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Dutch Sy Newsletter Nr 3 5 March 2009


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Dutch Sy Newsletter Nr 3 5 March 2009

  1. 1. Nieuws Sahaja Yoga Nederland Nieuwsbrief Dutch contributions to the Cabella school project 5 March 2009 As most of you know, Shri Mataji deci- Dutch Yogis agreed “en masse” to col- ded last year that priority is to be given lectively participate in this and started to the education of children in Sahaja sending their contributions to a special Yoga. For that purpose a public school bank-account. will be set up in Cabella. We are very pleased to tell you that so To fulfill this vision of Shri Mataji, the far the Dutch Sahaja Yogis have commit- Sahaja Yoga World Foundation in Cbella ted to a total of € 12.050,- had made an appeal for fundraising. In This amount will be sent to the account Holand we decided to do this on a col- of the World Foundation very soon. lective basis. “These are the most important times. You’ll never get these times again. You never had it in the history The Divine Cool Breeze and you can never get it in the future. This is the time you have got The Divine Cool Breeze online store Since 1987 the magazine has been our not only the awareness, ( is now flagship publication, the journal of re- selling subscriptions for 2009. cord. It is a diary of who we are. not only the self-knowledge, The news of twenty but you know how to do it ...” 2009 offers a big years ago is now our change for most peo- history, but the words of ple. For the first time all Shri Mataji are timeless, “Only with Sahaja Yoga you can save this world, deliveries will be direct- advice as pertinent to- there’s no other way out. to-home (or an address day as it was then. of your choice). In a special offer, you Whatever you may try, say, to help the poor, For US$33, direct to can now receive a vari- to help this and that, you, not through a dis- ety pack of twenty tributor or collective unique and all-different is something very, very superficial. representative. Of issues of “The Divine Best thing is to give realisation course, your local “Di- Cool Breeze” for only to every person you see.” vine Cool Breeze” per- $29. son (Gemma) will still be there to help with A bag of breeze. H.H. Shri Mataji any problems, special Our history, our story. Adi Shakti Puja ~ Cabella 2001 orders or additional help.) Order it here: Available also is the special offer below De Sahaja Yoga Nederland Nieuwsbrief informeert over nieuws en ontwikkelingen For over twenty years, “The Divine Cool hp?main_page=product_info&products_i in Sahaja Yoga in Nederland en daarbuiten. Een relatief groot deel van de nieuws- Breeze” has chronicled the story of Sa- d=147 brief is in het Engels. haja Yoga – pujas, seminars, letters, Contributions: Suggestions, tips and support are very much appreciated. Collective bhajans, news and travel. Regards, The Divine Cool Breeze team announcements, personal experiences, treatments, newspaper articles, quotes, po- ems, artwork, and photos are welcome and can be sent to: The Newsletter team: Henno, Marco, Pavan.
  2. 2. takes place – it is simple. Do you under- but in a spiral way. And to move spirally, Women’s International Day, 8th March 2009 stand now? you have to use another kind of force. Extracts from Shri Mataji’s talk, “Mother Earth” in Surbiton, England, 21/8/1983 So there is no competition between men Whatever you have used so far has to be … I think this is the one of the biggest comes in, that once a kind of a thing has or women, but the style of work is differ- endowed with another kind of force, and problems of the West today, that men are been done, the another one that comes ent. If you understand that, then only this that’s the feminine qualities of the neither men and women are not women. I wants to do the same. Do you follow My kind of revolution will take place and not women. But where are the feminine find this quality so horrid that I don’t know point? turn out a rebellion. Actually women are women? They dress up like women, they how to deal with the mixture. You must rebelling against men, and a nonsense it will try to be feminine and all that. That’s So the whole energy is completely understand this very simple thing in life, is! It is such a headache that you create not the way. From inside, from the heart, wasted. The whole preparation has been that if you are hybrid stuff you can’t have something, allow them to grow, and the a feminine heart. Christ showed that in made for this Aquarius age to come in to the quality of Sahaja yogi. If you mix it up another party comes which has to com- His life – He forgave. Only a woman can bring in the kundalini upward, and to it’s a very funny thing, isn’t it? So a plete the job starts rebelling. forgive, man can’t because he is aggres- make the whole thing work out in such a woman must try to be a woman, and a So the revolution has to take place and sive, how can he forgive? …. He (Christ) way that the left and right meet and you man must try to be a man. the revolution is only possible when we forgave to such an extent to show that He all become ignited, enlightened. It was a Now see, what is the situation of a man understand that what part is left out now is now giving a turn to the spiral, and now question of our being, sharing the whole as a masculine effect on the development to be done. Are you