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Social media quick start


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DJ Chuang presenting at Mission OC roundtable for church planters 2/21/13

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Social media quick start

  1. 1. Social Media Quick Startwith DJ Chuang
  2. 2. top social networks• Facebook • Tumblr / WordPress• Twitter• Pinterest • YouTube• Google+• Instagram
  3. 3. monthly unique visitors (in millions) 2012 YouTube 800 Facebook 750WordPress 329 Twitter 250 LinkedIn 110 Google+ 65 Tumblr 33 Pinterest 17.8 10.2 Instagram
  4. 4. what is social media all about ?
  5. 5. what is social media all about ?• people• sharing content: text, image, video• having conversations
  6. 6. [twi%er]  #nwlc12    [txt]  949-­‐243-­‐7260 where do you start ?• where the people are• how you communicate best?• “own, don’t rent” = web presence are fish where the fish• “fish where the fish are” = be social
  7. 7. where do you start ?• go where the people are• in your church• outside your church: in your community & in the world
  8. 8. how much time ?• average Facebook user = 17.94 minutes/ day• average YouTube user = 9.58 minutes/day• average visit on Twitter = 5.83 minutes/day• average time on Pinterest = 14.2 minutes
  9. 9. how much time ?• everyone has 24 hours a day• we make time for what’s important• how will you manage it? where will you use it?
  10. 10. on using social media• strategic• scheduled• spontaneous
  11. 11. the clock is ticking 95% of all activity on a Facebook post in 22 hours92% of RTs and 97% of @ mentions on Twitter in the first hour
  12. 12. what do you say ?• quotes & thoughts• links to articles, photos, audios, videos• questions & answers• reply to @ mentions, thank for RTs• search for #hashtag to join conversations on Twitter
  13. 13. where does your content live ?• how you communicate best?• 3 kinds of media: owned, paid, earned• “own, don’t rent”• establish your web presence• start with 1 before you go to 2
  14. 14. creating & curating content• focus on a few topics• at least 1x per week• invite comments• share your new post• let your passion come through GO
  15. 15. connectDJ  Chuang  <>[email][phone]  949-­‐243-­‐7260[twi%er]