Silverlight application-development-an-excellent-website-application-tool


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Silverlight application-development-an-excellent-website-application-tool

  1. 1. Silverlight Application Development - An Excellent Website Application Tool Introduction to Silverlight Technology Silverlight was first developed by Microsoft. It is a fantastic video application tool like adobe flash player; it supports all videos, animations and graphic files. This latest technology version was launched in July, 2009. It supports and runs on all Microsoft windows and Mac operating system. To compete with the standards of other websites, it has become a trend to design websites with this unique technology. Thus, attractive websites with innovative ideas and video content have become a high trend. The developers make complete use of this Silverlight tool to design websites, web applications and in other Silverlight Application Development process. Advantages of Silverlight Application Development •High quality videos can be viewed and shared with the help of Microsoft, where it transfer files directly to the internet. •The transfer of video files are bit expensive, therefore Microsoft takes charge and offers the services at an affordable rate, where even the small business owners can make use of it. It is actually an optional plan. •The text animations are easily developed and can be played with complete animation effects in Silverlight technology. This is actually working a step ahead other than its competitive technologies like Adobe Flash, AJAX and Java FX. •It uses local fonts, where there is faster download and quick output assured. Due to its high advantages and easy features, the developers are on high demand in recent years. There are dedicated Microsoft Silverlight professionals offering high class quality work in short time. Silverlight Development in India Some of the leading Microsoft Silverlight organizations handle outsourcing projects at true affordable prices. Moreover, they are highly skilled in developing applications and websites according to the needs of the clients. Countries like United States outsource Silverlight projects to India, so as to save on their housing and other training expenses. They are also able to deliver projects to their standard clients in short duration. The development process is thoroughly done with assistance of experts. They aim to deliver cent percent error free output in the end product. Moreover, these professionals are also hired on full-time or project basis. They are flexible, works eight hours on all working days. They also work on government holidays, in conditions of fast delivery. These developers make complete use of all latest technologies and tools to give the best output. How to hire a certified Silverlight developer? If planning to hire a Microsoft certified Silverlight developer, then the procedure is quite simple. Start with jotting out the ideas and requirements you are looking for the project. Make a clear plan about the application. Prepare a rough budget for the project. There is an excellent information space called Internet, where you can search certified leading company, who are ready to process the project. With submitting quote forms or contacting immediately, they help you in developing the complete project.
  2. 2. There is excellent customer support and assistance provided round the clock, to guide every process in the project.