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This e-book provides various articles related to Software development outsourcing. From this e-book you will come to know about
1. Software Development Outsourcing
2. Mobile Applications
3. Web Applications
4. Business Solutions and about
5. Portal Solutions

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Software development-outsourcing

  1. 1. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT OUTSOURCINGThis e-book provides various articles related to Software developmentoutsourcing. From this e-book you will come to know about 1. Software Development Outsourcing 2. Mobile Applications 3. Web Applications 4. Business Solutions and about 5. Portal SolutionsWe can further expand the above topics into: 1. iPhone Mobile Application Development 2. Android Development Outsourcing 3. PHP Development 4. JAVA Development 5. Delphi Development 6. .Net Application DevelopmentThe Following topics you can find in this e-book. 1. Java Outsourcing –An Emerging Trend 2. Delphi - The Pioneer in Innovative Computer Software 3. The Shift in Mobile Apps Development 4. Why Opt for Android Application Development? 5. Outsourcing - The Globalization of Innovation 6. PHP Web Development Advantages for Business 7. Understanding Delphi Development 8. Know all about Delphi Development 9. The Power of .NET Technologies 1
  2. 2. INDEXS.No Topic Page No.1 Java Outsourcing Trend –An Emerging 3-42 Delphi - The Pioneer Innovative Computer Software in 5-63 The Shift Development in Mobile Apps 7-94 Why Opt for Android Application Development? 9-115 Outsourcing - The Globalization of Innovation 11-126 PHP Web Development for Business Advantages 13-157 The Power of .NET Technologies 15-17 2
  3. 3. Java Outsourcing –An Emerging TrendThough Java has been in use for quite sometime now and you can’tcall it a new technology, the recent trend of outsourcing Javawork wasn’t seen even a few years back. With changes happeningrapidly to make this programming language offer new degrees ofportability and scalability fit for varied businessrequirements, it’s not surprising that many Java outsourcingcompanies have come to the forefront. When you are looking for adevelopment platform that ranks among the foremost consideringcomponent and modulation-oriented architecture, you can’t ignoreJava.Unlike many people who ask the first company they come across todeal with their Java work, you should understand that the searchfor the right Java application development company would taketime and effort on your part. Java encompasses a complexmethodology and management of Java application development canbe handled only by those who have the requisite expertise of theplatform, know about the newest trends in the industry and havethe competence to use these to deliver suitable Java solutions.It is here that outsourcing your Java application needs tocompetent Indian companies can help.Outsourcing your Java application development work to an expertcompany will not only make sure that you get a professionalproduct, which spells value for money, but also get the desiredquality at an affordable price. Unlike fly-by-night companiesthat promise a lot, charge the moon, and deliver a half-bakedproduct, reputed companies that are in the business for long andhave made their name in the field of Java applicationdevelopment, can help you get customized and economicalsolutions to cater to your needs just the way you want them to.With a wide range of Java application development services onoffer by many Indian companies as mentioned below, you can takeyour pick with ease: 3
  4. 4.  Java EE Development  Application Migration  Application development for Hand Held Devices (J2ME)  Java Application integration and maintenance  Development of multilingual Java applications  Java product development  Distributed Java Application development  Development of Java desktop interface portals  Creation of secure application models  Development of POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), and  Offering Java process consultationBy choosing one of the competent and reliable Java outsourcingcompanies, you can avail of the services and technology of anexpert. Since most of these companies have successfullycompleted earlier outsourced Java work to the full satisfactionof their clients, you get tailor-made Java solutions andproducts to fit the needs of your business. What’s more, manysuch companies also provide remote maintenance and supportservices to ensure that the applications run without a hitch andproblems, if any, which may arise all of a sudden are taken careof with quick speed.With their focus on inventing pioneering Java applicationdevelopment services that ensure high efficiency, superiorperformance, and are cost effective, outsourcing your Javaapplication and development needs to India based companies canhelp you meet your global competition requirements with ease andon time. So, hire such Java application development services,which will surely pave the way for your business success. 4
