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09 Ny Brochure

  1. 1. BrainStorm NEW YORK CONFERENCE & TRAINING PLANNING GUIDE November 2-5, 2009 • The Westin Times Square The Official Meeting Place of The Peer-to-Peer Exchange for Business & & The Peer-to-Peer Exchange for Process Management Professionals Service-Oriented Architecture Professionals A BrainStorm Community The Peer to Peer Exchange for A BrainStorm Community Business Architecture Professionals TABLE OF CONTENTS A BrainStorm Community 2 BRAINSTORM NEW YORK HIGHLIGHTS 3-4 CONFERENCE AGENDA-AT-A-GLANCE 5 TRAINING AGENDA-AT-A-GLANCE 6-10 SESSION DESCRIPTIONS 11 CONFERENCE SERIES CO-SPONSORS REGISTER Business TODAY! Process Management Business Decision Cloud Management Computing Enabling the Process-Driven Agile Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture Business Architecture www.BPMInstitute.org/BrainStormNewYork • 508-475-0475 x15
  2. 2. BrainStorm NEW YORK By Practitioners, For Practitioners ................................................. November 2-5, 2009 & & The Westin Times Square The Peer-to-Peer Exchange for Business Process Management Professionals The Peer-to-Peer Exchange for Service-Oriented Architecture Professionals A BrainStorm Community The Peer to Peer Exchange for A BrainStorm Community Business Architecture Professionals A BrainStorm Community Enabling the Process-Driven Agile Enterprise PREMIER PROGRAM PARTNERS On behalf of BPMInstitute.org, SOAInstitute.org and BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org, I invite you to join us at BrainStorm New York over November 2-5, 2009 at The Westin Times Square to participate in the largest East Coast gathering of our members, featuring the following educational opportunities: - Conference Sessions Covering: Business Process Management, Business Architecture, Business Rules/Business Decision Management & Cloud Computing – November 3-4 - Certificate of Training Programs and Individual Courses – November 2-5 BrainStorm New York features the industry’s foremost Experts, Authors, Analysts, and Practitioners in Business Process Management, Business Architecture, Business Rules/Business Decision Management, Cloud Computing and more all in one location! Our research shows that companies are trying to marshal the above technologies and methodologies together into a comprehensive strategy, program and platform. Making these selection decisions in a timely manner requires the rapid collection and assimilation of information from different members of the community (i.e. suppliers, consultants, and experienced practitioners.) Don’t miss this annual opportunity in New York for an unbiased, educational event and expert insight from the industry’s leaders to ensure the success of your intiatives and work towards establishing your agile enterprise! I look forward to hosting you at our most comprehensive educational and networking event to be held on the East Coast in 2009! GREGG V. ROCK President & Founder BrainStorm Group, Inc. gvr@brainstorm-group.com BrainStorm New York offers the following benefits: • Our largest East Coast Member gathering of BPM, BA, SOA professionals in 2009 • Best practices and lessons learned from world-class organizations • Dedicated daily networking opportunities • One-on-One meetings with selected Presenters, Practitioners, Analysts, Authors, Experts • Complimentary publications • Discounted research reports • Complimentary 30-Day Professional Membership on BPMInstitute.org & SOAInstitute.org • Complimentary 30-Day access to archived sessions online Earn up to 30 PDUs! and much more...
