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Eng Ctp Training Videos Flyer Sept 09 Final


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Eng Ctp Training Videos Flyer Sept 09 Final

  1. 1. NATIONAL JUDICIAL INSTITUTE . INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA MAGISTRATURE building better justice through leadership in judicial education contribuer à une meilleure justice en agissant comme chef de file en formation de la magistrature 250 Albert Street, 4th Floor 250, rue Albert, 4e étage Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M1 CANADA Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 6M1 CANADA Training Coordinator Coordonnatrice de formation TEL.: 613-237-1118 ext. 285 TÉL. : 613-237-1118, poste 285 FAX: 613-237-6155 TÉLÉC. : 613-237-6155 How can I get up to speed in using Microsoft Office 2007? Help is just a few clicks away. Judges and their staff can now access a new series of training videos to assist with the transition to Microsoft Office 2007. Simply go to The National Judicial Institute website includes 50 short Microsoft Office 2007 training videos, together with reference materials on each of the topics, provided in portable document format (PDF). These one- to eight-minute-long videos were developed by the NJI in collaboration with the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario), the Ontario Court of Justice, the Judicial Information Technology Office (JITO) in Ontario and the Attorney General for the Province of Ontario. “We’ve been very pleased with the quality and thoroughness of the Office 2007 training materials,”says David Williams of the Judicial Information Technology Office.“The individual lessons, both in animated and printable form, are an excellent set of tools for users new to Microsoft Office 2007 and for developing advanced skills in Microsoft Word for users at every level.” TOPICS INCLUDE Creating and editing documents Removing tracked changes The Mini Toolbar Formatting documents Using your Outlook Calendar For More Information Please contact the NJI at forassistanceinaccessingtheMicrosoft2007trainingvideos. September 2009