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Divya Delhi ePaper Dec 24, 2012

  1. 1. God says goodbye to ODIs Katie Holmes Dreams of skating | Sachin has announced retirement from Charge sheet filed against Saif one-day cricket | PaGe 11 PaGe 7D DivyaDDaring & Dynamic Delhi national english weekly NEW DELHI | www.divyadelhi.com | E-mail: info@divyadelhi.com | December 24, 2012 | Page 12 | Vol. 1 No. 3 | ` 5 | India T he recent gang rape in Delhi has demands sent ripples across the country. Protests are reported from across the country demanding justice for the victim. A report justice by Novita Singh says that the gory crime has not only angered India but raised some questions which need to be answered if India wants to remove tag of ‘the worst place to be a woman’ from her fore- head. Page 2 photo by Arush Bhatt NATION Op-ed Business & economy Can politicians prove..... Is Indian customer really a king? Banking Amendment: boon or bane? Reports Rajesh Chauhan Third Eye By Harish Barthwal Reports Bhumika Bhargav PaGe 3 PaGe 5 PaGe 10
  2. 2. 2 lead story DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 ‘Rare’rape raises Qs sent ripples across the country. Protests are reported from across the country. In amendments to law, various national level organizations and various non- Delhi, It wasn’t just India Gate - protest- government organizations too have over ers breached the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the the years tried to find a solution to it. Delhi Chief Minister’s residence was Alternate perception based campaigns picketed and at 10 Janpath, Sonia Gan- like Blank Noise and Slut Walk too have dhi’s residence, people were detained. tried to do their part by bringing out the The very same week there were in- rape and molested victims out in the stances of rape and other crimes reported open. However, things don’t look better in other parts of the country. A crime in but just the contrary. an urban space receives more attention Suggestions ranging from anarchy for because of the urban presence of news the system to capital punishment and organizations and the urban tech savvy chemical castration for the offenders breed of people that are constantly ex- have been offered. It’s a general belief pressing themselves over the social net- that if the punishment is stricter then the working sites that gives an issue interna- perpetrators of crime will fear and not tional audience. commit a certain crime. But, it has been What is evident is that irrespective found that even harsher punishment of the geographical location, safety of doesn’t stop individuals from commit- women is an issue in this country. As of ting crimes. Moreover, punishment October 2012, as many as 963 rape cases becomes meaningless when it is late. await trial in six districts of Delhi. First- But, the general rage that is sweeping post India reports, “Delaying tactics by across the nation only sees a population the defence, adjournments on frivolous that is confused and angry and wants to grounds, insensitive public prosecutors feel safe. Many fear sending their own and overburdened courts, say criminal daughters, sisters and friends alone at lawyers, are some of the reasons why any point in the day for the sheer safety rape cases carry on for years without concern. But then does restricting the any hope of justice.” mobility of an individual and creating Novita Singh But, what is also important to look fear solve anything in the whole equa- into is that what gets qualified as a rape tion. If not then where does the answer INDIA: The rare and gory gang rape of case. Rape as a criminal act falls under a 23-year-old paramedical student in a lie? Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code The answer to it lies in everything - moving bus in the heart of the national which is punishable through life impris- capital has not only angered India but from our schools to our media, from our onment. An act of forcible penetration laws to our governance. But, more than raised some questions which need to be carried out by one or more people com- answered if India wants to remove tag anything it lies in our upbringing. We are bined with assault is described as rape. the preachers, perpetrators and the audi- of ‘the worst place to be a woman’ from However, there are instances where the her forehead. ence of the best kind of hypocrisy. We law has been misappropriated to accuse worship goddesses but aggrandize only As Delhi continued to lead the unprec- an individual for a crime not committed. edented countrywide protests against our male gods in public forums. Woman For instance, it has been observed that Delhi gang rape, a three-year-old girl as an entity is never an isolate figure but certain women indulge in consensual was raped in a play-school in West Delhi an extension of her male counterpart–be cohabitation and then later file charges by the husband of school owner. What it our literature or religion, and if she is of rape against their sexual partners, if does this show? It shows the general per- in isolation then she better be a warrior their relations go awry or if they want to ception in India that “you can get away goddess or a movie star. From our re- take revenge. The police and courts also no matter what crime you do”. This gressive television, dailies and stereo- sense ‘foul play’ as soon as such cases perception is a direct challenge for the typical advertisements to our need to re- come before them, but such ‘misuse of governments, judiciary, police and other laws’ also blocks the prospects of the serve seats for women along with senior law enforcement agencies. But, the justice for real rape victim. As India citizens and handicapped in our public people must understand that is about to make rape a gender neutral transport – everything reeks of hypoc- nation of self-centred offence, it is high time the government risy. The issue can never be