  3. 3. BrainStorm NEW YORK Conference Agenda-At-A-Glance ................................................................................ Tuesday - November 3, 2009 8:25-8:40 WELCOME Gregg V. Rock, President & Founder, BrainStorm Group, Inc. 8:40-9:25 BEST PRACTICES KEYNOTE: BUILDING A WORLD-CLASS BPM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Featuring: Frank La Rocca, Director Shared Services, Con Edison 9:25-9:35 COFFEE BREAK BPM PROFESSIONAL TRACK BPM TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY TRACK BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK TRACK CHAIR: TRACK CHAIR: TRACK CHAIR: Shelly Sweet Bruce Silver William Ulrich President Principal President I-4 Process Consulting Bruce Silver Associates Tactical Strategy Group 9:40-10:25 TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: HOW BPM TAKES THE WASTE OUT OF WORK WHICH BPMS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE: STATE Shelly Sweet Bruce Silver OF THE ART/STATE OF THE PRACTICE President Principal William Ulrich I-4 Process Consulting Bruce Silver Associates President Tactical Strategy Group 10:30-11:15 LEADING AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE CASE STUDY: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PANEL: BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE: MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, A KEY TOOL FOR THROUGH TOPCAT - CENTRAL ALERT WHO OWNS IT - WHO DELIVERS IT? REALIZATION OF THE EXPECTED BENEFITS TRACKING TOOL WHO BENEFITS FROM IT? Izabela Waglay Featuring: Kumud Majumder Moderated by: William Ulrich CEO Vice President President EELI Group Inc. Citigroup Tactical Strategy Group 11:20-12:05 CASE STUDY: ALIGNING ORGANIZATIONAL CASE STUDY: BPM THE NEXT GENERATION CASE STUDY: SYNCHRONIZING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ARCHITECTURE WORK–A LOOSELY COUPLED VIEW 12:05-1:20 BIRDS OF A FEATHER LUNCHEON Sponsored by: BPMInstitute.org, SOAInstitute.org & BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org 1:20-2:05 DESSERT AND COFFEE ON THE SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE 2:10-2:55 CAN SIX SIGMA AND BUSINESS EXECUTABLE BPMN: BPMN-2.0 BUILDING AND USING A BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT COEXIST? ONTOLOGY-BASED ENGINE CAPABILITY MODEL FOR BUSINESS Marvin Wurtzel Mohamed Keshk ARCHITECTURE Principal Consultant Lead Ontologist Greg Suddreth Marvin M. Wurtzel & Associates UML-OWL Gen, LLC Founding Board Member BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org 3:00-3:45 INCREASING BUSINESS ANALYSIS MATURITY CASE STUDY: BPM ANTI-PATTERNS BUSINESS INFORMATION FOR RULES-DRIVEN BUSINESS PROCESS Featuring: Robert Wald ARCHITECTURE: WHAT IS IT MANAGEMENT Vice President Jim Rhyne David Heidt JPMorgan Principal Consultant Managing Partner Software Renovation Consulting Enterprise Agility 3:50-4:35 SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION: INNOVATIONS SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION: CLEAR SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION IN BPM TECHNOLOGY–PROCESS MINING, DIRECTIONS FOR BPM SUCCESS CASE MANAGEMENT AND AGILITY SOLUTIONS; Featuring: Brandon Baxter SAVING SIGNIFICANT MONEY AND TIME OVER Senior Product Marketing Manager TRADITIONAL BPM APPROACHES Lombardi Featuring: Lynn R. Hogg President Pallas Athena USA 4:40-5:25 PANEL: TIPS FOR STARTING AND MAINTAINING A SUCCESSFUL BPM INITIATIVE Moderated by: Tom Dwyer, Vice President, Research, BrainStorm Group & Editorial Director, BPMInstitute.org 5:30-5:45 FOUNDER CLOSING KEYNOTE: REFLECTIONS FROM 2009; OUTLOOK FOR 2010 Featuring: Gregg V. Rock, President & Founder, BrainStorm Group, Inc. 5:45-6:30 EVENING RECEPTION ON THE SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE *Agenda subject to change. Sponsored by: BPMInstitute.org, SOAInstitute.org & BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org
  4. 4. BrainStorm NEW YORK Conference Agenda-At-A-Glance ................................................................................ Wednesday - November 4, 2009 8:45-9:30 OPENING KEYNOTE: THE HIDDEN FACTORY IN CHANGE MANAGEMENT Featuring: Tiran Dagan, Director, Strategic Initiatives & Analysis, NBC Universal BPM PROFESSIONAL TRACK CLOUD COMPUTING TRACK BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK BDM TRACK TRACK CHAIR: TRACK CHAIR: TRACK CHAIR: TRACK CHAIR: Daniel J. Madison George Barlow Neal McWhorter Larry Goldberg Author of Process Mapping, Process Chief Executive Officer Chief Architect Managing Partner Improvement, and Process Management Cloud Harbor, Inc. Enterprise Agility Knowlwdge Partners International & Owner, Value Creation Partners 9:35-10:20 TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: CREATING TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: HOW TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: THINKING TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: A NEW PROCESS USING PROCESS CLOUD COMPUTING WILL CHANGE BROADLY: INTEGRATING BUSINESS BDM–BEYOND BUSINESS RULES DESIGN PRINCIPLES BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE INTO AN Larry Goldberg Daniel J. Madison George Barlow ORGANIZATION Managing Partner Author of Process Mapping, Process Chief Executive Officer Neal McWhorter Knowlwdge Partners International Improvement, and Process Management Cloud Harbor, Inc. Chief Architect & Owner, Value Creation Partners Enterprise Agility 10:20-10:30 COFFEE BREAK 10:35-11:20 FACILITATION SKILLS FOR HOW DOES BUSINESS DETERMINE THE ROLE OF TEH CLOUD IN TODAY’S A DECISION FOCUSED APPROACH PROJECT MEEETINGS BUSINESS STRATEGIES AND EVER CHANGING OPERATING MODELS? TO BUSINESS RULE MANAGEMENT Tammy Adams Neal Lohmann AND ANALYSIS Author of The Project Meeting Facilitator Former Vice President, Business Architecture Lee Lambert & Managing Partner MetLife Managing Partner Chaosity LLC New Wisdom Software 11:25-12:10 SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION CASE STUDY: IMPLEMENTING DECISION MANAGEMENT AT FREDDIE MAC Featuring: Teresa Skehan Director, Business Rules Center of Excellence Freddie Mac 12:15-1:30 HONORARY CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING LUNCHEON Sponsored by: BPMInstitute.org & SOAInstitute.org & BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org 1:30-2:15 DESSERT AND COFFEE ON THE SOLUTIONS SHOWCASE 2:15-3:00 ACCELERATING BPM ADOPTION: CASE STUDY: THE ENTERPRISE STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES WITH WHAT IS SCOPE? (AND HOW CRAFTING A VISION AND RULES ENGINE BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE (BA) DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ESTABLISHING A ROADMAP AND IT INTEGRATION HAVE IT?) Michael Melenovsky Ralph Whittle Art Moore Editorial Board Member Co-Author of Enterprise Business President BPMInstitute.org Architecture: The Formal Link Clear Systems LLC between Strategy and Results 3:05-3:50 BUSINESS REALIGNMENT: A ARCHITECTING YOUR USE CASE STUDY: MOVING FORWARD: CASE STUDY AT ERNST & FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS OF THE CLOUD PRACTICAL STEPS TO ESTABLISH YOUNG: BETTER! FASTER! Mike Rosen BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE CHEAPER! Editorial Director Featuring: David Pedersen SOAInstitute.org Senior Decision Architect Knowlwdge Partners International 3:55-4:25 CLOSING SESSION: CONFERENCE WRAP-UP AND IMPORTANT TAKE-AWAYS William Ulrich, President, Tactical Strategy Group *Agenda subject to change.
  5. 5. BrainStorm NEW YORK Training Agenda-At-A-Glance .................................................................. November 2-5, 2009 The Westin Times Square By Practitioners, For Practitioners Monday, November 2 Our premium quality 9am–5pm BPM 101: AN INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS RULES AND BDM 101: INCORPORATING BUSINESS RULES AND DECISIONS INTO BPM, BDM AND SOA training is delivered SOA 101: UNDERSTANDING SOA BA 101: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE by Practitioners, METHODOLOGIES AND APPROACHES FOR BPM for Practitioners 12pm–1pm LUNCHEON 5pm–6pm TRAINING RECEPTION BPMInstitute.org, SOAInstitute.org and BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org Tuesday, November 3 have partnered with the industry’s foremost authorities in the fields of 8:40am-9:25am BEST PRACTICES KEYNOTE: BUILDING A WORLD-CLASS BPM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE BPM, BA, BDM/Rules, SOA and more, to 9:30am–5:30pm FACILITATION SKILLS FOR PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS develop a unique training and certification ANALYZING THE “AS IS” AND CREATING THE “TO BE” PROCESS programs. Our best-in-class instructors SOA FOR ARCHITECTS BA INTEGRATION, INNOVATION AND CASE STUDY MODEL REVIEW are internationally recognized authorities committed to bringing you the most 12:05pm-1:20pm BIRDS OF A FEATHER LUNCHEON current BPM ideologies, strategies, and actionable advice that you can apply to real-life situations! Wednesday, November 4 8:45am-9:30am OPENING KEYNOTE: THE HIDDEN FACTORY IN CHANGE MANAGEMENT Our Certificate of Training Programs offers a comprehensive curriculum 9:30am–5:30pm BPM AND LEAN: TAKING THE WASTE OUT OF WORK of full-day training courses, featuring BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION METHODOLOGIES: PROCESS CHANGE MANAGEMENT the expertise of the industry’s most SERVICE ORIENTED INTEGRATION (SOI) – STANDARDS, TECHNOLOGIES, AND BEST PRACTICES BPM & SIX SIGMA prominent experts. PROCESS MEASUREMENT & METRICS DATA ARCHITECTURE FOR BUSINESS ARCHITECTS You may create your own curriculum PROCESS MODELING WITH BPMN 2-DAY COURSE – NOVEMBER 4-5, 2009 by registering for individual classes, 12:15pm-1:30pm HONORARY CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING LUNCHEON credits may be applied towards the Sponsored by: BPMInstitute.org, SOAInstitute.org & BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org Certificate of Training Program. Thursday, November 5 9am–5pm DEVELOPING BUSINESS PROCESS MODELS IN THE REAL-WORLD DESIGNING SERVICE ORIENTED SOLUTIONS BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE / IT ARCHITECTURE ALIGNMENT: CROSS-DISCIPLINARY ALIGNMENT STRATEGIES FOR BUSINESS & IT BUSINESS RULES DRIVEN REQUIREMENTS: USING THE DECISION MODEL TO ENHANCE MODEL BASED BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS AND TESTING Click Here for ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS & STRATEGIES Training Course ESTABLISHING BUSINESS PROCESS GOVERNANCE AND CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE ESTABLISHING SOA GOVERNANCE AND CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE Descriptions 12pm–1pm TRAINING LUNCHEON *Agenda subject to change. Call 508-475-0475 x15 to speak with a Training Advisor
  6. 6. BrainStorm NEW YORK Session Descriptions | Tuesday | November 3 | DAY 1 8:40AM-9:25AM performance monitoring/optimization. There are dozens to choose from, but not all are optimized handles process alerts from disparate sources. Rolled up stats are displayed as Traffic Lights. BEST PRACTICES KEYNOTE: BUILDING for the same types of processes and user skills. This roll-up feature is invaluable for managers. A WORLD-CLASS BPM CENTER OF We’ll discuss what goes into industry analyst Alert drill down capability facilitates root causes EXCELLENCE evaluations of BPM Suites, what makes one analysis. Alerts trigger display change plus product better than another, and how to find the automated messaging to the stake holders. Featuring: Frank La Rocca, Director Shared Services, Con Edison BPMS that best fits your needs. The automated messages include tips from a knowledge management database prompting With approximately $33 billion in assets, Con BA P RO F E S SIONAL TRACK faster problem resolution. TopCAT is a powerful Edison is one of the nation’s largest investor- TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: BUSINESS BPM tool. owned energy companies serving the New York metropolitan area. Today Con Edison is in the ARCHITECTURE: STATE OF THE ART/STATE process of developing a world-class business OF THE PRACTICE BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK process improvement center of excellence to William Ulrich, President, Tactical Strategy PANEL: BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE: WHO drive everything from building basic process Group OWNS IT - WHO DELIVERS IT? WHO model repositories to leading large-scale, cross- Business architecture is emerging as a key focus BENEFITS FROM IT? organizational process reengineering initiatives. for organizations seeking to optimize business Moderated by: William Ulrich, President, Tactical Join Frank La Rocca – Director Shared Services, environments and governance structures. This Strategy Group Con Edison – as he details Con Edison’s best presentation provides an overview of business The role of business architecture continues practices for building a world-class process architecture visualization and alignment to expand in organizations. As this occurs, improvement center of excellence. Regardless concepts. The session also examines the current organizations continue to examine who owns of your industry or market, you’ll hear tangible state of business architecture in practice along the role of business architect, who benefits advice and strategies you can use including: with commonly deployed approaches. Finally, the from it and who delivers business architecture session looks at industry frameworks, emerging capabilities. Join us for this discussion on the key - Establishing company-wide business process standards and the importance of business / IT role of the business architect in organizations. standards, rules and knowledge bases architecture alignment. - Working across departmental silos to identify process redundancies, bottlenecks and inefficient manual elements 10:30AM-11:15AM 11:20AM-12:05PM - Modeling and simulating future business process improvements BPM PROFESSIONAL TRACK B P M P RO F ESSIONAL TRACK - Evolving towards real-time process CASE STUDY: ALIGNING ORGANIZATIONAL LEADING AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE monitoring PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, A KEY TOOL FOR REALIZATION OF THE EXPECTED BENEFITS Izabela Waglay, CEO, EELI Group Inc. BPM TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY TRACK 9:40AM-10:25AM This presentation will define the business CASE STUDY: BPM THE NEXT GENERATION BPM PRO F E S S I O N A L T R AC K transformation term as a change initiative to align People, Process and Technology of an BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: HOW BPM TAKES organization with its business strategy and vision CASE STUDY: SYNCHRONIZING BUSINESS THE WASTE OUT OF WORK leading to realization of the expected benefits. ARCHITECTURE WORK- A LOOSELY Shelley Sweet, President, I-4 Process Consulting The role of the critical elements of the successful COUPLED VIEW You can set yourself up to achieve dramatic business transformation initiative (supported by results or you can die the slow death of inactivity. Organizations have numerous process alignment, the specific implementation examples) will be Learn how to get started and do a successful rule analysis and data synchronization projects briefly outlined, including: BPM project. We’ll cover key elements such underway. These projects may not be aligned - Strategic Direction under a common strategy that fully leverages as: the right sponsorship and improvement team, selecting analysis techniques for high - Business Design a holistic view of the enterprise. In addition, impact, implementing quick wins and testing - Change Management governance realignment may not be reflected organizational receptivity, and evaluating different - Change Governance in these initiatives. While a strict top-down scenarios using BPM software simulations. approach to this would be counterproductive, synchronization is desirable. This session B P M TO O L S & TECHNOLOGY TRACK discusses a loosely coupled approach to project BPM TO O L S & T E C H N O L O G Y T R AC K CASE STUDY: PERFORMANCE synchronization and coordination that includes TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: WHICH BPMS IS MANAGEMENT THROUGH TOPCAT- how to deal with project management offices. RIGHT FOR YOU? A CENTRAL ALERT TRACKING TOOL Bruce Silver, Principal, Bruce Silver Associates Featuring: Kumud Majumder, Vice President, Continued... BPM Suites provide an end-to-end platform Citigroup for BPM solutions combining modeling, We have developed TopCAT, a Top down Central implementation design, runtime execution, and Alert Tracking and management tool. It efficiently
  7. 7. BrainStorm NEW YORK Session Descriptions | Tuesday | November 3 | DAY 1 2:10PM-2:55PM BA P RO F E SSIONAL TRACK BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK BUILDING AND USING A BUSINESS BUSINESS INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE: BPM PRO F E S S I O N A L T R AC K CAPABILITY MODEL FOR BUSINESS WHAT IS IT CAN SIX SIGMA AND BUSINESS PROCESS ARCHITECTURE Jim Rhyne, Principal Consultant, Software MANAGEMENT COEXIST? Greg Suddreth, Founding Board Member Renovation Consulting Marvin Wurtzel, Principal Consultant, Marvin M. BusinessArchitectureInstitute.org Business information architecture is a Wurtzel & Associates Building and using a Business Capability consensus vocabulary of business terms and This talk will provide an overview of BPM and Model for Business Architecture. How does an their relationships. It insures consistency and Six Sigma to indicate where there are synergies organization build a business capability model precision of terms used in scorecards, value between the various types of programs. and use it effectively in their organization as part chains, processes and rules. It also provides BPM builds the framework to create strategic of a business architecture framework. the common vocabulary of terms for alignment alignment, measure business processes using of business and IT. Contemporary vocabularies metrics aligned to business goals, and identify (e.g. SBVR, OWL) have their grounding in logic. This helps insure consistency and precision performance gaps that have a major impact on the customer and on achieving desired business 3:00PM-3:45PM and is based on common sense, but need not results. be a heavyweight process nor require a PhD in B P M P RO F ESSIONAL TRACK mathematical logic. Real business examples Six Sigma can be used as the vehicle to INCREASING BUSINESS ANALYSIS are used to motivate the value of business implement significant quality improvement, MATURITY FOR RULES-DRIVEN BUSINESS information architecture and to provide an stabilize the processes and close the gaps. Six PROCESS MANAGEMENT overview of the technical content. Sigma can be used to remove waste from the David Heidt, Managing Partner, Enterprise Agility process and provide higher quality resulting in With organizations giving high priority to maturing improved customer satisfaction. their business analysts’ skills, it is necessary 3:50PM-4:35PM Together they can provide a process enabled to reflect on the effectiveness of today’s and customer focused enterprise. business analysis best practices when adopting SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION: Rules-Driven Business Process Management. INNOVATIONS IN BPM TECHNOLOGY BPM TO O L S & T E C H N O L O G Y T R AC K Understanding how the adoption of