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Time Management Techniques for Business Owners


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In this presentation, David Jenyns will teach you time management techniques that will help you do more with less time. He will share tips like on how to plan your day and choosing the right tools to get things done.

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Time Management Techniques for Business Owners

  1. 1. TIME MANAGEMENT Get more done with less.
  2. 2. GET IT OUT OFYOUR HEAD • Carry a notebook - brain dump • Use a calendar the right way • Only tasks that need to be done on the day • Google calendar (on the iphone too) • To do lists (and to don’ts) • Area/person specific lists
  3. 3. CREATING RITUALS • We’re creatures of habit... build the right habits • You don’t get overweight overnight • Meditate/breath, exercise, get ready, eat healthy, plan your day
  4. 4. DAY PLANNINGTIPS • Do the most important things first • Don’t get too caught in “to dos” ... focus on outcomes • Do brain dead stuff at the end of the day • Take lunch and breaks
  5. 5. TOOLS • Roboform or 1password • Using iphone (RSS, audio, videos, photos) • FasterAudio • Recording Skype calls (call recorder or pretty may) • Still testing • Text expander, simple note, send out cards
  6. 6. 80/20 • Get a Mac • Unsubscribe from all but 2-3 gurus • Focus on 1-2 projects at a time