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Active Vending Management

  1. 1. Our specialized systems and expert management will turn your vending services into low-maintenance, highly profitable programs… Telemetry System for Remote Auditing Customized Machine Fronts LCD Screens for Video Branding Negotiate the Best Commissions Install the Most Optimal Mix of Equipment Conduct Periodical Profit Analysis and Perform Detailed Audits Consolidate Related Income and Expenses into a Single Check or Invoice ACTIVE is the only vending management company capable of introducing an Automated hot beverage program that will mirror The Coffee House Experience. Unique Strategies, Special Features and Benefits that will turn your small change into big money! ACTIVE Vending has no direct or indirect affiliation with any vending or food service operators. We believe it is a conflict of interest for any management company to have a vested interest in any food or vending company.
  2. 2. PROFICIENT MANAGEMENT Enjoy the support of a team of qualified food and vending experts. While most food and vending management companies focus your attention on money, ACTIVE Vending offers a more comprehensive management program that is supported by state of the art remote monitoring technology. TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY Other management companies will promise and attempt to negotiate competitive commissions on your behalf, yet they do not utilize remote monitoring technology… ACTIVE Vending will insist that your vendor install remote monitoring technology to guarantee your commissions will be accurate. WE ARE NOT AN OPERATOR Many vending management providers also own their own vending routes or they are affiliated with companies that control franchises. ACTIVE Vending does not believe that the fox should watch the chicken coop… We are an exclusive food and vending management service company. CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS ACTIVE Vending takes pride in our ability to truly understand our clients needs. Once your food and vending goals and objectives have been clearly established, we begin the process of structuring a program that will completely satisfy all requirements. DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTIVE Vending is committed to hiring courteous professionals who are well trained, dependable and responsive to your needs. Our qualified experts will ensure that your food and vending program runs seamlessly.
  3. 3. YOUR ADVANTAGE ACTIVE Vending is so efficient that typically our service is provided at no cost to you. Our ability to acquire real-time data and to audit vending machines remotely assures you that monies are paid according to contract. PRODUCT ONE CALL MORE MONEY MANAGEMENT THAT’S ALL FOR YOU Remote monitoring ACTIVE Vending will handle all While it is important to capture not only provides true cash of the day-to-day vending all of your negotiated commission accountability, but it also operations so you revenues, ACTIVE Vending will allows us to determine can stay focused on your also find the money that vendors what is selling and what is not. core responsibilities. don’t want you to know about. Reacting to sales trends Each month we will These include and having the ability provide you with product supplier rebates, to immediately identify a commission signing bonuses, machine malfunctions daily, check accompanied machine graphics bonuses, helps us to optimize sales by a detailed statement and soon to be and improve service to reflecting introduced, your employees and guests.. video advertising. all revenue activities..
  4. 4. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ACTIVE Vending combines old fashioned service with innovative technology to make certain your food and vending program is the best that it can be. COMPETITIVE TERMS Our management team has established relationships with reputable, innovative vendors from coast-to-coast. Not only does this allow us to negotiate the most competitive commissions, but it also affords us the opportunity to acquire vending equipment of the latest design and ensure fair market pricing. REFUNDS AND REPAIRS ACTIVE Vending requires a prompt response to equipment malfunctions and notification when the repair service has been completed. More importantly, we provide the most reliable refund program for your associates. Refund instructions are posted at all vending locations. LICENSING, TAXES, AND INSURANCE ACTIVE Vending will ensure that your vendor is in full compliance with all federal, state, county and local licensing requirements. We will also make certain that your vendor is properly paying the sales tax and use tax, as well as any other applicable taxes. Your vendor will be required to maintain insurance coverage necessitated by your company, and we will also require a certificate reflecting your company as an additional insured. ELECTRONIC REPORTING Our automated reporting system will allow us to forward your detailed, monthly commission statements electronically or by hard copy. Remote monitoring allows us to expedite our payments to you.
  5. 5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHY SHOULD WE CONSIDER USING ACTIVE VENDING? Two words: Time and Money… We will decrease the time you spend each day tending to your vending program and increase your vending revenue. WHAT TYPES OF VENDING MACHINES SHOULD WE HAVE? We will conduct an analysis to clearly establish your goals and objectives. We will structure and present to you a program that outlines all of the available machines specific to your needs, the benefits of each and how they will work to meet your requirements. WHAT ABOUT MACHINE MALFUNCTIONS? Our remote system notifies us of malfunctions and allows us to resolve these issues quickly to minimize lost revenue and any inconvenience to your employees or guests. HOW DO WE KNOW IF WE ARE BEING PAID PROPERLY? Many management companies will attempt to dazzle you with claims of micro-management and audits, but none of them have the technology to be truly effective or efficient. ACTIVE Vending will use a remote monitoring system to view sales activity on all of your machines every day. WHAT IF WE ARE CURRENTLY UNDER CONTRACT WITH A VENDING OPERATOR? Not a problem. ACTIVE Vending will ensure that your chosen provider is honoring their agreement. We will immediately add value to your program with our ability to remotely monitor sales activity and oversee quality assurance. HOW WILL WE RECEIVE OUR COMMISSION REVENUE? Each month we will forward to you a detailed summary of cash collected by machine and your commission. We combine the commissions owed and provide you with one check for all of your locations. HOW DO WE GET STARTED? Give us a call. One of our dedicated representatives will be happy to meet with you at your earliest convenience. 702-401-4545
  6. 6. WHO WE ARE We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring that your food and vending program exceeds your expectations. We don’t just boast about finding every nickel, dime, and quarter because that is the easy part. We take pride in making certain that your vending program is not just profitable, but also worry free. DOES YOUR CURRENT Denise and Kevin know that it takes more than words to be recognized PROVIDER as the best vending management company. They have merged HAVE Denise’s 25 years of marketing and branding experience with Kevin’s A PROGRAM 25 years of vending and food experience to create ACTIVE Vending with THAT ALLOWS a mission to be the most customer focused vending management company. YOU TO SIT IN FRONT Denise di Luca OF YOUR With their combined areas of expertise, Denise and Kevin have a track President COMPUTER record of continuous growth in a highly competitive marketplace; a AND LOOK consistent series of accomplishments in new business/market development INSIDE EACH and a reputation of success with: VENDING -strategic planning of sales and marketing activities MACHINE TO -commercialization of new products TRACK -branding and promotions SALES, -Supervision of sales MAINTENANCE AND -engineering and support functions INVENTORY? They have assembled a proficient management team and developed sustainable, ACTIVE truly unique features and benefits, only available through ACTIVE Vending. Kevin Grundy VENDING Vice President, All of this experience combined with real-time technology and an unwavering WILL DO THIS Sales & Marketing commitment to customer service clearly establishes ACTIVE Vending as the FOR YOU! leader in automated food and beverage management companies.
  7. 7. Call Kevin Grundy directly to schedule a complimentary analysis of your food and vending program (702) 401-4545 ACTIVE Vending is based out of Massachusetts and Las Vegas, Nevada. We focus our food and vending operations within the continental United States.