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Yield Technology Marketing Automation Software


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YIELD Marketing Control Center MCC is an intelligent web-based solution for consumer marketers to easily create, manage and track all of your mobile, online and social marketing campaigns on a single platform…giving you a 360 degree view of your customers thus deepening your one-to-one customer relationships

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Yield Technology Marketing Automation Software

  1. 1. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Client Harvesting Digital Marketing Automation Platform 1
  2. 2. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Who We Are  YIELD is an intelligent web-based solution for consumer marketers to easily create, manage and track all of your mobile, online and social marketing campaigns on a single platform…giving you a 360 degree view of your customers thus deepening your one-to-one customer relationships
  3. 3. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Who should I target? How do I collect the data? What worked and what didn’t? What technology do I need? How do I integrate the various digital channels? How do I measure ROI? Today’s Digital Marketing 3 SOCIAL MOBILE WEB E-MAIL LOYALTY CONTEST SURVEY AD SERVER
  4. 4. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB What this means for the you Cost reduction: Manage all of your 1:1 communications in email, text SMS, contests, coupons, loyalty program, and tell-a-friend campaigns in one integrated platform.  Users of YIELD have the ability to access real-time graphical reports to monitor ROI, campaign success and allow you to optimize and tweak a campaigns on the fly. Targeted Relevant Messaging: Segment customers and market to them based on their unique attributes to drive targeted, relevant messaging aimed to increase brand awareness and drive sales  Build rich profiles on each individual customer based on their work or home location, demographics, preferences and behaviours. Then we empower you to market to those customers with timely relevant offers based on those individual and unique preferences. Segmentation
  5. 5. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB What's this mean for you Acquire new customers: Gain access to your customers' social and professional networks that will reduce your acquisition costs for net-new customers.  Gain insight into a community member's social graph so you can identify their potential as an advocate or influencer of your brand. Grow your wallet share: Capture transaction data, and preferences that will allow you to automate online marketing campaigns designed at cross-sell and up-sell opportunities  Identify and implement life-cycle marketing campaigns designed to automate the communication stream and provide the right offer, to the right person, at the right time  Monitor when a customer or prospect has become less engaged with your communications so you can reach out to them and take the proper actions to reduce customer churn.
  6. 6. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB What’s in it for you Identify your most Engaged Customers & Brand Advocates Measure brand engagement from a aggregate level and stack rank your community on a daily basis to determine the customer that are driving your brand.  Encourage and incent community members to promote the brand(s), products, offerings, and promotions to other non-community members and to other community members where applicable.  Encourage community members to promote the brand through following options: - Tell friend(s) / Invite friend(s) - Post to Facebook profile and / or Fan Page - Community Forums, Blogs and Twitters - Reviews ADVOCATE
  7. 7. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Power of YIELD MCC Using YIELD results in measurable increases in brand awareness, consumer engagement and customer conversion.  Our clients have seen the following results:  Increased ROI by at least 25%  Increased size of database by 2x  Increased engagement by 4x  Bottom line: more revenue with less effort
  8. 8. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB How Can We Help? 8 Maximize marketing potential by delivering the Right Message with the flexibility of:  E-mail Marketing  Mobile Marketing (SMS)  Loyalty Programs  Social Media  Web Integration  Target Ads MultichannelSegmentation Responsive Respond to individual behaviour at the Right Time with our cutting edge campaign programs and rules engine:  Time driven triggers  Event driven triggers  Reward user activity  Increase engagement Target the Right Person with dynamic and data driven segmentation:  360° Customer Profiling  Environics Prizm C2 demographics integration  Community and individual scoring  Real-time processing
  9. 9. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Our Solution: The Automation Platform Marketing Control Center (MCC) Our proprietary self-serve software allows any marketer to take their marketing efforts to the next level. The MCC is a powerful suite of tools aimed at making digital marketing easier and more effective. With the ability to quickly deploy complex automated programs our SaaS solution delivers an effective method for maximizing results and ROI. Once set, programs can run completely hands off! 9
  10. 10. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Our Solution: Model 10 One Easy to Use Web Based Tool for Managing Consumer Engagement 1-to-1 Rules Engine Tactics Data Aggregation and Analytics Segmentation Scoring & Ranking 360 Profiling CampaignManagement *via our web API SOCIAL MOBILE WEB E-MAIL LOYALTY CONTEST SURVEY AD SERVER
  11. 11. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Our Solution: Technology  Our SaaS solution is deployed on a Cloud based infrastructure with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure your marketing programs are always running  Our facilities and infrastructure are PCI-DSS, CICA5970 and SAS 70 Type II compliant  Based on an industry standard 3-tier server model we utilize the latest in Java and Open Source technology to provide the best features  External integration with our platform is available in several forms including SOAP messaging and REST web-forms 11
  12. 12. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Key Features • Marketer-Friendly Interface • Consumer-centric Database • Campaign Management • 1:1 Marketing Rules Engine • Plug-and-Play Multiplatform Integration • E-mail Marketing Management • Mobile Marketing Management • Contest & Promotions Management • 360° Profile Management • Consumer Segmentation • Consumer Scoring • Loyalty Management • Ad Server • Reporting and Analytics
  13. 13. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB What Can You Do with the Platform?  Online promotions  Customer / Agent portals  Online contests  Online surveys  Online advertising  Customer Loyalty Programs  Customer Value Management  E-mail , SMS, and Social marketing  Couponing  Direct Mail Marketing Programs The YIELD Marketing Platform can facilitate many different targeted marketing programs, including the following:
  14. 14. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB What you can do some examples from our clients  Identify the 20% most engaged users in your community. Send them an exclusive email invite to participate in a customer appreciation contest allowing them to earn extra entries for referrals. These users advocate your brand and grow the database by 17%. The process is seamlessly integrated with the MCC from email to referral registration.  Create a recurring weekly newsletter that automatically assembles a personalized email and pulls content from an external data source maintained by your writers and designers. Setup the template once and forget it. (it’s that easy!)  Respond to a user’s registration, clicks, web page views and more resulting in increased user loyalty and interaction.  Maintain and publish to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages at the click of a button while tracking your brand’s reputation.
