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Java application-development-in-india

  1. 1. Java Application Development in IndiaWhy Java Application?Now days, java is fastest growing technology. Java runtime environment and java platform isregarded as the products of developers by sun Microsystems for creation of application based onjava. Java is simple, distributed, object-oriented, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neural,portable, high performance, multithreaded and dynamic language. Java is an open source, so userdoesn’t have to pay fee for license every year. Java is also platform independent software. Javacan also supports automatic memory management. Java also includes multi-platform supportlanguage and web-services. Java is also used for development of dynamic web applications.JAVA is well preferred technology which provides more compatibility and light weightedapplication.Java is very big opportunity for all the application developers in the industry. With help of JavaApplication Development developers are able to develop application in days or weeks insteadof months or years. Java programs made a big bang in application development technology withits web development because it offers interconnectivity in a medium. Java is the most suitableway to develop enterprise application for its reliability and flexibility. Java ApplicationDevelopment can be used for creation of java games and corporate application. Java technologygives benefits of GPS and Bluetooth to its users and also integrates features like address book,calendar and maps which are currently available in blackberry and other smart phones.Disadvantage of Java Application Development is that it requires high skill and very hugefunctionality with experts for taking full advantage of java.Java is a technology which is used in mostly all well known banks for reliability, security andoverall performance. In other words java in not now only measuring up but it is empowering theall financial services revolution. Choosing a right java application developer is really a toughtask while you are thinking of broad application and a large amount of functionality.Features of Java Application Development: • Web services • Application design and development on J2ee framework • Expertise on entity, session and message beans • Enterprise java beans 2.0 • Java server pages (JSP) 1.1 and servlet 2.3 • Java database connectivity (JDBC) 2.0 • Java naming and directory interface (JNDI) 1.2
  2. 2. • Java message service (JMS) 1.0.2 • Java transaction services and API 1.0 • Java activation framework (JAF) 1.0 • WDSL, UDDI, SOAP, ebXMLOTS SOLUTIONS in the Java Application Development art:In Today’s fast growing word most of company are looking for outsource their applications tothe most leading and recognized companies. These leading company offers contractprogramming services. In java development India, OTS SOLUTIONS is the best java softwaredevelopment company in India. They provides its core understanding of java basedtechnologies to deliver its benefits to application architectures and also focuses on the scale ofcost and reducing it in any way. It is leading Java Application Development Company inprevision of the highest quality JAVA and J2EE application development. The Companyprovides facilities to develop software using JAVA, J2EE and J2ME technology. They alsodevelops framework as per requirement of project. It gives development and design services todeliver very efficient services using Java Application Development and web development,which are reliable for Java application servers and the J2EE framework. It also offers one stopsolution for your desired java application and future web 2.0 applications. It offers wirelessmobile framework for those application which are based on their existing application. It dealswith various database types like oracle (versions 7, 8i, 9i, 10G), MS SQL Server, My SQL, IBMDB2 and Ms Access.they are specialized in JAVA web Development and JAVA GUI designs and also desktopapplications. At starting of any application they find the possible ways to develop them andwhich are less costly and best functionality it will be chosen. It do not only provides javaapplication service but it also provides expertise in java consulting services. It does not provideservice for java and application development but it also offers java based resource allocationservices including java programmers and java consultants.It is a very good company in India for development of n-tier applications, which uses deepimplementation of Model View Controller (MVC). It also provides facilities to those customerswho want to convert or change their current application into JAVA application. This is a veryplus point of this company. It has well qualified and experienced staffs of employee who areready to work with great positive attitude. Clients who are connected with them are harvestingbenefits of JAVA application and related technology.How It works?
  3. 3. •Whenever we receives the project proposal first of all it will provide all the information regarding the proposal with estimation of workload and future cost and also gives the time limit for work. •After receiving project, team will analyze and design the application as per requirement. •After this designing stage team will study the application scope of software, client business model architecture and procedures. And finally team will develop blueprint for application. •The development team will start developing application as per client requirement and design within the given time schedule. •Main benefit of working with us is that, we provide full track of development and progress in each stage. •After coding stage, we will start testing of application by minimizing bug.Services provided by OTS SOLUTIONS: •Java based custom solution development •Java desktop application •Software for mobile and PDA based on J2ME platform •Deploying of complex application based on J2EE •Java programming for various operating systems like Windows, Mac OS and Linux •Games development, web designing and development •Managing and deployment of J2ME applications •Java Consulting and support services •Various design patterns and quality effective J2EE services •Enterprise Java development and many other more services.Java Technologies used by us:Operating systems : Windows/LinuxDevelopment tools : Eclipse IDE, Net Beans, X-code, CVS, JbuilderServers : web Logic, Apache, Tomcat, Jrun, Jetty, Web-sphere
  4. 4. Methodologies: UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP, Agile Development, ScrumMethodologies, Parried Programming It also works with BEA web logic and IBM Web sphere