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Past simple questions


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Published in: Education
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Past simple questions

  1. 1. Maribel Moreno MartínezCEIP Salvador Dalí (Villalbilla)
  2. 2.  As in the present simple, to make questions using “was” or “were” we only have to write “was/were” at the beginning of the sentence and then the subject:Ex. Were you at school yesterday? Was he with you this morning?
  3. 3. Interrogative Was I ? Were you? Was he? Was she? Was it?Were we?Were you?Were they?
  4. 4. To form the interrogative form in the past of regular and irregular verbs, we need the auxiliary “did”. We write it at the beginning of the sentence. Remember that when we use the auxiliary “did” the main verb in the sentence stays in the infinitive form.Ex. Did he go to school yesterday?
  5. 5. Interrogative Did I run?Did you break? Did he stop? Did she buy? Did it drink?Did we watch?Did you study?Did they see?
  6. 6. Where did they go?
  7. 7. a) They went shoppingb) They goed shoppingc) They go shopping
  8. 8. Great!!!
  9. 9. No!!! Try again
  10. 10. What did he do?
  11. 11. a) He playing footballb) He played footballc) He plaied football
  12. 12. Great!!!
  13. 13. No!!! Try again
  14. 14. What did she do?
  15. 15. a) She rided her bikeb) She rode her bikec) She riden her bike
  16. 16. Great!!!
  17. 17. No!!! Try again
  18. 18. What did he do?
  19. 19. a) He playeing the drumsb) He plays the drumsc) He played the drums
  20. 20. Great!!!
  21. 21. No!!! Try again
  22. 22. Write these sentences inthe interrogative form:1. We were tired yesterday ______________________________2. She broke her leg ______________________________3. John ran for an hour ______________________________4. He danced all night long ______________________________5. The baby clapped his hands ______________________________