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XML - Information Display System


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Technologies: XML, RSS feed, SUN RSS Parser, Flash Active Script, Java, Macromedia Flash 4.0, Eclipse IDE

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XML - Information Display System

  1. 1. XML-Information Display System (IDS)Divyen PatelCMPE 276 : XML for E-BusinessProf. Daniel T. Chang , Spring 2007
  2. 2. XML-IDS Agenda Introduction Tech-Babble (Including Demo) Applications and Advantages of XML-IDS References
  3. 3. IntroductionTech-BabbleApplications and Advantages of XML-IDSReferences
  4. 4. XML-IDS Introduction Today most government, public servicesorganization and/or corporatebusinesses need some sort ofcommunication with people either indooror outdoor. There are lots of ways to publish realtime information to mass of people. Butthe most successful are those, thatpeople always pay attention, arecomputer- generated audiovisuals withphoto realistic graphics, text andanimation.
  5. 5. XML-IDS What is IDS? IDS stand for InformationDisplay System. It is a board or a televisionscreen displaying relevantpublic service information. XML-IDS, is the informationdisplay system using XMLcapabilities.
  6. 6. AirVUE – IDS for Airport using XML and Flash capability
  7. 7. Tech-BabbleIntroductionApplications and Advantages of XML-IDSReferencesTools and TechnologiesArchitectureHow it works?Demo
  8. 8. Tools and Technologies• What we used?• Technologies used• XML• RSS feed• SUN RSS Parser• Flash Active Script• Java• Tools used• Macromedia Flash 4.0• Eclipse IDE
  9. 9. About RSS and Why? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS defines an easy way to share and syndicate site content usingXML files which can be automatically updated. RSS provides a method that uses XML to distribute web content tomany other web sites. It’s a way of fast browsing for news and updates.
  10. 10.  Yahoo Weather Feed RSS Request It follows the simple HTTP get syntax Request starts with a base URL and then add parameters and values after aquestion mark (?) Base URL Request Parameters P for locations U for degree units (Fahrenheit or Celsius)Example RSS Response RSS response is an XML document that conforms to the RSS 2.0specificationsRSS Feeds Used in XML-IDS
  11. 11. IDS Engine fetches City Name fromtitle tag and temperature fromcondition tagXML document representing weather feed
  12. 12. XML document representing news feed
  13. 13. XML document representing stock quotes
  14. 14. About SUN RSS Parser The SUN RSS parser is the by-product of the JSP tag library. Although the parser was developed with the tag library in mind, it iscompletely self-contained, and it can be used in Java applications. The RSS object generated by the parser is a Java objectrepresentation of the RSS document found at the provided URL. In addition to RSS Parsing using URL, It can also parse File objectsand InputStream objects.There is no specific reason why we used SUN RSS Parser.We used it just because it provides, what we want.
  15. 15. XML-IDS Architecture
  16. 16. Sample Code – IDS EngineIDS_Engine() {try {URL_News=new URL("");. . . . .Timer timer1=new Timer();newsReader nr=new newsReader();timer1.schedule(nr,1000,1000);. . . . .}catch(MalformedURLException ex) {ex.printStackTrace();}}Scheduled toretrieve news updates aftereach second
  17. 17. Sample Code – IDS Enginepublic class newsReader extends TimerTask {public void run() {try {RssParser parser = RssParserFactory.createDefault();Rss rss = parser.parse(URL_News);StringBuffer documentText=new StringBuffer("<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>");documentText.append(newline);documentText.append("<NewsDataSet>");documentText.append(newline);Collection items = rss.getChannel().getItems();if (items!=null || items.isEmpty()==false) {for(Iterator i = items.iterator();i.hasNext();) {documentText.append("<News>");documentText.append(newline);documentText.append("<NewsTitle>");Item item = (Item);documentText.append(item.getTitle());System.out.println("News Read from CNN: " + item.getTitle());documentText.append("</NewsTitle>");documentText.append(newline);documentText.append("</News>");documentText.append(newline);}} . . . . . . . . .URL is parsed in to theJava Object RepresentingRSS channels
  18. 18. XML-IDSDemo
  19. 19. Applications and Advantages of XML-IDSIntroductionTech-BabbleReferences
  20. 20. Example: FIDSNetworkTransportNetworkTransportAirline DataCenterAirportFlight InformationDisplay System-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ExistingInternetTransportInternetTransportSchemaGeneratorSecurity(Firewall)Security(Firewall)XMLParserTest FacilityFIDSXMLMessageFTPHTTPSSOAPNew
  21. 21. Application of XML-IDS• Real time flight IDS that displays the different arrivals or departuresoccurring over a specific period of time.
  22. 22. Application of XML-IDS• Public service information display board found in the transit center.
  23. 23. Application of XML-IDS• Media rich IDS found in the lobbies of hotel and companies
  24. 24. Reliance Office in Mumbai
  25. 25. Application of XML-IDS• Corporate Advertisements onthe busy streets.• Consumer Messaging Applicationsin and outside of retail shopsdisplaying advertising and in-storepromotions
  26. 26. Application of XML-IDS• Other applications• Airport and Airline securityand operations monitoring• Casino• Shopping Center• Concerts• Rental Business• Traffic Information System• Video Wall
  27. 27. Advantages of XML-IDS Consolidates information from various sourcesSave Time! Multiple snippets of information in one display areaRicher information pool! Capture public attention using attractive animated effectsImpact! Ease and convenience
  28. 28. References RSS Tutorial SUN RSS Parser tutorial Flash Tutorial
  29. 29. Questions