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2012 Global Services Compendium - GS100


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The current model of GS100 is based on market performance and
leadership, breadth of services, spread of global delivery capabilities, and
customer leadership. Next year, we would extend the model to measure
how service providers move towards leveraging platforms and solutions to
deliver the next wave of business value.
Congratulations to all the GS100 companies!

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2012 Global Services Compendium - GS100

  1. 1. Annual Issue 2012Annual Global Outsourcing Industry Analysis 2012 Global Services Compendium GS100 Survey þ GS100 List þ GS100 Categories þ ITO Segments þ BPO Segmentsþ
  2. 2. editor’s note Facing the New Realities The impact of the turbulent global economy on the growth of the services industry continues to be a widely discussed topic. The other such topic is the possible impact of the political backlash against outsourcing. While the latter can be dismissed as political rhetoric in an election year, the former requires some re-strategizing and deftness on the part of service providers. Growth rates are in single digits in the mature economies and the emphasis is on shorter term, single- function deals. Labor arbitrage is still important and service providers continue to seek low-cost locations. Our conversations with many companies during the GS100 survey re- vealed that while companies are seeking acceleration in revenue growth, profits, and other performance parameters; they are more engaged in acquiring the new capabilities required to address technological and social shifts influencing their customer’s business. n Enterprise software enters a phase of renewal driven by mobility, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS), software manufacturers, and developers are turningEd Nair, Editor to experts in product n Contact center outsourcing is seeing renewed growth with customer interactions moving over to non-voice channels and social media. n The HR space is being redefined with greater breadth of cloud-based offerings rang- ing from recruitment to talent management. The impact of social media in managing workforce also requires major reorientation in terms of policies and practices. n The real hotspot is analytics outsourcing. Developments on the technology side in the form of cloud, big data, and business intelligence tools have simplified the area but there is still the need for data scientists to perform analytics. This makes the case eminent for outsourcing analytics. n With increasing number of organizations demanding application’s functionality as a cloud-based services rather than on-premises infrastructure, ADM vendors are of- fering more technology as subscription-based solutions and “pay as you go” ADM offerings. These shifts require major investments for both organic and inorganic scale up. Mostly, global service providers are rich with good financial reserves. Therefore, there would be a slew of M&A deals when services companies would acquire technology companies to own pieces of technol- ogy that would help them offer differentiated services. The current model of GS100 is based on market performance and leadership, breadth of services, spread of global delivery capabilities, and customer leadership. Next year, we would extend the model to measure how service providers move towards leveraging platforms and solutions to deliver the next wave of business value. Congratulations to all the GS100 companies!
  3. 3. Contents 46 27Segment Analysisn Application Development & Maintenance: On The Road To Recovery/ 27n OPD: Market is Expected to Reach $19B/ 38 38n Infrastructure Management Services: Cloud Comes With a Promise/ 46n ITO: Status Quo Sustained/ 56 66n Contact Centers: Growth Momentum Continues Amidst Turbulence/ 66n FAO: All Signs Suggest Maturity/ 75 75n ISBPO: Being Explored 56 Aggressively/ 86n PO: The Expanding Scope of PO 94 Contracts/ 94n HRO: From Cost Savings to Strategic 86 Advantages/ 100 106n Analytics Outsourcing: Inside The World of Numbers/ 106 100  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  4. 4. 6 Survey Analysis The 2012 Global Services 100: Defining Leadership in Global IT and Business Advertisers Lists Ø Hildebrando 3 Ø Quatrro 7GS100 Lists Ø Endava 13Ø The GS100 List/ 13 Ø Belatrix 17Ø The GS100 Category Lists/ 19 Ø Hexaware 21Editorial Team Gulnar OberoiEd Nair Ø IBA 29Editor, Sharma Design Team Ø Prokarma Bhagbat PattnayakSmita Vasudevan Harnek Singh Ø Cybage Pramod S RawatSourabh Chandra Pushp Ø Harbinger Cover: Pramod S Rawat Ø Great Idea 44 Pradeep GuptaSales Marketing Ø Mexico IT 49 Chairman MDSatish Gupta Hoshie GhaswallaAVP, satishg@cybermedia. Ø EPAM 53 CEO, Media Ibrahim AhmadGary Bindra Group Editor Ø Luxoft September 2012  | 
  5. 5. SpecialReport Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis SurveySurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Surveyanalysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysis Survey analysisSurvey analysis  |  August 2012 GlobalServices
  6. 6. AdvertorialQuatrro Global Services–Spearheading BPO Industry to“Beyond the Existing” Quatrro has realized the benefits of first mover by offering state-of-the-art platform based solu- tions to its clients. It’s businesses are remarkably different compared to most of the other players in the industry whose focus continues to be on headcount, utilizing client owned technology for process delivery and cost reduction while Quatrro’s value proposition is primarily centered on utilizing Quatrro owned / customized technology, platform based services and revenue enhancement. Quatrro leads its peers by at least 3-5 years in servicing the mid market through right shore delivery. Stressing that SMB needs are remarkably dif- ferent from large enterprises, Raman says, “Mid market clients are value conscious and actively seek a lower total cost of ownership. Focusing on cost and transformation led value proposition alone will not help the service providers fulfill the mid market needs. The focus needs to be on enhancing the business value for SMB clients”.Q Illustrated below are various drivers that em- uatrro is recognized as one of the power Quatrro deliver significant value to its mid leading Business Process Outsourc- market clients: ing companies, focused on offering Commenting on Quatrro’s current success, Raman platform based services to Small and adds,” The adoption of our services by over 11,000Medium Businesses (SMBs) globally. The company SMB / SOHOs and leading multi- national companieswhich is spearheaded by the Guru of Indian BPO for their franchise operations is a colossal endorse-industry, Raman Roy, has taken rapid strides over ment of our business strategy. This has been furtherthe years and has lent true meaning to its tagline endorsed through the alliances that we forged with“Beyond the Existing”. It currently has over 130 various technology players in taking their services toenterprise clients, 11000+ SMB SOHO custom- the mid-market, otherwise found unviable by them.”ers and 500,000+ individual customers in multiple Summing up, Raman says that Quatrro hasgeographies with diverse services covering Risk architected the birth of yet another industry inManagement, Financial Processing, Technical Solu- the services space – the industry of platform basedtions, Mortgage Processing, Interactive Entertain- business services that have no geographic barriersment and Knowledge Services. or limitations.
  7. 7. cover storyThe 2012 GS100:DefiningLeadership This is neitherin Global IT a study of 100 companies nor a survey aimedand Business at choosing hundred best companiesProcess based on financial performance. Hundred bestOutsourcing companies they are; chosen through a rigorous methodology...  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  8. 8. survey analysisT his is neither a study of 100 companies nor IT Outsourcing Segments a survey aimed at choosing hundred best Total- $21.2B companies based on financial perform- SO Others 4% 5% ance. Hundred best companies they are; Testing 5%chosen through a rigorous methodology that eval- OPD 7%uates each company across multiple dimensions, ADM 38%measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. ESThe study presents a complete view of the dynam- 8%ics of the most significant segments that make upthe IT and business process outsourcing industry. IMS This is not a list of the 100 largest outsourcing 14%vendors. This list reflects the diversity and overall EA 19%landscape of the service provider community interms of company sizes, countries of origin and BPO Segmentscountries of delivery. Total- $11B FAOThe GS100 Methodology 8% HRO I/SCompanies who opted to participate in the sur- 20% 5%vey were asked to share exhaustive informationthrough an online survey done during 05/12 and KPO06/12. The top 100 list and the names in the catego- 9% CCries are derived using a scientific research method- 53% POology based on several qualitative parameters. 4% CONTRACT SIZES Customer Base- ITO BPO IT Outsourcing (# Customers, 130 Cos.) Upto $5M 15444 2586 $5M to $19M 357 165 New Customers-2011 Existing Active Customers $20M to $34M 177 54 $35M to $50M 55 28 Others 987 342 IT Strategy $51 M to $99 M 23 27 and 809 420 Consulting Total IT O/S $100M to $299 M 14 3 1775 583 IM $300M to $499 M 4 3 2876 285 OPD $500M to $749 M 4 7 1586 697 ES $750M to $ 1B 3 8 885 551 EA $ 1 B to $ 2 B 1 2 4021 967 ADM 1474 More than $ 2 B 0 5977 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 (# of contracts, 130 companies)GlobalServices September 2012  | 
  9. 9. cover story survey analysis Revenue by Geographies Customer Base- BPO ($65B, 130 cos.) (# Customers, 130 Cos.) North America New Customers-2011 South America Existing Active Customers Europe Africa ME Asia Japan Industry-specific 960 328 Australia Australia Japan KPO 3809 780 5% 2% Asia 14% Procurement 222 60 Africa North ME CC 3145 610 America 3% 47% HRO 396 34 Europe 733 96 FAO 24% South 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 America 6% Verticals Row 4 Telecom 11.11 Retail Consumer Products 12.93 Media Information Services 8.40 Manufacturing 10.45% Rev. 2011 Life Sciences 9.11 Insurance 7.24 High Tech 11.26 Healthcare 8.27 Government 5.86 Energy, Resources Utilities 6.48 Banking Financial Services 15.84 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.0010  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  10. 10. coming soon...To know more write to
  11. 11. GS100 GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 listGS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list GS100 list
  12. 12. Quality. Productivity. innovation. Endava PErhaPs it’s timE to think again about whErE you outsourcE Endava is a leading IT services organisation, with offices in London, New York, and Glasgow, and delivery centres in Romania and Moldova. Utilising our distributed agile delivery model we are able to deliver significant improvements to quality and productivity enabling our clients to deliver better results from their budgets — ApplicAtion Development — testing — ApplicAtion mAnAgement — DigitAl meDiA — infrAstructure Hosting AnD supportlondon nEw york glasgow romania moldova 2012 Finalist
  13. 13. 2012 GS100 List2012 GLOBAL SERVICES100 COMPANIESSl. No. Company Name1 Achievo Corporation2 Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited3 Aegis Limited4 Affinity Express5 AJUBA iNTERNATIONAL LLC6 Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A7 Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.8 Auriga Inc.9 Beyondsoft Corporation10 BLEUM INC.11 Blue Star Infotech Limited12 Capgemini13 Chinasoft International Ltd.14 CiT15 Ciklum16 City Park Technologies17 Collabera Inc18 CompuCom Systems Inc.19 Convergys Corporation20 Corbus, LLC21 CSC22 Cybage Software Private Limited14  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  14. 14. 2012 GS100 List Sl. No. Company Name 23 DataArt 24 Datamatics Global Services Limited 25 Dextrys 26 eClerx Services Ltd. 27 Endava UK Limited 28 EPAM Systems Inc. 29 Exigen Services 30 EXL Service Holding Inc. 31 Expert Global Solutions 32 First Line Software 33 Firstsource Solutions Ltd 34 FPT Software Co. Ltd. 35 Freeborders, Inc. 36 Genpact Limited 37 GlobalLogic 38 Globant 39 Harbinger Systems Private Limited 40 HCL Technologies Ltd. 41 Hexaware Technologies Limited 42 Hildebrando 43 Hinduja Global Solutions Limited 44 IBA Group 45 iGATE Corporation 46 Indecomm Global Services (I) Pvt Ltd 47 Infosys Ltd. 48 Infotech EnterprisesGlobalServices September 2012  |  15
  15. 15. 2012 GS100 ListSl. No. Company Name49 Innominds Software Pvt. Ltd.50 Insigma Technology Co., LTD51 InterGlobe Technologies52 Intetics Co.53 iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd54 ITC Infotech55 Itransition Software Development Company56 KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.57 Lionbridge58 Lohika Systems, Inc59 Luxoft60 MAVERIC SYSTEMS LIMITED61 MERA62 Microland63 Mindteck (India) Ltd.64 MindTree Limited65 Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.66 Nagarro, Inc.67 Neilsoft Limited68 Neoris69 Neusoft Corporation70 NIIT Technologies71 NorthgateArinso72 Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd.73 Persistent Systems Limited74 ProKarma, Inc16  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  16. 16. 2012 GS100 ListSl. No. Company Name75 Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd.76 RCG Global Services77 Reksoft78 SaM Solutions79 Scicom (MSC) Berhad80 Serco Global Services81 Sitel Operating Corporation82 SoftServe, Inc.83 Sonata Software Limited84 SPi Global85 Stream Global Services86 Sutherland Global Services, Inc.87 Symphony BPO Solutions Sdn Bhd88 Symphony Teleca Corp89 Synapsis SpA90 Syntel Inc.91 Talentica Software (India) Pvt Ltd92 Unisys Corporation93 VADS Business Process Sdn Bhd94 ValueLabs95 VanceInfo Technologies96 Virtusa Corporation97 WNS Global Services PVT. Ltd98 Xceed99 Xchanging Plc100 Zensar18  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  17. 17. 2012 GS100 category Lists2012 GLOBAL SERVICES 100CATEGORY LISTs Top Global ITO Leaders EPAM Systems Inc. Capgemini Genpact Limited CompuCom Systems Inc. Infotech Enterprises CSC ITC Infotech HCL Technologies Ltd. MindTree Limited Infosys Ltd. Neoris Unisys Neusoft Top Global ADM Leaders VanceInfo Technologies Capgemini Zensar CSC Emerging Mid-Tier Global ADM Leaders HCL Technologies Ltd. iGATE Corporation BLEUM INC. Infosys Ltd. CiT Insigma Technology Co., LTD FPT Software Co. Ltd. Syntel Inc. IBA Group Top Mid-tier ADM Companies InterGlobe Technologies Chinasoft International Ltd. KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. Collabera Inc MERAGlobalServices September 2012  |  19