getting Me all right? a feminine quality has to be developed job in a proper understanding. of the consciousness? So, as the manli- … So that part is now realisation, our among human beings. But that doesn’t ness was expressed we have developed Now see how Mother Earth herself was awakening of the kundalini. For that your mean that you start walking like women science, we have developed all this created. It is also a very simple thing. feminine qualities are going to help you, or developing waistlines, because that’s knowledge, all these things which are First, the movement of the energy started not your masculine qualities. So aggres- another stupidity. But to be motherly; not outside. Now everything is ready. Now flowing. Now this is a combined energy, siveness must be given up by men. Also, to be fatherly, but to be motherly. That the woman has to come up. I mean, I am all right? Then the combined energy went because they are Sahaja yogis now, they kindness, that gentleness should be in saying in the very abstract way; don’t round and round and round like that, and have to take feminine qualities, not of your behaviour towards each other. .… think of “woman”, but you can say the when it consolidated there was this big fighting. If women fight, they are no We have to be like this Mother Earth who feminine. The feminine nature has to rise. bang. When big bang took place – now women. You see, women are told that allows you to do what you like with her. I Now everything is ready, it has to just this the manly work, I should say in a “you are good for nothing”, so now they mean, human beings have been so stu- work. All the chakras are ready, now way, manly style, because still the Mother are trying to show, “No, we are also all pid to exploit her to the maximum, not awaken the kundalini. Now kundalini’s Earth is not produced – so then these lit- right. If you have eaten one crow we will only that but also she bears a lot of non- behaviour and mode of action is very dif- tle fragments again went round and eat three.” Now, this understanding and sense upon it. But then a time reaches ferent from the mode of action of the round. With the momentum they became the wise perception would be such that where she becomes explosive… then chakras. If the kundalini becomes the roundish. Out of them Mother Earth was “What do we have to do now to change you see the earthquake, droughts, this chakras and the chakras become the selected for one job. On the Mother Earth the mode and the style of our lives? and that, all these things start coming. kundalini, how will you manage Sahaja out of the water came the life – the car- What’s wrong here?” The problems that human beings have Yoga? bon came in. Everybody helped there A turning point has come. Now the evolu- created out of aggressive nature, even and a human being was created. But we must assume our own nature in tion is not rebellion at all, by any chance aggression towards Mother Earth, they all dignity and in all right, not to feel in – it’s a wrong idea people have. It’s not have to pay dividend for that, and they Then the men went round to improve any way low down. Because a man sits rebellion, that you hit me and I hit you, go are paying. their societies and whatever they have on a horse, the woman wants to sit on a on hitting each other, like a pendulum done to it, whatever was possible with Now, to stop this kind of a movement of horse. What is the need for a woman to you move, you see the movement of a their ego is done, finished now. Now they aggressiveness which brings all kinds of sit on a horse? I can’t understand … See, pendulum. It is a spiral movement. So have done their job. Now they are on disturbances, one has to recede back so there is no need for woman to do all every time you achieve any evolution you dole. Now the woman or we can say and should develop a sense of totality, of the things that men have already done. are at higher level than before. So the kundalini which has been waiting all compassion. Unless and until you under- Say, for example, there is one personality movement is spiral – see My point? these years, was resting, waiting for that stand totality, the total, the complete, the of masculine personality that has to come Now to achieve the higher position in our time, isn’t it? So we call it “the blossom whole – that’s the womb, that’s your and do a certain job. Now you’ve done it. whole being, what should we do? Is to time has now come”. At that time kun- Mother. As long as you try to be individu- All right, now the other personality has to understand that from this point to that dalini has to rise and ignite in such a way alistic you can’t be a good Sahaja yogi. do this job. Now see the situation of the point we have to rise – we have to rise in that the completion of the whole work You have to become one with the whole. Divine also. Now the whole complication a way that it is not in a pendulum way,
