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Merger and Acquisition-B. Institute.


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Merger and Acquisition-B. Institute.

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Merger and Acquisition-B. Institute.

  1. 1. Merger and Acquisition By Prof. L. Augustin Amaladas M.Com., AICWA., PGDFM., B.Ed. @2 Hours each session. Total sessions-10 Session-1:-Meaning of merger, acquisition, take over, restructuring- -why merger- different types of merger. Case Study-1. Restructuring strategy pays dividends. Case Study:-2 HP and Compaq merger, Case Study-3 TATA Chemicals and Hindustan Lever Chemicals. Session-2:Cost of capital- Under standing of Annuity Tables. Future value-present value, Future value of Annuity, Present value of Annuity – weighted cost of Capital.- (Reference:-to Financial management by Dr. Prasanna Chandra under the heading Time value of Money) Session-3and 4:Business Valuation:- Conceptual Framework of valuation-Book value, Market value, Intrinsic value, Liquidation value, Replacement value, Salvage value- Valuation of goodwill and intangible assets, Fair value-Terms EPS, P/E Ratio, Diluted EPS.-Exchange Ratio using EPS and P/E Ratio.Case study-2.