business - PROCESS MINING, CASE MANAGEMENT EXECUTABLE BPMN: BPMN-2.0 rules and BPM impact the business analyst AND AGILITY SOLUTIONS; SAVING ONTOLOGY-BASED ENGINE role is critical to achieving the reduce cost and SIGNIFICANT MONEY AND TIME OVER increased business agility promised by rules TRADITIONAL BPM APPROACHES Mohamed Keshk, Lead Ontologist, UML-OWL Gen, LLC and BPM vendors. The presenter will discuss the Featuring: Lynn R. Hogg, President, Pallas current challenges related to modeling tools and Athena USA The emergence of XMI metamodel was a tipping point for BPMN-2.0. It offers a tremendous analysis techniques along with introducing a Innovations in BPM Technology - Process Mining, opportunity for building a native BPMN engine business analysis maturity model that is a useful Case Management and Agility Solutions; Saving backed by formal and rich semantics of roadmap for organizations adopting aspects of Significant Money and Time Over Traditional BPM the metamodel. However, the complexity of Rules-Driven BPM. Approaches the metamodel in terms of interconnected See how Process Mining technology can take relationships among different BPMN elements B P M TO O L S & TECHNOLOGY TRACK existing process data and create perfect process and across different packages makes it hard CASE STUDY: BPM ANTI-PATTERNS models automatically, saving tens to hundreds of for traditional technologies to handle such Featuring: Robert Wald, Vice President, thousands of dollars in design costs semantics. A BPMN ontology-based engine JPMorgan Hear why Case Management and BPM Agility are offers a great opportunity to handle the Business Process Management is an increasingly today, key differentiators in today’s BPM market, complexity of the metamodel in a native and popular paradigm for development. But some defining the interrelationships among processes formal way using W3C standards: OWL, SPARQL, development patterns and contextual situations and the links between processes and their and inference engine. are not appropriate for BPM and are likely to business context. My presentation will unveil a complete working lead to flawed or delayed implementations. In prototype to show business analysts how to turn this talk Robert Wald of JPMorgan will discuss SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION: their BP diagrams from documents into a run- various situations where BPM was not the correct solution or was implemented in a less than ideal CLEAR DIRECTIONS FOR BPM SUCCESS time application that enables them to integrate, manner with an eye towards taking these lessons Featuring: Brandon Baxter, Senior Product publish, query, and infer over their BP models. Marketing Manager, Lombardi This will lead to lower costs and improved time- learned and heading off issues and design to-market. problems before they happen. Driving long-term business benefit and success with BPM requires companies have specific project and technical delivery capabilities. It is one of the three major barriers to creating a sustainable BPM program. Attend this session Continued...
  8. 8. BrainStorm NEW YORK Session Descriptions | Tuesday | November 3 | DAY 1 to learn best practices for how to eliminate the other two barriers that impede success with BPM. 4:40PM-5:25PM 5:30PM-5:45PM More importantly, take away clear directions PANEL: TIPS FOR STARTING AND FOUNDER CLOSING KEYNOTE: for how to help position your company for BPM MAINTAINING A SUCCESSFUL BPM REFLECTIONS FROM 2009; OUTLOOK success both today, and well into the future. INITIATIVE FOR 2010 Moderated by: Tom Dwyer, Vice President, Featuring: Gregg V. Rock, President & Founder, SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSION Research, BrainStorm Group & Editorial Director, BrainStorm Group, Inc. BPMInstitute.org In these times of significant uncertainty about An in-depth solution based on the supplier’s product will be presented during this session. The panelists will discuss what to do and not future revenues, companies are asking senior The session will be a combination of presentation do when initiating BPM at a company. How executives to examine current processes and and demonstration and allow for audience should one get started? How do you create a suggest ways of streamlining operations and questions. compelling value proposition for BPM? How reducing waste. Businesses are examining ways do you create and sustain BPM initiatives? to improve operational efficiency by paying What is the business value of process more attention to process management and improvement? How do you establish a strong improvement. BPMInstitute.org has observed an linkage between business strategy and business increased interest in introducing the concepts process improvement? What is the role of BPM and principles of business process management technology? to the company’s office workforce.