  5. 5. Delphi - The Pioneer in Innovative ComputerSoftwareDelphi is the name that strikes first whenever a debate is maderegarding software and software developmental growth within thesoftware industry. It has made a significant impact on theoverall software services be it software development or basicweb application development. The reason for Delphi to be aleader in the industry is that it makes software that is userfriendly and is not very sophisticated, yet the applicationsthey make are among the best in the industry. The applicationswhich they develop are easily compatible to almost any type ofsoftware. Unlike other software’s which tend to occupy most ofthe memory space and reduce the speed of performance, theapplications developed by Delphi never alters the speed ofperformance of the systems.The development of software has taken a drastic change in thelast decade as people became more and more conversant with theusage of computers. People started to know the importance ofcomputers and started to depend more on computers and computerapplications. With the passage of time computers caught astronghold in almost all aspects of life thereby increasing therequirement of software. In order to fulfill this requirementmany IT companies started to scout for place where the cost oflabor was cheap and without any conditions. And that’s howDelphi development outsourcing took place in India.As India was a fast emerging hub for all IT related activitiesand the cost labor was less and that too without compromising onthe quality in software development. Thereby making it the mosthappening place in the IT world and Delphi harvested the mostand is still yielding good results in the field of softwaredevelopment. 5
  6. 6. In the present world scenario where almost all types ofindustries had taken a beating in not only profits but alsodevelopmental work due to so many economic reasons. But stillthis brand worked its way through with only minimal hurdles andthat’s because of the firm grip which it had in the softwaredevelopment arena and with its roots firmly fixed and focused in acustomer friendly environment.This well known brand played a major role not only in applicationdevelopment but also in various other fields like Applicationconversions; Database Applications, Statistical software’s and it alsoensured specialized training. Delphi is also instrumental inpublishing software related books which cover a wide range of topicswhich are user friendly. Delphi’s powerful language and highlyefficient compilers help is giving the developer a strong support whencustomizing it with Windows platform.It has a dedicated team of members who try to keep in pace with therequirements with of the customers throughout the world and no matterthe place from which the team member responds but still the result output will always remain he same, such is the expertise of this companyin this field. Delphi is a company which has been a world leader forthe last many years and will stay on the top for many years to come. 6
  7. 7. The Shift in Mobile Apps DevelopmentAre the days of App Stores Numbered? Certainly that’s what theexperts believe if we go by web-giants like Google. According toa leading online mobile app store, GetJar, coming years will seea gradual fall in the developer community as the world of Appswill be as huge as the internet. However what might keep thedevelopers carefree at this moment is the hypothetical time-lineof ten years, suggested by CEO of GetJar, which might takebefore it begins to fall. Where the numbers are still rising inthe App world, what might begin to vary is the nature ofapplications developed, that will incline to get more personaland practical as believed by Symbian Foundation.The spark set by Apple’s App store couple of years ago is stillflaming high, with download figures notching above 1.5 billionby end of 2009. The storming popularity of Apple’s App storeamong users and developers even took Apple by surprise. Themove, believed to be a ‘one time hit’ by many, is now turnedinto a race among the top mobile giants like Apple’s iPhone,Blackberry, Google’s Android and the world’s largest mobilephone business, Nokia.Thus it is wise to say, that the variation in sales andpopularity experienced by application developers like Playfish,is perhaps not ideal to suggest a downfall of the developercommunity but an indication of rapidly changing interests andtrend among the users of such applications.The recent years have witnessed a shift in the way thatbusinesses across the globe have begun to view and analyzemobile applications as an add-on to promote their growth in themarket. The introduction and availability of high-speed mobiledata networks, like EDGE and 3G,in the developed world has 7
  8. 8. further supplemented this ideology and has pushed a demand for aplatform shift from personal computers to hand-held mobiledevices. This is also provoked by the users’ need to accessreal-time information on the move as the falling prices ofmobile devices have made it more affordable for larger chunks tobuy and use these services. In the contemporary world ofcommunication, today it’s not just the professionals’, but thegeneral mobile users’, need to access the internet via mobilephones. Companies offering services like recruitment,travelling, real-estate, leisure, entertainment et. al., haveshown urgency in integrating web-portals to mobile basedapplications. The ask is so high that in the recent few yearsthe number of companies offering mobile application developmenthave almost grown three times.Where this has increased the level of competition betweendevelopers, it has exposed companies to the risk of partneringwith