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Nyscate Global One Room 2


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NYSCATE 2008 opening keynote

Published in: Education, Business
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Nyscate Global One Room 2

  1. 1. The Global One Room Schoolhouse David Jakes
  2. 7. Jakes ROCKS! The best teacher at North and probably in Illinois!
  3. 15. What does this mean for education?
  4. 20. Should we help kids understand the value of collaborative and collective intelligence? Miguel Guhlin
  5. 21. Starbucks Ideas
  6. 22. Encyclopedia of Life
  7. 24. Everyone can participate, everyone can contribute….
  8. 26. But should we? Is there value? How do we do it?
  9. 27. Vision What do you want learning to look like? Your classrooms? How permeable will they be?
  10. 28. Readiness Are all members of your school community ready for change?
  11. 29. Expectations Will this process be systemic ?
  12. 30. Are there new literacies?
  13. 31. Barriers What are they?
  14. 32. Implementation What’s your plan?
  15. 33. Growth and Sustainability How will you maintain momentum?
  16. 36. Assessment and Evaluation How will you know it’s better?
  17. 50. Enjoy NYSCATE!