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Google Maps has generated a lot of headlines over the last couple of years. The introduction of satellite images has allowed everyone with Internet access to view our planet in a level of detail that you’d previously only see on television. Street View advanced the technology still further, although not without courting some controversy along the way.

Yet through all of this progress, as a business owner, the most significant change brought about by Google Maps is the way that it has pushed Yellow Pages to the verge of extinction.

Despite the globalisation of business brought about by the Internet, people still like to buy from local companies. In fact, particularly in the service industry (dentists, restaurants, mechanics, etc.), customers will always have a need for businesses that operate on their doorstep. You’d be forgiven for assuming that this is good news for the online Yellow Pages, until you realise that Google Maps has successfully inserted itself into the search process, making – in my opinion – Yellow Pages redundant. Do I hear Google Maps for business?

Before you think I’ve gone crazy, I’m not claiming that everyone searching for local businesses are visiting Google Maps over Yellow Pages, but it is true to say that people are so confident in Google’s ability to provide results, they are simply entering their local search terms into their favourite search engine. The result is that Google has been given the opportunity to steer people to Google Maps by inserting content directly into the search results.

Now Google Maps changes all the time so for the latest updates be sure to visit:

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Google Maps Tips, Tricks & Tactics

  1. 1. Map Crusher Get your business found online.
  2. 2. Google’s Universal Search Includes videos, images, videos, and maps.
  3. 3. Geographic Searches IP Address User Search: Dentist Melbourne Google: What’s going to be more relevant to you -a. a dentist located in Sydney b. a dentist located in Melbourne? It gives an indication as to where you are. Through your IP address, Google will tailor the search results to your location. That way, they get to serve the user the most relevant information.
  4. 4. Google Places helps business get found online.
  5. 5. GOOGLE PLACES It’s in prime position Indicator of a Google Places listing
  6. 6. Map results are pushing down the organic results below the fold.
  7. 7. Users don’t scroll very far down the page; hence, it’s important to get Google Places right.
  8. 8. Getting Down to Business
  9. 9. Claim your listing (or add a new one) Claim your listing and fill out all the information needed.
  10. 10. Use your domain email Use an email account under your business domain.
  11. 11. ess ucc S Use your business name Represent your business the way it appears offline. No funny business: which means no marketing taglines, as well as unnecessary descriptions & keywords.
  12. 12. Use real address Use an accurate address for your business location. Avoid placing a pin marker on a spot where your business doesn’t physically exist.
  13. 13. Select appropriate categories Select at least one category which depicts what your business is -- not what it does or what products it sells. Save those for your description.
  14. 14. Load out as much info as you can Important info such as hours, different contact details, as well photos and videos.
  15. 15. Verify your listing Either via phone or mail.
  16. 16. HOW IT LOOKS LIKE Real Address Domain Email Fitting Category Accurate Location
  17. 17. THE ALGORITHM What does Google take into account when it’s deciding on what to serve up? > Address & Service Areas - Where is the person searching from an IP perspective? > Coupons - You can offer discounts to people who come to your place’s page. > Reviews - Encourage your clients to write you one. > Citations, Yellow Pages, Yelp, & TripAdvisor -
  18. 18. Citations Tool: Whitespark Search: Dentist Melbourne
  19. 19. ACTION PLAN Claim your listing. Encourage reviews. Build citations. Need help? Visit:
  20. 20. Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from Google Places? Visit: