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This ppt contains the details of what is social networking all about and what can be the future.

Special thanks to : http://commoncraft.com/ for video related help.

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Koncept Konqueror Group3

  1. 1. Koncepts Konqueror Social Networking what’s in it for you … Divyan Kavdia 09BM8017 Swati Arora 09BM8032 Saurabh Mishra 09BM8045 Kumar Priyadarshi 09BM8069
  2. 2. Time Before SNS Principal Players • Forums, websites, blogs. Business Model Coming Up • Mailing list, e-groups newsletter/ e- groups.com • Telephone
  3. 3. Time Before SNS Principal Players Business Model Coming Up •Having a hard time starting a conversation •People don’t trust you •Anonymous person •Hide ourselves •Avatars and username
  4. 4. And then came Social Networking Principal Players Business Model •Profiles Coming Up •Shows your identity •Power user •Profile building •Identity building •Self publishing •Community building •Community leader •Contributor •Network building
  5. 5. Evolution Principal Players Business Model ClassMates 1995 Coming Up My Space 2003 Facebook 2004 Orkut 2004 More than Twitter 2006 200 networking sites Google Wave 2009 Google Buzz 2010
  7. 7. Identify the Photographer Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up
  8. 8. Its Balaji Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up
  9. 9. And the poet Sectoral Analysis Business Model The first tune of the cuckoo has been heard, Coming Up The beautiul south wind is caressing the souls, Busy bees are relishing an elegant opulence, Spring is in the air!Blitheness is in the heart! Water in the streams are flowing with glad tidings, It's visage sparkling bright with Heaven's light, The boatmen are singing out a golden tone, as never before heard from them; Spring is in the air!Exuberant is the mind! Evening twilight is kissing the earth, The farmer's son has found his calf, But he is restless due to the tune from that faraway hamlet. Alas the full moon has cast her grandeur, Spring is at her dazzling best, Creation is unfolding her eternal glory.
  10. 10. The Bong connection..Shubham Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up
  11. 11. And the salty sarcasm Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up Yes, on a scale from one to ten, ten being the dumbest a person can look, you are definitely nineteen. Handle? I can handle it. Handle is my middle name. Well, actually its the middle part of my first name. Weekend before midsems, weekend before holidays, last weekend of being twenty one... But none of that excitement here. Current Mood: Oh my God, I don't even have Parle-G biscuits as stock.
  12. 12. Ann..the facebook version Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up
  13. 13. What are SN’s used for ? Principal Players Business Model Coming Up
  14. 14. The VGSOM home page, Facebook Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up • Frictionless: simple, less is more • Audience: on Facebook for their friends • Communication: integrate into the viral channels • Engagement: hook users to return regularly • Business model: design with monetization in mind • Objective: establish goals and success metrics • Obvious: make each page’s purpose clear • Keep working: develop, test, repeat
  15. 15. A race towards the pinnacle Sectoral Analysis Business Model Coming Up
  16. 16. Facebook has: Sectoral Analysis Business Model -Games as marketing tools Coming Up -Farmville--- 83,224,849 monthly active users -Your own games -Profile page -Groups/events -Fan page/events -Easy to interact (Thumbs up & like) -Feeling of being listened to.
  17. 17. Google Waves Sectoral Analysis Wave creator Lars Rasmussen Business Model described Google Wave as “equal Coming Up parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more,” and further describing it as “what e-mail might look like if it were invented today.” So another game-changer it appears.
  18. 18. Twitter Sectoral Analysis Fast growing micro-blogging Business Model Coming Up platform. What are you doing? 140 char. less.
  19. 19. And Ning..Kamkon Sectoral Analysis Create your own SNS Business Model Monetize it by putting ads and Coming Up features -Groups -Forums -Blog -Photos -Videos
  20. 20. The Dilemma… Sectoral Analysis Principal Players Both media and most online businesses Coming Up are based on “software economics”, where the cost of creating something of value is relatively high but the marginal cost of distributing it to each consumer is very low.
  21. 21. Monetizing and Issues Sectoral Analysis Principal Players •Advertising- Coming Up •Users don’t click enough ! •Exhaustively interesting peer-produced content •Partnership opportunities •Limitations of target demographics •Micropayments •Small amounts of money for better experience •Do not expect users to micropay from the beginning ! •User payments/gatekeeping fees - or, the virtual country club • Target specialty networks
  22. 22. Monetizing and Issues Sectoral Analysis Principal Players Coming Up
  23. 23. Advertising Model Sectoral Analysis Principal Players •One of the foremost forms of revenue generation on SNS Coming Up •Large and/or highly specialized, differentiated viewerships required •Forms of Advertising Model : •Affiliate Form •Banner Form •Key Revenue Drivers : •Number of users •Attract new members by: •Optimizing Recommendation/Invitation Process •Creating incentives for inviting new members •Engage in “hubs”
  24. 24. Subscription Model Sectoral Analysis Principal Players •Offer users content or services for a Coming Up subscription fee •Key Revenue Driver : •Creation of high levels of unique customer value • Creating customer value: • Increase levels of user generated content •Frequent update of profiles •Offering multiple membership packages with different pricing schemes
  25. 25. Transaction Model Sectoral Analysis Principal Players •Company receives a fee for enabling or Coming Up executing a transaction •Types of transaction : •Endogenous •Exogenous transactions •Key Revenue Driver: • Trust in peers and the platform •Peer trust : Visualizing second-degree contacts •Platform Trust : Guaranteeing high levels of privacy
  26. 26. Various Sites and Models Sectoral Analysis Principal Players Coming Up
  27. 27. Some Interesting Statistics Sectoral Analysis Principal Players • Social Media spending is expected to increase Business Model from $716M in 2008 to $3.1B in 2014 • Pepsi dropped TV advertising for the 2010 Super Bowl. Instead, they're investing in a $20M Social Media campaign. (After 23 years of Super Bowl ads!) • Dell has attributed over $6.5M in revenue directly to Twitter • 99% of online retailers plan to have a Facebook page by 2011 and 91% plan to have a Twitter page • 53% of the Fortune 500 have at least one active Twitter account • 83% of CMOs are tracking their number of fans in Social Media
  28. 28. What’s next.. Sectoral Analysis Principal Players Business Model Man..Machine and Social Networking..