  18. 18. 2012 GS100 category Lists NIIT Technologies Leading Mid-tier Infrastructure Management Vendors ProKarma, Inc Aegis Limited SoftServe, Inc. Chinasoft International Ltd. Sonata Software Limited Collabera Inc Specialty ADM Vendors Genpact Limited Achievo Corporation Insigma Technology Co., LTD Cybage Software Private Limited MindTree Limited DataArt NIIT Technologies Endava UK Limited Sonata Software Limited Exigen Services Leading Global OPD Vendors Freeborders, Inc. EPAM Systems Inc. Nagarro, Inc. GlobalLogic Persistent Systems Limited HCL Technologies Reksoft Infosys ValueLabs Infotech Enterprises Top Global Infrastructure Management Vendors Lionbridge Capgemini Persistent Systems Limited CompuCom Systems Inc. Symphony Teleca Corp CSC VanceInfo Technologies HCL Technologies Ltd. Leading Mid-tier OPD Vendors Infosys Ltd. Beyondsoft Corporation Microland Limited Cybage Software Private Limited20  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  19. 19. PARTNER WITH A TEAM OF EXPERTS Global IT Services and Consultancy Provider with the expertise and resources to meet and exceed your expectations every timeVerticals Horizontals Certifications Banking, Financial Services Enterprise Services (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microsoft) CMMI Level 5 Travel and Transportation Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) ISO 9001 Insurance and Healthcare Infrastructure Management Service (IMS) ISO 27001 Manufacturing Business Intelligence Analytics SAS 70 Type II Energy and Utilities Business Process Outsourcing PCI DSS Human Resource Information Technology / HR Outsourcing Enterprise Risk Management
  20. 20. 2012 GS100 category Lists Globant Leading Engineering Services Vendors Hildebrando Collabera Inc iGATE Corporation HCL Technologies Ltd. Luxoft Infosys Ltd. MindTree Limited Infotech Enterprises Leaders- Global Enterprise Insigma Technology Co., LTD Applications Deployment iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Capgemini Co., Ltd CSC KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. HCL Technologies Ltd. Neilsoft Limited Infosys Ltd. Global Leaders- Testing Services KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. Capgemini Leaders- Mid-market Enterprise CSC Applications Deployment iGATE Corporation EPAM Systems Inc. Infosys Ltd. Genpact Limited Mid-Tier Leaders- Testing Services Hexaware Technologies Limited Beyondsoft Corporation iGATE Corporation Collabera Inc Insigma Technology Co., LTD EPAM Systems Inc. iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd Hexaware Technologies Limited Neoris Hildebrando S.A Sonata Software Limited Luxoft VanceInfo Technologies MindTree Limited22  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  21. 21. 2012 GS100 category Lists Neoris InterGlobe Technologies Top Global BPO Leaders Scicom (MSC) Berhad Aegis Limited Symphony BPO Solutions Sdn Bhd Convergys Corporation Xceed Expert Global Solutions Zensar Technologies Genpact Limited Leading Mid-tier BPO Providers Sitel Operating Corporation Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A Stream Global Services eClerx Services Ltd. Xchanging Plc EXL Service Holding Inc. Global BPO Challengers HCL Technologies Ltd. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited Hinduja Global Solutions Limited Firstsource Solutions Ltd Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Infosys Ltd. Serco Global Services NorthgateArinso SPi Global Sutherland Global Services, Inc. Syntel Inc. VADS Business Process Sdn Bhd Global Customer Management WNS Global Services PVT. Ltd Leaders Global BPO Niche Leaders Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited Corbus, LLC Aegis Limited Datamatics Global Services Limited Capgemini Hexaware Technologies Limited Convergys Corporation Indecomm Global Services (I) Pvt LtdGlobalServices September 2012  |  23
  22. 22. 2012 GS100 category Lists Expert Global Solutions Leading Mid-tier FAO Vendors Firstsource Solutions Ltd Datamatics Global Services Limited Genpact Limited HCL Technologies Ltd. Hinduja Global Solutions Limited Insigma Technology Co., LTD Sitel Operating Corporation Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd. VADS Business Process Sdn Bhd Sutherland Global Services, Inc. Mid-tier Customer Management Global Leaders- Industry-specific BPO Vendors Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A Genpact Limited CompuCom Systems Inc. Infosys Ltd. HCL Technologies Ltd. Stream Global Services Infosys Ltd. Sutherland Global Services, Inc. Scicom (MSC) Berhad Unisys SPi Global Sutherland Global Services, Inc. Industry-specific BPO Niche Leaders Xceed Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited Global FAO Vendors Aegis Limited Capgemini Ajuba International EXL Service Datamatics Global Services Limited Genpact Limited HCL Technologies Ltd. Infosys Ltd. Hexaware Technologies Limited WNS Global Services Hinduja Global Solutions Limited Xchanging Indecomm Global Services (I) Pvt Ltd24  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  23. 23. 2012 GS100 category Lists InterGlobe Technologies Capgemini Mindteck (India) Ltd. eClerx Services Ltd. Neusoft Corporation Genpact Limited Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd. SPi Global SPi Global Syntel Inc. Global Procurement Management Leaders- Specialty KPO Leaders Aegis Limited Capgemini Affinity Express Corbus, LLC Chinasoft International Ltd. Genpact Limited CompuCom Systems Inc. HCL Technologies Ltd. Corbus, LLC Infosys Ltd. Datamatics Global Services Limited WNS Global Services HCL Technologies Ltd. Xchanging Infosys Ltd. Global HRO Vendors Insigma Technology Co., LTD Capgemini InterGlobe Technologies NorthgateArinso Quatrro Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Global Knowledge Process Leaders Sutherland Global Services, Inc. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited VanceInfo TechnologiesGlobalServices September 2012  |  25