  9. 9. BrainStorm NEW YORK Session Descriptions | Wednesday | November 4 | DAY 2 8:45AM-9:30AM BA P RO F E SSIONAL TRACK CLOUD COMPUTING TRACK TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: THINKING & BA PROFESSIONAL TRACK BROADLY: INTEGRATING BUSINESS HOW DOES A BUSINESS DETERMINE THE OPENING KEYNOTE: THE HIDDEN FACTORY ARCHITECTURE INTO AN ORGANIZATION ROLE OF THE CLOUD IN TODAY’S BUSINESS IN CHANGE MANAGEMENT Neal McWhorter, Chief Architect, Enterprise STRATEGIES AND EVER CHANGING Tiran Dagan, Director, Strategic Initiatives & OPERATING MODELS? Agility Analysis, NBC Universal Working in a large organization can sometimes Neal Lohmann, Former Vice President, Business Change management gets a call-to-arms in a Architecture, MetLife seem like working in slow motion. Trying to variety of situations: new technology, process change the direction of an organization is a As businesses transform and change to meet the improvement, reorg. Some change is organic and complex exercise and that’s why organizations ever changing demand to remain competitive, some has a top-down directive but no change are turning to Business Architecture. But where what role does the Cloud have in the new initiative can ever survive the currents that lay do you begin? In this, talk we’ll explore some of operating models? just beneath the surface. These are the unofficial the key scenarios that organizations are targeting Using a Business Architecture Framework enables channels of communication that cross org- to get started with Business Architecture and organizations to identify which capabilities structure boundaries and the informal network how these fit together to form within a framework will benefit from Cloud strategies and which where decisions are often based on emotions. that organizations can use to guide their effort to capabilities can be differentiated through internal Tiran will discuss simple techniques to manage develop a Business Architecture practice. technology development. this “hidden factory” and the unofficial socio- political web where more gets done than in the open and how to introduce objectivity into the B D M T R AC K BDM TRACK conversation. TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: BDM – BEYOND A DECISION FOCUSED APPROACH TO BUSINESS RULES BUSINESS RULE MANAGEMENT AND Larry Goldberg, Managing Partner, Knowledge ANALYSIS 9:35AM-10:20AM Partners International Lee Lambert, Managing Partner, New Wisdom Software We define Business Decision Management BPM PRO F E S S I O N A L T R AC K (BDM) and show its relationship to Business This session will present an overview of the TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: CREATING A Rules, Business Process Management (BPM) decision focused approach to business rule NEW PROCESS USING PROCESS DESIGN and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). We discovery, analysis and management, including PRINCIPLES demonstrate the how BDM ties Business Rules fundamental terms and concepts. We will outline Daniel J. Madison, Author of Process Mapping, to BPM and SOA, and how it can significantly the benefits of integrating this approach with Process Improvement, & Process Management & enhance the business capability of these business process management and discuss some Owner, Value Creation Partners technologies. Finally we look at what it takes to of the key capabilities that are required to do so Process design principles are distilled best implement BDM in terms of skills, technology, successfully. practices derived from world class organizations. and methodology, and how to get started toward These principles provide a guideline for process improvement efforts. By using design principles, success. 11:25AM-12:10PM new processes can be designed very quickly. In addition these new processes will exhibit higher 10:35AM-11:20AM SOLUTION EDUCATION SESSIONS quality, lower cost, faster cycle time, and less An in-depth solution based on the supplier’s worker frustration. B P M P RO F ESSIONAL TRACK product will be presented during this session. The FACILITATION SKILLS FOR PROJECT session will be a combination of presentation and MEETINGS demonstration and allow for audience questions. CLOUD C O M P U T I N G T R AC K TRACK CHAIR KEYNOTE: HOW CLOUD Tammy Adams, Author of The Project Meeting COMPUTING WILL CHANGE BUSINESS Facilitator & Managing Partner, Chaosity LLC BDM TRACK PROCESS MANAGEMENT It seems like we’re always in project meetings CASE STUDY: IMPLEMENTING DECISION George Barlow, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud - planning meetings, status meetings, meetings to MANAGEMENT AT FREDDIE MAC Harbor, Inc. figure things out, meetings to review what’s been Featuring: Teresa Skehan, Director, Business As cloud computing becomes more and more done, and more. Yet most meetings are viewed as Rules, Center of Excellence, Freddie Mac mainstream BPM systems will be offered in a unproductive, tedious, wastes of precious time. You can change that! By applying some simple Continued... Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model as well as being delivered in on-premise service appliances facilitation techniques, you can transform both behind the firewall. Mr. Barlow will explore these your virtual and face-to-face meetings into well- topics and provide a glimpse into one of the planned, well-managed journeys that engage the next significant new business technologies to be team while achieving the intended goals. delivered “in the cloud.”
