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Divya Delhi, January 7, 2013 edition

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Divya Delhi- Jan 7, 2013

  1. 1. Sonakshi to disco for ‘Himmatwala’ Obama wins ‘officially’ Sonakshi Sinha will adapt the 1980s’ Obama has officially been disco style of dance for “Thank god”. declared US President I Page 7 PaGe 11Daring & Dynamic Divya Delhi national english weekly NEW DELHI | www.divyadelhi.com | E-mail: info@divyadelhi.com | JANUARY 7, 2013 | Page 12 | Vol. 1 No. 5 | ` 5 Introspect, and act I n an interview, the male friend of police when they were dumped by the six Delhi gang rape victim revealed how beasts on the road after the gory rape. It’s brutally they were tortured by the high time everyone — public, police, gov- rapists and how inhumanely they ernment, judiciary, media — introspects, were treated by the Delhiites and the Delhi and acts rightly to make India safe. Page 2 Lead story world nation Who and what is right? Malala Yousafzai released Self-defence urge shouldn’t be... Reports Hardeep Singh Bedi from British hospital Reports Rajesh Chouhan | PaGe 2 | Page 11 | PaGe 5
  2. 2. 2 lead story DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013 Who and what away. I kept waving for help. The ones who stopped stared minutes and took the victims to hospital in 33 minutes af- is right guarded response saying the law was taking its course, the against Choudhary at Vasant Vihar Police Station under at us, discussing what could ter receiving the first distress Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Section 228 (A) of the Indi- By Hardeep have happened. Nobody did call. It’s notable that victim’s slammed the police, saying an Penal Code. Choudhary, Singh Bedi anything,” he said in an inter- friend had alleged that police they would oppose the move who was recently arrested view to Zee News channel. reached on the spot after 30- to target the media. by the Delhi Police for alleg- The Delhi Police, which is 40 minutes and wasted time The Left also hit out at the edly demanding Rs 100 crore already under fire for muz- over the jurisdiction of the police, with CPI(M) leader from Congress MP Naveen NEW DELHI: As the coun- Brinda Karat saying, “In this zling anti-gang rape protests in crime. Jindal’s firm for stopping try was trying to bear the particular case, the boy who Delhi, refuted the allegation. But, apart from giving negative news, moved a city loss of the Delhi gang rape is also a victim is reveal- In a short explanation, clarification Delhi Police also court seeking his statement victim, Zee News aired an ing the terrible traumatic Delhi Police said their Police registered a case against Zee be video-recorded but the or- interview of gang rape vic- experience that he has gone Control Room (PCR) vans under Section 228A of the In- der was silent on his request. tim’ friend, who is the only through. Nobody can stop got the first call at 10.21 p.m. dian Penal Code, which deals The above story poses many witness of the barbaric crime him from doing that. And the that night about a couple, in- with disclosure of identity of obvious questions: whose happened on December 16, use of 228-A in this case by cluding a woman, lying on victims of certain offences. claim is right about the help 2012 in Delhi. As the inter- the Delhi Police and the gov- the road in a pool of blood. The police action against that Delhi gang rape victim viewee shocked the nation ernment seems be to protect They claimed that two rescue the channel led to furore. and her friend got after the by revealing what had hap- them rather than the victim.” vans reached the spot within While the Congress gave a heinous crime on the fateful pened with them during and A US-based eminent jour- night of December 16, 2012. after the crime, the Delhi Po- nalist body also asked the Was it right for the news lice was cornered. The 28-year-old male Interview carried by international media Delhi Police to refrain from channel to air interview of New Delhi: International media also highlighted the pressing charges against Zee victim’s friend? Was it right friend of the gang-raped vic- News. on the police’s part to slap a tim told Zee News on Friday interview of Delhi gang rape victim’s male friend broad- cast by Zee News. It has put Delhi Police in a bad light. “This is an instance of case against Zee News when that police delayed taking his greatly misplaced priorities. even Union Minister Shashi grievously injured friend to BBC ran a story under caption ‘India victim’s male friend recounts Delhi rape attack’. The New York Times Authorities are hardly pro- Tharoor has come out in open hospital that fateful Dec 16 tecting the victim’s rights by demanding the gang-rape night while they argued over story was titled “Rape Victim’s Friend Details Attack and Delays in Getting Help”. The Guardian story was retaliating against news me- victim should be named and jurisdictional area, losing dia that are bringing to light honoured? He recommended precious time in rushing her headlined “India gang-rape victim was left lying in street for an hour”. Business Insider reported the news with details of the horrific crime that the revised anti-rape law to hospital that might have that claimed her life,” said be named after her, and add- proven crucial in saving her. headline “A New Account Of India’s Brutal Gang Rape Is Out — And It Makes Delhi’s Police Look Awful”. Bob Dietz, Asia programme ed that this should be done if He also revealed callous- coordinator for Committee her parents have no objec- ness on the part of citizens The West Australian carried the news released by news agency AFP under caption “Outrage as boyfriend of to Protect Journalists CPJ). tion. Meanwhile, in