  24. 24. SpecialReport Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis SegmentSegment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysis Segment analysisSegment analysis Segment analysis  |  August 2012 GlobalServices
  25. 25. Segment Analysis ADMApplicationDevelopment Software developmentMaintenance : activities in the ApplicationOn the Road Development Maintenance (ADM)To Recovery Outsourcing space may get postponed in the currentBy Sourabh Chandra Pushp downturn, but it will return with a throttle effect when the economy recoversGlobalServices September 2012  |  27
  26. 26. Segment Analysis ADMS oftware development activities in IT market is going the Application Development through a period Maintenance(ADM) Outsourcing space may of massive change. get postponed in the current downturn, As enterprisebut it will return with a throttle effect when the software enters aeconomy recovers. great renaissance IT environment is facing extreme cost pressures period drivenwith increased expectations and IT executives ex- by mobility,pect more from their ongoing IT applications. ADM cloud computingoutsourcing offers the full scope of services that and Softwareaccelerates IT spend return— development, imple- as a Servicementation and management. It drives measurable (SaaS), softwareimprovements in product quality, reducing defect manufacturersdensity and increasing development productivity. and developersOutsourced ADM contracts are said to improve are increasinglyproductivity by up to 45 percent while it reduces turning to expertsIT-costs by as much as 50 percent. in product ADM outsourcing is a proven means by which development tocompanies can significantly reduce their costs, help them delivercontinuously improve the performance, stability innovation and toand availability of their applications and free up market faster.their existing IT-staff to focus on their strategic Keith Higginsinitiatives. It allows customers to reduce the cost chief marketing officer,and maintenance risk of all ongoing applications, Symphony Serviceswhile still retaining much needed control of theirIT OPEX and core business focus. based offshore vendors like TCS, Infosys, Wipro andThe ADM Market HCL, ADM activity still constitutes a large chunk ofThe ADM market is expected to grow from $51 B in the overall IT outsourcing. Recent years have seen2010 to approx $63 B by 2014 at a rate of 5.7 percent. the entry of other mid-tier vendors like Neoris, By 2015, Forrester expects the market for devel- Auriga and Softtek who have broken ground withopment services to approach $69B USD. non-India offshore delivery. However, India contin- The key ADM themes that dominated the ues to be the leading offshore in 2011 were Cloud, Agile, Security, Analyt- The in-house delivery of IT application, main-ics. These themes have held sway as providers and tenance and processes are still dominant in 2012-buyers both look at taking advantage of the trans- 2013. Research carried by Horses for Sourcesforming AMD landscape. The explosion of technol- predicts 95% of ADM buyers reporting positiveogy and digital content, more pervasive network outcomes. ADM outsourcing saw near around 35connectivity and the continued proliferation of percent inshore activity together with more thansmart hand-held devices has completely reshaped 30 percent outsourced activity as sourcing modelthe ADM market and will continue to dominate. for managing the IT business. Companies have a The ADM segment is still the mainstay of the IT renewed focus on maintenance operations andoutsourcing market. Led by US-based majors such servicing existing applications is now of a greateras IBM, Accenture, HP and Cognizant and India- importance to them.28  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  27. 27. Segment Analysis ADMThe worldwide source ADM market gets in the play easier than ever. Open source and collaboration tools fromspending on Dropbox to Linux-Ubuntu and to Cloud platformsthe enterprise such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, application develop-application ers across the globe are expecting this to follow for coming years which clearly means new marketsoftware is expected implementations ADM cross $120.4B ADM Buyers across geographies continued expanding their operations. While ADM marketin 2012, with a 4.5 saw larger number of less-value deals, well-knownpercent increase names in the ADM space signed greater numberfrom 2011 spending of contract renewals. North America continued to hold ace spot with the largest number of ADMof $115.2B deals, next to Europe, on a year-to-year basis. Cloud computing continued to be increasingly adopted in newer ADM deals. ADM Buyers are expecting nothing less thangreat quality, superior customer service and most Changing Landscape: Enterpriseimportant of all, top-notch solutions. In the coming Applications Softwaretime, more contracts are expected to pass on to “The global marketplace is still experiencing a se-emerging ADM destinations, like Brazil, Russia and ries of conflicting and contrasting economic newsEastern Europe. reports, and the full impact of the economic uncer- The ADM industry is going through a signifi- tainty on the enterprise software markets may notcant transformation in their licensing, delivery and be readily assessable until the end of the first halfsupport models. Despite a trend towards increased of 2012,” asserts Tom Eid, research vice presidentADM outsourcing to lower-wage economies, the at Gartner in the official press statement. Spendingcost of developing and maintaining applications in 2012 is anticipated to focus on industry-specificcan still consume more than half of the total IT applications; upgrades to established, mission-criti-budget. cal