  10. 10. BrainStorm NEW YORK Session Descriptions | Wednesday | November 4 | DAY 2 2:15PM-3:00PM B D M T R AC K BDM TRACK WHAT IS SCOPE? (AND HOW DO YOU KNOW CASE STUDY AT ERNST & YOUNG: BETTER! BPM PRO F E S S I O N A L T R AC K WHEN YOU HAVE IT?) FASTER! CHEAPER! Art Moore, President, Clear Systems LLC Featuring: David Pedersen, Senior Decision ACCELERATING BPM ADOPTION: CRAFTING Across the total life cycle of a system project, Architect, Knowledge Partners International A VISION AND ESTABLISHING A ROADMAP Michael Melenovsky, Editorial Board Member, how much process modeling is enough, when, This case study describes my experience with BPMInstitute.org and in what form? How do these process using BPM and BDM to automate complex The deployment of BPM suites are delivering modeling activities and artifacts integrate with regulations and enterprise policies across a large the departmental productivity gains expected. other perspectives of the project at each stage? global enterprise. Broader adoption however, hinges on gaining a This presentation provides guidance not on After gathering requirements from across the consensus around a vision, crafting a roadmap, process modeling itself, but on the integration globe, we selected a BPM vendor and hired and embracing enabling frameworks. During of process modeling with the other necessary their best consultants to ensure good results. this session, a foundation is laid for pursuing project tasks and outputs, including business However, life is not that easy. A portion of the an integrated business framework to accelerate rules, throughout the life cycle. It provides a application was implemented with a business broader BPM adoption. framework for effective project planning for rules front end, which worked very well, the business analysis, and demonstrates how rest had gaps. We lacked the ability to present process models themselves are improved by this complex rules in a format that the business and CLOUD C O M P U T I N G T R AC K effective integration and balance. IT understood. We implemented BDM during a CASE STUDY: THE ENTERPRISE RULES major upgrade. This resulted in a 10% to 25% ENGINE reduction in development time, plus many other The presentation will speak to the benefits 3:05PM-3:50PM benefits. of, and our success in implementing, an Enterprise Rules Engine. Pershing, LLC is a large B P M P RO F ESSIONAL TRACK organization and our Enterprise Rules Engine serves many different business lines. BUSINESS REALIGNMENT: 3:55PM-4:25PM A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS The presentation will discuss: Realigning business architecture requires CLOSING SESSION: CONFERENCE WRAP-UP How To: differentiate between a rule and an edit visualizing, aggregating and synchronizing business AND IMPORTANT TAKE-AWAYS How To: identify the generic - to ensure that it is processes, rules and data across functional silos, William Ulrich, President, Tactical an Enterprise Solution divisional boundaries and the virtual enterprise. Strategy Group This is essential to dealing with governance How To: build a generic infrastructure so it is able A constant change in your business requires redundancies and inconsistencies inherent in many to be deployed across many different business aligning business process management, organizations. This session will outline a strategy lines. business rules development, business services and discuss approaches for getting started with And How we have accomplished this. business realignment - including lining up business development, organizational performance architecture with business strategy. objectives, information architectures and BA PRO F E S S I O N A L T R AC K shifting business architectures. Join us for this STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES WITH conference wrap-up session as we tie together C L O U D C O MPUTING TRACK BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE (BA) AND the events and provide you with take-home ARCHITECTING YOUR USE OF THE CLOUD recommendations. IT INTEGRATION Mike Rosen, Editorial Director, SOAInstitute.org Ralph Whittle, Co-Author of Enterprise Business Architecture: The Formal Link between Strategy and Results BA P RO F E S SIONAL TRACK This presentation describes the relationships CASE STUDY: MOVING FORWARD: between your Business Architecture (BA), IT PRACTICAL STEPS TO ESTABLISH architectures and Strategy. It illustrates how BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE to build a BA with value streams or the core This presentation will introduce you to the cross-functional processes from your BPM practical steps to establishing business initiatives, and integrate with the IT Architectures architecture through learning experiences. and the Strategy. The BA is the next logical evolution in Business Process Modeling and IT architecture integration. The BA can create strategic opportunities with value chains for improving enterprise performance and building a competitive advantage.
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