a major saying that the two of them “Police should immediate- development, the gang rape lay naked on the road for Delhi rape victim speaks”. Singapore’s Straits Times headlined the news “No- ly drop their misguided plan victim’s father on Sunday re- more than two hours with to file charges,” Dietz said in vealed name of his daughter people stopping to look at body helped us for an hour: India gang-rape victim’s friend”. The news was also carried by major interna- a statement. to a British newspaper. them and then moving on. But, the furor has not de- Therefore, It’s high time “My friend was griev- tional media like CNN, Voice of America, International Business Times, The Miami Herald, The Sun, The terred Delhi Police from initi- everyone — public, police, ously injured and bleeding ating proceedings against Zee government, judiciary, me- Telegraph, ABC news, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, profusely. Cars, autos and News editor Sudhir Choud- dia — introspects, and acts Sky News etcetera. bikes slowed down and sped hary. The case was filed rightly to make India safe.Why good Samaritans are wary of stepping forward By Rahul Vaishnavi will never forget what hap- Singh caught her red-handed. after she was physically abused pened as he tried to succour Singh had determined to take by her husband. The police lostNEW DELHI: There’s no an “accident victim” the night the girl to the police station. no time in dragging her intodearth of good Samaritans in of Dec 15. Verma says he was That was when the girl ripped a court case, and Singh wasthe city, but those who wish travelling through Ghitorni her shirt, accusing him of mo- left regretting her Samaritanto do good often weigh the road that connects Delhi to sub- lesting her and threatening him impulse.possibility of police harassment urb Gurgaon around midnight. with a case in court. “I was made a witness andor the chance that by aiding a He saw what appeared to be “I had no choice but to had to visit the court for astranger, one might be helping an accident site -- a couple lay quietly go away from there,” whole year till the case ended.a criminal. on the roadside, their scooter Singh told IANS. I have since decided not to IANS spoke with a cross- smashed against a tree. his way to the north campus Unfortunately, the nature meddle with such affairs,” shesection of people in the wake “I stepped outside my car of Delhi University last year of police questioning in such says. This fact has also beenof allegations made by the to help. Just as I was about to on his motorbike, he stopped cases is so crude that victims seconded by the Delhi gangfriend of the Dec 16 gang-rape reach the man, I saw a group of to offer a lift to a girl who said would rather spare themselves rape victim’s friend in his inter-victim that no one came to their men rushing out of their place embarrassment than go through view to Zee News. she would like to be dropped atrescue the night of the incident, of hiding behind the bushes to the legal procedure. And if “Nobody from the publicafter they were dumped on nab me,” Verma said. Hindu College. police harassment was not helped us. People were probablythe roadside. The woman had “I turned back and sped. Midway, the girl took out enough, more would be in store afraid that if they helped us, theybeen brutally raped, while her Some of the men followed me Singh’s wallet, which lay in for those who serve as witness- would become witnesses to the28-year-old software engineer and hurled stones at my car,” he a bag slung on his shoulder es, and must face courts. crime and would be asked tofriend was assaulted. said. 32-year-old Vivek Singh as he rode his bike. While the Savita Singh, 52, had once come to the police station and Jayant Verma, 43, says he did not get away so easily. On girl reached for his cellphone, taken a neighbour to hospital court,” he told the channel.
  3. 3. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013 nation 3They still fast for justice snippets Delhi l BJP leader arrested IANS temperature breaks all previous re- from the Ram Manohar Lohia hos- cords. pital came to examine them initially for rapeNEW DELHI: The frigid cold in The makeshift tent with thin cloth but have stopped visting them now. NEW DELHI: A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)Delhi has started to take its toll on walls where they doze off at night “They are just not bothered any- leader here was arrested for allegedly raping athe two men who have been on a and the layers of blankets are of little more,” a hopeless Gangwar said. woman, police said Saturday. The accused washunger strike demanding death sen- help.“I have terrible cold and my However, Gangwar’s younger produced in court and sent to two days policetence for the culprits in the gang-rape throat hurts,” murmured a frail Gang- brother Rakesh who is with him at custody. “Yogesh Attrey, 40, a member of thecase. The determined duo vowed to war as he took a sip of warm water Jantar Mantar said that they had got party’s Delhi Pradesh Working Committee, wascontinue their agitation till their last while one of his helpers rubbed cold both men checked by a doctor and arrested Friday from Rohini in north Delhi forbreath. balm on his nose and neck. “their vital parameters were fine”. raping a woman,” a senior police officer said. Rajesh Gangwar and Babu Singh Similar is the case with Singh, who The determined men too said that The complainant, who lives in Vijay Vihar,have been on hunger strike near the said that he felt “very weak” and the nothing could dampen their spirit. told the police that Attrey had sexual relationshistoric Jantar Mantar observatory in cold made him feel “feverish”. “If my death shakes the system since 2007 and threatened her with