me. You might slow it down, play me at half speed and make appropriate notes. For this example I’m just going to fly through it. SEO for YouTube – Level 1 SEO for YouTube. We talked about uploading it and getting those fundamentals right, effectively that’s like on page optimization. We’ve got a photo there of Leslie Rohde there who is considered one of the grandfathers of SEO. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your videos start to rank more highly in YouTube. You want to make sure that you embed your video into high PR pages. So embed it in your own website if you’re building up a network of sites that you’ve been doing back link building to. Embed it into those pages and then get them embedded into high PR pages. That’s step number one.
  22. 22. 22 You might also look at building a web 2.0 network of sites you can build it into. We’ve been testing a whole lot of them. Ryan has, we’ve tested just about every one that’s out there under the sun. We’ve culled it down to about ten that actually get indexed and are worthwhile and now we use that as our core set of web 2.0 properties that we post on. There’s an example. Posterous is a really good one, that’s one that we built for a client. Windsor dentist, that’s one of the keywords we’re going after, but some of the videos that we’ve embedded into that particular account are helping his videos rank. The other thing as well, you can use blog networks to get back links to these videos. SEO for videos is the same as SEO for anything else. You want to get votes from other people’s websites saying that your content is good. How do you get a vote? A vote in the online space is a back link. So we want to increase as many back links as we can back to our particular videos that we’re trying to rank for. There are a few different services, blog networks that you can use: AMA, LinkVine, Portal Feeder that allow you to, when you’re writing an article and distributing it out to their blog network you can embed a video into. So it’s just a way of getting your video embedded on a couple of hundred blogs with one simple post. They’re low quality type back links, but it’s good, you’re building back links. You’re going to build some more high PR material on your own network. You build your own web 2.0 network which hopefully gets some PR over time and then you can also use some of the blog networks. When you’re going to link and build back links to your channel as well, link back to your channel using and then your ID. Don’t go SEO method, because it doesn’t hold the PR. The PR is held under that area,, so djenynstheSEO method. We don’t do so much back link building back to our channel page, but when we do, that’s the way that we do it. Create Your Own Video Pages Another really good thing to do, an example of what I’ve done for, a very high ranking website that I’m quite proud of because we got the keyword trading systems, which in my niche is a very competitive keyword to go after. It’s maybe PR3 or PR4.
  23. 23. 23 On each of the pages throughout the site we embed my YouTube videos for keywords that we’re optimizing for. That enables my videos to rank very highly. Sometimes, I’m going to show you everything that you do and I’m going to give it to you in steps. You only need to do one or two steps depending on how competitive your marketplace is. You might only need to do the appropriate keyword selection and appropriate on page optimization and still rank very well. I operate in very competitive spaces. This is what I’m telling you if you want to rank in more competitive spaces so this is what you do. But you might only need to do one or two of the steps. So your keyword research as normal when you’re creating your own pages. You can do title tags, descriptions and keywords just like you would normally for on page optimization. You need to add some content. A good place to add content sometimes is just the transcript from the video, if you don’t have any content to map around it. In that example,, it’s taken from a low-end priced front-end product that I’m giving away anyway. So I’ve already got the product and I match the text around the video. But if you don’t have any content, just use the transcripts. Set up some internal linking structure. This is something that Leslie taught me, the idea that one of the most overlooked areas in SEO is your own internal linking. That’s why something like Wikipedia ranks so well because over their entire site they’ve got links on all the different Wikipedia places, linking internally to their own pages. It’s channeling all that page rank through to the pages that you want to have ranked. Now this is high level for some people and depending on where you’re at, it will start to sink in. So the internal linking structure. The other thing that you want to have a look at is video site maps. This is an area that we’re just starting to test but we need to do more testing. Using Google Webmaster Tools, you can submit a site map which we do for clients anyway. Now you can also insert video site maps. The reason you want to use that submission tool, Google Webmaster Tools, and do a video site map, is so that your videos start to appear under the Google search area. When you’re not on YouTube but you go to videos search, you know when you’re on Google and you can click video. You’re not on YouTube but you’re still doing a video search within Google. By doing video site maps your videos, rather than getting your YouTube videos to appear in those results page, you can start to get your own website appearing in the results page. That is good, because the aim of the game of the video is to get them back to your website. So it’s even better if we can get them straight to our website.
