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Openmrs Use Examples PDF


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Openmrs Use Examples PDF

  1. 1. OpenMRS Uses People are using the OpenMRS platform and API for all sorts of things. Here are a few that I know about... Darius Jazayeri Lead Software Developer Partners in Health
  2. 2. Disease-specific EMR (MDR-TB) Credit: Dave Thomas (PIH)
  3. 3. LIMS Integration MSH|^~&|neal_lims|PIHIMB-LAB|HL7LISTENER| PIHIMB-EMR|20090316162651||ADT^A28| neal_lims20090316162651|P|2. PID|||00411777-D^^^IMB ID^||NOTREAL^Name^|| 20010701162651^Y|M||||||||||||||||||||||N|||||||||| MSH|^~&|neal_lims|PIHIMB-LAB|HL7LISTENER| PIHIMB-EMR|20090316162651||ORU^R01| neal_lims20090316162651|P|2. OBX|1|NM|654^SERUM GLUTAMIC-PYRUVIC TRANSAMINASE^DCT||20||||||F|||20090309000000 Credit: Neal Lesh, Christian Allen (PIH) – better version in progress at AMPATH...
  4. 4. Inpatient Care Credit: Andrey Kozhushkov, Ghislain Kouematchoua (Göttingen)
  5. 5. Research Data Coordination Credit: Dave Thomas
  6. 6. Adaptive Turnaround Documents Credit: Vibha Anand, Paul Biondich (Regenstrief)
  7. 7. Eligibility Across Institutions (TB in LA) Credit: Monica Waggoner
  8. 8. Google Maps Integration Credit: Owais Ahmed, Aamir Khan
  9. 9. ID Cards and Barcodes Credit: Brian Mckown (AMPATH)
  10. 10. “Mateme” Touchscreen Registration Credit: Jeff Rafter (Baobab), Evan Waters (PIH)
  11. 11. iPhone App Credit: Rowan Seymour
  12. 12. Notifiable Condition Detector Credit: Shaun Grannis, Regenstrief Institute
  13. 13. Health Data Exchange Credit: Odysseas Pentakalos