dire conse-the heart of the capital. While Gang- “I can’t take any medicines on and gets them (accused in the gang- quences if she disclosed their relationship, thewar’s fast entered its 13th day Sat- empty stomach even the balms are rape case) hanged, I am ready to die,” official said.urday, Singh is on day eight of his of no use in this weather,” he told Gangwar said. Gangwar, reached Attrey had contested Delhi assembly polls infast. IANS. Delhi Dec 24, Babu Singh from 2008 from Mangolpuri constituency on a BJP Both men continue to brave the They accused the government of Farrukhabad, also in Uttar Pradesh, ticket. – IANSDelhi winter as the city’s minimum being apathetic and said that doctors joined him in the fast Dec 29. Last l accused in Delhi heist arrestedJ&K to bear all expenses of acid victim’s treatment NEW DELHI: The fifth and last main accused in the city’s Rs.5.25 crore heist was arrested IANS support to them. He said the “entire on Friday afternoon from south Delhi’s INA expenses on her specialised treatment market, police said on Saturday.JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir outside the state in any hospital will be “Yogesh, who belongs to Sudamapuri ingovernment will bear all expenses borne by the state government”. east Delhi’s New Usmanpur, was arrestedfor the treatment of the woman who Meanwhile, The People’s Demo- three months after the Defence Colony heist,”suffered serious injuries in an acid at- cratic Party (PDP) Friday demanded said Chhaya Sharma, deputy commissioner oftack on her, Health Minister Sham Lal a government job for the acid attack police. Yogesh, 36, had been evading arrestSharma said here Friday. Two men victim. PDP spokesperson Naeem after the heist Sep 28, 2012, in south Delhi’sthrew acid on Rukya, 30, in Srina- Akhtar said that as the victim may lose Defence Colony. Cash of Rs.12 lakh and a .32gar Wednesday morning. The attack vision in one eye, her disability would bore pistol used in the crime were recoveredhas evoked strong reactions from the entitle her to a preferential treatment from his possession, said police.people from all across the Kashmir in getting a government job. The vic- Munne Lal, a guard of the van carrying theValley. As her condition worsened in tim was attacked by a motorcycle- cash, was shot dead during the robbery.a local hospital in Srinagar, she was borne assailant Jan 2 who threw acid The other accused -- Vijay Nahar Singh, Harishifted to Delhi for specialised treat- on her face. Doctors in a local hospital Kishan, Deepak, Ranjit Rumal -- were arrestedment. Sharma said that “such incidents where she was first admitted said she earlier and are lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. With the arrest of all the accused, police haveare inhuman and unfortunate and need had sustained 60 percent acid burn recovered Rs.4.15 crore. – IANSto be condemned” and that the culprits wounds on her face. Her assailant hasdeserve severe punishment. In a state- been arrested. The local bar associa-ment, the minister expressed sympa- tion said in a statement that none of its Trespass l alleged atthies with the woman and her fam- members would defend the attacker inily and extended financial and moral a court of law. former army chief’s house NEW DELHI: An army officer illegallyStates for All Delhi police stations to have 9 women officers entered the sprawling bungalow of formerstricter rape IANS outrage over the gang-rape of a 23- year-old girl in the capital Dec 16. The army chief Gen V.K. Singh on Saturdaypunishment NEW DELHI: Each police station in and fiddled with girl died in a hospital in Singapore last Delhi will have two woman sub-in- the communication week. equipment, his coun- spectors and seven woman constables Delhi has 166 police stations. Of- sel Vishwajeet Singh IANS as part of enhanced policing measures in the backdrop of brutal gang rape of ficials said that a recruitment drive is alleged. The armyNEW DELHI: The con- a girl in the capital. likely to be undertaken for appointing said the incident occurred due to a communica-ference of state directors Home Minister Sushilkumar Shin- more women personnel in police sta- tion gap.general of police and chief de told reporters on Thursday that tions. “Major R. Vikram of 1 Signals unit, who wassecretaries has suggested a he had signed the file for appointing The government has appointed in uniform, illegally entered the residence ofslew of measures to com- two woman sub-inspectors and seven a committee to strengthen laws for Gen Singh and removed some cards from thebat crimes against women, woman constables in every police sta- telephone exchange from the room, which is proving speedier justice and enhancedan official press release tion in Delhi. also used for security monitoring of the house,” Shinde had announced earlier that punishment in cases of aggravated Vishwajeet Singh told reporters. “It is a case ofsaid Sunday. These include increas- all police stations in the capital will sexual assault. It has also appointed criminal tresspass...we will take recourse to alling punishment in cases of have woman police officials. The step a Commission of Inquiry to look into legal options available,” he said. – IANSgang-rape, fast-track courts was announced in the wake of public the gruesome rape incident.for crimes against women,a dedicated helpline forwomen across the countryand bringing down the ageof juveniles to 16 from 18. The conference called fora national database of sex-ual offenders, gender sen-sitisation of police, morewomen police personneland their deployment atevery police station andstrengthening forensic ca-pabilities and communitypolicing. It also suggestedamendments in laws. Theconference held Fridaywas called by the centralgovernment.