resolved citizens seldom ensures that the ‘betrayal’ shouldn’t be because we are always curbing the makes history. treated at par with rape. problem, never curing it. We want our “Men abuse However, the ground reality remains girls to be educated but not liberal. We women in every that rape as an offence is on the rise teach them to talk but not to question. society, but few along with the host of other crimes Which is why, it is not about whether we males do it with against women. Women in India are were one of the first nations to have a as much impunity, unsafe and the issue is only worsening female prime minister or had a female violence and regu- with time. National Crime Records Bu- president in the last term. It is about if larity as the Indian reau in India records a hike of 7.1 % in we can see our girls and women exer- male,” observed col- crimes against women between 2010 cising their right to choose, to live free umnist Samar Halarnkar and 2011 – a total number of 228,650 from societal obligations and to voice as after the gang rape. What crimes against women. But there can be much as she wants without branding her is it that makes this country various speculations behind the reason as a prostitute. It is about our mentality, as a global poll of experts in for the same but more than everything about our understanding of women and June 2012 suggested, “…the it has to do with the status of women in their space. It is about acknowledging worst place to be a woman.” In- this country. that “she” is not just a mother, wife, sis- dia ranked below Saudi Arabia in Few months back, an article in The ter and a daughter but an individual. It is the poll, a country that recently al- Guardian said that as per the report of about understanding that every time we lowed its women to drive. But what is the International Center for Research teach our children about women’s space that makes the world’s largest democ- on Women, 45% of Indian women are in a conventional framework, we are racy the most unsafe place for women? married before the age of 18 and a re- perpetrating the chain of thought – the To name few, crimes against women search from Unicef in 2012 found that chain of thought that leads our women range from rape, homicide for dowry, 52% of adolescent women think its jus- to be treated as objects, that contributes molestation, trafficking. The Hindu re- tifiable for a man to raise his hand on a to them and their presence being under- ported this week that the number of rape woman and 57% of adolescent men feel stood as only to fulfill the demands of cases in Tumkur district in Karnatka is the same. Over the past three decades 12 the opposite gender. And yes, we must on an increase and that many go unreg- million girls have been aborted because teach our boys something better – teach istered because of the vague tradition of the preference of a male child. In es- them to understand women, teach them of attaching the family’s honour to the sence, this country suffers from a suffo- to hear their wives and daughters and girl. The same day The Times of India cative patriarchal air. teach them to not look at them as sheer reported that rape cases against teenage Various solutions have been debated objects but more than anything we as girls in Mumbai rose by 29% this year. and deliberated over for decades to hin- a society need to be learning a lot and The recent gang rape in Delhi has der the crime against women. Various working on it together.
  3. 3. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 nation 3Can politicians prove protestors wrong? N E W DELHI: A 23- year-old bubbling girl is raped by a barbar-By Rajesh Chauhan ic gangof monsters in a movingbus and thrown out of thebus along with her beatenfriend, in the nationalcapital. The girl battlesfor her life in a hospitaland despite being unableto speak, she questionsfirst thing to her parentsin writing: have they (rap-ists) been caught? ‘Theyshould be punished” shewrote other day. And fi-nally, “I want to live”.The gory rape saga ragesIndia, and Delhi becomesthe epicenter of the coun-trywide protests. Angered citizens, main-ly young girls and boys,came out on streets andwalked towards homes ofCongress President SoniaGandhi, President PranabMukherjee, Delhi ChiefMinster Sheila Dikshit,and headquarters of DelhiPolice. While Sheila Dik- photos by Arush Bhattshit, the longest servingchief minister of Delhi,has tried to save her skin Minister Sushil Kumar of these incidents werein providing security to Twitterati Shinde is has disappeared from the scene as though without any violent provo- cation from the protesters.the women by saying that“Delhi Police is not under such horrific rapes are nor- The RAF would appearDelhi Government”. Nikhil Kharoo @nkharoo: “Gangrape victim in the ICU mal in India. in hundreds every hour Congress President Sonia has spoken more words than PM in last 3 days..!!” - At the time of filing this or so and Lathi charge theGandhi has done her bit by Forwarded message by a friend.” #DelhiProtests report, a major develop- public, provoked or other-meeting the protestors twice ment indicated that Delhi wise,” he writes.and assuring them of suit- Rape Protest may also die It was also allegedable and prompt justice to aanchalsethi @aanchalsethi: “its sad we live in a de- down like earlier spontane- that the Akhil Bharati-the horrendous rape victim, mocracy where we want our leaders to speak. but all ous mass movements: the ya Vidyarthi Parishadwho continues to be critical they do is close doors while the nation protests.” peaceful protest at India (ABVP), the student wingand doctors are subjecting Gate turned violent! Delhi of the Baharatiya Janataher to various tests at the Police say it is the hooli- Party (BJP), and the Na-time of filing of this report. shadan @shadanmd: “A mass protest of this nature gans who have taken cen- tional Students Union of “We are subjecting her needs to be dealt