software; integrating and securing established The most notable theme that changed almost systems and infrastructure; and software as a serv-all ongoing trends for ADM market is the Cloud. ice (SaaS) deployments representing extensions to,With its on-demand, utility-pay for what you use or replacement of, existing applications and newand resource-sharing model, Cloud has galva- solutions.nized businesses and vendors across the industry According to Gartner, the worldwide spendingand ADM market landscape. All the leading ADM on the enterprise application software is expectedplayers have in 2011-12 enabled sections of their to cross $120.4B in 2012, with a 4.5 percent in-portfolio as cloud ADM service offerings with plans crease from 2011 spending of $ the pipeline to widen their capability for Cloud With increasing number of organizationsADM market. Other prominent ADM market trends demanding application’s functionality as a cloud-are- Enterprise App Stores and Desktop Services. based services rather than on-premises infrastruc- The Mobile and Cloud application develop- ture, ADM vendors are offering more technologyment is the hottest place to be in the IT industry in as subscription-based solutions and “pay as youthe coming year. With the rise of productivity and go” ADM offerings. This is expected to be a muchcollaboration tools becoming more refined, open needed step by ADM providers positioning them as30  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  28. 28. Segment AnalysisCloud When everyone is speakingcomputing about reducingconversations costs especiallyare slowly overhead in particular,morphing the application’sADM market in quality cannot be compromised, andterms of cloud this realizationcomputing has led to a lot of focusapplication on applicationplatforms maintenance as a discipline over the last few years.more cost-effective and as a way to counter the ef- Ashok Saxenafects of economic recession. SaaS and cloud-based Head, India Engineeringservices are helping established ADM vendors to Centre, Kronosexpand their overall revenue growth. On the account of enhanced SaaS and cloud ap-plication use, enterprise ADM market continues to market is experiencing an ongoing boom in soft-evolve. As tighter capital budgets demand accurate ware development for cloud computing that takesleaner alternatives the ADM growth graph varies advantage of benefits but also issues that will openwithin geographies. up opportunity for new software development ver- ticals. Industry experts believe, the impact of cloudCloud and Android Based service on the ADM market will change the sellingApplication Development and licensing of IT-applications, the way applica-Cloud computing conversations are slowly mor- tion data are handled will undergo a major shiftphing the ADM market in terms of cloud comput- which will induce the data driven applications intoing application platforms. Much of its expectation, the mainstream ADM are becoming an IT norm and However, for software development the un-less of an exception. In the cloud world, software derlying challenges of Cloud will come into sharpdevelopment has become more complex in terms focus as Cloud’s increasing benefits and risks willof security, reliability, usability and performance prompt the ADM providers to come to grips withand will keep the software development industry it.busy. Besides, Cloud Android is also accelerating the Ashok Saxena, Head, India Engineering Cen- ADM landscape. The unprecedented growth of An-tre, Kronos opines how the whole ADM space has droid devices and the demand for suitable Androidchanged to serve the market forces and meeting applications are fueling a huge demand for ADM.end user expectations. Ashok says, “Most of the Ron DuPlain, Freelance Lead Android Mobilecloud migrations we see today are applications Web Engineer, says, “Today when everything isfor physical infrastructure and are now taking full centered around mobility, application develop-advantage of the cloud possibilities. The ADM ment has taken vital transformation, both in terms32  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  29. 29. ADMof development and strategy. Application develop- estimated at a five-year compound annual growthment companies are focused to help subscribers rate (CAGR) of 15.4% through 2015. While the U.S.realize the potential of rapidly evolving mobile has led other regions in adoption of maintenancetechnologies.” services, in terms of both traditional and newer cloud-based maintenance services, there is anApplication Maintenance and increase in regional interest and adoption of theseTesting services in Canada, Latin America, Western Europe,All application products need sufficient mainte- and parts of Asia-Pacific.nance and both–investors and developers tend to Independent maintenance and testing for appli-heavily focus on it. cations is growing at 40 to 50 percent globally and There has been a lot of innovation in ADM with expected growth of about 35 to 40 percentspace and several maintenance tools and processes in offshore locations. While various industry reporthave evolved which enhanced the maintenance forecast various geographies to evolve as majorphase which in turn translates the overall quality ADM locations. India has grown to become the larg-of the application. est destination for outsourcing of software mainte- The market for discrete application mainte- nance and testing services, accounting for 32 per-nance worldwide is expected to experience solid cent of the total global ADM outsourcing share. Thegrowth as cloud and mobility drive next phase of application maintenance industry for India is grow-evolution, according to a latest report from IDC ing, export revenues and the number of employeesresearch. IDC estimates that global maintenance have doubled over the last four years in domesticand testing services spending reached $9.4 B in space which is projected to cross $1.5B by 2020. It’s2010, with projections for worldwide growth quite interesting to note that, US alone spends aGlobalServices September 2012  |  33
