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How to use Basecamp


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Project managers or team leaders will definitely love this tutorial that is presented in a step by step format.

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How to use Basecamp

  1. 1. TUTORIAL Basecamp-3
  2. 2. Go to your browser, this time let’s use CHROME
  3. 3. In your chrome browser type
  4. 4. Then click enter in your keyboard
  5. 5. You are now directed to this site
  6. 6. Now let’s sign up
  7. 7. Write your name
  8. 8. Write your email
  9. 9. Write your password
  10. 10. Then click Sign Up Button
  11. 11. Fill in the boxes with Company & Job title
  12. 12. After filling up click the green button
  13. 13. Click the green button to proceed to the sample Basecamp
  14. 14. You are now directed to the sample basecamp
  15. 15. Click the video to watch the tutorial
  16. 16. Or just move around and find out the features on your own
  17. 17. This is the set up of the basecamp that you will learn later
  18. 18. Just click one button after the other to see the sample contents
  19. 19. Your team members can post a message in the message board
  20. 20. You may post your goals under To-Dos for your members to see
  21. 21. Upcoming projects or tasks may be written under schedule
  22. 22. Automatic check-in gives you the chance to monitor your team
  23. 23. While these are the things you can do under docs & Files
  24. 24. Done navigating? Look for a green smiling button on the upper left side corner
  25. 25. This is the basecamp logo. Click on it to find out what’s inside
  26. 26. Now Click the download basecamp for windows
  27. 27. Wait while it’s downloading
  28. 28. Click on it if you see this .exe file
  29. 29. Just wait while these three are dancing on your screen
  30. 30. You are being asked to enter your e-mail to log in
  31. 31. Enter your own e-mail address
  32. 32. Then click the log-in button
  33. 33. Wait while this is being displayed your screen
  34. 34. Now click the green button
  35. 35. Click “Make your own basecamp”
  36. 36. Think of a name for your project
  37. 37. Write the name of your first project here
  38. 38. Add an optional description of your project
  39. 39. Then click the next step button
  40. 40. Click the yes button to update your client
  41. 41. Type the name of your client
  42. 42. Write the names of those who need update regarding this project
  43. 43. Provide the necessary details like e-mail or job title
  44. 44. Then click the Save and Continue button
  45. 45. Identify your group members who will be working with you
  46. 46. Provide also their e-mail
  47. 47. Include their Job Title though it’s optional
  48. 48. Then click save and continue
  49. 49. Click the no thanks button
  50. 50. Click Talk to the client
  51. 51. Click go to the draft welcome message
  52. 52. Edit this quick intro to basecamp or just keep it as is
  53. 53. Then click send this message to the client
  54. 54. You should be directed to this page
  55. 55. Click Get their approval on the record
  56. 56. Type the person’s name who will approve the report to be sent
  57. 57. Write the subject for approval
  58. 58. Explain in detail what the clients needs to approve
  59. 59. CLick the attach button to include necessary files , documents, etc
  60. 60. Here’s what happens when you ask the client to approve something
  61. 61. Now, Click talk to your team
  62. 62. Click the Campire tab and start chatting with your team
  63. 63. Start by saying: Hi everyone… all members will be notified that you’re chatting here
  64. 64. Type another message if you want to add
  65. 65. So here are your messages in the campire board
  66. 66. Let’s go to the message board, click the second button
  67. 67. Here you see the guidelines in using the message board
  68. 68. Click Post the first message button
  69. 69. Write the title or theme
  70. 70. Elaborate your message
  71. 71. Click send this message button
  72. 72. Your first post looks like this
  73. 73. Click Edit button if you want to change something
  74. 74. Others may also click the clap for Divine or any member who posted
  75. 75. Members may add a comment or upload a file that is related to the current discussion
  76. 76. Now click To-dos tab
  77. 77. Again, in here you may post the division of labor among your team
  78. 78. You may set due dates, assign person-in-charge, etc
  79. 79. Then click Make the first list button
  80. 80. Write the title or theme
  81. 81. Elaborate or add explanation
  82. 82. Then click Add this list button
  83. 83. So here is your first to-do post
  84. 84. You may add a new to do...
  85. 85. Or assign a member responsible for the task
  86. 86. It should look like this then click Add this to-do button
  87. 87. Click Notify them about this assignment under the name of the assigned member
  88. 88. Click Due on to set an expected deadline to be accomplished
  89. 89. Then click Add this to-do button again
  90. 90. Click Runs from if it will take days to accomplish the task
  91. 91. Click the set date within the calendar that popped up
  92. 92. Click Add this to-do button again
  93. 93. Add to-do list: Research about qualities of a private school bus, rates, etc.
  94. 94. Assign it to Jun then click notify...
  95. 95. Click Due on then click aug.24
  96. 96. Click Add this to-do button
  97. 97. Add a to-do again: Come up with a school bus logo for Elvie
  98. 98. Assign it to Elvis then click notify them about this assignment
  99. 99. Add extra details about the task
  100. 100. Type: The colors you will use in making a logo is yellow and black only. Thank you!
  101. 101. Click Due on then click the date Aug.25
  102. 102. Then click Add this to-do button
  103. 103. You will receive notification when someone comments
  104. 104. You may also add / remove other people in the list
  105. 105. Now Click the Schedule tab
  106. 106. Aside from the posted to do list, add another event under schedule tab
  107. 107. You may add another schedule for the coming months
  108. 108. Now click automatic check-ins tab
  109. 109. Click Set up an automatic check-in button
  110. 110. Slide the gray button to the left to start getting answers
  111. 111. This will be answered by your team every 5pm as your way of monitoring the development of the project
  112. 112. So these are the questions that you may turn on for your team to answer on a regular fixed time
  113. 113. Now click the DOcs & files tab
  114. 114. Docs & Files is a place to store and organize assets and reference materials
  115. 115. You may start writing a document
  116. 116. Or Upload Files
  117. 117. You can also link a Google Doc
  118. 118. Or create a New Folder
  119. 119. So here are sample documents or files that has something to do with the team
  120. 120. Here is the summary of your project using basecamp
  121. 121. That includes all the activities you’ve done for the day
  122. 122. To check your latest activity, click the clock symbol on the header
  123. 123. If you want to create another project click Basecamps
  124. 124. If you want to chat with a member of the team click Pings
  125. 125. Click Hey! To check new messages, comments, mentions and possible assignments
  126. 126. Click campires for your present project that you are working on
  127. 127. Click reports to monitor what is overdue
  128. 128. Click reports to monitor what’s coming up or due soon
  129. 129. Click reports to find out what’s new to-do and what’s to-be-done
  130. 130. Click reports to monitor what’s on someones plate
  131. 131. Click reports to monitor what has someone been up to
  132. 132. Look for your avatar on the upper right corner of your screen
  133. 133. Click on it ( avatar) to find out the settings of your notifications
  134. 134. Click Turn notifications off or on depending on its status
  135. 135. Under MY STUFF you will find the following:
  136. 136. Click LOG OUT if you are done
  137. 137. Just look for this avatar that is saved on your desktop if you need to log in again.
  138. 138. Click on it then you will be directed to the next step to log-in
  139. 139. Just type your e-mail address
  140. 140. Then Click LOG IN
  141. 141. HAPPY BASECAMPING!!!
  142. 142. That would be all friends! Thank you so much for watching till the end. If you need a member or a team monitor , just mailto: Yours truly, Divine ( Your E.V.P. Online)