  3. 3. Sahaja Yoga in Suriname I feel like having found at last that stilness Breaking news . . . of mind after Europe and enjoying the beautiful moments of dessolving in the Last week Galina sent some more about 10 people are still coming into the magnificent nature here, what a blessing!!! Introduction photo’s, that speak more then words. collective regularly from last year. Jai, Shri Mataji ~ Galina Since a few years, yogis from different In Suriname they also celebrated countries have gone to Suriname to help Shivartatri Puja, and had a havan The 10th of february we had a very nice start up Sahaja Yoga. Sakshi has been public program in town with 38 realizati- there, and also Piere and Galina from . ons, Chandra made a very good presen- Switzerland. They were very impressed tation on Sahaja Yoga and as she feared with the wonderful atmosphere and de- a little bit to do the protocol of Self-reali- cided to go back recently. zation. Mother made a tric of quot;misunder- Here are some of their experiences. standingquot; between us, so she managed I arrived the 7th of february in the evening it too. to find Chandra, Kathleen and Jayesh at What joy to see so many people getting the airport of Paramaribo making bandhans easily their realization!!! for the thunderstorm to stop so that the pla- ne could land. They were happy that it Next day it was my turn at the local uni- worked out miraculously so we could hug versity, Chandra could not come but the each other again with great joy. students all speak English well, no prob- lem. So 10 more people had their realization during this program and we shall come again next week there. The course of Sahaja Yoga for new-comers starts next tuesday and this year I'll try to be more at the back to be ready to help if necessary but I'm sure they will manage. On Sunday 15th February we are going to make a havan to estab- lish the Mahalaxmi principle in the collective and for them to un- derstand certain things deeper. Chandra needs help from the col- lective, she cannot do everything alone. After the Shivaratri puja we shall It is still showering quite a lot, but less and see if they are ready to go out for giving less and good for me to adapt to the hot realization spontaneously in town near climate. I rent again the ground level in the the river, let us see. house of Chandra. They need to try to know of they can. So Chandra gives so much for Shri Mataji's let us see how one can help them grow work in Suriname. Last year there were and mature and how Shri Mataji works it about 25 people who followed the course out. for 20 weeks with her, then they stopped So your precious enlightened attention as nobody desired that much to pay the on Suriname collective, all vibratory help hall for collective meditations but they had is most welcome and any ideas as well. one havan and a puja every month, so
  4. 4. Sahaja Yoga activiteiten in Nederland Carl G. Jung on the beauty of Indian dress Hierbij een overzicht van de lopende cursusactiviteiten in Nederland: quot;Going with English delegates to an In- The western evening dress is one of the dian scientific congress in Calcutta, I most obvious symptoms of our sexual Amsterdam Utrecht / Nieuwegein went from gala dinner to gala dinner and disability: it is made of shamelessness, • “The real power of women” • Doorlopende meditatieavonden from reception to reception. This way I of exhibitionism, of impotent provocation Symposium Internationale vrouwendag • Iedere woensdag om 20:00 uur had the opportunity to have some con- and of a ridiculous attempt to make the Doorlopende lezingen en workshops. Kersegaarde 16 / Naarderbeste 10 versations with the ‘cultivated’ Indian relation between the sexes reasonable • Zondag 8 maart 2009 Info: Maggie: 030-6052424 women. That was something new for me. and natural. van 14:00 – 21:00 uur Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam Duiven Their clothes de- The feminine fashion in Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam • Doorlopende meditatieavonden picted them as true our countries is mostly • Iedere woensdag om 20:00 uur women. It is the invented by men: one Amsterdam Info: Petra van Belois: 035-7511079 most proper, most imagines the result with- • Doorlopende meditatieavonden elegant and at the out effort. • Iedere vrijdag om 20:00 uur Sneek same time the most NH Hotel Caransa • Doorlopende meditatieavonden sensible way of They now strive to create Rembrandtplein 19 dressing that has the image of an adoles- • Iedere vrijdag om 20:00 uur ever been imagined cent athletic body, half Info: Lies Ypma: 0517-342249 by women. male, half female, with- Verbeteringen en aanvullingen graag naar out wanting to take into I really hope that account the fact that the the ‘sexual disease’ Nordic woman already of the West that presents a regrettable tries to transform tendency to have a the women into rough and bony figure. some sort of clumsy One makes an attempt to young men, will not unify the sexes instead be introduced in In- of making their difference dia, as a result of this hobby called “sci- visible. entific education’. But the most hideous sight is the one of women in pants who parade on the deck It would be a loss for the whole world if of ships! I have often asked myself if the Indian woman should cease to wear they are aware of their cruel ugliness. her native costume. India is practically the only civilized country where one can It is a sad truth, but the European see on living persons how women can woman, and especially her hopelessly and should dress. unfitting way of dressing, does not stand the comparison with the dignity and ele- The clothes of Indian women express a gance of the Indian woman and her lot more than the absurd half nudity of dress. the evening dress of the western woman. Carl G. Jungquot; Famous Swiss psychologist 1875-1961 First havan with Shri Mataji in England, 1975