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Mobile barcode news

  1. 1. Mobile MarketingTrends and Perspective by AT&TIn This Issue2 Industry Trends 3 Customer Spotlight 4 Mobile Marketing By the Numbers 5 Tips & Best Practices6 Getting Started with Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing’s Seat at the Table Consumers now expect The number of mobile users continues interactive to rise at an incredible rate. and engaging In fact, smartphone sales are leverage cross- mobile outpacing sales of other marketing marketing phones and we estimate opportunities. efforts that 50% that by 2014, half of all AT&T provides a enhance mobile phones in the suite of Mobile the United States will be Marketing purchasing smartphones.1 Services to process. Astute marketers will support this capitalize on this trend and effort, including seize the opportunity to QR codes, SMS, deepen customer engagement digital signage, mobile via mobile marketing. POS and more. In the next few pages you’ll see how AT&T can While it used to be enough help you each step of the way. By 2014, half of all to simply provide a mobile optimized website, consumers We hope you find this mobile phones in the now expect interactive and quarterly trend report to be a United States will be engaging mobile marketing valuable resource in achieving smartphones.1 efforts that enhance the purchasing process. QR codes, your goals. Igor Glubochansky SMS, and NFC technology are Executive Director, product user-friendly ways to broaden marketing management the customer experience and 1 Source: Forrester Research, “Evolving Your Mobile Marketing Presence”, Melissa Parrish, March 2011 Mobile Marketing 1
  2. 2. It is clear that tablets are more than just a passing fad, and that’s good news for marketers.Marketing TrendsCompanies have been customers whether they are at email messaging, etc. can haveexperimenting with mobile home, on the go, or in-store. a more interactive experiencemarketing for years, but and increase their exposure, Enhanced In-Storespending in this sector credibility and sales. Experience. To meet consumertook off in 2011, increasing demand and enhance the The Rise of the Tablet.nearly 45 percent.1 shopping experience, It is clear that tabletsAccording bricks-and-mortar stores are more than just ato a recent are developing wireless passing fad, and that’s goodAT&T shopping experiences, news for marketers – tabletsurveyof U.S. 88% enabling mobile point- of-sale (POS), digital users tend to spend more money on mobile websitesmarketers, signage, and geotargeted than smartphone owners.3the trend advertising. Further,will continue Increased Use of Customer the emergence of NFCin 2012. In fact, Analytics. Understanding is enhancing the wireless88% of survey respondents consumers’ buying behavior experience and allowingexpect their mobile marketing can turn mobile customer consumers to engage moreprograms to increase in 2012.2 engagement into sales. quickly and easily. The right mobile marketing Greater More Multimedia platform can provide rich Adoption Marketing. Smartphones metrics that help measure of Mobile allow consumers to conversions and consumer Barcodes. access rich content in real- details like demographics,Barcodes give marketers an time. Businesses that direct geography and even handsetopportunity to bring print their marketing to smartphone to life by utilizing the users via SMS messaging,latest smartphone capabilities. video / picture messaging,Marketers can engage with1 eMarketer report “Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Moving to the Mainstream” Oct 2011; 2n 2011, AT&T surveyed 501 and advertising professionals about their mobile marketing programs and future plans. Figures based on percentagesof respondents. 3PayPal/Ipsos OTX MediaCT Survey (Oct 2011) Mobile Marketing 2
  3. 3. Once a customer has the app on his or her smartphone, and accepts the use of location information, maurice’s can send the shopper timely messages.Trendsetter Spotlight: maurice’sAs a leading hometown notification, alerting the user Digby Localpoint from AT&Tspecialty store and authority to noteworthy news about the helps brands & retailers:for the savvy, fashion- specific store location as soon • ffectively engage with Econscious girl with a twenty- as he or she enters the store. consumers through theirsomething attitude, maurice’s Shoppers can also use the own branded app, basedwanted to develop a branded app to scan product barcodes, on their preferences andmobile app to allowing them buying habitshelp enhance to read producttheir customers’ descriptions, ratings • nderstand when their Uin-store shopping and reviews while most loyal customers visitexperience. in the store. their locationsThe app, The maurice’s app • ncover conversion rates Uintroduced by ATT is just one way for products purchased inand developed the retail chain is