  4. 4. 4 nation DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013Indian university system Snippets Delhi l temperature lowestin a mess: Educationists in five years NEW DELHI: Setting a new low for tempera- ture this winter, mercury in the national capital IANS mediate attention is the creation of addressed, they feel. on Sunday fell to 1.9 degrees Celsius -- five research institutes within the con- Criticising the policy makers and notches below average.KOLKATA: Educationists on Sat- fines of the university itself. administration for not taking a the This is the lowest recorded in Delhi in fiveurday expressed concern over In- “We have separate research in- bull by the horns, Pental also fo- years. It was in January 2008 that the tempera-dia’s university system, saying it is stitutes and then we have single cused on the “reluctance to follow ture touched 1.9 degrees, the India Meteorologi-in a “mess”. disciplined universities. Why don’t global benchmarks” cal Department said. The national capital, with “The university system is in a we give importance to the univer- Shedding light on the way ahead, the rest of north India, has witnessed a harshmess. What we are giving the stu- sity system like other countries Lakhotia said that in order to ac- winter, affecting normal life. Schools in the citydents is anybody’s guess,” said S.C. do? Building of research institutes quire global knowledge leadership, have been ordered shut until Jan 12. For thoseLakhotia of the Department of Zo- within the walls of the university is spending night in the open, it was hell. Many “we’ll need to overhaul our univer-ology, Banaras Hindu University needed to promote multidisciplinary homeless made a beeline for night shelters. sity system”.addressing a session at the 100th research and education,” Lakhotia According to the Delhi government, the capitalIndian Science Congress here. suggested. “Building comprehensive univer- sities, encouraging students to be- has 150 night shelters with a capacity to shelter Seconding Lakhotia, former Adding to Lakhotia’s observa- about 10,000 people.- IANSvice chancellor of Delhi Univer- tion, Pental said: “On the one hand come teachers, starting more num-sity Deepak Pental pointed out that there are so many research insti- ber of integrated courses, providing“one of the critical reasons” for tutes, on the other there is low level incentives to teachers and taking a l 25 Maha fast-track courtssuch a state of affairs is the lack of a of research in universities.” pyramidal approach to educationcomprehensive education system in The existence of dichotomy be- are some of the keys to ensure our only for women casesmany universities. tween liberal and professional edu- students get the best,” added Lak- MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government will Another sector that needs a im- cation is an issue that needs to be hotia. earmark 25 out of 100 fast-track courts across the state exclusively to deal with women-related cases, Home Minister R.R. Patil announced here Friday. He said that the Bombay High Court would be requested to do whatever was necessary so that women-related cases can be disposed of quickly and in a timebound man- ner. “The state government will also request the centre to make laws pertaining to any type of atrocities on women stricter in the wake of the‘Place health, education in recent gang-rape of a woman in Delhi,” Patil assured a delegation of Nationalist Congress Party women’s wing led by city president Chitra Wagh.- IANScentre of public debate’ l Music scheme to be named after Bhimsen IANS ning while delivering the inaugural healthcare, India spends only 1.2NEW DELHI: Nobel laureate lecture at the launch of Internation- al Centre for Human Development percent. “India should not cut on human welfare,” he said. JoshiAmartya Sen has noted that lack of here. India-born British economist MUMBAI: The Maharashtra cabinet has ap-basic utilities was responsible for Speaking on the theme human Lord Meghnad Desai suggested proved a classical music scheme worth Rs 45.66inequality in India and said social development post 2015, he said a special development index for lakh named after Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ahead ofindicators like health, education, issues like health care, educa- women in India. his second death anniversary, an official said.and human rights should form part tion, nutrition and human rights Rural Development Minister “In accordance with the State Cultural Policy,of the public debate in the coming should become issues of political Jairam Ramesh said the country 2010, five new sub-schemes will be implement-years. engagement.. According to Sen, needed high economic growth ed in the name of Joshi to encourage upcoming “Lack of basic utilities was re- around half of Indian families (48 to fund the large scale of invest- artists in the field of music. These will include asponsible for inequality in India.... percent) had no access to toilets, ment required for social develop- scholarship programme, classical music festi-issues like health care, education, and 43.5 percent of children ment and stressed that sanitation val, hostel for students, a lifetime achievementnutrition and human rights should were undernourished. “India failed should be at the centre of develop- award and aid to a notable music institute,” thebecome issues of political engage- on the healthcare indicator,” he ment discourse. The minister said official said.ment...development of social in- said. health and ecological poverty was A Bharat Ratna awardee, Joshi passed awaydicators contributes to economic According to him, while China becoming important in the country Jan 24, 2011 in a Pune hospital. He was 88.growth,” Sen said on Friday eve- spends 2.7 percent of its GDP on now. -IANS ‘Turn to old remedies against today’s lifestyle disorders’ IANS Congress, being held on the sidelines of the Indian Science Congress here. KOLKATA: Age-old methods like Highlighting the role of nutrition in eating whole grains, drinking enough women, she pointed out that due to water and traditional forms of exer- household responsibilities and safety cise like yoga and pranayama can issues, women do not get a chance to solve today’s lifestyle disorders, a exercise. renowned wellness expert suggested According to her, superfoods like Saturday. amla, aloe vera juice and various “We have to go back to our ancient types of whole grains must be incor- remedies to solve today’s problems porated in women’s diets to make which includes eating whole grains, up for the increasing consumption drinking enough water and tradition- of refined and starchy foods. Taking al forms of exercise like yoga and about stress, Sharma advised doing pranayama,” wellness expert Shikha breathing techniques like pranayama Sharma said at the Women’s Science to mitigate the problem.
  5. 5. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013 nation 5Rape-murder in Noida, four policemen suspended IANS olpur, had not been arrested. police post in charge, had been ducted a search and reached The family got a call Satur- The mother of the dead wom- shunted to Police Lines after the police station where the of- day morning that the daughterNOIDA: Four policemen were an accused the rapists of killing the mother alleged that the po- ficer suggested she might have was lying dead alongside a roadsuspended and another shunted her daughter to do away with lice personnel misbehaved with eloped with her boyfriend. in Sector 63. She was half na-out here after a 22-year-old evidence. her when she told them that her After police did not show any ked.The mother said her daugh-woman who went missing was Two constables at the Model daughter was missing. It was on interest in locating the missing ter was gang-raped before beingfounded gang-raped and mur- Town police post and two oth- Friday that the victim left her woman, the distraught fam- killed.dered, police said on Sunday. ers attached to a Police Control home at 8.30 a.m. for a 12-hour ily contacted the factory whose “The autopsy report is expect- The victim’s family alleged Room van have been suspend- factory job in Sector 63. workers told them they saw her ed within two or three days,”that the main accused, Udaivir ed, a police officer said. When the girl did not reach leave at 9.00 p.m. -- up till the said Senior Superintendent ofSingh Yadav, a resident of Bahl- R.K. Rathi, the Model Town home until 10 p.m., they con- police post. Police Praveen Kumar.Self-defence urge shouldn’t be temporary Raj Thackeray It is just not young working Makkar said the most-taught kicks up women who are relying heavily self-defence technique was Ai- on pepper sprays for their safety. kido that teaches women when, Many companies are also mak- how and where to attack. By Rajesh Chauhan row with ing bulk orders - to instil security “Aikido is an effective self- in their women employees who defence technique that focusses work late in the night. on dislocation of joints and nerve Delhi Police said they have no points,” he added. ‘Bihari rapists’NEW DELHI: After the grue-some Delhi gang rape and sub- problem. Captain (retd) Jaipreet Joshisequent reported rape cases have “Carrying knives, chilli pow- of Fitcomb, who conducts self- der or sprays will help women protection classes in Delhi and statementshaken the psyche of women.It seems that the Delhi women defend themselves against any the National Capital Regionhave decided to take their se- man who may harass them. Any (NCR), said he has been floodedcurity in their own hands. They woman can attack the attacker in with calls from working womenare readying themselves to give self-defence. But it should not and anxious parents ever sincea tough time to the molesters be used without provocation and the Dec 16 gang-rape. IANS Thackeray’s remark evokedand rapists if they ever encoun- there should not be any misuse. It is not just working wom- strong condemnation. Biharter them. To instill the feeling We don’t mind citizens taking en who are enrolling for such MUMBAI: Maharashtra BJP leader and Animal Hus-of security among young girls, such self-defence measures. A classes. “We are getting queries Navnirman Sena (MNS) bandry Minister Giriraj Singhthe South Delhi Municipal Cor- woman can raise an alarm after from women of all age groups, chief Raj Thackeray kicked attacking (with the spray) and right from 15 to 50 years,” Joshi said the MNS leader has lostporation (SDMC) also recently up a storm once again when then call for police help,” Deputy added. his “mental balance” andlaunched a self-defence pro- he said that the perpetrators Commissioner of Police (North) A recent survey by industry of the recent Delhi gang-rape sought a ban on his party.gramme. Delhi Police, which isresponsible for maintaining law Sindhu Pillai told IANS. group Assocham showed a 40 were from Bihar. Former union minister andand order in the national capital, In the wake of the gang-rape percent fall in productivity of Speaking at the Global RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadavtoo is encouraging Delhi women in Delhi that brought thousands women employees at call cen- Konkan Festival in Mumbai also criticised Thackeray’sto adopt self-defence tactics. But, of women out on the streets of tres and IT companies because Saturday evening, he said the statements, saying that theself defence experts say that this the capital in unprecedented pro- many were afraid to venture out gang-rape of the 23-year-old MNS chief “has a habit ofurge shouldn’t be temporary. tests, many women are making at night and had thus reduced woman was sad and nobody speaking in this manner”. Reports suggest that Delhi a beeline for self-defence classes their hours or had quit. Accord- should ever face such a situ- Janata Dal-United leaderwomen are exploring options and getting trained in street- ing to martial art experts, mixed ation. Ali Anwar said Thackeray’sto teach molesters and rapists a fighting techniques to take on martial art training is also most “However, nobody is will- attackers. sought after and is a combina- statement was appalling andlesson. They are not only arming ing to go to the root of the mat-themselves with pepper sprays “After the brutal gang-rape, tion of Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai “he has gone mad”. ter and reveal who committedbut also learning self defence. many women, particularly and Karate, among others. the heinous crime. They were Congress spokesperson Pepper spray dealers said working women, approached us The experts said apart from all from Bihar,” Thackeray Rashid Alvi condemned thethere is a whopping increase in for self-defence