Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Startup Entrepreneurs


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There’s an expression that goes “overnight success takes ten years”. It isn’t meant to be a joke. Many highly-successful businesses have experienced the phenomenon of going from modest growth to exponential overdrive in just a matter of days, but what most people don’t take into account is that the modest growth period can last for years before the accumulation of hard work reaches a tipping point.

Watch this short presentation (taken from the Small Business Internet Marketing workshop) and get some of my best entrepreneurial tips, tricks and tactics. Oh and of course be sure to visit: to see what else we're up too.

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Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Startup Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Crush It! Where to from here?
  2. 2. Put each strategy in place. Focus on getting the first step right before you move on to the next one. Do a little bit of everything and you won’t end up getting anything done.
  3. 3. BUSINESS IS A MARATHON Building a good solid business takes hard work. It’s more of a marathon than it is a sprint. It’s not something you become successful in overnight.
  4. 4. Aim of the Game: To build a business, the work of which you can do once but get paid for forever.
  5. 5. AUTOMATED BACKEND Podcast interviews with Jim Fleck & Rich Schefren: What most business owners do is they’ll spend a lot of time, trying to build out their backend. Get it as automated as possible, and only then can you start to focus on your front end marketing. Ex.YouTube, Social Networks, Blogs, etc.
  6. 6. OUTSOURCE IT Build your business like McDonald’s. Systematise. Automate those core business systems so it can run without you. Hire A-Players. An A-Player is someone who can work with average systems and still do a great job. You can’t do it all by yourself. > Outtask: it will lighten your load. > Outsource: find people who do good jobs for you and give them regular tasks. > Insource: bring in people who can actually become part of your team.
  7. 7. How to find A-Players? The George Foreman Method: you give them good grillin’.
  8. 8. THE GEORGE FOREMAN METHOD Know who you’re looking for Write an ad that hooks them in Advertise the position Prepare a questionnaire for the applicants Pre-screen resumes Get them to complete a small task Interview, top-grading style
  9. 9. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE Placed an ad on ✓ Resumes (121) ✓ Pre-screen & questionnaire (14) ✓ Returned (11) ✓ Tasks (5) ✓ Interview (3) ✓ MJ got the job & joined the team. ✓
  10. 10. 5 WAYS TO GROW A BIZ Come up with a strategy to bring in prospects. Maintain the relationship and network as much as you can. LEADS Attend seminars that can bring you out to the market Execute a marketing program (ads, mails, referrals, brochures, etc.)
  11. 11. Define your target market, prepare a sales script, and state what makes your product/service unique. CONVERSION Turn your prospects into customers. Focus on the value of your products & services Get testimonials from your customers (for marketing)
  12. 12. AVERAGE SALE Upgrade your sales. Make sure to sell to people you trust Execute a system Give bonuses
  13. 13. MARGIN Raise your margins to generate higher profit for your business. Focus on your high-margin products and sell more of those. Limit spending by sticking to a spending budget.
  14. 14. Increase the number of transactions. REPEAT SALES Measure & manage customer satisfaction Come up with a complete customer database Create a system for quick promotion of/ reminders about your products
  15. 15. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And while you’re at it, enjoy every bite.
  16. 16. Just-in-time Learning This creates immediate value. You’re learning to cook because there’s a special occasion in a week; you’re reading a novel because there’s a book club meeting in a month. Know what you need to know. Never hoard. Execute as quickly as you can.
  17. 17. Top 3 Important Tasks Know how to prioritise. Focus on your priority tasks. This will help you be more productive and, at the same time, keep the thousands of other things on your To-Do list from haunting you.
  18. 18. Don’t be perfect. Just keep it going. Quit obsessing over perfection. Instead, readjust your goals, resources, and action steps to allow yourself to keep moving forward. Be active in taking the steps to your ultimate goal. The key is to just focus.
  19. 19. ACTION PLAN Make your maps. Start building your own team of A-players. KEEP FOCUSED!
  20. 20. Keen to start your own business? Visit: