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DronaHQ - Build your enterprise grade apps in minutes.


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DronaHQ is an app builder for Enterprise grade apps, without coding. It’s a simple drag drop app creator with a built-in CMS. We have served more than 40 customers who have created apps for Employees, Distributors, shareholders, franchisees, customers and a lot more. The apps created are native apps across Blackberry, Android, Apple, Blackberry 10. Some of the use cases for which customers have created apps range from employee engagement, learning and training, Lead management systems, communication channel, distributor management, feet on street communication, leadership development, balanced scorecard, shop floor updates etc from domains ranging from BFSI, Manufacturing, IT/ITES to Retail.

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DronaHQ - Build your enterprise grade apps in minutes.

  1. 1. DronaHQ dronaHQ Build your own Enterprise apps! Divyesh Kharade
  2. 2. 60% Of enterprises plan to increase their IT investments in mobile in next 12 months. Higher than any other IT spend -Forrester 45% Of all mobile cloud services will be SaaS by 2017 Gartner 65% Enterprises say that increasingly engagement is their number one mobile priority Forrester 20% Of all tablets in the world will be deployed by enterprises Forrester 70% Of all apps invested in by an enterprise are internal facing Kony research 75% Of fortune 500 companies are taking steps to deploy HTML5 mobile apps IBM Worklight
  3. 3. We are just getting started AND
  4. 4. Internal systems Blackberry Android Apple Tablets Blackberry 10 Windows 8 ? Ever increasing end points to support
  5. 5. Investment strategies of enterprises Enhancing existing apps Connecting backend to mobile web Advanced analytics Mobile enterprise app platform
  6. 6. 7 of the top 10 mobility apps Human Resources Communication Leadership Biz Intelligence Productivity Sales Force Generic IT
  7. 7. What enterprises want Consistent multi channel experience Combine Web and Mobile –Single investment Out of the box apps –Speed to deploy Mobilize internal Biz Processes Businesses to design experiences Business heads to not rely on IT support to roll out
  8. 8. DronaHQ What is
  9. 9. A Web platform to create Enterprise grade native mobile apps without coding. Create a single app for everyone in your organization and keep on adding extensible apps as and when you require.
  10. 10. Drag Drop app creator User Management Content Management AD connection SharePoint connect Upgrade Management App Extensions: DronaHQ APIs Html5 web apps Native apps Internal web apps DronaHQ Stack Enterprise No Coding required Push notification service Analytics Engine Out of the box apps [e.g. form builder] View management
  11. 11. Drag & Drop app creator Create layouts and change them runtime
  12. 12. View Management DronaHQ CSR Market Reports DronaHQ CEO speak Leads Forms Sales Group Management Group On a single app manage different content, icons & apps and views for different group of users
  13. 13. User Management Active Directory Single Sign On Email Invite Open Registrations
  14. 14. Content Management Service Text Articles Slide Deck URLs Audio Video PDFs Images Quiz/Forms RSS HTML5 Social Streaming Offline access Scheduling Interactive Content Expiry
  15. 15. Push Notification Service 1 Sent to a user, device agnostic. DronaHQ manages the rest. @
  16. 16. Analytics Engine Downloads Views Login Status Inbox Wipe Devices Excel Export Top Users Content
  17. 17. Drag & Drop Form Builder 1 2 3 Radio buttons Check Box Text Box 4 Multi line Text Box 5 Grid 6 Dropdown 7 Section Header 8 Slider Scale 9 Date & Time
  18. 18. App Extensions DronaHQ CMS: Audio URL: Twitter App: Reports Internal Systems and Data Host more extensible apps Mobilize internal apps Connect existing backend
  19. 19. Out of the Box apps Apps Biz Owners Employee engagement HR Distributor connect Channel Sales contests Sales ManagementDashboards CEO LeadershipDevelopment LnD Lead Management and DSR Sales Frontline field staff CorpComm. Balanced Scorecard HR 360 Degree Feedback PMS Broadcasting Corp. Comm./Business Order collection Channel/Sales
  20. 20. See your app on the phones of all your users
  21. 21. Businesses who create their apps on DronaHQ Some of the 40+
  22. 22. DronaHQ Build your own Enterprise apps! GET STARTED TODAY