classes,” Shiv these known techniques, women said. statement in New Delhi sayingthe sales of pepper sprays in the Makkar, martial arts trainer at are also keen to take up kick- The MNS chief said that that it was “unfortunate andpast few weeks - ever since the the 5 Element School of Arts in boxing which teaches one how whenever he raised the issue served to weaken the countryDec 16 incident of the gang-rape Rohini, told IANS. and where to punch. The train- of Bihari criminals, he was and its democracy”.of a 23-year-old in the city. He said the school had already ers say their fee ranges from abused, but now even Delhi In Maharashtra, the Con- The mix of pepper and other started two batches since the Dec Rs.2,000 to Rs.2,500 per month Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit gress hit back by termingchemicals cause a burning sen- 16 gang-rape and death of a 23- and classes are flexible accord- has commented on the mat- Thackeray’s statements as “ir-sation in the eyes and on the year-old woman. “Many want to ing to an individual’s schedule. ter. “She (Dikshit) said in theskin. An advertisement of a “self get trained in mixed martial arts, Joshi lamented that women start responsible and deplorable”. presence of Prime Ministerdefence pepper spray” Bodygard particularly street fighting,” he attending classes after such in- In the past, Thackeray had Manmohan Singh and Con-goes on to detail what else it can added. cidents but soon lose interest. gress president Sonia Gandhi said that migrants and Bi-do -- “Inflame his throat; Inflame Street fighting is a self-defence “They should continue their that migrants in Delhi were haris were responsible for thehis lungs; Make him temporarily technique an individual is taught training. If they stop it mid-way responsible for the spate of growing criminal activities inblind... Cut off all his functions to tackle at least five to six peo- there is no use,” he said. (With criminal activities,” Thack- Mumbai and other parts of theexcept breathing”. ple with and without weapons. IANS inputs) eray said. state.Naming of gang-rape victim welcomed on social media IANS the revelation will give courage “Admiration and respect for to revive their pledge to keep ries Dec 29 in a Singapore hos- to other women. The man was the father for letting her name fighting for stringent punishment pital, where she was shifted forNEW DELHI: As the father of interviewed in his village in Bal- (gang-rape victim) be known to for the woman’s six attackers and better treatment.the Delhi gang-rape victim re- lia district in Uttar Pradesh. The the world. This will definitely more security for women. Suhaib Ilyasi tweeted: “Nowvealed her name Sunday, it rejuve- publication carried pictures of her strengthen our cause as well as “She has a name. It’s not Nirb- that we know the name of thenated the campaign for justice for family at their ancestral home. give a face to this movement haya or Damini. We salute you. victim, let’s vow that we will in-the woman with a deluge of mes- The 23-year-old woman who seeking strict laws for women,” India will fight back!!” tweeted tensify our agitation.”sages in the virtual world lauding was gang-raped Dec 16 in a Chhavi Singh Deo posted on her Nisha Arjun. Sonorita Chauhan was of thethe grief-stricken family’s decision moving bus is being referred Facebook wall. “Our fight has got a face now view that the focus should re-and vowing support to it. to by pseudonyms like ‘Nirb- Jay Thakkar, referring to the you have shaken our souls and main on the fight and not on the The father, in an interview to haya’, ‘Abhaya’, ‘Amaanat’ and young woman, tweeted: “Cour- set our hearts aflame. We will name of the victim.British publication ‘The Sunday ‘Damini’. As per indian laws, age, Bravery and Suffering now never forget,” posted Neeraj “Nirbhaya, Amaanat, DaminiPeople’ said that his daughter the identity of victims of sexual have a new common synonym”. Singh on Facebook, referring to - what’s in a name? It’s the fightdidn’t do anything wrong and assault cannot be revealed. The revelation prompted many the victim who died of her inju- that matters, right?” she tweeted.
  6. 6. 6 entertainment DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013 Rajeev and I are just friends: Sana Khan “B igg Boss” season 6 contes- tants Sana Khan and Rajeev Paul seem to have become the talk of the town, with the two often seen spending a lot of time with each other in the house. But Sana denies any such relationship. “I don’t know how and why we have been linked up. We are just friends,” she said. Rajeev’s ex wife Delnaaz Irani is also a part of the show and Sana said that Delnaaz knows that she doesn’t share a romantic relationship with Rajeev. Gauhar Khan vacations all alone in Sydney T he model- turned-actor, who was last seen in Ishaqzaade, giving a stellar per- formance, is taking a well deserved break from work and other commitments. The actor tweeted from Australia, “Me at Bondi beach Syd- Zoa Morani signed as ney..all by myself!!it was. Beautiful..love lead for ‘Bhaag Johnny’ being a tourist ..hha- hahahaha!” Now A ctress Zoa Morani has been signed on the beach, one on as the leading lady of “Bhaag usually dons a bikini. Johnny”, opposite Kunal Kemmu. Sadly we don’t have She will be presented in a new avatar, prom- any shots of Gauhar ises co-producer Bhushan Kumar. in those. But our The movie, co-produced by Kumar and question is, why was Vikram Bhatt, will go on the floors soon. the leggy lass vaca- “Zoa is doing my film ‘Bhaag Johnny’,” tioning alone? Bhatt confirmed in a statement. It is a film about a man who is forced to lead two lives and the chain of events that follow when he has to opt for one over the other. “Bhaag Johnny” is part of a five-film deal between Kumar’s T-Series and Bhatt’s ASA Productions.