  24. 24. 24 Level 2 SEO Level 2 SEO. So that’s level 1. You do that if you’re going up against some competition. Level 2 SEO, I’ll show you level 2 SEO. Basically you want to have a spreadsheet that logs all of the videos that you’ve got. You want to have a look at the videos that have high number of views but aren’t in position number 1. Then what you want to start to do is target your link building to those videos. So basically what you’re looking for are videos that are already getting views and they’re already doing ok, but they’re not in position number 1 yet. So you’re going to try and send more link love to those videos to get them to move up in the search engine rankings and then potentially take more of the pie. So hopefully you guys visualize a little bit of that. I just use a spreadsheet, there’s not too much to see in that spreadsheet because all it is is a list of all of the YouTube videos that we do. So target videos that have high number of views but not in position number 1. Using play lists as well which is something Ben had talked about. When I create video content, I like to cut it up into lots of little pieces because every piece that I cut up and I post is another ticket in the search engine lottery. Another way to create new tickets in this search engine lottery is to use play lists. In the admin, just search how to set up play lists, search it on YouTube and there are tutorials out there that will step you through it. All you do is you get to group a whole lot of videos together and say all of these videos are to do with Melbourne SEO Services testimonials. You might group them under one play list and you might target a new keyword to go after. Then your play lists start to appear in the YouTube search results. When you search for certain keywords on YouTube, you’ll often find that the play lists come up in the search results. So it’s just a way to get more of that content and push a little bit more content out of what you’ve got. So the play lists are definitely something worth looking at. Question: So if you had a three part video series, that would stop video 2 coming up for video 1 if you had it all in a play list?
  25. 25. 25 David: Yes, so you can use play lists as well to group videos together. So when we embed videos on some of our web pages, we embed a play list. So that way when someone watches video 1, then it goes to video 2 after they watch video 1 and then it goes to video 3. So it’s a good way to make sure they buy it through and I think you just answered your own question. You were talking before about the idea of, I want to cut up webinars, or what do I do with posting webinars? Then if you’re cutting them into pieces on YouTube, maybe you could use something like a play list. You could still upload them to YouTube but now you can use a play list to at least stitch them all together. There’s something to think about. So you can build play lists using your own videos and also using other people’s videos. They don’t need to be your own videos. Sometimes it’s good to include other top videos. Do keyword researches for some of the videos that are already ranking well. What are you doing? You’re feeding back to YouTube what it’s telling you. It’s telling you that these videos are important for this keyword and then you’re feeding that back into it. So there’s another little nugget that people don’t talk about. Increased Engagement What we need to do as well is increase the engagement in your videos. The more people interact with your videos, the better they will do in the YouTube search results. Whatever you can do to increase engagement is better. You want to email your own subscribers when you’ve created a new video and say, hey, go watch this video. Another thing as well, this is to answer a question I get sometimes, what about embedding video into email? The best way to do it at the moment, the technology isn’t quite there yet, you should really just take a screen shot of the video with the play button.
  26. 26. 26 From the video it’s just an image that links through to where your video is. That’s the best way to do it. There are ways you can do it with animated gifs and there are few different things you can do but it’s still too clumsy. Over time I think it’s something that will obviously catch up but at the moment it is still a little bit old. You can post bulletins in YouTube, you can send out messages on your channel page and you can also send out emails to your subscribers. So that’s another way to get more views. You want to encourage people. A really good example of people being encouraged to comment, favourite and thumbs up is go check out What the Buck show. That’s a really good example of someone who uses YouTube annotations to tell people at the end of their video, hey, give this the thumbs up, hey, add a comment. If you’re creating something specifically to be for YouTube and that’s the only reason you’re using it, maybe your outcome or your objective is to get subscribers, maybe your call to action at the end of the video is make sure you subscribe to this video. YouTube does allow you using their annotations area to embed links into your videos but they will only let you embed links that relate to other areas on YouTube. So you can link to your subscribe page, you can link to another video, you can link to things within the YouTube property, but they won’t let you link external of that. What you can do is encourage people to subscribe to your channel and again, that’s going to help you do well. Another way to get some traffic is video responses. I don’t really use that so much but when people comment, it appears directly beneath the video and then when you do a video response which is like doing a comment, but a video. You can do a video response to someone else’s video and it appears above all the comments. So it’s right up the top. It’s a really good way to maybe piggyback like Darren was saying, on current news events and things that are happening, videos that are getting high views. Maybe you post a video comment on those videos because they’re getting lots of traffic and you might draw some to you. Comment on other people’s videos is another way to get links back to your channel page, I was talking about getting links back to your channel page. By commenting, you’re getting a ‘do follow’ back to your website. So most things on YouTube are all do not follow. When you link off site, you don’t get credit for that link back to your website but when you’re commenting, you’re sending that link love back to your YouTube channel. So comments are good but that’s probably something you’d get outsourced.