politically and through dialogue...not tre stage and are molesting India (NSUI), the studentto all examinations and girls and attacking police wing of the Congress, by enforcing administrative measures.” #delhiprotests and Rapid Action Force. tried to hijack the sponta-procedures. She contin-ues to be critical,” Dr B Eyewitnesses tell a differ- neous and peaceful massD Athani, Medical Super- Prakash Sharma @Prakash_Sharma: “NSUI should be ent story. An eyewitness, movement.intendent of Safdurjung boycotted by all students for its attempt to politicize AGhambhir, wrote on his Though the protestorsHospital, told PTI on Sun- blog (http://crispybabelf- have been chased awayday. #DelhiProtests”. ish.blogspot.in/2012/12/ by the police from the VIP Doctors had said on Sat- images-from-india-gate- areas and other sites likeurday that the rape victim nary danger of going in to connect chord with the too little, too late. when-protest.html) that India gate, but they haveis psychologically “com- it was RAF being violent given a message to the front of angered protes- youth of this country. But, Politicians have alsoposed and optimistic” without any provocation. VIPs: we know you areabout her future and has tors? he has missed the chance. taken back stage after de- “While I was there, I was hypocrites. Now the ques-started communicating. Even politically, this Even if he comes into the livering emotional speech- tear-gassed thrice and hit tion is: can politicians Congress’ youth icon was the chance for Rahul scene, it will be considered es in the parliament. Home with a Lathi once. All four prove protestors wrong?and prime minister inwaiting, Rahul Gandhiand Prime Minister DrManmohan Singh havenot done what they weresupposed to do. Manmohan Singhshould have addressed theraged nation that the gov-ernment would come downseverely on the wrongdo-ers. Instead, he met onlywith women MPs on theissue and assured them ofjustice to the rape victim. Rahul Gandhi is sur-prisingly absent from thescene. Have his advisorswarned him of the imagi-
  4. 4. 4 editorial DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012Time to send criminals where they belong toI ndia is raged over the grue- hatma Gandhi’s three monkeys Pradesh, one of BJP namely India one can easily guess how some rape of a 23-year-old when it comes to fielding their Jethabhai G.Ahir from Gu- hard it is to prove ‘powerful medical student in national candidates. jarat and one of TDP namely accused’ guilty.capital. Currently the media A report by Association for Kandikunta Venkata Prasad But, then shall society keepis reporting about the outrage Democratic Reforms (ADR) from Andhra Pradesh. Thirty- quiet? No. It is high time thatover the gang-rape but how has once again highlighted the six other MLAs have declared India takes a pledge that nolong will it last? Till perhaps double-standards of the politi- that they have other charges criminal finds place in statesomething else newsy turns up cal parties. It reveals that since of crimes against women such assemblies or parliament. Timeand perhaps until the next such 2007, political parties gave as outraging the modesty of a is ripe to force the politicalor worst happens. It is also a tickets to 27 rape accused to woman, assault, insulting the parties to drop those candidatesfact that this is not the first time fight in state elections. The re- modesty of a woman etc. who have been convicted orand the last time that a minor port stated that political parties Out of the 260 candidates accused of rape and sexualgirl or a major girl has been had also given tickets to 260 who declared that they have assaults. The voters should takeraped. Leave apart strangers, men who were charged with been charged with crimes a pledge that they won’t voteover the years there have been other crimes against women, against women, 72 are inde- for even honest candidates ofcases of fathers, step-fathers / including molestation. Six pendent candidates, 24 have those parties which even fielduncles / grand fathers, neigh- MLAs have declared that they been given tickets by the BJP, one candidate of a criminalbours coming from differ- least our assemblies and parlia- have charges of rape against 26 candidates have been given ment shut doors for the crimi- background.ent classes and religions in themselves in their sworn tickets by the Congress, 16different countries, raping the nals. At least political parties affidavits submitted with the have been given tickets by theones who trust them the most. come out in open and pledge that they won’t field even al- Election Commission of India SP and 18 have been given Letter To The ReadersIf that has happened over the at the time of their election. Of tickets by BSP. Wgenerations, how can this be leged criminals as their party these six MLAs with declared It is unfortunate that election e have launchedstopped? Or, can it ever be candidates. Because, with the rape cases, three are from Sam- law only bars those convicted Divya Delhi, astopped? political parties trying to garner ajwadi Party namely Sribhag- from contesting, but those fac- National English Without going into the public sympathy over the Delhi wan Sharma, Anoop Sanda and ing criminal charges, no matter Weekly with a tagline ‘Dar-towering task of providing gang rape (and perhaps votes Manoj Kumar Paras from Uttar how heinous, face no such ing and Dynamic’, on thea consensus answer to these in the next election), they have Pradesh, one from BSP namely impediment. With the current occasion of World Humanquestions, it is high time that at over the years acted like Ma- Mohd. Aleem Khan from Uttar judicial and political system in Rights Day, 2012. With this, we have exer- cised our right of speaking up for the Nation, You and Law doesn’t Future of Instagram as well as for Ourself. Now, the ball is in your court as it is your turn to define eve-teasing T Act. If You are happy, good he online consum- no intention of selling your for You and we wish You re- ers all over the world photos, and we never did. We main happy forever. were shocked when don’t own your photos – you in proper terms However, if You are con- they heard that Instagram, the do.” cerned about the state of mobile-application company To help clear confusion, affairs affecting Our na- which allows participants to Instagram lets you compare tion, share photos, was planning to the old TOS with the updated Your city, Your colony,Main Toki or with fine or with both. sell their photographs to the one. Most of it is legalese, but Others, You and Your fam- We live in a time where the advertisers. the key thing to note is thatT ily then kindly Act: Contact eve teasers roam about in multi Instagram on December 17 Instagram still exercises the he law doesn’t even define Us! million cars, use high-tech gad- said that that it has the perpetu- right to license your photos in eve-teasing in proper For, we are looking for terms. So how do we gets and stab people in the public al right to sell users’ photo- any way it sees fit, but not sell people who React whenexpect to punish culprits and who resist eve-teasing (Yes graphs without payment or them and take your right to something goes wrong butgive justice to the victim’s when its true. Read Keenan case for notification, a dramatic policy claim ownership. More info is don’t Act in the absence ofthe very term isn’t even defined? details) and the fine amount still shift that quickly sparked a also available in the service’s remains Rs 2000-Rs 5000 with a right tool and platform.We do have some laws but they public outcry. But, after the official privacy policy. We are also looking forjust seem for namesake and are the jail term being 3 months, netizens cried foul, Instagram For those that don’t know, how hopelessly impractical is thinkers, scholars, aca-toothless. instantly changed its tone. Instagram was recently bought demicians, professionals, 1. Section 298 (A) and (B) that? by Facebook, and the photo- Instagram co-founder students, bureaucrats, vi-of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) We are so busy deciding Kevin Systrom published based social network has start- sionary politicians etceterasentences a man found guilty laws which take control of our a new blog post detailing ed investigating plans to mon- to provide us opportunityof making a girl or woman personal lives (Sec 399) that we the service’s updated stance etize. The location metadata to work with themselves tothe target of obscene gestures, don’t have time to think about on content ownership and associated with photos you meet Our Motto of contrib-remarks, songs or recitation problems as serious as Eve teas- ing which poses danger on each privacy: share on Instagram is valuable, uting in the larger interestto a maximum jail sentence of “Going forward, rather than and Instagram has the right of the India and World.three months. Section 292 of and every women stepping out of the house. There is a serious obtain permission from you to share what it knows about We also require report-the IPC also clearly spells out to introduce possible advertis- you (including pictures of your ers, trainee reporters, copy-that showing pornographic or need to revamp the law on eve teasing beginning with actually ing products we have not yet latte art, sunsets, kids, etc.) editors and photo journal-obscene pictures, books or slips with potential advertisers. This ists to work with us. defining it. developed, we are going toto a woman or girl draws a fine We can go on discussing take the time to complete our is no different than the wayof Rs. 2000 with two years of Editor the laws and the flaws, giving plans, and then come back to Facebook or Google works.rigorous imprisonment for thefirst offender. opinions, holding candle light our users and explain how we In fact, there’s probably less 2. For repeated offence there marches, forming NGO’s but the would like for our advertising personal info to be gleanedis a fine of Rs.5000 with five question remains is anyone lis- business to work. from Instagram than, say, your Editor-in-Chiefyears imprisonment imposed. tening? Does it matter to the high You also had deep concerns Google account. Rajesh ChauhanUnder Section 509 of the IPC, and mighty that our women live about whether under our new If you’re really that scared editorinchief@divyadelhi.obscene gestures, indecent body without the protection of black terms, Instagram had any plans about the future of Instagram, comlanguage and acidic comments commando’s and are subject to to sell your content. I want to you can download your photosdirected at any woman or girl harsh reality of the situation? be really clear: Instagram has and close your account for good. Editoror exhibits any such object or Is anyone bothered that when Hardeep Singh Bediintrudes upon the privacy of a daughter goes out of the house editor@divyadelhi.comwoman carries a penalty of for tuition or dance classes, her journalist001@gmail.comsimple imprisonment for one parents don’t get relief till sheyear or a fine or both. is back home safe and sound Designers 3. Under Section 354 , Who- without being harassed, when Sanjeev Kumarever assaults or uses criminal a women goes out to work and Manoj Singh Ranaforce on any woman, intend- is working late shift the only Printed, published and owned bying to outrage or knowing it to thought that goes on in her mind Rajesh Chauhan. Published atbe likely that he will thereby is how to reach home safely. BG-6/305B, Paschim Vihar, Delhi-outrage her modesty, shall be We have failed so miserably to 110063. Printed at Divya Offset Printers, B-1422, New Ahsokpunished with imprisonment protect our women and yet we sit Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-10096.of either description for a term and formulate laws to “protect” F2 (d-3) PRESS/2012which may extend to two years, our country. Irony!
  5. 5. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 Op-Ed 5Is Indian customer really a king? ironically, their creation. etc. and then on humans noodles, etc. from our for protection against issues protecting the in- Third Eye Acclaimed far and loud in various locations over favourite food corner fraudulent, deceitful or terests of consumers are and highlighted in com- a length of time. Still, after we know the how misleading information, covered under acts like pany announcements the routine bans now on one the water for cooking is advertising, labelling, or Indian Contract Act, Sale slogan ostensibly shows drug, then on another, in arranged or utensils are other practices; the right of Goods Act, the Es- that they highly value the the wake of their having cleaned. The plight of to be heard in a forum. sential Commodities Act, consumer, his require- demonstrated serious ef- customer is no better with To these was added the the Prevention of Food ments and sentiments. fect on health only speaks the well known names. right to consumer educa- Adulteration Act. Another In real terms, it is since of the type and the way In all market deals the tion by later President laudable initiative in pro- Harish Barthwal being used as a strategy R&D was done before its terms & conditions of Gerald Ford. For protect- tecting consumer interest,N with sufficient measure launch. sale are invariably loaded ing consumer interests at applauded worldwide, ot too long ago, of success to keep the world level, the Consum- is the framing of the The planners, presum- in favour of the dealer buyers had little existing and forthcoming ers International (CI), Standards of Weights and ably in league with the so that despite all logic or no choices customers in receptive the umbrella body, for Measures Act. manufacturing lobby, and sense, the clausesin almost all branded mode so that profits keep 240 organisations in over As on date, there isgoods and services. For tell us that with people – whenever ambiguous – on rolling. spending more on what- shall be interpreted in a 100 countries, expanded a separate ministry orexample, among cooking Consumer is actually the charter of consumers department of consumeroil there was only (hydro- ever, the economy surges way that the buyer has to the king in United States forward. This philosophy bear the brunt. rights contained in the affairs at centre and ingenated) Dalda or Rath, where 70 percent of US Bill. every state. However,in breads it was Britannia is in perfect sync with The movement of the country’s growth is what the business wants. Consumer Rights began In India, to safeguard what turns out each timeor Modern, in cars there is that the consumer from the service industry So, the customers are in the US with former consumer interests inwas Ambassador or Fiat, but not in India where being indoctrinated to President John F. Ken- pre-Independence era we loses the battle vis-à-visin cycles Atlas or Hero, product and service believe that to stay with nedy who noted that “If had Indian Penal Code, giant industrial units. Ain cigarettes Panama, options are limited. For time they need to have a consumer is offered in- Agricultural Production, major collective strategyCavanders, Charminar or meals, you hardly have more and more acquisi- ferior products, if prices Grading and Marketing adopted by consumers hasPassing Show, in bathing the traditional dal fry on tion, consume (read pur- are exorbitant, if drugs Act 1937, Drugs and been the boycott policysoaps Lux and Lifebuoy, most highways but dal chase) more and more. are unsafe or worthless, Cosmetics Act, 1940; under which the consum-in the name of detergent makhani instead since, Adverting and marketing if the consumer is unable later, headway was made ers avoid the products ofonly Surf for long (the by input of Rs. 2 or 3 campaigns are so devised to choose on an informed with Monopolies and Re- the designated company ifterm remained synony- for butter, you can be as to placate the popular basis, then his dollar is strictive Trade Practices it is not in public interest.mous with any washing charged Rs. 15 or 20 sentiments. The popular wasted, his health and (MRTP) Act and in 1986. But such a move neces-powder for decades), extra. Similarly, tea from TV channels, newspa- safety may be threatened, The Consumer Protection sitates solidarity on theditto with ‘Xerox’ – many restaurants is being pers, radio stations and and national interest Act that was amended in parts of consumers. Wepeople often said, get phased out. What mat- celebrities tell us to keep suffers.” Equating civil 1993 clearing the way for hope, in times to come2 copies Xeroxed) and ters more to the dealer buying irrespective of rights of consumer with 3-tier consumer courts at this strategy gathersso on. The dealer usu- is per customer margin its implications on our national interest, he union, state and district momemtum.ally sold out whatever he than what the customer health and environment. propounded basic rights: levels known as the Dis- In India, the aware-produced or supplied. As needs and looks for. For With degradation in the right to safety against trict Consumer Dispute ness is very low about thesuch the manufacturerand all those in supply basic requirements, we moral values all around, the marketing of goods Redressal Forum, State pro-consumer laws andchain were real ‘Kings’. are living in an ambience no business unit has com- hazardous to health or Consumer Disputes Re- provisions such as The Shrewd and discernible of monopoly markets punction in compromis- life; the right to choose dressal Commission and Essential Commodity Act,as businessmen are – one – water supply, electric- ing with ethical values with access to a variety the National Consumer Drug and Cosmetic Act,big reason why they stay ity, railways with tariffs Disputes Redressal Com- regulations about preven- and norms – you may be of products and servicesin business – they best and terms set under mission besides forma- tion of food adulteration, appalled and some of us at competitive prices;know how to extract parliamentary or legis- tion of Consumer Welfare display of price, etc. may quit buying ‘tasty’ the right to informationmoney from the gull- lature Acts. There are Fund. For redressing In India, National Con-ible consumers, reason no alternatives, and the stock-related grievances sumer Rights Day is ob-enough they can sell issue of consumer rights of the consumers, Securi- served on 24 Decembera comb to a bald man. hardly has any relevance ties and Exchange Board to endorse solidarity withYes, people continue to in such areas. As for of India (SEBI) was es- the national consumerprocure many things they items beyond