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  1. 1. SECRETARIA DE EDUCACIÓN PÚBLICAESCUELA NORMAL SUPERIOR DEL ESTADO DE PUEBLALICENCIATURA EN EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA ESPECIALIDAD EN INGLESSCHOOL: Técnica 30UNIT PURPOSE: To enable students to describe actions that happen daily or periodically in their lives or in the lives of people and animals that are interested in.SOCIAL PRACTICE: Giving and obtaining factual information of a personal and non-personal kind..UNIT 4: Daily lifePerformance evidence: Students will identify expressions about asking for and giving information about everyday activities.8340725-972820-316230-824230 <br />ACTIVITYOBJECTIVEINTERACTION AND TIMEMATERIALPROCEDURENOTESTEXT(Narration/exposition) The students will be able to recognize some expressions that help them to organize a sequence of events.T CC-------->T10MINUTESWORKSHEETWALLCHARTThe teacher and students will read the text, and then they have to organize the pictures of the worksheet, in the order that they are mentioned in the text.EXPRESSIONS(Content explanation)The students will be able to understand the correct use of sequence expressions.T---------> C15MINUTESWORKSHEETWALLCHARTThe teacher will use a worksheet in order to explain the correct use of sequence expressions in a sentence. The teacher will give some examples in order to be clear with the topic.| DESCRIPTION OF WEEKEND ROUTINE(Story telling)Students will be able to use the sequence expressions in order to describe their weekend routine.SSS5MINUTESWORKSHEETThe teacher will explain the instructions in order to be clear. The students will produce a text in order to describe their weekend routine using the sequence expressions previously presented; they will have to write in their notebooks in order to check with a classmate.CONVERSATIONWEEKEND ROUTINE(Dialogue)Students will be able to express and giving details about their weekend routine.SS SS15 MINUTESNOTEBOOKStudents will work in groups of three, they will use the sequence expressions previously presented in order to talk about their weekend routine.Review(EVALUATION)Students will review the key aspects of the lesson in order to understand and use it.T CC-------->T10 min_________________The teacher will have students check their answers, first with a classmate, then a class and at the end; the teacher will have some students write their sentences on the board.<br />Profesor: CARLOS GONZALEZ FLORES Practicante MAESTRO RESPONSABLE:<br />