retail storesusing Digby’s communicatingLocalpointTM Mobile through their • rive traffic to their places DPlatform, allows customers’ of business with location-the retailer to set smartphones. The sensitive marketingvirtual perimeters company has also programsaround their stores. introduced a new • nable consumers to EOnce a customer optimized mobile search, browse andhas the app on his or her website, making it easier for buy products from theirsmartphone, and accepts the customers to search, browse smartphones whether theyuse of location information, and buy via the retailer’s are at home, on the go ormaurice’s can send the website on their mobile in the storeshopper timely messages phones.and offers via a push Mobile Marketing 3
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing by the NumbersScans by OS Between March 2011 and March 2012, ATT saw an increase in… Total Scans 228% New Users 316% Number of 2D Code Scans 770% Number of 1D Code Scans 325% MARCH ’12 Number of DM Code Scans 250% Android 37% Windows 3% Number of Women Scanning 443% Blackberry 2% Other 13% iPhone 45% Number of Men Scanning 299%We (ATT) estimate Increased activity by scan category Mar 2011 to Mar 2012that more than One time (1) 694%20 million users Sometimes (2-3) 504%will scan a mobile Occasional (4 – 7) Regular (8 – 19) 397% 354%barcode this year. Frequent (20+) 356% Scans by Category FOOD AND GROCERY 36% 35% of scanners BEVERAGE 24% 35% PERSONAL CARE 12% provided their age, LITERATURE 6% ELECTRONICS 5% gender or zip code CLEANING PRODUCTS 5% ALL OTHERS 12% Scans by Age Group1 37% of all scanners 55+ 14% 37% are women,2 up from 35-54 37% 25-34 29% 27% a year ago 18-24 16% 13-17 5%percentages based on respondents providing age information 2providing gender information1 Mobile Marketing 4
  5. 5. Lay out exactly what you want the recipient of your message to do and then provide an easy mobile pathway for them to follow.Tips and Best PracticesThe following tips provide a strategic framework for developinga successful mobile marketing campaign.• now your audience. Customers expect K • rovide incentives. Give P personalization and many mobile strategies customers a reward fail because they are not tailored to their for taking the time 1 Know your specific audience. Mobile applications should to interact, such as address the customer’s need for value and exclusive coupons and real-time information. discounts, an invitation audience.• reate a mobile C to a VIP sale or contest, Mobile 2 Create a site. Create a site instructional videos or applications access to unreleased that is optimized for mobile should address information. mobile site. the customer’s to provide • nalyze results. A need for value 3 Have a consumers an Tracking results is and real-time easy way to critical to a successful information. clear call navigate content. mobile marketing No one appreciates campaign. Consider to action. having to constantly a company that is 4 Provide zoom in and out on a web page. Menus and dedicated to developing lists on mobile sites help divide content an entire mobile into categories so users can easily locate marketing strategy and incentives. information. is committed to bringing 5 Analyze• ave a clear call to action. Many consumers H to market applications do not readily know how to interact with the that engage consumers technology behind mobile marketing. Lay out at all phases of the results. exactly what you want the recipient of your purchasing decision message to do and then provide an easy process. mobile pathway for them to follow. Mobile Marketing 5
  6. 6. QR Codes: The Magic ExplainedA Quick Response (QR) code is a link to unique information. Heres how it works: 1 Download the scanner 2 Find and scan a QR code From most When you smart phones, see a Quick go to your Response (QR) app store and Download code that ATT search for compels you, Scanner “ATT Code simply open Scanner.” your scanner Select and and scan install the the code. NEWS free app. 3 What happens on my phone? QR codes link to a wide variety of responses. The possibilities for what happens Info next are endless. Business Benefits QR codes provide a unique and near real-time source of data for marketers. This information can be used to help shape existing and future marketing programs. When consumers choose to opt-in, companies can understand the customer’s: • Location • Device properties • Time of scan* (iPhone, Droid, etc) • Duration on • Basic demographics mobile site* Because the same code can be reprogrammed at any time to link to new content, marketing campaigns can be updated instantly. Access to this data is available through providers such as ATT’s Code Management Platform.*don’t require opt-in © 2012 ATT Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. For more information scan this code or go to ATT and the ATT logo are trademarks of ATT Intellectual Property.