government tablished in 1992. To help movement and provid-don’t need and ever use purview, the compa- the aggrieved in matters ing better protection ofeither. nies proclaim that they of telephony and power consumers’ interests. Yet when the con- conduct extensive R&D sector, the Telecom- Consumer Protectioncept of consumer rights to understand the precise munication Regulatory Act is considered as thecame to fore, it was the needs of the consumers Authority of India and Magna Carta for pro-business class itself tocash on it. The slogan, like what pharmaceutical companies supposedly do Customer the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission tecting consumer rights through establishment of‘Customer is the King’ is, for drugs – initially it is on mice, dogs, monkeys & Brands were formed in 1997 and 1998. Many of the other advisory and adjudication authorities.Reservation in promotion violates human dignityAbhay Singh Kushwaha the concept of FRATER- infringement of powers demanded. Next will be bers who have criminal/ tion provides backdoor NITY within the Service of the Executive. It is un- the stage for OBCs to corrupt background; As- entry for such elements; Reservation in Pro- as well as DIGNITY of constitutional because it demand promotion-reser- sociation for Democratic hence they very keen tomotion is violation of the superior individual. infringes equality clause. vation. Samajwadi Party Reforms has been issuing ensure that reservation ina ‘basic feature of the India is also a signatory If 10 promotion posts are has already demanded detailed data in support all possible spheres is en-Constitution’ viz. hu- of Universal Declaration open for posting of SC/ reservation for Muslims. for several years. The law- sured.man dignity. Preamble of Human Rights, 1948 ST, posting of only 2 and India has been suffer- makers are not at all keen It is high time the na-lays down, inter alia, that and several international leaving out 8 unfilled on ing from brain drain for to decriminalize these au- tion stands up as one manthe Constitution aims at covenants which ensure account of the cap is irra- a long time; that drain gust institutions because to oppose any reservation“FRATERNITY assur- human dignity. Violation tional having no nexus to will be accelerated. So, as Section 8(4) of Repre- in any form; citizens musting the DIGNITY of the of such international com- the objective sought to be time passes, we are going sentation of People Act stop voting in favour ofIndividual……….” Con- mitments is betrayal of achieved by reservation. to be a nation of 3rd rate 1951 protects them from candidates who demandstitution contains several faith in solemn promises The executive cannot be administrators! Can the being disqualified – that, reservation of any kindother provisions to en- made for good of human forced to keep 8 posts va- nation afford this – espe- indeed, is an incentive for – Lok Sabha Electionssure dignity of man. It is race. What for human cant – it would certainly cially in the face of funda- lawless elements to con- in 2014 will give neededplain enough that super- rights organizations are hamper good administra- mental duty under Article test elections. The result opportunity to build thesession of a meritorious established in all parts of tion. 51A of the Constitution to is that a very large num- nation on principles ofsenior public servant by India? Today, reservation in ensure excellence in all ber of members would be Justice, Equality and Fra-a non-meritorious junior The concept of 20% promotions is sought; walks of life? such whose wards cannot ternity with human Dig-person, for no better rea- cap on reservation in pro- tomorrow reservation in Today, Parliament and qualify for public services nity.son than that he belongs motions also is unconsti- Super Time Scale or in all Legislatures have sub- or make their mark whileto SC/ST class, cuts at tutional and constitutes Deputation posts will be stantial number of mem- in public service; reserva- (Author is a Supreme Court lawyer)
  6. 6. 6 entertainment DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 Riya Sen smooches a girl! T rust Riya Sen to always surprise you! After being part of various controver- sies, Riya was spotted kissing a girl at a Mumbai nightclub last week, reports Mid-Day. The paper says that the iden- tity of the young woman is not known. Incidentally this is not the first time that Miss Sen has been caught on the wrong foot. Earlier too her leaked MMS video with Ashmit Patel had created quite a controversy. A industry insider says, `Recently her name Dabang 2 popped up in regards to a rave party that was busted. However, the petite actress strongly denied having links with the organiser to cheer you of the party. There was buzz that she was also involved in some hanky-panky with author Salman Rushdie. S alman Khan is back in full form once again with his ‘Chulbul Pandey’ avatar in Dabang 2. Go watch Dabangg 2 keeping the fact in mind that it’s a Salman Khan movie and Charge sheet filed against Saif M make your Christmas Holiday merrier. umbai Police Director Arbaz Khan’s December 20 film is about Chulbul Pan- filed charge dey who moves to Kanpur sheet against actor Saif and straightaway gets into Ali Khan for allegedly as- tough-conflict with crimi- saulting an NRI business- nal cum politician Baccha man February this year. Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj), Two of Saif’s friends — who has two brother’s Bilal Amrohi and actress named Chunni (Nikitin Amrita Arora’s husband Dheer) and Gainda (Deep- Shakeel Ladak — have ak Dobriyal). A volcano erupts and a also been named in the battle takes place between charge sheet. Chulbul Pandey and The incident occurred Bachcha Bhaiyya when when Saif, Kareena Chulbul Pandey kills Kapoor and some others Gainda. were at the Wasabi Res- It’s a treat to watch both taurant at the Taj Mahal Salman Khan and Prakash Hotel. Raj together once again Disturbed by their after Wanted. Salman ruckus, NRI businessman Khan as usual is the best. Iqbal Sharma requested He takes off his shirt, them to keep their voices Flexes his muscles, Fights the Villian and Flirts with down. However, this en- Sonakshi, raged Saif, who allegedly Sonakshi Sinha is punched Sharma, break- charming and spicy as ing his nose. Ladak also Rajjo. The songs in the allegedly hit Sharma’s film are already a rage father-in-law Raman Pa- with Kareena Kapoor’s tel. Later, Sharma lodged ‘Fevicol Se’ becoming an a complaint against Saif all-time chartbuster. at Colaba police station. Saif was was arrested on Feb 22 with Amrohi and Ladak for assaulting NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma. They were later released on bail.