  15. 15. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Proof of Concept - Client List
  16. 16. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Next Steps  What are the benefits ?  Get more insight into consumer behavior  Provide consumers with a truly multi-channel experience  Centralized campaign management  Faster time to market for interactive campaigns  More visibility and actionable tools to successfully impact marketing campaigns
  18. 18. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Pepsi Access Rewards Program: • • Online / Mobile Loyalty Program • Over 350 million PIN codes on labels OLG Winner’s Circle Rewards Program: • • Online / Mobile Loyalty Program • Over 1 million members Case Studies
  19. 19. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Visa-Blockbuster contest: • Use Visa at Blockbuster, get PIN • Enter PIN online for a chance to win • Most successful partnership campaign ever for Visa Canada Hershey’s Rip the Wrap Promotion: • • Prize an hour featuring Dell prizes • 1st national campaign in 11 years • Over 50 million PIN codes in market Case Studies
  20. 20. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Pepsi used MCC to execute and manage one of the largest digital marketing programs in Canada: • Pepsi Access – Consumer Loyalty Program • 400 million unique PINs on Pepsi Product • Consumers register online to collect points • Music-themed web site that had a new artist of the month with exclusive access to content and prizes • Integrated multiple tactics: web, email, SMS, online contest, online survey, social Case Studies
  21. 21. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB • Customer retention program to increase loyalty and lifetime value of pet owners • Triggered 1:1 coupons and communications, based on the lifecycle and breed of the pet • Seamless and cost-effective integration with existing e-mail vendor and in-house database • Real-time segmentation and reporting to ensure success • Increase of up to $5,000 in downstream revenue per household Case Studies
  22. 22. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Landing Page Integration 22
  23. 23. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Call to Action Petitions 23
  24. 24. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB THE MCC Integration to ticketing Archtics MCC Customer Profiles & Purchase Transactions Frequent Premium Seat Purchasers (Convertible to Season Holders) Frequent Low Tier Purchasers (Convertible to Premium Seating) One-off Purchasers (Convertible to Loyal Fans) Website Behaviour Fan site Email User tracking/response Highly Targeted Engagement (Email, SMS, Contests, Loyalty Programs, Surveys, Tell-a-Friend) Leading to customer advocacy and conversion! Contests, Surveys, Loyalty, etc. User participation Data Source (Seed + Transactions) Customer Touchpoints (Profiling) Streamline the marketing process Seamless integration Put Bums in Seats
  25. 25. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Consumer Experience
  26. 26. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Consumer Experience
  27. 27. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Consumer Experience
  28. 28. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB CAPTURE REAL & ACTIONABLE DATA FROM FACEBOOK WITH THE MARKETING CONTROL CENTER An easy-to-deploy solution to help monetize your investment in social media marketing while growing your database with both current and future Facebook Fans and Followers! 28
  29. 29. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Are you collecting 'Likes' on your Facebook Fan page? Are you doing anything with those 'Likes' to turn a potential profit from your social marketing efforts? Should you be? If so, then YIELD has the answer to the question of how to convert 'Likes' into 'Love'! Our Marketing Control Center™ (MCC) has a specially designed Facebook application that collects the rich information in a Facebook user's profile in order for you to get to know more about your fans and followers - along with the embedded ability to automatically engage them with targeted relevant messaging, contests, and offers that speak specifically to their desires! DO MORE WITH YOUR FAN PAGE! 29
  30. 30. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB FACEBOOK APP WIREFRAME SAMPLES Sample: Facebook App PageSample: Facebook Fan Page With App Links 30
  31. 31. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Marketing Plan Grocery Mart where customers are family
  32. 32. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB PAGE 32 Background  Grocery Mart (Regional US grocery store chain)  25 stores in the mid-western United States  Existing Co-op program with vendors  No loyalty card program  Majority of marketing is currently in flyers, newspaper ads and local radio.  Target Segment - Women 29-49 (moms that shop for family) Grocery Mart where customers are family
  33. 33. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Company Goals  Increase market share  Increase the year-over-year annual revenues  Increase the in-store traffic  Launch 2 new stores Grocery Mart where customers are family