outsourcing-services providers with lack of experience andexpertise. Due to this many IT companies in the west have burnttheir hands to bad outsourcing service providers. This had agreat impact on the way companies begin to perceive outsourcingand started questioning the benefits gained through it,resulting in strong hesitancy to outsource work or changingtheir policies to curtail it.Perhaps that explains why many outsourcing companies in recentyears have either shut-down or fighting to survive in thebusiness. However, this does not incline us to believe thatoutsourcing is a bad practice or is ineffective in drawing outbenefits identified with it. As a suggestion, IT companies canonly be more careful and measured in picking up outsourcingpartners to avoid bad experiences.Among thousands of outsourcing service providers, OTS Solutions,a Microsoft certified partner, is one company that has continuedto progress and impress its clients even through the testingtimes for outsourcing industry. Having served the IT industrysince last ten years by developing IT solutions in technologieslike .NET, ASP, Java, Delphi, PHP and others, OTS Solutions has 8
  9. 9. been involved in iPhone and Android applicationdevelopment since its emergence and now it constitutes one ofits core competences in the mobile development area.With the growing infrastructure and empowerment of a mobileuser, the business of mobile application development willcontinue to grow but with a noticeable difference that theimmediate market for developers has begin to shift from ageneral mobile user, who once directly downloaded applicationfrom web based App stores, to companies that offer professionalservices to mobile users. Applications developed for mobilephones have begin to shape more specific and practical ratherthan general, how they were built until recently. Thus the daysof App stores available on the internet might be numbered butthe future of mobile application development is bright and willcontinue to surprise the users with more innovative andpurposeful applications.Why opt for Android application developmentWith more and more users buying Android-based smart phones allover the world, it’s no wonder that professionals adept inAndroid development are in high demand. In fact, the Androidmobile phone market, according to some research data, is growingsteadily every month at a remarkable rate of 32 per cent, thanksto the release of new handsets every now and then. Thepopularity of the MotoBLUR, Motorola Droid, and some HTC models,along with the operating system’s open-source nature, isbelieved to play a key role in the growing enthusiasm forAndroid application development.If you are still wondering how Android development can help,here are some of the advantages of an Android platform, whichare sure to lure you: 9
  10. 10.  Sending and/or receiving data across varied mobile networks using Bluetooth, EDGE, GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, UMTS and EV-DO technologies  Google Talk usage for Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking  Libraries with an extensive range for video, audio and image files  Data storage made easy with SQLite  For 3D and 2D graphics, availability of all-inclusive libraries  IPC (Interprocess communication) message passing  Features of Touchscreen, Video camera, accelerometer, magnetometer and GPS  Exporting and signing an app for publishingFrom a business perspective, an Android platform can beextremely beneficial. To begin with, you won’t need costly toolsfor Android development or pay steep licensing fees. Yourprimary costs will usually include your expenditure on thesethree categories:  Expertise for development and testing  Devices for development and testing  Royalty fees, in case you want to use third party app stores for distributionWith an open source OS, Androids are royalty free and licensefree, which makes them quite compelling for wireless operatorsand handset manufacturers. What’s more, unlike other mobileplatforms, you can distribute Android applications in a varietyof ways. To begin with, you can sell them via 3rd party stores.Otherwise, you may also set up an exclusive network throughwhich you can promote the sales of such applications that havebeen developed. Unlike a monopoly market, the market for Andriodapps is quite open, which makes it easy to monetize the appsonce you have developed them. 10
  11. 11. The Android platform also allows you easy integration and crosspromoted of various applications. This user friendly feature canhelp a lot when you need to create a network between variedapplications.In case you are raring to go and test the Android platform,which can offer you better opportunities to monetize yourbusiness investments, hire an Android development company havingadept and experienced Android developers on board. Consider theservices on offer along with the professionalism, quality, andtechnical prowess of these professionals to take your finalpick. Remember – you need the right and competent Androiddevelopment professionals to bring your ideas in effect. So,select the ones that offer the right dose of affordability andquality so that you can help your business grow and take it tothe next level. Best of Luck!Outsourcing-The Globalization of InnovationOutsourcing is a process where one company contracting out thebusiness functions to other company, In that regard proper legalagreement is there between the two companies. When businessesare outsource outside the country then it will be offshoring oroffshore outsourcing.In now days business outsourcing is an integral tool. This ismainly it doesn’t depend on the size of the businesses or thecompanies. The outsourcing benefits are like: • It really improves the efficiency. • Huge savings in operational expenses for the company. • Operations expertise is there.Small companies or business are fully aware of the outsourcingbenefits as its practically common for them to outsource theprojects and immediate operational issues. While there is 11