  27. 27. 27 Some of these other things that I’m coming up to now are a little bit lower level work and you probably wouldn’t do them yourself. You’d create procedures and put systems in place to make sure you get your assistants to do it. Level 3 Video SEO After all that, we’ve only gone through two levels of SEO. If you’re still having trouble, if you’re going after credit cards or trading systems or something like that, something very competitive on YouTube, then you might also use the insight tool to check out what the competition is doing and find out where they’re getting their referrers from. I told you one of the key things in the Google YouTube algorithm is where that video is embedded when it’s getting links back to it. If you can find out that your competitor or the person above you is getting lots of views from this particular website, find out what you can do. If it’s property that they own, there is probably not much you can do about it. But if it’s a blog that’s interested in that topic, you might be able to contact them and say, hey, can you post my video on there. That might be a way to do it. The other thing that you can do, this is something that got brought up, Ed Dale tried to stop Jason Moffatt from sharing this one at a conference in the States. You can buy or lease YouTube accounts. So find other people who already have lots of views on their website or are getting lots of traffic to their YouTube channel, contact them and say, hey, can I buy your account? Then maybe you start to use annotations on their videos to hijack the traffic that’s coming through. I’ve got another friend who has a particular product. I suggested he do a YouTube search, find all the people who have videos related to his particular area and then contact them and let them know about his affiliate program. Then tell them, hey, you can make a little bit of extra cash if you put in your description or you add an annotation onto the video, just saying, hey, go check out this to find out more. That’s just another way as well. Some other things that you can do to get more views and good things happening on your YouTube channel is to become a partner. I have had some difficulty with Google in the past with their AdSense program which is another story in itself and I’m no longer part of the AdSense program.
  28. 28. 28 But they have contacted me because a lot of my videos have a high number of views and they’ve asked me to join and partner with them to do revenue sharing on some of those higher profile things. I’ve never actually gone ahead and accepted their invitation, because I thought, well, they’re going to knock me back anyway because you need to give them a Google AdSense account but I don’t have one, I can’t get one, nor can any of my family. For this particular seminar I wanted to see if I could get accepted as a partner anyway and not link in the payment. So I have subscribed and I was hoping it would be done by the time this video recording is done but it hasn’t been done yet. I haven’t been accepted in yet so I can’t show you some of the benefits. But you can see, people who are partners are allowed to embed images and things up the top, banners that you can link directly back to your material. Whereas most times they don’t let you link off site, by becoming a partner, they enable you to embed all that sort of material. You could link to your twitter, you could link to your homepage, you could link to your Facebook once you become a partner. hasn’t worked very well for me. That’s another thing that you can do, you can do pay per click work or pay per view for YouTube video. But I haven’t had much success with it. You know when you type a search on YouTube, some of the ads, the sponsored ads that come up the side and you can have videos up the side but I haven’t had much success from using that strategy. The other thing that you can also have a look at is Syndicate Kahuna. There are different services out there that enable you to connect with other people who are interested in increasing their comments and thumbs up and subscribers. You can join communities, where, hey, you friend my YouTube account, I’ll friend you. You give me the thumbs up, I’ll give you the thumbs up, can you comment, and you can earn points. I haven’t had a huge amount of success with it but you can have a look at it. This is level 3 work, if you’re still struggling to take that number 1 position.