  7. 7. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 entertainment 7 Katie Holmes dreams of skating K atie Holmes has taken to hitting the lesser known rinks in the Big Apple early and late, so she can avoid the crowds and the skilled skaters. The former Dawson’s Creek star explains, “I like to go ice-skating... I like Chelsea Piers. Rockefeller Center (rink) scares me because there’s so many people. “I’m not good at all and I’m mad about it because I’ll go and I’ll think, ‘Today, I’m gonna be really good...’ but the last time I was skating I just kind of held on to the side and I would have to, like, scoot little kids outta the way, like, ‘Excuse me... I can’t let go (or) I’ll fall’. “So what started to happen is the people that work at the rink that do all the fancy everything, they just kept giving me their cards... and I got about 10, so I try to go in secret at very small rinks.” Shilpa Singh loses Miss Universe title I ndia’s 12-year-long dry run at the Miss Universe continued with Shilpa Singh losing out in the finals of the 2012 beauty pageant. The 23-year-old Bihar-born girl entered the top 16 of the Miss Universe competition being held at Planet Holly- wood casino on the Las Vegas Strip, but failed to enter the top 10 slot.
  8. 8. 8 IN FOCUS ` DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | December 24, 2012 NEW DELHI: “While progress has been than $100 billion dollars which developing countries over the There is no hue made in recent years, India con- could have been used to invest period 2001-2010, down from its and cry in India tinues to lose a large amount of in education, healthcare, and high in 2004 when it accounted over the issue wealth in illicit financial out- upgrade the nation’s infrastruc- for 86.1%. It remains the major of black money flows,” said GFI Director Ray- ture,” he said. channel for the transfer of illicit at a time when mond Baker. The new GFI study also esti- capital from all regions except a Washington “Much focus has been paid mates between 2001 and 2010 MENA (Middle East and North based research in the media on recovering the the developing world lost a total Africa), where it accounted for By Hardeep and advocacy Indian black money that has of $5.86 trillion to illicit out- 37% of total outflows over the Singh Bedi $ o rg a n i z a t i o n already been lost,” he said sug- flows. decade.has highlighted flow of illicit gesting policymakers should in- The $858.8 billion of il- The report further notes thatmoney from India. stead make curtailing the licit outflows lost to all “illicit transfers of the proceeds Black Global Financial Integrity ongoing outflow of developing coun- of corruption, bribery, theft, and(GFI) released its latest report money priority tries in 2010 is kickbacks, accounting on aver-“Illicit Financial Flows from De- number one. a significant age for 19.9% of illicit outflowsveloping Countries: 2001-2010” “$123 uptick from over the decade, are on the riseon December 17 which said that as a percentage of total illicit fi-Indian tax evaders managed to nancial outflows”.send around black money worth GFI advocated that world$123 billion out of country in a leaders increase the transparen-decade. The report says that the cy in the international financialIndian economy suffered $1.6 system as a means to curtail the andbillion in illicit financial out- illicit flow of money. Whiteflows in 2010. The term, illicit A Nov 2010 GFI report,financial flows, pertains to “The Drivers and Dynam-the cross-border movement ics of Illicit Financialof money that is illegally Flows from India: 1948-earned, transferred, or uti- 2008,” found that the In-lized. dian economy lost $462 As per the report, India billion to illicit finan-is ranked as the decade’s cial outflows from 19488th largest victim of illicit through 2008. Howev-capital flight behind China, er, the UPA governmentMexico, Malaysia, Saudi thinks that estimates ofArabia, Russia, the Philip- GFI and for that matter In-pines, and Nigeria. The report ternational Monetary Fundexhorts Indian policymakers to (IMF) are incomplete.make curbing the ongoing out- A White Paper released byflow of black money their prior- A new report exhorts Indian policymakers to make the Finance Minister Pranabity number one. curbing the ongoing outflow of black money their Mukherjee in May 2012 coun- The report found that all devel- ters that “…although the esti-oping and emerging economies billion is a priority number one 2009, which mates of illicit outflows outsidesuffered $858.8 billion in illicit massive amount of saw developing na- India made by the IMF and GFIoutflows in 2010, just below the money for the Indian economy Frei- tions lose $776.0 billion. gives useful insights, they areall-time high of $871.3 billion to lose,” said Dev Kar, GFI lead tas. Trade mispricing was found to incomplete and further studiesset in 2008-the year preceding economist and co-author of the “It has very real consequences account for an average of 80.1% are required to get a correct es-the global financial crisis. report with GFI