Net application-development–business-growth-with-net


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Net application-development–business-growth-with-net

  1. 1. .Net Application Development –Business growth with .NetGone are the days when people have to sit for a long time to write tedious code. .Net is a fast, reliableendless time consuming technology. It is a modern day technology giving you eases at each and everystep. Microsoft has invented .Net after making the lot of research on the factors like .Net ApplicationDevelopment time, easy maintenance, deployment ease and cost effectiveness. With .Net as adevelopment technology a wide range of applications can be created like Websites, Web services,CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Applications are to name a few..Net provides many featureslike re usability of code which helps developer to create applications with small components. Itsenvironment consists of the drag and drop functionality where a developer can make graphics.As per the business perspective .Net has created new horizons. Now day’s companies are looking tocreate online marketing applications to enhance their business and to increase productivity. Whenproductivity is calculated it is based on the investment, time duration and the return we get out of ourinvestment. Usually a company focus on all the key factors like cost for development of the project, howlong will it take to deliver it and when the company will start making the profit? It should be always keptin mind whether the software will increase the revenue or decrease it. .Net supports all this requirementMicrosoft has put lot of effort to develop a environment which supports re usable code and does not takemuch time to create the application. If application requires less time to develop, less cost will be chargedand therefore will give better return of investment at the end generating greater revenues.Many companies start as small concerns but grow very quickly. .NET is created with scalability. Sowhen company will grow, applications can bear the load. It requires less time re work and redeploy theapplication. To reduce the cost of the application is a must. Otherwise the savings done at the time ofdevelopment will not mean much if maintenance cost exceeds it. .Net applications are easily maintenable. It has easy configuration settings which can be modified based on the requirement change.Deployment is the factor which increases the cost for the project. .Net has eased the work since differentversions of the DLL files can be installed in the same system. Its reliable and secured Microsoft has givento notch priority for the security of the platform. Hacker can decode the applications code very easily ifthe developer makes even a single mistake. For just one single mistake company can bare a great loss..Net Development India will give you advantage to create the applications which can be used by desktop,PDA, Mobile, Browser and you don’t even need to change a lot of code.Another most important advantage of.Net is Web services. You might have many people talking aboutthis. So what does web services do? These services allow calling the applications directly through anXML web service. This makes companies and their vendors very easy to communicate compared to theother means.