  30. 30. Segment Analysis ADMtotal of $59B on software maintenance. Of this total There has beenspend, $13 B is outsourced as a service to the Asian a drastic shiftcountries, India in particular. The ADM market has in the amountdemonstrated a CAGR of 19-23 percent year-on-year of developmentgrowth, in comparison to 47 percent by the inde- being done in thependent maintenance and testing services. integration and Kalyana Rao Konda, Vice President, AppLabs, testing stagessays-”The consumer demands are leading to in the lifecycletechnology advancements and fierce competition of an IT project,between providers. The survival of providers has compared to whatbecome subjective to the quality of the product was happeningwith superior service. Software maintenance and ten years back.testing plays a vital role in providing reliability This has resultedand quality to consumers to ensure that they don’t in an increasedhave a bad experience on using or buying the demand forproduct they like.” services on Data The current competitive environment and management/consumer demand for sophisticated applications is BI/Analytics,putting increased pressure on businesses to deliver Integration andquality apps at reduced costs and within shorter Testing sides oftime period. This ‘no scope for error’ environment the business,has increased the need for effective software test- which willing. Today, it has become one of the fastest grow- continue to being areas of the corporate IT expenditure. On the key opportunityother hand, meeting customer expectations has areas for allnow become a challenge for enterprises across all organizations.the industries due to the faster delivery cycles and Krishnamurthy R,increasingly competitive landscape. Senior Vice President Enterprises operating across various industries Head-Global Delivery,and geographies have now realized the need to Collaberadeliver quality products/applications and services tomeet customer expectations. of some of these massive movements. There are aConclusion bewildering range of technologies on the marketWith the economy of developed countries stagnat- today. The good news is that the service industry ising and the threat of recession retuning to major becoming more and more specialized. Companiesglobal players, companies will continue to rely on that want to take advantage of the hottest initia-software development outsourcing and offshoring tives today – be they Saas, cloud or enterprise mobil-for cost control, lean operations and scalability in ity – can get all the assistance they need. The right2012. software development service providers will have As cloud, SaaS, mobility and other trends fun- in-depth knowledge of all these platforms and thedamentally re-shape software development, there competency to deploy them quickly and at a com-is a large, growing market for specialized product petitive price. They will also offer outcome-baseddevelopment specialists. 2012 is just the beginning engagement models that fit each client’s needs.34  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  31. 31. ADM Application Development Maintenance Top Global ADM Leaders Capgemini Infosys Ltd. HCL Technologies Ltd. Syntel Inc. Insigma Technology Co., Ltd iGATE Corporation CSC Top Mid-tier ADM Companies Chinasoft International Ltd. EPAM Systems Inc. Infotech Enterprises MindTree Limited Neoris Neusoft ITC Infotech VanceInfo TechnologiesApplication Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance ZensarApplication Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance ApplicationDevelopment MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development Collabera Inc Genpact LimitedMaintenance Application Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development MaintenanceApplication Development Maintenance Application Development Maintenance GlobalServices Application Development Maintenance September 2012  |  35
  32. 32. AdvertorialStretching Value.Scientifically.T o be able to ‘differentiate’ innovatively and The second variable is the fact-file of the prospec- effectively holds a key to attaining global tive vendor. The overlap between these two vari- leadership in the business world. The natu- ables determines whether the vendor qualifies for ral reflex of a brick mortar company is to the next step in evaluation. The third variable is theadopt a customer-centric ‘differentiator’. IT Service cost—the ratio of the fact-file vs. cost—which deter-companies behave a little different. The fiercely mines the probability of deal closure.contested battle for talent forces them to oscillate Unfortunately, there is one more key variable thatbetween customer centric and employee-centric dif- is often overlooked. This variable resides betweenferentiators. ”Pick any one of the two sides, and then the second and third variable; it represents the effi-inherit the one from ciency of the vendor tothe other,” goes the leverage the fact-filehypothesis! into relevant deliveries. This differentiat- The customer’s loy-ing tactic certifies alties are not with thethe vendor’s dual vendor’s fact-file butrobustness. The seeds tied to satisfactoryof Cybage thought project deliveries at aleadership are sown reasonable cost. In thein the innovativeness IT business world, thisof our ‘differentia- delivery excellencetor’. We believe that is broadly measuredthe organization’s under the followingdifferentiator should attribute equation:not be inherited from the visible Quality, Speed, Consistency, Respon-aesthetics but from the grass root siveness, Attrition Risk, Scalability,implementation of productivities. and Value-add—dividends capturedThe customer-centric and employee-centric dif- with ‘Cost’ in the denominator.ferentiators are like leaves and flowers with great Cybage thought leadership is rooted in thevisual appeal but all the flourish and greenery is innovation applied to stretch ‘productivity’ of allat the mercy of the root’s productivity to absorb the above mentioned attributes that together leadnourishment. to customer’s delight and employee’s rewards. To appreciate this pivotal role of productivity, The above attribute equation is comprehensivelyone needs to dig a little deeper where business optimized, implemented, and internalized organi-partnerships are fortified. Generally, there are three zation-wide at Cybage through this sophisticatedvariables that a customer juggles with to close on business management software system called thea vendor. The first variable is the overall IT needs. ExcelShore® Model of Operational Excellence.