  29. 29. 29 Be a Little Dodgy? Ok, you can also be a little bit dodgy. I probably wouldn’t recommend it but if you did want to be a little bit dodgy you can look at auto friend request software. It will go out there, scan other YouTube videos to look for people commenting on videos that are related to your area of interest. Then it will send automatic requests to them to become one of your friends. Most people will accept it and it’s a way to build up your subscriber base. That’s one way to increase the profile of your YouTube account. Other things to do, probably it would be good to chat with Pete during the break about this because it’s something we don’t want to record on camera. But there are different auto play generators and you can pay people to click and view your videos as well to jack up the counts. So there are a few applications for the evil minds out there that could use that. Fiverr, you could probably get some from there as well. The other thing I wouldn’t recommend re-encoding and resubmitting videos. I’ve heard people talk about the idea of taking a video, re-encoding that video and then resubmitting that same video. The reason you re encode is so you make it a different size so YouTube won’t detect its duplicate content and then you can upload it. That’s probably not a good way to go, Google is getting smarter and smarter. Just because it’s a different size, doesn’t mean it’s not the same content. They’re already doing things where they can scan a video to know what words are getting spoken in a video and that technology is coming where you’ll be able to do YouTube searches based on the content within the video. The best thing you need to do is just put out good content. Everything that I went through, all this, SEO is fantastic. SEO is all about getting you up to a point of critical mass and then you forget about SEO, because SEO happens naturally. I just give you all this to get you up to the critical mass and once you get to that point, really your focus needs to be just creating good content.
  30. 30. 30 Proof in the Pudding Ok, proof is in the pudding. There are a few of the keywords. You can head over to YouTube and see that we rank for trading systems, best stock broker, trading plan, achieve financial freedom, trading strategies, we’ve got hundreds of keywords that we rank for. It’s a really core part of my business. So the proof is in the pudding. To get a little bit of extra mileage, now this is just the ten percent of video distribution for me because YouTube is my core strategy, using something like TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser. We’ve done a lot of testing to find out which we prefer. We prefer TubeMogul because Traffic Geyser we don’t get very good stick rate with. They’ll submit to more places but the stick rate isn’t necessarily as high. What these services enable you to do is to upload your video once to one area and then it will distribute it out to a whole lot of second tier video sharing sites. So you don’t have to go out there and manually upload to all of these sites. That’s all they are. TubeMogul is good for non commercial content. We’ve had one of our accounts flagged as using commercial content so now we’re not allowed to upload anything anymore on that particular account. You need to pay $500 a month. They actually market themselves to high corporates, Coca Cola and people like that. That’s how they make their money and they have a free lower end one that everyone else, us, gets access to. I negotiated them down to $500 a month. That’s not where they started with me. I think they wanted $2000 and I decided even $500 a month probably wasn’t worth it for me at this point in time. It’s best to use TubeMogul for giving out that good free quality content that you’re not pitching material. It’s got a high stick rate. We’ve verified all of their sites that they say that they submit to, they’re actually getting submitted to. They’ve got great back end analytics because they have an API, they get back end access to these other video sharing sites so you get to see how many views they’re getting.
  31. 31. 31 Traffic Geyser is another one to look at. They allow commercial content so we still use Traffic Geyser and we use it for our more aggressive marketing. So marketing where there is actually sales content, that’s when we use Traffic Geyser. We can spam it out, we don’t get as great a stick rate. They say they submit it out to about thirty but I think at last count we got seven out of those thirty to actually stick. So lower stick rate and average back end sales relative to TubeMogul. Another way you can get a little bit more push out of your videos as well is to use PR Web. It is a little bit higher cost so it can be a little bit more price prohibitive. You only want to do it for material that is really important. The branded content, when Ben makes a video for me, one of these really high end videos, then I’ll go the extra mile. If it’s just one of these small little videos, I won’t worry. To embed video into your press release costs $360 at the moment, so it is a little bit more expensive, but you get a little bit of extra mileage and you’ll get some good quality back links from a high PR site and throughout their high PR network. There’s the example, that links through to our press release for that one.
  32. 32. 32 Don’t Tell Me… Show Me Don’t show me, tell me. I’m all about show you the proof. Hop onto Google and you can search some of those things. Under the video search those keywords that I gave you first, the keywords that we’re ranking for number one in YouTube. These are keywords if you go into the video search using these video sharing services where we dominate the whole page. Rather than just having number one because we’re submitting to a whole lot of sites, so let’s say Google video Darvas, there we go, there’s my head. Here are all the screen shots from a presentation we do. Look I dominate the first page. There are whole lot of different examples of that. Same with over at YouTube, some of those keywords. I’m trying to remember one. Maybe was it best stock broker or something like that. There we go, there’s my head right up the top. You can search that in your own time. I only show you that more so you can see that I’m not someone who read it in a book. I’m someone actually out there who’s tried and tested it and I’ve proven it works. Host it Yourself The final slide or very close to the final slide in this section is about hosting videos yourself. So go YouTube first then go to the traffic sharing websites like TubeMogul, Traffic Geyser and then, when you’re ready to do it yourself, you can use Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is a good place to start if you’re going to be streaming your own material outside of Viddler and Vimeo. There is option for using, they’ve got a Cloud front service. It’s an additional service you pay a little bit more for but Amazon has servers throughout the world. When someone actually goes to stream one of your videos, Amazon recognizes where that user is and will stream them from the data center closest to them. So it basically means they’ll get better quality streaming back. You can also have a look at a service we use, which just makes working with Amazon S3 a breeze. You upload it in there, it’s very easy to create video plays. You can customize plays, all click button work and they’ve got templates.
