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There’s a rainbow on my plate


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There’s a rainbow on my plate

  1. 1. There’s A Rainbow On My Plate Diane Jansen
  2. 2. There’s A Rainbow On My Plate My Pyramid
  3. 3. Unit Author• Blue Valley School District• Indian Valley Elementary• Fourth Grade• Nutrition
  4. 4. What Are The Food Groups?• Unit Question• Content Questions?
  5. 5. Unit DescriptionOverview of Unit
  6. 6. Inside The Pyramid Grains Veggies Fruits Milk Meat/Beans
  7. 7. Grains• Make half your grains whole-grains• 1 serving = 1 slice of bread = 1 cup cereal = ½ cup cooked rice or pasta• 6 servings per day
  8. 8. Vegetables• Mix ‘em up!• Eat dark green veggies like broccoli, spinach, dark green salad.• Eat orange veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes• Eat beans and peas• Eat two-four times a day
  9. 9. Fruits• Mix ‘em up too!• Fresh, Frozen, Canned and Dried- They’re all good for you • Not too much juice though!• Eat at least two-four times a day
  10. 10. Milk• Low-Fat milk, yogurt, dairy• If you cannot have milk, try to eat lactose-free foods that have lots of calcium.• Eat 2 servings a day.
  11. 11. Meat and Beans• Go Lean with Protein!• Choose Low Fat or Lean Meats• Fish, Chicken, Beans, Peas, Nuts• Eat some with lunch AND dinner
  12. 12. Fats, Sugars, Salts Fats Sugars• Limit them all!• Try not to eat solid fats, like butter.• Learn to check nutrition labels.
  13. 13. Physical Activity• At least 60 minutes per day for Elementary students• Recess, PE class, after school activities, dancing, sports, play outside, and running