  34. 34. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB  Focus the brand messaging on our “Small town values”, where everyone knows your name and genuinely appreciates you as a customer  Target a specific persona:  Kelly Johnson, 39 years old, 3 kids, married for 12 years, stay at home mom, used to be a school teacher, strong family values, her kids are her biggest accomplishment in life, born in a small town, member of the PTA, likes to go online to send e-mails to family and friends, see deals and compare pricing on goods.  Increase acquisition activities by targeting more “Kelly Johnsons” and driving them in-store with special offers and in-store activities  Develop a loyalty program that will help to increase household value and market share as well as generate more revenues from suppliers  Create a marketing database of consumers that we can market special offers to via e-mail or SMS when we need to drive in-store traffic  Put in place a measurement plan that will help to track the effectiveness of the various ads and marketing activities in order to maximize ROI Marketing Strategy Grocery Mart where customers are family
  35. 35. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Marketing Tactics  Start with an online loyalty program in Q1 and roll-out a full card program in Q4  Monthly in-store promotions focused on acquiring people into the loyalty program and online insider program  Full-year initiative to get to know our customers:  employees are trained to try and remember customers names  online program captures information and sends personalized e-mails on a monthly basis (also has birthday e-mail, anniversary e-mail, special offers and kids club)  Create a connection between customers and their local store by having the marketing messages come from a specific store (closest to where the customer lives)  Encourage engagement by providing points for opening e-mails, telling friends, viewing online flyers, entering contests and participating in in-store promotions  Create an online shopping list program, where you can build a quick shopping list and have it printed out, e-mailed to you or sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone Grocery Mart where customers are family
  36. 36. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Loyalty Program  Promote the idea of the “Grocery Mart Community” Loyalty program in all marketing (flyers, newspaper, radio)  Track the advertising that is sending the most people to the loyalty web site (through unique URLs and keywords - ie.  Get customers to sign-up online or in-store to become part of the Grocery Mart Community Program  Create a communications plan that includes a monthly e-mail with special deals and a feature story on one of our Grocery Mart Community members  Put employee stories on the web site to create a sense of community  Run a contest to have moms send in a story about their son or daughter’s best moment, stories will be posted on the web site and people can vote for the best one  Segment the people that sign up into different key segments and focus more money on targeting and retaining the “Kelly Johnsons” (high value targets)  Create some experiential rewards for the top point earners in the program (ie. free maid service for a year, free interior decorator session, spa day, 4 free tickets to the local professional sports team) Grocery Mart where customers are family
  37. 37. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Customer Acquisition Plan  Use traditional media to drive people online and in-store  Use unique URLs to measure the effectiveness of each ad at driving new member acquisition and optimize media mix and messaging accordingly throughout the year  Setup a Grocery Mart Community web site where customers can go to register for the program and start to accumulate points under their profile  Reward users that fill in the full profile with additional points in order to drive relevant customer segmentation  Segment customers by value and create different communications and promotions plans based on the segment (more money and effort on retaining higher value customer segments) Grocery Mart where customers are family
  38. 38. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Communications Plan  It is important to stay top of mind with members, but only with relevant and targeted communications  Use the marketing preferences in the profile of each individual member to deliver messages to them in the medium of their choice  Create different offers for the different segments based on value  Prepare triggered communications that are always ready, but will only be deployed to an individual member if they request more information or if they have taken a particular behaviour (ex. welcome e-mail, kids club e-mail, you’ve reached 10,000 points e-mail)  Measure the effectiveness and ROI of the various communications channels throughout the year and optimize the monthly campaigns to maximize ROI  Separate the communications into categories: Offers, alerts, promotional, notifications.  Manage opt-in and opt-out through a central marketing database  Ensure all communications are personalized and relevant
  39. 39. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Promotional Plan  Run monthly promotions to encourage new member acquisition and drive members in-store  Promotions will reinforce the “small town values” and our “customers are family” attitude (ie. bring in local teams for a sponsored baseball tournament, proudest parent contest, best homemade sandwich in town competition, etc.)  1st quarter promotions will be planned in advance and then we will monitor the success of the various campaigns in order to focus our efforts for future promotions  Promotions will be pre-promoted through e-mail and the web site to community members  All data collected on consumers through the promotions will be aggregated together under their profile for better segmentation and targeting  Members will be scored based on their level of participation over the year in order to identify our most active and loyal customers  Every promotion will have a tie into the web site in order to grow the database and get more information on existing members Grocery Mart where customers are family
  40. 40. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Full-Year Campaign - Customer Appreciation  We are embarking on a year long initiative to show customers they are family including remembering and celebrating special dates in our customers’ lives.  Birthday Club: A special birthday e-mail and offer triggered to each customer on their special day.  Kids Club: Sign up your kids and we will send them a birthday card in the mail from Grocery Mart.  Anniversary Offer: Special on a romantic gift the week before your wedding anniversary.  Holiday Wishes: Special e-mail holiday wish for each customer around the holidays.  Random act of kindness: A special e-mail offer to customers one day a year for “just being a customer”.  1-year member anniversary: Special card sent in the mail (e-mail or direct mail depending on value of customer) to commemorate their first anniversary of becoming a member of the loyalty program. Grocery Mart where customers are family
  41. 41. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Campaign - Proudest Parent Contest  Concept: The proudest parent contest involves customers going online to talk about their favorite moment with their kid(s). This program is targeted at the high value “Kelly Johnson” segment  Goals: Increase acquisition, build loyalty  Media: Newspaper, Radio, in-store stand-ups, online ads  Marketing Tactics:  Online Contest  Triggered e-mails  Online story submission and voting  Scoring Indices: Brand Engagement, Promotions Lover, Family Enthusiast  Timing: In market from January 1 - January 31 (winner announced Feb 1) Grocery Mart where customers are family
  42. 42. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Campaign - Hershey Kiss Someone  Concept: Allow customers to go online and send a “Hershey Kiss” to someone special via e-mail. It will be sponsored by Hershey’s and one couple from each store that participate will win a Valentine’s Day dream date kit (romantic food package, recipe book, massage oils and Hershey Kisses)  Goals: New member acquisition, member retention and loyalty  Media: Newspaper, Radio, billboard, online ads  Marketing Tactics:  Online E-mail sign-up  Triggered e-mails  Scoring Indices: Brand Engagement, Promotions Lover, Hopeless Romantic  Timing: In market from February 1 - 14 and follow up online Feb 15 - 28 Grocery Mart where customers are family
  43. 43. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Campaign - Mart Madness  Concept: Take advantage of the March Madness college basketball frenzy and make our own tournament of in-store games. People can come in-store and compete in a series of Wii sports games (bowling, golf, baseball) or actual games (basketball hoops, football accuracy). We will have someone in-store keep track of the scores and people’s corresponding membership account ids. There will be an online and in-store leader board (plasma) to show the winners in each sports competition. Top finalist will be called back on March 31 for the tournament of champions to win great prizes.  Goals: New member acquisition, member retention, increase in-store purchase, loyalty  Media: Newspaper, Radio, billboard, intercept marketing  Marketing Tactics:  In-store gaming  Triggered e-mails  Weekly teaser e-mails (with clues)  Scoring Indices: Brand Engagement, Promotions Lover, Sports Enthusiasts  Timing: In market from March 1 - March 30 (final tournament of champions March 31) Grocery Mart where customers are family
  44. 44. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Campaign – Enter PIN and WIN  Concept: Find PIN codes located in-store on tear pads that are located near the “deal of the week” and enter them online for points. Points can be redeemed for contest ballots or prizes.  Goals: New member acquisition, member retention, increase in-store traffic, increase co-op dollars from CPG sponsor  Media: Newspaper, Radio, in-store stand-ups, in-store tear pads, intercept marketing  Marketing Tactics:  Online PIN entry for points  Triggered e-mails  Weekly teaser e-mails (with clues)  Scoring Indices: Brand Engagement, Promotions Lover, PIN collector  Timing: In market from 30 to 60 Days Grocery Mart where customers are family
  45. 45. E-MAIL 1.647.479.4059 TOLL-FREE WEB Measure Plan  All aspects of the marketing plan will be measured for effectiveness and ROI throughout the year  Marketing Plan will be measured based on:  Acquisition (new member acquisition rates with emphasis on Kelly Johnson - high value segment)  Participation (point distribution, avg. points per member, avg. consumer score)  Relevance (e-mail open rates, contest participation, membership growth, web site traffic, friends told)  Retention (retention rate over the year, number of community members that participate in multiple campaigns - again focused primarily on our high value segment)  ROI (media channel effectiveness, cost per acquisition, communications cost, sales, store traffic)  Satisfaction (survey results, satisfaction rating, avg. points, retention levels) Grocery Mart where customers are family