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Experts in Power Management System – Providing Manufacturing, Repair and Analytical Services for POWER & DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS

NDL Power Limited, is dedicated and committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsive solutions for the Power & Distribution Transformers- Manufactures and Repairs, along with the Operation, Maintenance and Analytical requirements of Power industry. With Our specialization in Power Management System for the last two decades NDL POWER LTD provides a wide range of Power and Distribution Transformers, which along with our variety of Onsite Comprehensive services in context with Operation and maintenance – would ensure optimum power management solution for your industry.

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    i have 10 years experience of power transformer. i am searching a new job. Please give me hr mail id.
    Please do needful for me.

    Mayur Gandhi
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NDL Group - Transformer Experts

  1. 1. Thank you for providing us the opportunity of introducing NDL Power Limited. Being theholding company of New Delhi Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. And with a pool experience andexpertise of over 3 decades in the field of Transformer’s, NDL Power Limited is dedicatedand committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, cost effective and responsivesolutions for the requirements of Power industry.Transformer is a very crucial part of the power system, serving as an heart to the powerrequirement of your industry. Further, is a high-valued asset to your organization – which, ifencountered by failure would cause losses of catastrophic proportions – both asset loss andproduction losses due to the subsequent downtime within your industryNDL Group has dedicated and committed to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, costeffective and responsive solutions for the Operation, Maintenance, Analytical andconsultancy requirements of Power industry for over 3 decades. With our vast experienceand expertise in the field of Power Management, along with a pool of our companies servingvarious aspects of the industry – And it all started with our most cherished and expertisesolution of transformer oil analysis and diagnostics, which has been the soul to ourorganization for past 3 decades.With a pool of senior level Scientists, Chemists, Engineers and Technicians having vastexperience in operation and maintenance activities of Power plants and substations, rangingfrom Manufacturing, Repairing, Reconditioning, Servicing, Condition Monitoring, Tending& Analytical services of the Transformers, Our Company has developed great expertise inensuring optimum results for our Clients, Providing One-Stop solutions to their entire PowerManagement System.Through a series of scientific program, along with the fine, scientifically designed blend ofthe analytical and diagnostic services – we at NDL provides a highly automated,computerized management, maintenance and control system – which allows us to regularlymonitor every heart-beat of the power station, and helps us trend, analyze and control theentire power distribution chain – ensuring ZERO Break-down.It would be an honor for the team of NDL POWER Ltd. to serve you and your organizationwith our entire range of products and services. Looking forward towards a long term,successful relationship with you and your organization.Experts in Power Management System – Providing Manufacturing,Repair and Analytical Services for POWER & DISTRIBUTIONTRANSFORMERS
  2. 2. New Delhi Laboratories P. Ltd. – A NABL accreditedLaboratory in the field of Electrical Testing, has beenproviding analytical, testing and trending services forpower requirements of various industries through-out theglobe and has a prestigious history of success in beingpioneer in calibration testing amongst variouslaboratories throughout the world*.NDL Power Limited in providing Operationalmaintenance services, along with manufacturing andrepairing of Power and distribution transformers andelectric panels for the industry. With highlyautomated range of products and CMMS integration,NDL ensure to provide our clients with highlyreliable, efficient and innovative products.NDL Consultancy has been providing trainings andconsultancy solutions for the Preventive maintenance,operational practices, analytical and diagnostic of thepower system of various industries along with supportservices for consultancy in planning, installation andcommissioning of the power stations.NDL Research & Development Institute is a recentinitiative taken up by our team of head scientists and experts,along collaboration with National Institute of Technology -for working towards the innovation of new technologies andmethodologies to provide us the more detailed eye under ouranalytical diagnosis. With a few patents in our name, NDLR&D strives to provide our clients with the hands-onexperience to the latest developments of resources* NDL had been pioneer in the Inter-laboratory comparisons held by independent calibration authorities in India andWorld
  3. 3. Accreditations & CertificationsNDL success is reflected in various certificationsNational Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL)NABL is an autonomous body under the aegis ofDepartment of Science & Technology, Government of India,and is registered under the Societies Act. NABL has beenestablished with the objective to provide Government,Industry Associations and Industry in general with a schemefor third-party assessment of the quality and technicalcompetence of testing and calibration laboratories.Government of India has authorized NABL as the soleaccreditation body for Testing and Calibration laboratories. Itis associated with Asia Pacific Laboratory AccreditationCorporation (APLAC), Mutual Recognition Arrangement(MRA), and International Laboratory AccreditationCooperation (ILAC).NDL is an NABL accredited Laboratory providing all types of Transformer services in India.NDL is expert in Transformer oil testing and also providing Transformer maintenance andrepair jobs.Certificate No: T- 0074 in the field of ELECTRICAL TESTINGNational Institute of Technology (NIT)National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, established in 1986as Regional Engineering College, as cooperative enterprise ofthe Govt. of India . The goals of the institute as embodied inthe logo are truly remarkable in their scope of vision. Thecollege provide Undergraduate, Postgraduate and DoctorateEducation in Engineering, Sciences & Humanities; fosteringthe spirit of national integration among the students, a closeinteraction with industry and a strong emphasis on research,both basic and applied. It has been given the status ofDeemed University.NDL has a successful Technical Collaboration with NIT on Power Transformer ConditionMonitoring, Diagnosis and Training for Power Utilities, Industrial Consumers & ProfessionalManpower, thereby utilizing our resource base over R&D to ensure better and up-to-dateservices to our Clients.
  4. 4. Implementing and practicing the bestInternational Standards & ReferencesASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testingand Materials (ASTM), is a globally recognized leader in thedevelopment and delivery of international voluntary consensusstandards. Today, some 12,000 ASTM standards are used around theworld to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate marketaccess and trade, and build consumer confidence.ASTM’s leadership in international standards development is driven bythe contributions of its members: more than 30,000 of the world’s toptechnical experts and business professionals representing 150countries. Working in an open and transparent process and usingASTM’s advanced electronic infrastructure, ASTM members deliver the test methods, specifications,guides and practices that support industries and governments worldwide.The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leadingorganization that prepares and publishes International Standards for allelectrical, electronic and related technologies. Over 10 000 experts fromindustry, commerce, government, test and research labs, academia andconsumer groups participate in IEC Standardization work.Globally relevant!The IEC is one of three global sister organizations (IEC, ISO, ITU) thatdevelop International Standards for the world. When appropriate, IECcooperates with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) or ITU(International Telecommunication Union) to ensure that International Standards fit togetherseamlessly and complement each other. Joint committees ensure that International Standardscombine all relevant knowledge of experts working in related areas.The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Bodyof India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food& Public Distribution, Government of India. It is established by theBureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 which came into effect on 23December 1986.The organization was formerly the Indian Standards Institution (ISI),set up under the Resolution of the then Department of Industries andSupplies No. 1 Std.(4)/45, dated 3 September 1946. The ISI was registered under the SocietiesRegistration Act, 1860.
  5. 5. Analytical & Diagnostic: PowerNDL Power Ltd. is equipped with the most advanced testing facilities and is capable ofconducting all tests required by IEC standards except a few type tests, conducted in anindependent - accredited laboratory, CPRI.Despite of the highly sophisticated equipments and facilities – the Laboratory engineers,operators and Chemists are a very significant part of this process. With a team of highlyexperienced experts and professionals – having a working experience of over 2 decadeswith our existing NABL accredited electrical and chemical testing laboratory and withMaintenance of over thousands of transformers all around the country, NDL Power Ltd. hasa team of highly reliable transformer testing professionals which on each step – ensuresthat highest quality standards are maintained.Our facilities Includes:Tests during Manufacturing / Production:These are performed on all our transformers whilst manufacturing, after the active part isassembled.1. Winding resistance measurement !- After the coils are manufactured !- After the active part assembly completed2. Voltage ratio measurements and checking of the vector group3. D.C. insulation resistance controlRoutine Tests:These tests are performed on all transformers manufactured – as per the IEC standards1. Voltage ratio measurements and checking of the vector group2. Winding resistance measurement3. Applied voltage test4. Induced voltage test5. No-load losses and no-load current measurement6. Load losses and short-circuit voltage measurement7. AC insulation loss factor and capacitance measurement8. DC insulation resistance measurement9. Measurement of voltage regulation and efficiency10. Loss angle tan delta measurementIn our strive to provide highly efficient and reliable transformers – ourhighly equipped TESTING LABORATORIES plays a very crucial role inhelping us realize our objective
  6. 6. Type Tests:These tests are performed upon customers request – as per the IEC standards; NDL PowerLtd. Provides the Temperature rise test – a very critical test – providing the load factors oftransformers, within our in-house facilities. Other type tests are conducted and certifiedthrough an independently accredited and renowned testing laboratory, CPRIOther Testing Facilities:These are few electrical testing that NDL Power has incorporated within our facilities: Wehave employed one of the most sophisticated equipments and machineries for the same:‘The OMICRON Transformer Diagnostic System’Is a unique test equipment which provides automatic testing of important transformerparameters within one portable system.The test system is comprised of the CPC 100 Multi-function Primary Test System and theCP TD1 Tangent Delta unit. The patented CPC 100 is themain control unit for the test system and the CP-TD1 unit isused for testing of insulation condition. Together, the systemis the ideal tool for comprehensive testing of the followingparameters of a power transformer:• Winding resistance• Turns ratio and excitation current• On-load tap changer condition• Leakage reactance• Insulation condition (capacitance, tangent delta, powerfactor)With the CPC 100 - power transformers and their ancillarycomponents can be tested:• Windings• Tap changer• Bushings• Insulation• Core• Connection leads• Surge arrestors
