Deconstruction music mag


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Deconstruction music mag

  1. 1. The picture in this music magazineis a big bold picture of Kanye The picture of Kanye West is aWest, this picture stands out away simple picture which says exactlyfrom the page because it is in what the magazine is about.front of the title. The title in this Kanye West is showing a sternmusic mag is in a light blue which face which shows how his lyricsdoesn’t give the impression to the mean to him. The colour schemereader of a hard-core metal that has been chosen in thismagazine. Instead it gives the magazine is a simple but effectiveimpression of the pop genre shade. The colour scheme is awhich will attract the right shade of blue which reallyaudience for the topic in the emphasises the artist is male ormagazine. The magazine includes even that the topic of the article isa skyline which attracts the for males. Although there is blueaudience into the magazine. On there also is a range of pink tothe left of the page in the middle also show that the magazine canthere is a sweet spot which be for females. Another feature isemphasises what will be in the the “+ 50 greatest songs” this willmagazine. In this case it will be attract more people because they“Kanye West” which also incudes would want to see whos at whata quote from him to attract more position in the charts. Also thereaders. The background in the magazine has puffs at the side ofmagazine is a pale purple to make the magazine which adds morethe titles and other important information to the magazine andfeatures stand away from the gives the reader information onbackground. On the right of the what is going to be in thepage the magazine includes lots of magazine. In this case the puffspuffs which help to show the user list artists.what will be coming up in themagazine.
  2. 2. The picture in this music magazineis a big bold picture of la roux, thispicture stands out away from thepage because it has the title nextto the main image. The title in thismusic mag is in a white which The picture of la roux is a complexdoesn’t give the impression to the picture which says many differentreader of a hard-core metal signs. La roux is showing a sternmagazine. Instead it gives the face which shows how her lyricsimpression of the techno/pop mean to her. The colour schemegenre which will attract the right that has been chosen in thisaudience for the topic in the magazine is a simple but effectivemagazine. The magazine includes shade. The colour scheme is whitea skyline which attracts the which really emphasises the artistaudience into the magazine. On because she has pale makeup onthe left of the page at the top which is to emphasise her eyes.there is a puff which emphasises Another feature is the “future 50what will be in the magazine and top bands” this will attract morewhat the reader should expect. In people because they would wantthis case it will be “la roux ” which to see whos at what could be thealso incudes a quote from her to new trend that could be a numberattract more readers. The one in the charts. The image thatbackground in the magazine is a has been used to represent latextured black with bobbles on it roux and also is the main image isto make the titles and other one of her looking sideways at theimportant features stand away camera. This is a really good shotfrom the background. On the right because it gives a good angle toof the page the magazine includes the audience.a large puff which helps to showthe user what will be coming up inthe magazine. Which in this case isthe top 50 future bands.