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The Creative Manager: Lecture on Corporate Creativity


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Frontline workers see a great many problems and opportunities that their managers don’t. Today, most leaders either don’t realize the full power of employee ideas or have never learned power of employee ideas or have never learned
how to tap them effectively. To be truly excellent, innovative, lean or effective at execution, you have to be able to capture and implement large numbers of employee

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The Creative Manager: Lecture on Corporate Creativity

  1. 1. The Creative Manager Lecture on Corporate Creativity 23-Sep-11 1IMT - Management Creativity From Cursory to Creativity-2m32
  2. 2. LOGO Contents Creative Person & Manager1. Characteristic & Role of Creative Manager2. Characteristic & Role of Creative Manager2. 23-Sep-11 2IMT - Management Creativity
  3. 3. Creative Person & Manager 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 3
  4. 4. LOGO Theories on Creativity These have changed over decades 1950s ABILITY 1960s MENTAL SKILL 1970s RELEVANT EXPERIENCE 1980s INTRINSIC MOTIVATION 1990s CLIMATE, ENVIRONMENT, SOCIAL CONTEXT 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 4
  5. 5. LOGO Creative MANAGEMENT Creative management aims to transform organisations through changing the way they are run, by trying to open up the climate and IMT - Management Creativity are run, by trying to open up the climate and management style, increase participation and grant employees more freedom as to how things are accomplished, e.g. new product development. 23-Sep-11 5
  6. 6. LOGO Creative INDIVIDUALS Creative Leader (Kanter, 1991) Kaleidoscope thinking Good communications Vision Recognising Definition of Leadership The power to focus and direct the venture Kaleidoscope thinking Recognising others’ contribution Creative Manager Brings out the creativity in staff Sees beyond the immediate Removes obstacles to help staff in their work Sound judgement 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 6
  7. 7. LOGO Creative INDIVIDUALS Characterized by Are Managers too! Characterized by leadership and motivating ability and comfort with using power 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 7 Steps To Innovation & Creative Thinking- 2m30
  8. 8. LOGO Cognitive of Creative Manager • Perception, • problem solving Cognitive process A study of human acquisition, storage, processing and retrieval of information and its impact on decision making • e.g. Kirton’s adaptor - innovator style Cognitive styles & strategies • in contrast to economic rationality Cognitive processors to understand decision making 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 8
  9. 9. LOGO Creative TEAMS People with different angles ..are SUCCESSFUL TEAMS! People with different background People with different styles 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 9 Belbins 9 team roles
  10. 10. LOGO Team Roles (Belbin, 1993) (1) Plant Creative, imaginative, unorthodox, solves difficult problems (Poor in communication and managing ordinary people) Resource Investigator Extravert, enthusiastic and communicative, explores opportunities and developsInvestigator explores opportunities and develops contacts (Loses interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed) Co-ordinator Mature, confident and trusting, a good chairperson, clarifies goals, promotes decision making (Not necessarily the most clever or creative member of the group) 23-Sep-11 10IMT - Management Creativity
  11. 11. LOGO Team Roles (Belbin, 1993) (2) Shaper Dynamic, outgoing and highly strung, challenges, pressurizes, finds ways round obstacles (Prone to provocation and short-lived bursts of temper) Monitor- Sober, strategic and discerning, sees allMonitor- Evaluator Sober, strategic and discerning, sees all options, judges accurately (Lacks drive and ability to inspire others) Team Worker Social, mild, perceptive and accommodating, listens, builds, averts friction (Indecisive in crunch situations) 23-Sep-11 11IMT - Management Creativity
  12. 12. LOGO Team Roles (Belbin, 1993) (3) Implementer Disciplined, reliable, conservative and efficient, turns ideas into practical action (Somewhat inflexible, slow to respond to new possibilities) Completer Painstaking, conscientious and anxious, searches out errors and omissions, deliverssearches out errors and omissions, delivers on time (Inclined to worry unduly. Reluctant to delegate) Specialist Single-minded, self-starting and dedicated, provides knowledge or technical skills which are in short supply (Contributes only on a narrow front) 23-Sep-11 12IMT - Management Creativity
  13. 13. LOGO Creativity ORGANISATIONS (1) Culture • Collective values, beliefs and common goals of an organisation • “The way we do things around here”. • We need to challenge assumptions! Climate • Attitude that employees hold at any one time • A short term view amenable to creative management Mind sets • There is so much more information around us than we can take in. • So, we choose what we can deal with or want and construct a relatively fixed way of thinking 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 13
  14. 14. LOGO Creativity ORGANISATIONS (2) Paradigm • Over time a school of thought can harden into a fixed world view or paradigm, which contains assumptions • We never even think to question e.g. in science that the sun goes round the earth or that the earth is flatearth is flat A paradigm shift! • Moving from one to another paradigm 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 14
  15. 15. Characteristic & Role of Creative Manager 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity 15 4 Steps for Creative Visualization-2m30
  16. 16. LOGO Creative Manager Characteristics (1) Caring for employee psychological health Removing employees who are roadblocks to efficiency Seeing the big picture 23-Sep-11 16IMT - Management Creativity health to efficiency Dealing with employee inflexibility Balancing the need for employee trust Teaching the staff
  17. 17. LOGO Creative Manager Characteristics (2) Managing demands on the manager’s time Physical stamina Running a meeting Manager 23-Sep-11 17IMT - Management Creativity Ability to laugh Risk taking and reliability Manager flexibility and integrity Be humble, apologize
  18. 18. LOGO CHARACTERISTICS OF MANAGERS WHO FOSTER CREATIVITY (1) They are willing to absorb the risks taken by subordinates. They are comfortable with half- developed ideas. OHT CR.18 developed ideas. They are able to make quick decisions. They are good listeners. 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity
  19. 19. LOGO CHARACTERISTICS OF MANAGERS WHO FOSTER CREATIVITY (2) They don't dwell on past mistakes. They enjoy their jobs. OHT CR.19 They expect subordinates to succeed. They capitalize on subordinate strengths 23-Sep-11 IMT - Management Creativity
  20. 20. LOGO Innovator & Creative Manager (1) Creativity in organisations focuses on: Achieving innovation, The creative manager manages people effectively and has a creative approach to problem solving and teamwork. 23-Sep-11 20IMT - Management Creativity Competitive advantage, and Benefits & profits by enhancing the “level” of creativity in the organisation.
  21. 21. LOGO Innovator & Creative Manager (2) There is a difference between creativity and innovation: 23-Sep-11 21IMT - Management Creativity Creativity is about ideas Innovation more about concrete plans or implementation of those ideas.
  22. 22. LOGO Innovator & Creative Manager (3) The creative manager needs to be adept at both: Creating These in turn require key behaviours to support effective processes. 23-Sep-11 22IMT - Management Creativity Creating opportunities for identifying and developing ideas Recognising and managing risk in innovation.
  23. 23. LOGO Innovation Roles (1) 1. Identifying an idea – invention 2. Developing the idea into 23-Sep-11 23IMT - Management Creativity 2. Developing the idea into something tangible – innovation 3. Introducing the product or service to the market - entrepreneurship
  24. 24. LOGO Innovation Roles (2) The three stages are each associated with a different with a different role: First the inventor – the ‘ideas’ person who comes up with the new idea, product or service; 23-Sep-11 24IMT - Management Creativity Second the innovator, who is gifted with a talent for transforming something from a brilliant idea into a tangible product or practice; and The entrepreneur who exploits new products or services by successfully bringing them to market The other example: Gatekeeper (idea) -> Champion (Product) -> Sponsor (Market)
  25. 25. LOGO Creative Management Change Downsize and delayering (reducing the cost base), Diversify (divesting non-core business to become leaner), Deregulation (reorganizing into more responsive structures by decentralizing production to multidisciplinary teams), 23-Sep-11 25IMT - Management Creativity teams), Participation (This in turn is fostered through a more participative approach entailing an open climate, Employee empowerment and reward schemes) WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROMS-4m
  26. 26. LOGO Creative Management Leaders EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skill), Visionary (can carry people with a timely vision), Entrepreneurial (the creator moving from inventor to innovator), 23-Sep-11 26IMT - Management Creativity Transformational (leaders who are steeped in the industries they transform), Self-organizing (to empower staff to self- organize in his company)
  27. 27. LOGO Creative Manager Reading the environment Proactivity Visionary leadership 23-Sep-11 27IMT - Management Creativity Human resource management Remote management skills Using IT Managing complexity Contextual competencies
  28. 28. LOGO Creative Manager Role on Organization Open climate Empowered staff Take Flexible structure Integrated procedures) Multi- Knowledge- sharing systems Suggestion schemes, External partnerships Suppliers, 23-Sep-11 28IMT - Management Creativity Challenging Trusting Take decisions, Local resources Flatter, De- centralized Multi- disciplinary teams, Parallel developmen t Idea screening, IT information bank, Newsletters Suppliers, Customers, Competitors
  29. 29. LOGO Creative Climate (1) Poles Dimension More creative Less creative Challenge Enjoyable Alienated Energetic IndifferentEnergetic Indifferent Freedom Independent Passive Initiatives taken Rule-bound Liveliness Excitedly busy Boringly slow Openness Trusting Suspicious Failure accepted Failure punished 23-Sep-11 29IMT - Management Creativity
  30. 30. LOGO Creative Climate (2) Poles Dimension More creative Less creative Idea time Off-task play Little off-task play Mood Happy/humorous Serious/dullMood Happy/humorous Serious/dull Conflicts Handled constructively Handled destructively Support People listen helpfully People are negative and critical Debates Contentious ideas voiced Little questioning Risk-taking Fast decisions Cautious, safe decisions Risk acting on new ideas Detail and committee bound 23-Sep-11 30IMT - Management Creativity
  31. 31. LOGO Organizational Change • Re-engineering (focus on procedures), • Self-organization (focus on People) Radical: 23-Sep-11 31IMT - Management Creativity • Quality improvement (focus on procedures), • Learning organization (focus on People) Incremental:
  32. 32. 23-Sep-11 32IMT - Management Creativity Back to Orbit A Song About Innovation.6m06