  7. 7. DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013 entertainment 7Pregnancynot easy, saysKim KardashianS ocialite Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend rapper Kanye West, is happy but says she is trying to adjustto the changes in her body. Kardashian, who is three months pregnant, saysexpecting a baby is “so exciting”. She admits shewants to discover the sex of her first baby, but willonly do so when the time is right. “Of course, I do want to know. I can’t find outyet, but I do want to know,” she said. Her pregnancy was first revealed by West duringa recent New Jersey gig. Hrithik Roshan Sonakshi welcomes to disco for New Year on ‘Himmatwala’ yacht S T onakshi Sinha will adapt the 1980s’ disco style of dance he Krrish 3 actor welcomed 2013 with for “Thank god it’s Friday”, family on a private yacht in Bangkok a special song in “Himmatwala” Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan remake, directed by Sajid Khan. A flew his entire family to Bangkok and later remake of 1983 hit, features actors boarded a private yacht with his family to Ajay Devgn and Tammanah. Co- welcome in the New Year. The actor hired a produced by Vashu Bhagnani and yacht and partied along with wife Sussanne, UTV, the movie will hit theatres father Rakesh Roshan, mother Pinky, grand- March 29. parents, sister Sunaina, uncle Rajesh Roshan, The song, to be choreographed cousins, aunts and his two sons – Hrehaan and by Chinni Prakash, will have almost Hridhaan. 100 dancers and 400 extras. The actress had earlier grooved with Prabhudheva in the song “Go go Govinda” for the film “OMG: Oh My God!”.
  8. 8. 8 editorial DIVYA DELHI | New Delhi | January 7, 2013Women should oppose black sheep among themS ince the gruesome Delhi all problems related to violence complaint. being termed as rapists. It is country to such extend that gang rape, India is filled against women, recent reports A report in The Pioneer on a welcome step by the Punjab the Supreme Court once even with profound sadness, from Punjab and Delhi tell the January 3, 2013 said the Punjab Police to take action against termed it is legal terrorism.deep disappointment and un- other side of the coin. Assistant Director General frivolous complainants It is because of such fakequenchable anger. The epitome News agency PTI reported of Police (Crime) Jasminder Another report is from complaints, genuine grievancesof the anger in India could be on January 5, 2013 that Punjab Singh told media that ten false Delhi where police booked a of victimized women are notgauged from the fact that the police claimed that a woman rape cases were reported in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) addressed as it happened withhardcore criminals lodged in had registered a false rape Punjab in a week and said the leader for allegedly raping a the Patiala girl who committedTihar Jail had attacked main complaint against her tenant, a cases were filed with ulterior woman who told police that suicide. The way men and boysaccused in gang rape. The Kabbadi player with whom she motives and concocted facts. the BJP leader had sexual hit the streets demanding safetyway the unlucky 22-year-old was in a relationship, as she He also said that some guilty relations with her since 2007 for women after the Delhi gangparamedic was raped and was angry with him for marry- were also booked. and “threatened her with dire rape, It is high time that thetortured has chilled the bones ing another woman. Actually, as the Patiala consequences if she disclosed right headed women shouldof the Indian parents, men and According to the report, a minor rape victim committed their relationship”. Since the come forward to oppose blackwomen, girls and boys. After three-member inquiry team suicide, Punjab police in a matter is sub judice and it will sheep among them who misusethe Delhi incident, every Indian found that the accused had face saving act issued a series not be appropriate to analyze provisions of law for theiris concerned about the safety never raped her while there of instructions to the district the acts of accused, complain- personal gains and weaken theof women in his/her family. was consensual physical rela- police authorities to act “strict- ant and police. justice to the women.While the pressurized govern- tionship between both of them. ly” and promptly” in the cases Many a times courts havement has constituted Justice JN SSP Moga said that police have of crime against women or found that some womenVerma Commission to revisit decided to lodge a case against children, else face action. As file false rape cases to settle Letter To The Readers Wanti-rape and sexual assault as the woman under section 182 a result, Punjab police ‘acted’ personal scores. The marriage e have launchedif it will be a panacea to solve of IPC for registering a fake and saved few people from laws are also being abused in Divya Delhi, a National English Weekly with a tagline ‘Dar- Shift burden of shame to accused ing and Dynamic’, on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, 2012. With this, we have exer-Minu Jain stripped and bloody on the offers her every opportunity in parliament that the Delhi cised our right of speaking road, is indeed in the category to heal. victim would be a “zindaW up for the Nation, You and hen the outrage of rarest of rare that warrant True justice will come only lash” were she to survive, she as well as for Ourself. ebbs, when people death in India’s statute books. when society offers her a true echoed the societal bias and Now, the ball is in your get back to work But just as terrorism will chance at rehabilitation, and undermined her struggle for court as it is your turn toand students to colleges and not and has not stopped an end to the stigma - that life. It was a well-intentioned Act. If You are happy, goodit’s business as usual, will because Ajmal Kasab was should not be hers or her fam- remark, made at a time when for You and we wish You re-Indian society still think that hanged, justice cannot be ily’s but the those who com- the Delhi girl was fighting a main happy forever.a woman who has been raped served with the demand for mitted the crime. The onus of courageous battle to live in death penalty or chemical However, if You are con- victimhood has to end. Safdarjung Hospital.is a “zinda lash” (living dead) cerned about the state of castration. And an orthodox society The girl died a few dayshaving undergone a fate worse affairs affecting Our na- Those in the women’s that pushes an already trauma- later, on Dec 29 in a Singaporethan death? tion, movement have long been tised woman into a life of iso- hospital, leaving an entire na- Unless the answer to that Your city, Your colony, arguing that giving death to a lation and shame should know tion in shock and in grief.can be a resounding, unequiv- Others, You and Your fam- rapist or castrating him will that, as should the thousands Now the time has comeocal no, the extraordinary serve no long-term solution. ily then kindly Act: Contact who have taken to the streets. to channelise that rage intomovement for change prompt- Nor will it be a deterrent. Rape Deeper introspection is called constructive changes - a more Us!ed by a young physiothera- is not so much a function of for, questions that call for responsive establishment, a For, we are looking forpist’s brutal rape and death sexuality as a need to demon- shedding age-old biases. more efficient system to imple- people who React whenwould have been incomplete. strate power. “I am exultant at being ment the law, a stronger legal something goes wrong butUntil the burden of shame A woman who has been alive. Being raped was terrible framework and a more sensi- don’t Act in the absence ofmoves from the woman to raped must get justice but it beyond words, but I think tive media that continues to a right tool and platform.the accused, the clamour for will not end with hanging her being alive is more important. highlight cases of gender injus- We are also looking forjustice will ring hollow. rapist, those shouting for death When a woman is denied tices. And, above all, a people thinkers, scholars, aca- The discourse since Dec penalty need to understand. the right to feel this, there is more receptive to the trauma of demicians, professionals,16 when the 23-year-old was Speedier trials and a higher something very wrong in our a woman and her needs. students, bureaucrats, vi-raped has been muddled but rate of conviction - right now value system,” Sohailla Abdu- She doesn’t need to be sionary politicians etceterawelcome, putting the spotlight at just over 25 percent - with lali, who was raped in Mumbai Nirbhaya, Damini or Amanat. to provide us opportunityon crimes against women and witnesses not terrorised into when she was 17 and now That is just ridiculous, insen- to work with themselves toforcing introspection on issues turning hostile and sensitive studies in the US, has written sitive branding. She is the meet Our Motto of contrib-that millions of women in handling of the woman who in Manushi. everyday woman who should uting in the larger interestIndia face everyday, multiple makes a complaint will go a “Time and again, people not be facing horrific, stomach of India and World.times a day. long way in providing that have hinted that perhaps death churning brutality to evoke a We also require report- Rape is the most extreme deterrent. would have been better than the response. ers, trainee reporters, copy-form of violence in the spec- But justice must be carried loss of that precious ‘virginity’ editors and photo journal-trum of crimes against women, out in every which way for the I refuse to accept this. My life (Minu Jain is a senior ists to work with us.and the savage assault on the woman subjected to rape or is worth too much to me,” the journalist. The views23-year-old Delhi girl, who other forms of sexual assault, rape survivor has written. expressed are personal. Editordied of horrific injuries 13 aggravated and otherwise. So when opposition BJP She can be contacted atdays after she had been left She deserves to live a life that leader Sushma Swaraj said minu.jain@ians.in) Editor-in-Chief VIP Betis versus common Betis ! Rajesh Chauhan editorinchief@divyadelhi. com rape victim and aggression what has been done to protect an India where they will be against the silent mode of our their prestige? If immediate assured that any predator can’t Editor government, I wonder that can bonafide actions are not taken cause harm to their prestige. Hardeep Singh Bedi a politician’s daughter meet a then I am afraid that more And, such feeling can only editor@divyadelhi.com By Srishti Jaiswal journalist001@gmail.com similar fate ever? I have the Nirbhayas will be forced to come if “I am also father/ answer, no, never. For, they leave this world. mother of daughters’ type Designers are the VIP ‘betis, always in Time has come that govern- politicians give a stern signalI Sanjeev Kumar ndia plunged into the the security net. The common ment should come into active to the governing and investing Manoj Singh Rana Tsunami of tears and “beti” of India is not so lucky; mode leaving the silent mode agencies that India’s ‘common she moves out in unsecured they have taken to such issues. betis’ are in no way less than Printed, published and owned by aggression as the news Rajesh Chauhan. Published at India to work, to study, and This dour of Nirbhaya’s death their VIP betis’. BG-6/305B, Paschim Vihar, Delhi-of Delhi gang rape victim sometimes is the bread winner should give rise to dire moves 110063. Printed at Divya OffsetNirbhaya’s death flashed on of a family. The government to awaken our sleeping politi- (Srishti is student of Printers, B-1422, New Ahsok Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-10096.all the Channels. Amidst the talks of providing equality to cians so that India’s ‘common grade -10th, Mussorrie F2 (d-3) PRESS/2012tears for the pain of every women in every sphere but betis’ feel safe to move into International School)