  33. 33. Segment AnalysisOPD Market isExpected to Reach$19B By 2015, technology analyst Forrester expects the market for productBy Smriti Sharma development services to approach $19BT he business of devel- and market influence oping new and solu- while staying away from tion-customized software marketing and development is the nucleus of thriving risk, it imperative to engineer thetechnology industry. Product develop- right product, manage it across thement plays a significant role in getting various phases of its lifecycle, manageeconomic returns as well as establishing market the copious risks, deliver the product faster to theinfluence. However, whilst introducing a new prod- market and retaining the capacity to innovate theuct in the market a company is also putting itself at product. The right product strategy is the only waymarketing and development risk. to success in the business of software products. To ensure a company wins economic returns Product mangers have repeatedly taken their38  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  34. 34. OPDcompanies through the journey of transition from There are atraditional product development to value develop- bewildering rangement. This process calls for a lot more innovation of technologiesand this occurs during the stage of engineering. on the market Still the question remains why outsource? It today. The goodis outsourced, much like other services, for the news is that thereasons of getting intellectual property in the service industryform of principles of excellence, best practices, is becomingmethodologies, process templates, engineering more and moreroadmaps, monitoring tools, quality assurance specialized.procedures- carefully applied across various Companies thatstages of product development, further resulting want to takein innovation. advantage of the Large Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) hottest initiativesare creating innovation across various domains today can get allsuch as Cloud enablement, SaaS, Product Lifestyle the assistance theyManagement, etc. need. This year the product development space is Keith Higginsexpected to become increasingly fragmented chief marketing officer,and specialized. Mobility, cloud computing and Symphony ServicesSoftware as a Service (SaaS) continue to be thedrivers of this industry. Software manufacturersare seeking advice from experts to assist them in also offer outcome-based engagement modelsdriving innovation to market faster and at a lower that fit each client’s needs.”cost. Experts are roped in for specific initiativesrevolving around technology, for example, mobil- Market Scenarioity, cloud and SaaS, their industry, business and During pre-crisis times, IT outsourcing was the mostvertical segments. frequently adopted strategy by large companies. As software development is re-shaped by Today, ITO practice has found more support amongstcloud, SaaS, mobility, the demand for specialized the mid-market. As for this segment, cost as well asproduct development is increasing. Keith Higgins, access to skills and services is extremely essential.chief marketing officer, Symphony Services, stated This market segment is also home to some of thein another interview, “2012 is just the begin- most exciting and current technology developments.ning of some of these massive movements. There Taking advantage of this opportunity some of theare a bewildering range of technologies on the independent software vendors are expanding theirmarket today. The good news is that the service footprints in this space. Software companies whoindustry is becoming more and more specialized. have moved to cloud computing and SaaS have wit-Companies that want to take advantage of the nessed significantly larger opportunities.hottest initiatives today – be they Saas, cloud The pricing models offered by vendors areor enterprise mobility – can get all the assist- outcome based pricing, revenue share pricingance they need. The right software development and risk reward pricing. These pricing modelsservice providers will have in-depth knowledge of add to the attractiveness of partnerships. In-all these platforms and the competency to deploy creasingly, buyers are employing risk-rewardthem quickly and at a competitive price. They will partnership model, where the vendors areGlobalServices September 2012  |  39
  35. 35. Segment Analysis OPDwilling to absorb a certain amount of busi- of software development and IT resources, avail-ness model risk, across the lifecycle of products. ability of IT talent pool, positive references from OPDs are expanding in Asia and Europe. The the fellow companies/local business community,challenges that companies who have not made to geographical and cultural proximity, strong re-the outsourcing map of product development face search and development (RD) legacy, political andare poor client-vendor communication, delayed economic stability, Intellectual Property (IP) secu-project delivery, cultural differences etc. rity, proficient English language skills etc. In order to tackle these issues, face-to-face Gartner’s study Predicts 2010: Agile and Cloudcommunication with their vendor’s project man- Impact Application Development Directions, high-agement and project teams should be increased, lighted, “By 2012 ‘agile development methods willemploying additional valuable resources, switching be utilized in 80% of all software developmentto alternative software development methodol- projects’. Although Scrum will continue gaining inogy, bringing in assistance (advisories) to enhance popularity over the coming years, organizationsvendor relationships, encouraging partnering with will not be successful in their transition unless theydifferent vendors to offer more cost-effective en- move toward a team-focused culture. Very fewgagement, etc. organizations use a pure-Scrum approach and most Buyers while zeroing upon a geography should rely on a hybrid approach (waterfall and Agile).keep in mind the following pointers: low costs Organizations struggle to implement true collabo-40  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  36. 36. Segment Analysis OPDration in the context of globally distributed teams. to call on the best talent available. Incumbency isA situation that has amplified in recent years with no longer the advantage it once was.”outsourcing and offshoring of software develop- 3. According to a recent Gartner survey, 30 per-ment projects. On the other hand, teams who cent of large organizations cited enterprisehave successfully moved to Agile see productivity mobility as their top business priority for 2012.improvements especially in ‘the flexibility of the Higgins explains, in the past, the enterprisedevelopment team to respond to shifting require- tended to be a closed and homogenous place.ments’. This is especially true for web-based ap- Employees would typically use one type ofplication developments where rapid responses to a device – like a Blackberry – to communicatechanging environment are critical.” amongst themselves. Enterprises now have to Organizations need to make use of key agile grapple with a dizzying array of business andpractices and invest in training and supportive connected mobile devices, all of which needtools’ infrastructure. Those who do not will end in to communicate seamlessly and securely withlong-term declines in quality and productivity. one another. By outsourcing their enterprise software mobility department, organizationsTop