economist Sarah for Indian citizens. This is more of cumulative illicit flows from timate”. Transparency TipsWhere is Govt admits FDI is mostly black money • Addressing the problemsSwamy? NEW DELHI: Swamy Ramdev, another cru- small economies cannot be the sources of such posed by anonymous sader against black money, also didn’t react af- huge investments and it is apparent that the in- shell companies, foun- ter the GFI report was released. However, a day vestments are routed through these jurisdictions dations, and trusts by before the GFI report was released, Ramdev in for avoidance of taxes and/or for concealing the requiring confirmation Lucknow bashed the Congress over black mon- identities from the revenue authorities of the ulti- of beneficial owner- ey and urged people to defeat Congress in 2014 mate investors, many of whom could actually be ship in all banking and elections. Ramdev also claimed that the funds Indian residents, who have invested in their own securities accounts, and that would come in by way of Foreign Direct companies, though a process known as round demanding that informa- Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail was just tripping,” says the White Paper. tion on the true, human a fraction of the black money stashed abroad. It further says that “investment in the Indian owner of all corporations,NEW DELHI: Janata Party Ramdev since long has maintained that FDI is Stock Market through PNs is another way in trusts, and foundationsleader Subramanian Swamy, a tool to convert black money into white. which the black money generated by Indians is be disclosed upon forma-one of the torchbearers against In an interview to The Times of India on De- re-invested in India”. tion and be available toblack money, surprisingly didn’t cember 16, Ramdev once again maintained that It is notable that the paper was prepared by law enforcement;react on the latest GFI report. “FDI will only help tax evaders launder money the government after pressure was mounted on • Reforming customs and The report is much needed back to the country by round-tripping, giving it it from various quarters so its main focus was to trade protocols to detectammunition to lambast UPA a legitimacy cover of FDI”. cut the amount of stashed black money abroad and curtail trade mispric-government but Swamy didn’t In fact, this charge also has been accepted by and treat the issue as mere tax evasion. But, the ing;use it. Instead, he was busy the UPA government. Supreme Court on January 19, 2011 had de- • Requiring the country-cursing UPA, Sonia Gandhi, The May 2012 White Paper on Black Mon- scribed black money stashed away abroad byRahul Gandhi, Prime Minister by-country reporting of ey admits that black money is coming to India Indians as “pure and simple theft of national sales, profits and taxesDr Manmohan Singh, Elec- through FDI and Promissory Notes. money” and questioned the Centre’s approachtronic Voting Machines, Indian paid by multinational In section “Has Money Transferred abroad to tackling this menace and retrieving the hugeExpress Editor Shekhar Gupta corporations; illicitly Returned?” the paper says that FDI sta- amount kept in foreign banks.etcetera on Twitter. Is it because • Requiring the automatic tistics show that black money stashed abroad by After issuing the White Paper seven monthsof Twitter he didn’t notice GFI cross-border exchange Indians is coming back to India via Mauritius back, there is no action from the government.report, Or, is he really not seri- of tax information on and Singapore routes. For example, the paper said that all financialous about the issue and talks “As per data released by the Department of In- offences should be tried through fast-track personal and businessabout it for mere publicity. dustrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), from April special courts. The Ministry of Law may have accounts; The last time he spoke about 2000 to March 2011 F D I from Mauri- to take up this issue on priority and make ar- • Harmonizing predicateblack money was probably in tius is 41.80 per cent of the entire rangements for setting u p fast-track courts offenses under anti-November this year when he FDI received by India…that all over the country in a time-bound money laundering lawshad accused Aam Aadmi Party the two topmost sources manner. But, has it been across all Financial Ac-(AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal of the cumulative done? tion Task Force cooper-of being a pessimist over black inflows from April Therefore it ating countries; andmoney. Kejriwal had alleged that 2000 to March can be said that • Ensuring that theMukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, 2011 are Mauritius India lacks po- anti-money launderingBurmans of Dabur, Congress MP (41.80 per cent) and litical will to regulations already onAnnu Tandon etcetera had depos- Singapore (9.17 per deal with the the books are stronglyited black money in multinational cent). Mauritius and black money enforced.HSBC Bank’s Geneva Branch. Singapore with their menace.