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Can opener design


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Can opener design

  1. 1. One Touch™ Can OpenerInternational Design Excellence Awards 2007 Gold Winner Case Study
  3. 3. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDY One Touch ™ Can OpenerWith sales of over 125 million units each year, the can opener is perhaps the quintessential everydaytool. Since its invention in 1858 many different types of can opener varying in design and operatinginnovation.With no real change in the concept for many years and yet nearly half a representative sample of testusers reporting that the strength needed to grip a manual can opener’s levers while simultaneouslyturning the handle was beyond their comfort level, DAKA set out to design a cordless, hands-freecan opener that could be easily used by anyone to open a can with the simple touch of a button.The result was a multi award-winning, international best selling product.The Problem50Kg (100 lbs) and then requires an additional burst of power to actually pierce the can lid. When aperson uses a manual can opener, the application of appropriate force is instinctively adjusted untilTo reproduce this in an automatic mechanism is not easy as evidenced by the many electric canopeners that still require human force to pierce the lid and start the cutting action. What was neededwas a mechanism that could not only walk the cutting blade around the can automatically as manyintervention.timer needed to be included in order to bring the opener to a stop when a full cycle around the canwas complete and the can fully opened.Furthermore, the internal mechanism, the motor, power source, gearing, cutting mechanism andinto an average kitchen drawer.obtained from just two small AA batteries. – PAGE 2 –
  5. 5. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDYThe Solutionnumber of parts. To achieve the necessary reduction in parts, value engineering and intenseoptimization was called for, central to which was the injection moulding process which would enablemultiple features and functions to be integrated into each part.Using injection moulding conveniently afforded the creative team together with lead design consultantMark Sanders of MAS Design Products Ltd., the almost total creative freedom that a project such asthis called for. Most of the design goals were indeed met when it was realised that the drive gearingfor the powerful cutter could be combined with a ‘geneva mechanism’ for the timing function usingthe same partsand precision required for each part was achieved. For the internal mechanism, Acetal (plasticChoosing Acetal also eliminated the necessity for separate bearings, allowing the part count to bereduced even further.The result was a unique (and patented) mechanism, made of just 3 parts. Several functions beingintegrated into each part which can generate the necessary 50 Kg force, provide the timing function – PAGE 4 –
  7. 7. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDYThe DesignIn the early stages of design, several concepts were developed and full size mock-ups were testedfocus on ease of manufacture, rather than ease of use. They highlighted elements of early mockupsthat made the shape more unattractive or introduced ‘dirt traps. They also highlighted just howcan opener functioned better were chosen over those prototype openers that actually did functionbetter - a clear signal that the key to creating the ultimate can opener lay in the combination ofsuperior functionality and attractive design.“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vincialongside the product’s overall shape. In fact, bearing in mind the importance that design wouldclearly play in the product’s success, even the appearance of the internal details was carefullyattractive.With the number of parts down to a bare minimum and with the comments of the test panel inmind, unsightly features were then eliminated from the design; the can opener’s cutter and drivewheels were made to retract when not in use which also meant the potential for any user injurystreamlined by splitting the unit into two halves which could be easily slid apart.the sharp edges and even sharper blades of traditional can openers proved altogether more invitingto the touch. – PAGE 6 –
  8. 8. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDYConclusion– as evidenced by the One Touch™ Can Opener’s success.Can Opener has proven highly popular with all audiences. Household buyers like its sleek designand the convenience of a small, battery-operated but powerful opener. Parents praise its safetywithout the manual strength to initiate an opener’s cutting action.The runaway success of the One Touch™ can opener - over 7 million units have been sold to date- pointed to the overwhelming market potential for simple, smart, handheld kitchen appliances thataddress practical needs with style. From this core concept and following the same philosophy, awhole family of products has been developed under a new One Touch™ brand including a jar openerand a wine bottle opener amongst others. – PAGE 7 –
  9. 9. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDY One Touch™ Automatic Can Opener1 2 3Simply place the Can Opener on top The opener ‘walks’ around the can Remove the can’s lid.of the can and press the button. and switches itself off. – PAGE 8 –
  10. 10. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDYABOUT THE AUTHORSPat Mah Pat Mah is fueled by a passion for innovation and a personal mission to produce high-quality products. “There have been attempts to develop a ‘better’ can opener, but never a completely No-Hands operation like One Touch.”Mark Sanders Mark Sanders is a mechanical engineer who saw the light (that style does matter !) so retrained as a designer at the RCA in London. Now working as Designer and Inventor he specialises in combining structural and mechanical engineering with industrial design, and especially elegant, affordable, folding and dynamic products.ABOUT DAKAFounded in 1993, Daka is an award-winning design and development company from Hong Kong.Daka designs, develops and markets innovative products for the global consumer market viaestablished and well-know brands. Daka is a leader in applying technology to consumer productsand has developed a strong intellectual property portfolio, which the company leverages to IDEAWinning the IDEA is a distinction like no other that brands a design as the very best in the business,among peers, among clients and among consumers around the world.IDSA is the voice of industrial design, committed to advancing the profession through education,information, community and advocacy.For more information about IDEA, please refer to – PAGE 9 –
  11. 11. ONE TOUCH™ CAN OPENER INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2007 GOLD WINNER CASE STUDYDisclaimer and NoticeWith respect to the wordings, graphics, drawings, information and data provided in the Case Study (“Information and Data”), allreasonable efforts are made to ensure that the Information and Data provided are correct. However, Daka Research Inc. disclaimsData. The Daka Research Inc. takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content of Information and Data, includingwithout limitation any mistake, error, omission, infringement, defamation, falsehood, or other material or omission that might of-fend or otherwise give rise to any claim or complaint. The Daka Research Inc. will in no circumstances be liable to any user of theInformation and Data for any loss or damage caused by a user’s reliance on the Information and Data or in any way connectedwith access to or use of the Information and Data. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the accuracy or completeness ofthe Information and Data.The user hereby acknowledges that the Information and Data are protected by copyright. Any user is prohibited from copying,Disposal by the user is communicated to the Daka Research Inc.; and (ii) the user agrees and undertakes to the Daka Researchclear citation or indication of Daka Research Inc.’s copyright on or at any time of Disposal. Daka Research Inc. shall have anabsolute discretion on the decision of the satisfaction as stipulated in (ii).The Information and Data are protected by Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region andremains the property of the Daka Research Inc. The use of the Information and Data is subject to our Disclaimer. – PAGE 10 –
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