  12. 12. absolutely no doubt that business can be drastically benefitfrom outsourcing for the short term projects but it is sure thatit is more beneficial for the long term and bigger projects.Outsourcing is best when every step is carefully takenperformed. Perhaps the biggest challenge or problem face by theowner of the company is that most of the partners rush things,they don’t mention the proper or specific deadlines whichcertainly affects their work and result in big loss. So keepingall these things in mind outsourcing is a peculiar but if doneproperly is a huge boost and beneficial to the company.In order to make all things happen and for the use of all thebenefits of outsourcing which have mentioned you and yourpartner has to done things properly and in discipline manner sothat the outsourcing beneficial to the company. Outsourcing canbe done onsite or offsite like if a client needs more resourcesand in different country and not willing to place thoseresources in his company but want to outsource them in thatcondition the resources would not go his company the will workfrom his company that is called offsite and when resources workin his company then the onsite projects are called, this purelydepends on the agreement between the partners.Some companies also outsource the freelancers where they workfor that company and paid accordingly like on daily basis hourlybasis or on contractual payroll also, so it totally depends onthe partners that how they wants like Onsite, Offsite,Freelancers etc .So outsourcing is one where if it applies properly and with fulldedication then it is a highly beneficial to the companyotherwise it can lead to huge loss. 12
  13. 13. PHP Web Development Advantages for BusinessA well designed and programmed website is always a basicnecessity for every business keeping in mind the prevailingcompetition in the industry. Here, it is quite imperative andessential to give it a thought about PHP Web Development andProgramming. A website developed using this technology cancreate a mark over the online market.This technology can offer a chance to create a website that isquite attractive and economical. A website is no longer can beexpensive through this approach and affordable for all. Thistechnology can accommodate wide range of scripting languagesalong with flash and static & dynamic HTML.This PHP is widely famous and accepted programming language forcreating the best websites with the help of its functionscripting language. Importantly this can be easily surroundedinto HTML effortlessly. PHP Web Development and Programming isquite simple unlike its contemporaries such as ASP.Net, Java andsome other. This program language got simple and easy syntax,methods and functions and every programmer can understand itquite easily. There are many effective choices are available forthe creation of effective website, but PHP will result into morecost effective.Dynamic web pages and effective applications are the resultingoutcome through PHP, which is a general-purpose scriptinglanguage. This kind of quality is making PHP as the bestsuitable option to create quick and effective websites for everybusiness. Another added advantage with PHP is its compatibilitywith various databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Informix and manymore. Importantly, it can support RDBMS (Relational Databasemanagement System) too. Many of the GUI applications along withcommand-line scripting will be easy through PHP with the help ofHypertext Preprocessor. Another advantage with PHP WebDevelopment and Programming is its ability to run on a web 13
  14. 14. server and this quality is making it more suitable server-sideweb pages development.Most significant advantages with PHP Web Development andProgramming are:  A website through this technology will incur less expense for the development and maintenance.  It can run on all the famous platforms such as Unix, Linux and Windows.  Offers utmost reliability along with effective performance.  It has a best ability to embed into the HTML code.  This is very much compatible with many servers such as IIS, Apache and some more.  Web solutions such as shopping cart, CRM, CMS, Web Calendar and many more are very much effective through this technology and importantly user-friendly too.  Database management is always vital for a website management and this technology supports many databases such as Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, Solid, Informix, Generic ODC and PostgreSQL.  All the famous dynamic visual applications are easy to integrate with PHP such as Flash, Ajax and some more. This capability offers dynamic visual effects for the website quite easily.  PHP comes with own library which is equipped with graphics enhancement and modifications as a bundle. Excellent graphics and visual effects would be the result through this technology for the website.  PHP is simple as it uses less code and equipped well with memory building option of its own. It will reduce the necessity to gather external object codes.  PHP Web Development and Programming is search engine friendly.Here, one thing every website owner should remember is that thisPHP is an open source comes with nil drawbacks for fixing bugs.This is the major advantage with an open source technology. Ifyou made a choice with ASP or ASP.Net, it will incur extrabudget for the addition of modules and bug fixing demands an 14