  7. 7. Transformer ManufacturingNDL Power transformers are applied to transform electric power to the high voltage levelscurrently in use. This enables electricity to be transmitted over long distances efficiently andpermits power grids with different voltage levels to be linked.NDL POWER provides customizedsolutions for Designing andManufacturing of Power Transformers.These transformers are ensured to behighly reliable and are tested to serve forover decades to our clients. Specialconsideration is given to the qualitymaterials and equipments used in themanufacturing of the transformer –therefore providing our customers with‘the best of its class’ products.With consistent research and innovation, we strive to provide maximum efficiency, qualitytransformers – which are durable and reliable, and we back them with our maintenanceservices, hence providing life long power solutions to our clients.Large transformers generally used to step up voltage at generating stations and tostep down voltage at sub stations for supply of power to distribution systems. Atransformer rated over 1600 KVA is generally termed as power transformer.!
  8. 8. NDL Power provides Standard as well as customized DistributionTransformers, as per customer’s requirement.We specialize in manufacturing distribution transformersfrom 50KVA to 5000KVA capacity with all voltage classand up-to 33 KV.The R&D and the design team alwaysbring the best design for variouscapacities of transformers making sureit functions with high efficiency andlow energy loss.Our transformers are appreciated for heavy-duty construction and optimum safety.We offer distribution transformers of various ratings that are widely used by industrialsector, State electricity boards and housing complexes. Our distribution transformers areappreciated by clients from all over India and abroad for their quality, durability andreliability. Further, our range of Distribution Transformers is offered with cooling systemswith on load and off load tap changing facility.
  9. 9. Transformer Re-Manufacturing /RepairsBecause NDL Power is a transformer repair and manufacture service, and hasbeen providing testing, analytical and repairing service for over 2 decades -With our years of experience, we are able to see what works and what doesn’t.We provide Repairing, Rewinding and Re-manufacturing services for Power andDistribution Transformers for up 50 MVA.The Transformer is first brought to ourfactory, where through our state of arttesting and inspection facility – our pool ofhighly experienced engineers determine thefault, which is further followed by physicalinspection of the transformers.Besides Re-Manufacturing, NDL POWER provide following services:1. Coil Rewinding, and Reconditioning of transformers.2. Over-hauling and Servicing3. Electrical and Chemical Testing4. AMC and Condition monitoring.5. Residual Life Assessment6. Replacement and Refurbishment of accessories
  10. 10. Implementing the best quality control’s*the manufacturing processes 1)Winding, 2) Core Assembly, 3)Tanking, 4)Core-coil assembly (L-R)*Re-manufactured transformer: 2.5 MVA 33 KV Class Power Transformer*the Qualtiy material used: 1)M-4(+) CRGO, 2)Silver brazing, 3)Insulations, 4)EC Grade copper(L-R)The production and manufacturing practices observed by NDL Power is to the bestof the industries standards and the Quality of material such as: Copper, CRGOCore, Insulations etc used are of high-grades and optimum quality standards.!
  11. 11. Analytical & Diagnostic: Chemical*NABL Accredited analytical testing and diagnostic laboratory for chemical and electrical testing and calibrationHighly sophisticated and preciseSCIENTIFIC DIAGNOSIS THROUGH ANALYTICAL TESTINGwith our electrical and chemical analytical testing laboratoryNDL Power has been providing analytical and diagnostic services to our clientaround the world for over 3 decades, with our NABL accredited, highly equippedfacilities and highly specialized team of scientist with experience of over hundreds ofthousands of High voltage equipment diagnosis and testing.Through our Power Management System, NDL provide our clients with the best ofour resources at their disposal, along with the experience and technical database ofthousands of equipments.Our scientifically designed maintenance routine incorporated with these analyticaltesting of various parameters of your equipments which gives us a detailed insight tothe power system, which helps us see through the equipments like no-one elsecould. This being a unique facility, helps us provide our clients with the ‘best of itsclass’ service modules through the Power Management System.
