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Active Vm Automated Dining

  1. 1. Don’t gamble with declining revenue. Now you can recoup money through your employee food and beverage program. Take a few minutes to learn how you can add $200,000 or more to your bottom line every year.
  2. 2. Across the country, economic turmoil has created the necessity for companies of all sizes to tighten their belts and find new and innovative ways to run their businesses. Active Vending Management offers exceptional systems with distinctive features that have been proven to add dollars to the bottom line. Imagine the luxury of offering 24/7employee dining, guest coffee cafés and even gift shops while increasing sales and reducing operating costs. Our programs have saved resort casinos in Las Vegas $200,000+ per year. We can do the same for you! Denise J. di Luca President Active Vending Management
  3. 3. Automated Employee Dining Rooms When you think about vending machines your first thoughts are usually about chips…candy…water and soda. But times have changed. Innovative technology has now made it possible to merchandise almost any type of food product you can imagine…salads and fresh fruits to hot sandwiches and entrees. All of the most recognized name-brand food products are now being sold out of automated vending machines. Great tasting, nutritious menu selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner and desserts can now be dispensed from state-of-the-art refrigerated and frozen food machines. This technology, combined with cold beverage selections and European single-cup fresh-brew hot beverage dispensers, has brought us to the age of the FULLY AUTOMATED DINING ROOM EXPERIENCE. A FACILITY WITH APPROXIMATELY 500 EMPLOYEES CAN SAVE AT LEAST $200,000 PER YEAR
  4. 4. Automated Employee Dining Rooms While it is clear that this unique technology will not replace the high-end restaurant for your guests or clients, it has found a niche for employee dining. As corporate America looks for new ways to lower operating expenses without reducing benefits to their employees, the automated dining rooms are gaining popularity. What is making this transition even more exciting is the fact that the Automated Dining Room can be operated using cashless technology. Various types of micropayment systems allow your employees to purchase food and beverage products using their employee I.D. cards or other cashless systems such as PayKey. These systems can be used exclusively or in conjunction with coin and paper currency.
  5. 5. Automated Employee Dining Rooms IT IS ESTIMATED THAT A FACILITY WITH APPROXIMATELY 500 EMPLOYEES CAN SAVE AT LEAST $200,000 PER YEAR BY CONVERTING THEIR EMPLOYEE DINING FACILITY INTO AN AUTOMATED SERVICE. How Much Money Could You Save? Can you afford not to take a closer look at our program? Active Vending Management will provide you with a complimentary analysis of your employee dining program
  6. 6. Automated Coffee House Experience for your Guests Starbucks… or Seattle’s Best… or Dunkin’ Donuts… While it is nice to offer one of these brands to your guests, onsite coffee shops do not always make financial sense. What if you could present your guests with a café that would offer them not just one of the above, but all of their favorite brands at the push of a button? Now you can, with Automated Coffee and Hot Beverage Cafés! These Italian designed, single-cup brewers have gained acceptance across Europe and now they are here in the U.S. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a complimentary one-week trial of a European Automated Café Take a week, with no obligation to experience the ease and the dependability; the vast selection and the great flavors… And as a bonus, learn how much money You will save each year!
  7. 7. WHO WE ARE We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring that your food and vending program exceeds your expectations. We take pride in making certain that your vending program is not just profitable, but also worry free. Denise and Kevin know that it takes more than words to be recognized as the best vending management company. They have merged Denise’s 25 years of marketing and branding experience with Kevin’s 25 years of vending and food and beverage experience to create ACTIVE Vending with a mission to be the most customer focused vending management company. Denise di Luca President With their combined areas of expertise, Denise and Kevin have a track record of continuous growth in a highly competitive marketplace; a consistent series of accomplishments in new business/market development and a reputation of success with: strategic planning of sales and marketing activities commercialization of new products branding and promotions Kevin Grundy Vice President, Sales & Marketing supervision of sales engineering and support functions They have assembled a proficient management team and developed sustainable, truly unique features and benefits, only available through ACTIVE Vending. All of this experience combined with real-time technology and an unwavering commitment to customer service clearly establishes ACTIVE Vending as the leader in automated food and beverage management companies.
  8. 8. For a complimentary analysis of your food and beverage program call Kevin A. Grundy Vice President, Sales & Marketing 702-401-4545 East Coast Office – Wakefield, Massachusetts / West Coast Office – Henderson, Nevada 781-910-7764 / 702-401-4545 Serving Food and Vending Operations within the Continental United States