  33. 33. 33 You can also have a look at WordPress. We mainly use Amazon S3 or eZs3 to embed it but you can also look at embedding them if you’re going to go into WordPress using FLV Embed which is a plug in which you can install which will enable you to easily embed video into your WordPress blog. It also creates video site maps as well. Question: It’s another resource. Wistia is really good. You upload it into Wistia and it actually gives you analytical data as well. It will tell you when your people are dropping off out of your video and things like that. It’s really wonderful. David: It can be used on anything, not just WordPress, any site? Question: You upload it to Wistia and it has its own embedded code and you can put it onto anything you want. David: Is there a fee? Question: They have a seven day trial, but there is a fee. If you go on to Mixage, that’s what they use. David: Thank you. The other thing you can look at Flowplayer, is a great free thing, they do have a pro version as well, but there is a great video player you can do as well. Once last thing and this is another thing that I wanted to add in is about using video PDFs. This is a cool little technique that I use to try and make my PDFs stand out. If you go to, opt in for the SEO manifesto. Go ahead and download that. You’ll see I’ve got a report that has screen shots of videos throughout it. So I’m not embedding the video, all I’m doing is taking screen shots, they click it and then it links through to the video. So it just brings your PDF reports a little bit more to life. That’s just another little thing we do and video and email is something that I talked about a little bit earlier. It’s probably something if you do it, for now, you just embed the image and make it clickable. On that note, does any one have any questions? Question: Two. One I was hoping we would find out how to get everything out there. I know we were focusing on YouTube. You’ve gone through TubeMogul which looks cost prohibitive and then there was the other one which was Traffic Geyser. Are you going to explain it to use? I’ve heard about it a lot and I have no idea how it works. My second one is, are you covering vod casting? David: We won’t be covering vod casting in this one. We may do it as some added bonus or something like that. I’m starting to get the feeling this would have been a two or three day workshop.
  34. 34. 34 Pete: With the Traffic Geyser material, Mike has that much video of how to use his service. Traffic Geyser has literally hundreds of hours of training video around video marketing as well as how to use his service. It walks you through a road map, I think it’s a thirteen day road map thing, it gets you going. It’s crazy. There’s no point going through that here because you can’t beat his internal training, he’s an awesome video guy. David: As far as distribution in your own situation, spend ninety percent focusing on YouTube and I showed you exactly the way that I do YouTube. Then spend the remaining time doing those video sharing sites. Then you might also look at doing some iTune work as well. That’s probably another area that you do want to look into. I think probably the best way to do this, this workshop is more about giving you that overall pointing you in the right directions and the tools that you need. Maybe we need to set up some kind of monthly coaching program or something like that, something to think about. Do we have any other questions? Question: With your SEO clients, with the videos, do you just want them to dominate the video page in Google? Or is it just too hard now to get the video on page 1 of Google search now? David: You mean in universal search? Question: Universal search. It used to be easy to get a video there with Traffic Geyser, now it’s much harder. With your clients are you still focusing there or would you rather them dominate the Google video search? David: The Google video search, not as many people use it. All you have to do is think about your own preferences. How often do you go to that? Probably rarely. I want them to dominate in YouTube more so for ‘how to get your wisdom teeth removed’, something like that. That’s more the direction I’m going for that particular client. Trying to get it into universal search, once you start to do those back link building work, you will start to appear on that page.
  35. 35. 35 So I never make any promises to clients. I always tell them I’m going to treat your website as though it was my own and I’ll give it absolutely everything, but I’m not going to promise something when I can’t guarantee what Google is going to do. I’ll make sure I put them in the best position though. Pete: That process still works for getting ranked in universal search. If you go search Daryl Guppy which is one of the examples, I think you rank as a video there in the third or fourth position anyway. It’s just harder. David: It’s harder because there is competition, it’s still a lot easier than normal. One and that’s me as well, so I’ve got both of the spots there.