  12. 12. With over thousands of transformer analyzed and services, alongwith the experience & expertise of over 3 decades and a trendingand monitoring databank of lacks of transformers, NDL Groupprovide you our highly specialized service
  13. 13. Power Management SolutionsProviding ExpertONLINE / OFFLINE CONDITION MONITORING ROUTINEensuring the optimum condition of you assets and equipmentsOur Power Managements Systems comprises of several periodic conditionmonitoring, testing and commissioning services for the power system of yourindustry.With updated, state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated testing and calibratingequipments, our team of expert power engineers ensure to test and monitor eachand every equipments with your facilities for their updated status, which is furthermonitored, trended and controlled for future references and resource data-bankwhich helps our experts predict and avert any possible breakdown, thereby ensureZERO down-time period for your industry, by keeping your investments highlyproductive and saving enormous expenditure on repairs and unplanned ‘fire-fighting’services.
  14. 14. Customizing & ImplementingSCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMProviding you with the best practices of the world!Our Power Managements Systems ensures to provide our clients with the hands-onimplementation of the best preventive maintenance practices of the world.Following are few of our valuable clients, where we are catering our AMC servicesfor Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Substations:Uttar Pradesh: 400 KV SubstationArunachal Pradesh – 400 KV SubstationAssam – 220 KV SubstationRosa Power, UP: 400KV SubstationSasan Power, Anpara: 400 KV SubstationHaryana: 220KV SubstationOrissa 2200 KV SubstationChhattisgarh: 220 KV Substation
  15. 15. Punjab: 132 KV SubstationHaryana: 33KV SubstationUttaranchal: 33 KV SubstationHimachal Pradesh: 33 KV SubstationGujarat: 132 KV SubstationChhattisgarh: 132 KV SubstationBaddi, Himachal: 132 KV SubstationChennai: 132 KV SubstationPunjab: 132 KV SubstationHimachal Pradesh: 132 KV SubstationChandigarh: 132 KV SubstationGwalior: 33 KV SubstationNoida, Uttar Pradesh: 132 KV SubstationHaryana: 33KV SubstationALL INDIA: Entire Group
  16. 16. Himachal: 132 KV SubstationHINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED: all plantsBALCO: all plantsSTERLTE INDUSTRIES: all plantsJamshedpur: 220 KV SubstationMumbai: 132KV SubstationOrissa: 132 KV SubstationBhopal, MP: 132 KV SubstationAll India: Entire GroupShree Cement: All IndiaShree Mega Power: 220 KV SubstationsVikram Cement LimitedUltratech Cement, PunjabUltratech Cement, ChattisgarhUltratech Cement, Panipat
  17. 17. Client Testimonials“NDL Power Limited was trusted with the re-manufacturing job ofour 2.5 MVA, 33 KV Class Power Transformer: The professionalismobserved by NDL was timely and excellent and the transformerdesigned & re-manufacturing was done with most prime industrystandards with regular reporting and analytical testing of the job, onevery stage. The Re-manufactured Transformer was provided withefficiencies better than the new transformer”–Yashpal SharmaManager (Electrical)“This is to state that NDL (P) Ltd. New Delhi has been working for NorthDelhi Power Ltd. (NDPL) for transformer oil testing. NDL has beenentrusted to carry oil testing of our 91 Power Transformer twice in ayear for all the nine tests mandatory as per IS: 1866 includeDissolved Gas Analysis ( DGA ). During this testing, a total of 11 DGAfaults were detected and 33 other recommendations were providedby NDL. The professionalism of NDL has been outstanding interms of Co-ordination, reporting and fault diagnosis.”–C V MathurGM (Operations)“Thanks for taking the job with M/S GAIL (India) Limited, Vijaypur. I wouldlike to appreciate your team members, who did a wonderful job during themonth of January, 2008. You have set a new Benchmark to M/S GAIL(India) Limited.”–Satendra Kumar PalManger (Electrical) GAIL (India)
  18. 18. “This is to certify that M/S NDL (P) Ltd., New Delhi completed theTransformer oil testing of our Transformers as per IS: 1866 successfully,which is the landmark of the above company.”–D.K. Mangraj Asst.General Manager, Power Distribution SAIL“This is to certify that the work of Transformer Dehydration/ Filtration/Reclamation/ Oil Testing and maintenance job by M/S NDL (P) Ltd. In Ourvarious Transformer have been carried out with outmost professionalismand to our entire satisfaction with minimum of supervision from our side.The timely and accurate completion of job is the landmark of thecompany.”–Plant Engineer (Electrical)Preventive Maintenance, Nagaon Paper Mill“QMS is very well implement in lab. Technical competencyof the persons working for Laboratory is very good. Theinteraction with Lab Managers is very informative. Overallwe got good feeling in all aspect.”–Nirav A. ShahManager,