Amazing benefits of mango


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Amazing benefits of mango

  1. 1. Mango is considered the king of fruits because of its unlimited nutritional and medicinal properties. In Latin language, it is called Mangifera indica. If we burn the wood of a mango tree in our neighborhood, it keeps germs and bacteria at bay. For the same reason, it is also used in havans (religious Hindu bonfire ritual). The leaves of mango are believed to be sacred and used in religious and social rituals. Mango is considered good from taste and health point of view. Mango also works as a blood booster and sperm booster. It is full of richness of vitamins A and C. It is especially beneficial for skin and eyes. During Pregnancy Ayurveda says that if a pregnant lady consumes one mango every day, then it is sufficient for all her requirements of calcium and magnesium. It will also keep her away from stress and will protect against muscular cramps. Not only this, but it will also keep away the danger of miscarriage. Constipation
  2. 2. If you are having the problem of constipation, take mango and rosewood leaves and boil them in a glass of water. When it is well boiled, strain it and drink it; it will provide relief. Cracked Heels Form a paste by mixing 1 tsp of water with 1 tsp of glue extracted from mango tree. Apply this paste on the affected area. For Cosmetic Purposes Many people are not aware but consuming mangoes also enhances our beauty. According to Ayurvedic treatment practices, consuming a mango each day in mango season not only cleanses the skin but also keeps it soft and supple. Bad Breath Brushing your teeth everyday with mango wood stick will make your teeth bright and strong. It prevents bad breath and makes your gums stronger. Protection from Vomiting and Sunstroke
  3. 3. Roast unripe mango and make juice of it by adding water, mint, coriander leaves and roasted cumin seeds powder and rock salt to its pulp. It protects from vomiting, nausea and sunstroke. Worms Take mango seed and grind it. Take 5-10 gm of this powder with lukewarm water at night. It will help in getting these worms out of stomach. Diabetes Mix desi ghee and internal part of mango seed with blackberry powder and turmeric in equal proportions. Take 5-10 gm of this powder every day after meals. It will definitely keep a check on your diabetes. Pain in Ears Pour 2-4 drops of lukewarm juice of green mango leaves in each ear; it will help in alleviating the pain. Heart Diseases
  4. 4. Drinking 200 ml of mango juice with 5 ml of ginger juice every morning and evening is quite beneficial for heart patients. Spleen Enlargement Taking 100 ml juice of ripe mango with 2-3 spoons of honey twice a day for one month will help in reducing its growth. Powder of Mango Seed • 5-10 gm powder of internal part of mango seed helps in dysentery. • Apply paste of internal part of mango seed and water at affected area; it will help in reducing swelling. • Taking powder of internal part of mango seed with 5 gm of salted curd helps in dysentery. • Mix powders of internal part of mango seed and bael fruit in equal proportions. Taking 5 gm of this powdered mixture and 5 gm of sugar crystals twice a day will help in controlling loose motions. • Taking 3-5 gm powder of internal part of mango seed twice a day with water cures leucorrhea.