Trends are trying to address this challenge. This year, a1. Cloud, SaaS and mobility has resulted in a lot large number of companies are buying enter- of investments and companies have started prise mobility as a managed service. generating new tools and technology. Many 4. Gartner predicts that 75 percent of all comput- organizations want to use these tools; however, ing will be in public clouds by the year 2020. they do not have domain knowledge or financ- Cloud computing has revolutionized the man- es to integrate the best ones. Thus, companies ner in which companies operate. The manner are moving to outsourcing partners to get the in which companies employ cloud technology specialist assistance they require. Over the next is changing too. A mixture of cloud applica- 12 months, it is expected that companies will tions, platforms and infrastructure is sourced concentrate on building best-in-class technolo- by organizations. As cloud-based companies gies for their clients. They will then use these are becoming more specialized, they are innovative technologies to create products for encapsulating cloud-based tools in their of- their customers as trusted partners. ferings. There are approximately two million2. According to the global consultancy Zinnov, 70 users of around the world and percent of ISVs look at industry benchmarks every 25 million users of Google Apps. Company’s year to re-negotiate contracts with their services products assist software developers to build partner. Increasingly in 2012 ISVs will be looking private development clouds. Software devel- to add rigorous Service Level Agreements (SLAs) oper and other outcome-based conditions to the com- 5. The high adopted rate of personal health man- mercial engagement model with their services agement systems has laid eggs for an increased partners. demand of new applications. Higgins predicted, Higgins opined, “We predict this will create a sig- “By 2015, as many as 500 million smartphones nificant opportunity for specialist service provid- will have a health-related application on them. ers, as more ISVs will move to a multi-source mod- The Veterans Administration in the US is plan- el involving a spectrum of trusted partners. ISVs ning to rollout 100,000 iPAD tablets across 152 will actively seek out specialist help to address hospitals. Next year, we expect to see a host of specific pain points in their businesses, speed in- new vendors enter the market with innovative novation and reduce costs. They will not hesitate connected healthcare solutions.”.42  |  September 2012 GlobalServices
  37. 37. OPD Outsourced Product DevelopmentLeading Global OPD Vendors Leading Mid-tier OPD VendorsEPAM Systems Inc. Beyondsoft CorporationGlobalLogic Cybage Software Private LimitedHCL Technologies GlobantInfosys HildebrandoInfotech Enterprises iGATE CorporationLionbridge LuxoftPersistent Systems Limited MindTree LimitedSymphony Teleca CorpVanceInfo Technologies GlobalServices September 2012  |  43
  38. 38. A City of Financial Delivery Center Hangzhou, ChinaH angzhou is located at southern wing of the Yangtze Delta region, which is the most prosperous area in Eastern China; and also the hub of transportation for airport, rail, road and inner-river in southeast China.As the provincial capital city of Zhejiang, Hangzhou is a city with unique charm and extraordinary potential, enjoyed a long historyand culture, unique geographical advantage, healthy natural environment, abundant science and education resources, and solideconomic foundation. It ranked No.1 in “China mainland Best commercial City Ranking” by Forbes magazine, reelected “China’sHappiest Cities” for eight consecutive years, China’s top ten Creative City, China’s top ten Dynamic City and top ten low carbon Cities,the highest honor of the model city of Chinese people’s livelihood and achievements.The city will take scientific development as the main theme and focus on adjusting the economic structures. Efforts will be put into enrich people and increase the city’s competitiveness and social harmony. The urban-rural integration and internationalizationstrategy being the major means, the city will prioritize the well-being of citizens, emphasize the environmental protection, strengthen itsinnovative power, support its real economies, boost its cultural industries and uphold its open-up policy. The urban-rural integration and internationalization mark high-level of urbanization, which also sets path for and facilitates thesustainable development. The two tasks must be embodied in every respect of the city’s social and economic development tosubsequently optimize the allocation of production factors, invigorate the economic development, expand the development spaceand upgrade the development level, as a result of which the city’s people will share the modern civilization and happy lives.To prioritize the well-being of citizens, the city will be dedicated to solving problems and addressing difficulties in the aim of enrichingand benefiting people.To protect the environment, the city will aim to create the first-class ecological, living, legal, administrative and business environmentin order to improve its advantage in this aspect. International Financial Outsourcing Center
  39. 39. To strengthen the innovative power, the city will promote the innovation in idea, technology, system, culture and service so as to improve its creativity and development power. To support its real economies, the city will view real economies as the cornerstone, and continuously improve the core competitiveness through industrial structure upgrading. To boost the cultural industries, the city will continue to explore its cultures and traditions in order to carry along and broaden. In addition, the city will seek to realize the cultural prosperity and development in a major degree for the improvement of soft power. To uphold the open-up, the city will widen and broaden the degreeof opening up, and view open-up as the power of reform, development and innovation.In recent years, Hangzhou has issued a series of policies to focus on the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, acceleratethe development of innovative economy, and speed the development of Hangzhou ten major industries —— cultural and creative,tourism and leisure, financial services, e-commerce, information software, advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the Internetof Tings, biomedicine, energy saving, new energy; especially, vigorously promoted the priority development of service industry,optimizing the development, and the main engine role of the services sector in the Hangzhou Economic Development was moreprominent.By the end of 2011, there are 22 Hangzhou enterprises among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 30 companies among the top 500Chinese manufacturing enterprises, 37 enterprises among the top 500 Chinese service enterprises, 56 private enterprises among thetop 500 private enterprises in China; more than 20 national services industry high-tech service industry base, the National ElectronicInformation Industry Base, and the Hangzhou national software industry base, etc.Demonstration City of Chinasourcing Hangzhou
  40. 40. segment analysisINFRASTRUCTUREMANAGEMENTOUTSOURCING:CLOUD COMESWITH A PROMISEBy Sourabh Chandra Pushp High volatile economic downturn coupled with the ease of cloud delivery is resulting in a surge of demand for IM outsourcing46  |  September 2012 GlobalServices