  15. 15. attention from Microsoft. Here, PHP is worldwide community andyou will receive help or assistance very quickly.The Power of .NET TechnologiesMicrosoft .Net technology is one of those technological optionsthat give you and your business a chance to excel in all yourbusiness endeavours. Coming from the house of Microsoft it hasthe power to change the face of the business with services thatmakes any complex operation simple and easy to carry out andimplement it with perfection. This is why Microsoft technologyprogramming has become a preferred option amongst the businessowners worldwide.There are many verticals in which Microsoft technologyprogramming is used and provides various kinds of businessdevelopment possibilities. Following are few of the mainsolutions that you can get from Microsoft technologyprogramming: 1. Product Development, 2. Facebook Application, 3. Social Networking & Community Solution Development, 4. Dashboard & Charting, 5. Collaboration SolutionGoogle API Integration, 6. Rich Internet Application Development, 7. Classified Solutions, 8. Business Intelligence, 9. Windows Mobile 7 Development, 10. Custom Business Application Development, 11. Content Management Solution, 12. E-Commerce Solution, 13. Payment Gateway Integration, 14. Shopping cart solution, 15. Implementation of Open Source tools, 16. Site Maintenance & Support, 17. ReportingMicrosoft .Net is a flexible and robust application developmentplatform that offer support to various software languages 15
  16. 16. including C#, C++, VB.NET, and more. The .Net framework assistsin connecting systems, devices and data using Web services likeXML (Extensible Mark-up Language), WSDL (Web ServicesDescription Language), and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)respectively.Customized applications can be built through .Net ApplicationDevelopment based upon thorough quality checking and assurance.The quality checking targets to obtain the hidden bugs anderrors in the .Net web application development. It also providesthe feature of calculating the potential of a .Net applicationin order to deciding the particulars in satisfying the requiredoutcome. The .Net framework also includes a multiple number oftechnological issues for an established and successfulexecution. The .Net architecture include several features, someof them are such as, 1. Design patterns, 2. Windows services for background processes, 3. Microsoft Compliant / .NET design and development guideline, 4. Windows Communication Foundation 5. Windows Presentation Foundation 6. Windows Workflow Foundation 7. Web services through XML - SOAP/HTTP.The .Net framework is the ideal technology for developing theeye-striking desktop/web applications. It provides highlyequipped, manageable, deployable, security-proven, and employconnected solutions and services using web services. The .Netdevelopers can develop highly reliable and strong webapplications through ASP.Net frameworks on a fly. In addition,all these entire web applications can be associated usingseveral widespread important applications for offering improvedcompetitive edge with several other applications. .Net webapplication development delivers the broad range of solutionsfor assisting its customers to develop as well as integratecorporate solutions. The customized .Net applications provideshigh standard of interoperability and connectivity withinseveral sources of information and access points.To get the power of these business solutions you can look tohire a dedicated Microsoft programmer and get the applications 16
  17. 17. that fulfill your needs. There are ample options in the marketto choose from and you can hire either a dedicated Microsoftprogrammer from an outsourcing company or get a freelancer towork for you. But to get the best results its preferred thatyou hire from an outsourcing company as they have enoughresources to handle projects of varying length and complexity.Some of the other benefits of hiring programmer for Microsofttechnology programming:• Saves on the total cost, no need to spend on permanentemployees, no infrastructure or training expenditure either• The work starts almost immediately, no waste of time ontraining etc• Hire according to strict needs like project requirement,length and period• Access to specialized skills• Reduced Administration Costs• Complete organization of the team and work in a seamlesslysimple waySo if you are interested in getting the power of Microsofttechnology programming into your business and get the advantageof rich internet applications that will reach out to maximumnumber of people and give a rich output then hire a dedicatedMicrosoft programmer and reap the benefits. 17