Planeacion inglesssok!


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Planeacion inglesssok!

  1. 1. GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE PUEBLASECRETARIA DE EDUCACION PÚBLICASUBSECRETARIA DE EDUCACION BASICADIRECCION GENERAL DE OPERACIÓN ESCOLARDIRECCION GENERAL DE DESARROLLO CURRICULARDIRECCION DE EDUCACION SECUNDARIA7653655-899160-137795-822960<br /> <br />Escuela Secundaria “Oficial Mariano Matamoros” Clave: 21EES0279M Puebla, Puebla Zona escolar- 00<br />Unit: 2 “Action in progress” Social Practice of the language Function: asking for and giving information about the color and clothes someone is wearing. Grade: 1 º Describing what people are wearing according to the colors. Group: “B” Performance evidence: Students will identify vocabulary of clothes they will learn the grammar structure to describe what people are wearing, in order to use in daily life. Date: 25/10/10 Lesson Plan.<br /> <br /> Asesor de prácticas Practicante Profesor titular_______________________ ______________________ ___________________________ Carlos González Flores José Miguel Barragán Martínez, Eduardo Cortés Sánchez <br />ActivityObjectiveInteraction and TimeMaterialProcedureNotesIntroduction ourselvesThe teacher will introduce himself in order to be confident and explaining the objective of the lesson.T-C 3’----------------------- The teacher will introduce himself, first in English and immediately in Spanish, giving details about the expectative of the lesson.Memory(Pre-listening)The student will associate the similar pictures, which includes the name of the clothes/colors.SS SS 5’PicturesThe teacher will form group of students to play a game. He will explain the instructions in English but just in case he will speak in Spanish. As soon as they finish, the teacher will read the words of the game cards.Flashcards( Listening)The students will hear the structure of the sentences and repeat after each flashcard, which includes the correct pronunciation and the association of sounds with clothes/colors. T-SSS 15’Flashcards/ CD player/ disc/The teacher will play the audio of a Fashion show and it is focus on the structure to describe what the characters are wearing, in order to relate the sound with the flashcard. The students will listen three times, the first one they just will listen each word, the second one the Teacher will show the flashcard to the class and point the structure when they are listening each word and the third time after each word they have to repeat with the teacher after the listening.Text(Reading)The students will read a short text, and then they have to complete the sentences according to the clothes of the characters.T - SSS 15‘Short textCardsThe teacher will provide a short text to the students; then the teacher will select a pair of students to act the actions of the dialogue. As soon as they finish, the teacher will provide some cards of certain words, so they have to form the structure of the sentence to describe what the characters are wearing.Picture(Writing)The students will have to form sentences according to the example of the picture in order to use the structure and the vocabulary previously presented.SSS 5’PictureThe teacher will provide a picture of some employers of an office; the students have to follow the example to describe what the characters are wearing.Conversation(Speaking)The students have to talk about the clothes of his/ her classmate in order to use the structure and the vocabulary previously presented.SS SS 5’----------------------The students will work in pairs; they have to use the structure and the vocabulary to describe what his /her classmate is wearing.<br />