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  • it seems awareness is the buzz word here.....two way interaction appears to be following it closely....
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  • The Social Web

    1. 1. Social Media (based) Marketing 2020Media Series: Week 1, The Social Web Dave Evans, Author, “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day”
    2. 2. Why Social Media?
    3. 3. The Founding Vision “I had (and still have) a dream that the web could be less of a television channel and more of an interactive sea of shared knowledge. I imagine it immersing us as a warm, friendly environment made of the things we and our friends have seen, heard, believe or have figured out. I would like it to bring our friends and colleagues closer, in that by working on this knowledge together we can come to better understandings.” --Tim Berners Lee, 1995
    4. 4. The Rallying Cause • April 1994 • Green Card Lottery • Via Usenet The difference this time was a sense of ownership of one’s mailbox, and the realization that individual control was a viable option.
    5. 5. The Current Landscape As people take control over their data while spreading their Web presence, they are not looking for privacy, but for recognition as individuals. This will eventually change the whole world of advertising. - Esther Dyson, 2008
    6. 6. The Marketing Challenge • Reputation is everything • Consumer cynicism • Conversations are part of the sales process • Challenging economy • Social media = Hot
    7. 7. The Audience Consumption and participation are indicators of the clear trend.
    8. 8. The Purchase Funnel
    9. 9. The Purchase Funnel be aware consider buy brand awareness keyword relative media spending
    10. 10. The Social Feedback Cycle marketer-generated consumer-generated (Think “funnel”) (Think “megaphone”) be aware talk consider form opinion buy use word-of-mouth Social content, networks, and interactions brand awareness keyword relative media spending
    11. 11. The Social Web
    12. 12. The Social Media Channels BLOGS EVENTS and Social Content CALENDARS MICROBLOGS VIDEOS EMAIL PHOTOS AUDIO (BACN) (PODCAST) STATUS UPDATES WIKIS SMS and TEXT WHITE-LABEL BRANDED SOCIAL NETWORKS SOCIAL NETWORKS Social Interactions Social Platforms Social media is created and shared within social platforms: status updates and similar interactions drive participation by increasing visibility of use.
    13. 13. Integrating Social Media PERSONAL SOCIAL EVENTS NETWORKS WHITE-LABEL SOCIAL NETWORKS TV and WIKIS BLOGS Radio Magazines Integrated Social COLLABORATIVE Conversion MICROBLOGS Media Campaigns TOOLS (Purchase) Direct Online Mail SMS PHOTOS Advertising EMAIL AUDIO (BACN) (PODCAST) VIDEO Social media components surround and support the “conversion” process. Social media is one component your marketing toolbox.
    14. 14. Upcoming Webinars
    15. 15. The Complete Series • Week 1: The Social Web • Week 2: Facebook Business Page • Week 3: Twitter for Business • Week 4: Corporate Blogging • Week 5: The Social Web and Operations • Week 6: Social Analytics and Metrics Join these webinars each week, leading to the full-day seminars scheduled for June in Mumbai, Dehli, and Bangalore.
    16. 16. More Information Dave Evans: @evansdave 2020 Media: