Bac English 2011 with correction


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Algerian BAC papers of English 2011,All streams, with corrections

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Bac English 2011 with correction

  1. 1. A.comprehension (7.5pts)1. True or false a.False b.True c.True d.False2.a.Advertising is the activity of calling something to Partthe attention of the public, especially by paid oneannouncements.b. By mastering the power of argument.c.Advertising uses images and words to get thesethem across3. It is mentioned in paragraph 2.4. a) them: products or services to sell b)which: persuasion c) it: advertising
  2. 2. B.Text Exploration1. a)persuading = convincing b)item= productc)aim=objective d)reach=attain2. verb noun adjectiveTo persuasion persuasivepersuadeTo consume Consumption/consumer consumingTo vary variety various3.1.b) He says that advertisers master the power ofargument.2.b)We define persuasion as the ability to convinceothers of your own opinion.4. The pronunciation of the final ‘ed’/t/ /d/ /id/Helped Described Persuadedproduced defined consisted
  3. 3. 5. A: Who uses advertising? A: How do they advertise? A: Why?Written Expression Part twoA.comprehension (7.5pts)1. True or false a.True b.False c.True d.False2.a.Scientists could know about the existence of water Parton the moon following the analysis of data from oneaspacecraft that was deliberately crashed into a lunearcrater last month.b. Water could have got to the moon depending onone theory that says water arrived on a comet andnever evaporated in the shaded polar craters where
  4. 4. temperature is minus 220c.3. It is mentioned in paragraph 3.4. a) they: scientists b)it: the water c) where: shaded polar craters5.The most appropriate title : b. Water on the MoonB.Text Exploration1. a) shown ≠ hidden b) recent ≠ previous c) plus ≠ minus d) temporarily ≠ permanently2. prefix root suffix/////////////////// deliberate lyun solve ed////////////////// Category ical////////////////// shadow ed
  5. 5. 3.1.b) She asks if they can live on the Moon.2.b)Water was discovered on the Moon by scientists.4. Syllables1syllable 2 syllables 3 syllablesMoon crater discoverspace previous evidence5.Gap-filling 1.job 2.workers 3.spacecraft 4.buildWritten Expression Part two
  6. 6. Correction of BAC 2011 –LP:Topic One:Part 1: 1/a-T b-F. c-F. d-TA/Comprehension 2/§1 3/a-Girls.. b-Projects that don’t take time /projects with less work and immediate results. c-It has shown that girls out-performed boys at reading at the age of 15 in all 45 countries. 4/itsthe academic failure of boys. Their youngB/Text mentheyboys.thosechildren.Exploration 1/a-improve b-uncertain 2/*to introduce-introduction *to prevent /preventive/preventable(preventible) *enjoyment/enjoyable 3-b) The teacher wanted to know if Sami had done his homework. b)Microsoft engineers developed a software which helps students improve math skills. 4- /s/ /z/ /iz/ characteristics Beginners distances exams 5/an-students-others-exams.Part 02:WrittenExpression:5pts
  7. 7. Topic Two:Part 1:15 pts 1/bA/Comprehension 2/a-F b-T. c-F. d-T8pts 3/ a-§3 b-§4 4-/a-They are dangerous because they contain harmful toxic substances or inactive ingredients.. b—lack of borders’ control-weak regulations governing the medicine distribution system-the globalization of markets. c-the loss of taxation revenue. 4/itthe counterfeit drugtheir legitimate manufacturers. 1/a-genuine b-legitimateB/Text 2/* production-producer-productivity -product /Exploration productive7pts *Economics-economy /to economize. 3-a) Counterfeit products are being produced. 4- /t/ /d/ /id/ looked governed contributed forged 5/ethical - internet- site-illegalPart 02:WrittenExpression:5pts
  8. 8. Correction of BAC 2011 –LE:Topic One:Part 1: 1/a-F b-T. c-F. d-TA/Comprehension 2/§2 §3 3/a-to establish the Kingdom of Babylon b-its geographical situation. c- He found it difficult to use the elaborate system of nail- writing of the ancient Sumerians and commerce demanded quick and practical ways of communication. d-it was a fortified town of the Amorites-its inhabitants- its geographical situation-its trade with the entire world-its language which spread. 4/they the Aramaeans. The city Damascushe the Aramaeansbusinessman.Itthe spoken language of the Arameans. 5/ bB/Text 1/a-disappeared b-inhabited c-safe d-ancientExploration 2/*to save / safety ******* commercial *movement / moving ---movable( moveable) 3-a) Damascus was a fortified town while it was conquered by Alexander the Great./ while it was conquered by Alexander the Great, Damascus was a fortified town. b)They could not use the ancient Sumerian writing, therefore they invented a new alphabet. 4- 1 syl 2 syls 3syls mounds desert Difficult another 5/ b/ d/a/cPart 02:WrittenExpression:5pts
  9. 9. Topic Two:Part 1:15 pts 1/cA/Comprehension 2/a-F b-T. c-F. d-T7pts 3/ a-§3 4-/a-climate/snow removal equipment/Alaska polar bears/winter tourism/space programs/how rain forests influence the climate/ how deserts are formed/how the polar ice caps affect ocean levels. b—Learning starts with the children’s interests and questions/ various topics/interesting. c-they find it difficult to mix with other people in adult life. 4/theychildren in the USA.It to mix with other people in adult life. Their  parents 5/ home-schoolers/ home-schooling …..Advantages and Disadvantages of Home-schooling.B/Text 1/a-about b-starts c – opportunity d-difficultExploration 2/* to differ / different7pts *influence / influential-influenceable-influenced- * to criticize // critique –criticizer-criticism-critic 3-1-b)Parentsshould send their children to scholl / Parents had better send their children to school 2-b/If you don’t convince them, they will refuse your justifications. 3-b/I wish I had learnt how to play a musical instrument when Iwas a child. 4- /t/ /d/ /id/ Mixed Received Educated picked preferred included 5/either-home- children - classroomPart 02:WrittenExpression:6pts