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Custom Components Company Sales Presentation


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Custom Components Company Sales Presentation

  1. 1. Custom Components Company “Your Custom Solutions Provider”
  2. 2. Our Brands
  3. 3. About Custom ComponentsCustom Components Company is the premiermanufacturer, fabricator and supplier ofarchitectural engineered products, including:• Interior and exterior railing systems• Interior aluminum office fronts• Stile and rail doors• Sun control devices• Custom one-of-a-kind architectural elements
  4. 4. About Custom Components• We have offices in Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA, as well as our corporate headquarters located in Tampa, FL• You can find our products and specifications on and our website at• You can contact us at 1-800-516-9474
  5. 5. Our Project ResumeOur world class products can be found on hundreds ofof projects ranging from small residential to largecommercial. Some examples: • Bioinnovation Center (New Orleans, LA) • OMNI Hotel (Fort Worth, TX) • University of Memphis (Memphis, TN) • Sanford Consortium (San Diego, CA) • Lynn University Remembrance Plaza (Boca Raton, FL) • Thomas Jefferson School of Law (San Diego, CA)
  6. 6. Overview of Product Lines• High quality standard and custom aluminum frames, doors, sidelites and office fronts• EZ Access™ Sliding Door System• Stile and Rail Doors• Factory powder coat and anodized finishes
  7. 7. New Products – EZ Access™ Sliding Door System
  8. 8. New Products – EZ Access™ Sliding Door System• Sliding door system for interior office fronts• Saves floor space compared to conventional swinging doors• Provides improved access to offices• Offers greater design flexibility for office environments• Quiet, smooth and easy to operate
  9. 9. Stile & Rail Doors
  10. 10. Interior Office Fronts
  11. 11. Aluminum Door Frames With Glass Transoms
  12. 12. Overview of Product Lines• Pre-engineered railing systems in aluminum and stainless steel• A variety of designs, materials and finishes• Structural glass with clamps and point mounted• Factory assembled for ease and speed of installation
  13. 13. Project ShowcaseOMNI Hotel – Fort Worth, TX • Architect: HOK • General Contractor: Austin Commercial • Product: 8,000 linear feet of Series 650 glass railing
  14. 14. Lynn UniversityRemembrance Plaza – Boca Raton, FL • Architect: Sousa Architecture • General Contractor: Gerrits Construction • Product: Dichroic glass prisms and cable railing
  15. 15. Thomas Jefferson School of Law San Diego, CA • Architect: Fehlman La Barre Architects, Inc. • General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease • Product: 500 linear feet of stainless steel point mounted glass railing and hand rail
  16. 16. Bioinnovation Center New Orleans, LA • Architect: Eskew, Dumez, Ripple • General Contractor: Turner Construction • Product: Custom interior glass railings and sidewalls
  17. 17. University of Memphis Memphis, TN • Architect: Fisher & Arnold, Inc. • General Contractor: Inman Construction • Product: Series 700 railing system with stainless steel cladding
  18. 18. Sanford Consortium San Diego, CA • Architect: Lankford and Associates • General Contractor: Hensel Phelps • Product: Series 700 glass railing and stainless steel cladding
  19. 19. Overview of Product Lines• A diverse selection of off-the-shelf and custom sun control products• Sunshades, light shelves, awnings, trellises and walkway covers• Custom design and fabrication• A variety of profiles, sizes, finishes and colors
  20. 20. Project Showcase1050B Apartments
  21. 21. 1050B Apartments San Diego, CA • Architect: Martinez & Cutri, Project Design Consultants and DeLorenzo, Inc. • General Contractor: Turner Construction Co. • Product: Custom glass railing, sunshades and trellises
  22. 22. TreenaSan Diego, CA • Architect: Benson & Buhl Architects • General Contractor: Square One Development • Product: Custom designed sunshades
  23. 23. Wal Mart
  24. 24. Overview of Services• A wide range of support to the building and design professional• Conceptual drawings, engineering, product design, CAD, custom extrusions, fabrication, powder coating and cladding systems• Complete engineering packages and system calculations• Value and solutions engineering and project consultation
  25. 25. CAD Design
  26. 26. Fabrication
  27. 27. Project ShowcaseAT & T Headquarters – Dallas, TX • Architect: Gensler & Associates • General Contractor: Beck and Associates • Product: Structural glass railing, varying height from 42” to 84”with stainless steel cap
  28. 28. Sunrise Public Safety Sunrise, FL • Architect: Architects Design Group • General Contractor: Stiles Construction • Product: Custom stainless steel point mounted glass railing and hand rail
  29. 29. Sunrise Public Safety
  30. 30. Bioinnovation Center New Orleans, LA • Architect: Eskew, Dumez, Ripple • General Contractor: Turner Construction Company • Product: 700 Series point mounted glass railing and sidewalls
  31. 31. Bionnovation Center
  32. 32. Bioinnovation Center
  33. 33. Bioinnovation Center
  34. 34. Sales Organization• National sales organization consisting of 30 independent architectural representatives• Focused on the needs of architects, contractors, glaziers and door, frame and hardware distributors• A business philosophy of building long term relationships with our customers
  35. 35. our website to see our products and projects,as well as information, photos, details drawingsand specifications. The site also includes links tocurrent news and the company blog, corporate e-brochure, our online store, the ability to subscribeto our company newsletter and a contact page toask questions and request information.
  36. 36. e-commerce website/online store provides 24/7 ordering capability of an extensive line of interior and exterior railing products and accessories in a safe and secure shopping environment.
  37. 37. Our Competitive Advantage• A custom solutions provider to design and building professionals• The “go to” company – A “first call” consultative resource• Proactive project management and problem resolution
  38. 38. Our Competitive Advantage• Creativity – “we can build anything”• Strength of engineering and product design – 100% in-house fabrication/manufacturing• Ability to translate design specs to product that meets design vision and intent within build budget
  39. 39. Supporting Sustainable Design• Custom Components understands today’s need for environmentally friendly design and architectural products that contribute to sustainability within a building space.• As an example, we support sustainable design with sun control products and glazed office fronts, allowing designers to maximize the flow of natural daylighting into the office.
  40. 40. Supporting Sustainable Design• In addition, Custom Components is committed to pursuing environmentally sustainable initiatives (e.g. our powder coating process emits zero VOC’s) with our clients and suppliers, as well as looking for avenues to use resources wisely and reduce our impact on the environment.
  41. 41. Remember…From interior and exterior railing systems tointerior office fronts to sun control devicesand engineering services, CustomComponents™ is the premier manufacturer,fabricator and supplier of architecturalengineered products. If we don’t already havewhat you need, we will build it for you andmake your vision come alive.
  42. 42. Follow Us
  43. 43. Custom Components Company “Your Custom Solutions Provider”