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How to make money with plr & affiliate marketing


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How to make money with plr & affiliate marketing

  1. 1. Remember this: Content is KING!!! Just think about its all over the internet! This is a FREE and Paid system to make money. Save this pdf and use it as a guide. Dont be afraid get started today!! How To Make Money with PLR & Affiliate Marketing!!! The Free & Paid System Thats Never Outdated! HOT REPORT!!Rights:You can:Give it away for free.Give it as bonus.Share it.You cant:Sell it or change anypart of this reportFrom the desk of: Steven K Davis, Plr ( Private Label Rights); are digital products such as reviews, reports, articles, and ebookswhich are sold to you in a way you can rewrite them. They usually come with a sales page andgraphics but not all the time. Depending on the license that came with the PLR product youll be ableto use the material in a number of ways. Sell them to other people to sell again, (Master ResellRights) or break them up to use the info in different ways as stated below in this short report. Hereare 10 techniques that are still big money makers with PLR products. 1. Rewrite and post on a blogger or wordpress blog! 2. Create a hubpages or a Squidoo Lenses for niche markets! 3. Rewrite articles into a “10 Best” list! 4. Create a FAQ, Q&A, or informational “how-to” page based on the material! 5. Tweak the content so it’s relevant to current events or celebrity stories (Use this with Google Trends )! 6. Spin the content to create Adsense sites! 7. Rewrite the content to sell Ebay or Amazon items! 8. Rewrite the articles yourself to sell or hire someone to to do it for you! 9. Use plr material to write a books to sell on Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank Affiliate, Tradebit, E junkie, and Payloadz! 10. Record an audio book version and sell it on the iTunes and Amazon stores!Here is the quick start up!
  2. 2. Niche & Planning & Hot Trends Locate a niche (refer to your articles download pack for ideas) or a hot trend (Google Trends) andthen be sure to do your research on your topic. (This is where your Keyword & SEO skills kick in).Here is your Free Article Pack.Download over 19,000 free articles. You only have 60 days for this download so get it now! (ClickHere) Im not going to go in details but here is a good read to get you started. Hot Trends Free Ebook (Click Here)Keyword Search & SEO Google/Alexa Rankings: Google ranks pages by keyword strength &popularity. You must have good keywords or you will not be found period. (Basic Principle) Peopletype in keywords to find stuff you must have good keywords to be found. Thats your money rightthere. I added Google and Alexa rankings to show you the popular pages that help make you money. Theseare the pages that everybody visit. (Your Traffic) More on this in the Free Advertising section. (G:7/10 - A:1) (G:3/10 - A: 44,908 Awesome Software With Regular Updates! I brought this software in Apr 2009 best thing ever. Just look at the rankings in Google and this a private company not bad World Wide!!Rewriting Your Articles Google/Alexa Rankings: (G:4/10 - A: 18,242 (G:3/10 - A: 440,494 are plenty of sites you can sell your work that you create. Here are a few links listed below. (G:6/10 - A: 407 (G:6/10 - A: 4,417 (G:6/10 - A: 7,786 (G:5/10 - A: 19,018 www.payloadz.comFree AdvertisingThis is a big topic because there are plenty of way to advertise, I would have to write another reportjust to cover it. But Ill keep short and sweet.Submit to these:1. Articles Sites - Google/Alexa Rankings: (G:6/10 - A: 443) (G:6/10 - A: 2,756)
  3. 3. (G:5/10 - A: 1,891) (G:5/10 - A: 9,976) Blog & Ping - Google/Alexa Rankings: Ping your Blog or Hub when you first finish them and everytime you post to them. Do not over ping them on purpose you will get your page banned. (G:7/10 - A: 1,775) (G:5/10 - A: 3,172) (G:3/10 - A: 8,724) (G:2/10 - A: 8,458) Blog and Feed Directories - Google/Alexa Rankings: (G:8/10 - A: 1) You need a gmail account. (Notice how this is just as highas Google in the rankings.) (G:8/10 - A: 1,668) (G:6/10 - A: 13,870) (G:6/10 - A: 25,907) Pd search engines - Google/Alexa Rankings: (G:7/10 - A: 930) (G:8/10 - A: 169) Social Media sites - Google/Alexa Rankings: (G:8/10 - A: 164) (G:8/10 - A: 660) (G:8/10 - A: 691) (G:8/10 - A 132) (G:7/10 - A 217) (G:6/10 - A 474) (G:6/10 - A 4808) Forums - Im not going to list forums links because there are tons of them. Find the forums thatbest supports your niche and advertise your links on those.Example: Go to and type in the search bar Wedding Forums and you will get a ton ofthem.Outsource, Outsource, Outsource. This will save you tons of time to maximize profits! This iswhere you hire people to write your articles. (G:6/10 - A: 504) (G:6/10 - A: 684) (G:6/10 - A: 4,130) (G:5/10 - A: 203 (G:5/10 - A: 28,215)
  4. 4. Extra Important Information!! .The browser that I use is firefox. But there are a couple of them that you can use Oprea, Safari, etc....I set my system up in tabs & speed dials.(G:9/10 - A: 159) I use the speed dial addon to set up my pages forquick access.I also use the SEO quake add on to check rankings.Suggestive Material For Top Profits! Notice in this system that the depth of these sites are ranked very well in Google and Alexa. Bottomline I want you to make money No Bluff No B.S. I tried to keep it straight to the point. 1 day to read 1day to set up.This is a FREE and paid system to make money. Save this pdf and use it as a guide. Dontbe afraid get started today!!