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Business Opportuniy Presentation Prudential BSN Takaful


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Presentation Slide deck to detail the Prudential BSN Takaful Business Opportunity that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

The slides will also be embedded in the website for ease of access.

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Business Opportuniy Presentation Prudential BSN Takaful

  1. 1. Prudential BSN Takaful
  2. 2. The Promise Get good grades, get a stable job, and you will be set for life. Work hard at your job, get a promotion. That’s how you’ll be rich Be a good employee. Your loyalty will pay off someday. You will be taken care of when you’re older
  3. 3. The Reality Getting a good job is getting harder and harder. Companies have many options to choose from and are taking advantage of the fact. Prices are increasing faster than salaries. An executive today has less buying power than the same position 20 years ago. The harder you work in your job, the harder you’ll be expected to work. Most senior employees complain about not having enough time with their families. Even after all the hard work, companies are no longer providing pensions. Only the government provides pension at half of the last salary payout. Employees in the private sector must prepare for their own retirement.
  4. 4. You are not alone 70% of the workforce aged 30-35 say that they aren’t truly happy with their jobs and along the way just settled for a salary with whatever job they can get. Nobody thinks too much of this anymore and take it for granted that it’s just the way things are nowadays and we do whatever we can to survive. But is this actually true?
  5. 5. Success Stories Rosli Yaacob worked as a civil engineer for over 20 years in a big company. After thinking long and hard, he decided he that he wasn’t happy with the job and he wanted more. He resigned from his job at the age of 40, his wife is a housewife so the household had no income. They had 3 kids at the time. He worked very hard on his business and in two short years became manager of his own team and later his own agency. He now makes in a month what he used to make in one year in his engineering job. He enjoys time with his family, travels around the world for free, and is set to retire in 5 years.
  6. 6. Nur Diyana Diyana worked as a Sales Representative for a Pharmaceutical company and was doing well. After almost 4 years, she felt that something was missing in her life, and that she found it very hard to drag herself to work. After discussing with her husband and parents, she decided to take the leap, and resigned from her job. Working hard on the business, after 3 months she managed to replace her income from her previous job and up until now has been self-employed for 5 years. She’s now looking to build her own team and later her own agency.
  7. 7. What would you do if you had more time? Spend more time with kids Travel more Rediscover long lost hobbies Learn a new language Work on something your passionate about Volunteer your time and energy
  8. 8. What would you do with more money? Settle debts: car, house, student loans, credit cards, etc Visit places you’ve always wanted to go Enjoy things you’ve always want to enjoy but had to sacrifice to pay the bills Create more memories with loved ones instead of just working and paying bills
  9. 9. Why it’s impossible for you to achieve this with a job A job is a contract. Your time in exchange for a salary. The same is true even for CEOs, which are the top rung of employees. The market has almost unlimited money. The forex market alone trades around 4 trillion dollars a day. But you have limited time. Everyone has only 24 hours. Hence there is a limit on how much you can earn from the market in exchange for your time. And you can trade more time for more dollars, but you will not be able to do anything else, which defeats the purpose.
  10. 10. How the inner circle does it The people in the success stories earlier did not exchange their time for money as a long term strategy. They invested some time early on, not to trade it directly for money, but to build assets that generate money for them, i.e. a business. Once they have a healthy business and active group, they have more and more freedom, and can sustain themselves without a job. They are not employed, nor are they unemployed; they are unemployable. They will never have to trade their time for money ever again.
  11. 11. How can it work for you? Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad Al-Isra Associates Team You
  12. 12. Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad Despite arriving late at the scene, Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PBTB) has overtaken much earlier pioneers to become the biggest takaful company in Malaysia in terms of pure market share. Customers trust PBTB because of the comprehensive coverage, reasonable prices and professionally trained agents. Market research shows that almost 60% of PBTB’s business comes from customers referring their contacts, which is the most important signal of trust in any business.
  13. 13. Al-Isra Associates A successful agency within the industry, well-known in takaful or conventional circles. Al-Isra is famous for constantly developing new leaders. Every year new talents will emerge from the agency and make headlines nationwide. It is one of the best agencies in terms of training new people to become capable business owners and leaders. Founded by Haji Fazli, Haji Othman, and Haji Rosli with a mission to penetrate the Malay Muslim market with the introduction of the Islamic concept of takaful.
  14. 14. The Team The team is directly connected to Haji Rosli Yaacob, one of the founding fathers of Al-Isra. Haji Rosli has also developed many excellent leaders, each with their own unique strengths and talents, and newcomers will always have this pool of experience and talent to learn and seek guidance from The agency culture is such that everyone is generous with their knowledge and experience, and we all work together as a team to achieve our goals.
  15. 15. Where are you going? The only missing piece of the puzzle is you. Where do you see yourself a year from now? 5 years from now? Will your job/business give you freedom in the future? We are looking for undervalued business talents. People with dreams far bigger than their jobs can afford them. Are you the one we’re looking for?
  16. 16. Next step Get together with the person who invited you here. Get to know the people who are successful in the business. Find out how they design their lifestyles and ask them what they did to get where they are. Immerse yourself in the culture. We have many events where you can get to know the people and find out how you can fit into the business. Take small steps. Small actions inspire will inspire you, too much thinking will paralyse you. The person who brought you will guide you in the journey of getting to know the business.