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Di aquent final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Di aquent final

  1. 1. Keep  it  Short  and  Useful:     Mobile  Marke+ng  that  Seamlessly  Fits   into  Customers’  Lives  and  Delivers  Value   SPEAKER:   Chi  Modu,  Founder     Chief  Transforma+on  Officer     MODERATOR:   Alli  Libb   American  Marke+ng  Associa+on   SPONSOR:   Aquent:    
  2. 2. Mobile mo•bile - Being able to move or be moved freely or easily diverse  insights  
  3. 3. Brands  Must  Align  With  Current  Informa+on  Access  Points   diverse  insights  
  4. 4. What  We’ll  Cover:   •   Advantages  of  mobile  vs.  non-­‐mobile  marke+ng   •   The  parts  of  the  mobile  equa+on   •   The  surprisingly  most  effec+ve  of  all  the  mobile  tools   •   How  to  effec+vely  engage  the  consumer  in  conversa+on   •   How  to  move  consumers  to  ac+on     •   Consumer  concerns  and  privacy  overview   •   Case  studies   diverse  insights  
  5. 5. diverse  insights   Advantages  of  Mobile  vs.   Non-­‐Mobile  Marke+ng   •   Omnipresence   •   Reduced  targe+ng  errors     •   Improved  data  management   •   Always  on  and  always  aware   •   Loca+on  awareness   •   In+mate  plaRorm    
  6. 6. diverse  insights   A  Few  Stats:   •   Over  50%  of  global  popula+on  pays  to  use  mobile  device   •   75%  of  US  popula+on  or  232  million  users  of  mobile  phones   •   Mobile  banking  to  double  to  400  million  people  by  2013   Source: International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the United Nations Source: Pew Internet Research Source: Juniper Research
  7. 7. Address  book   Audio  recorder   Calendar   Camera   Game  Device   GPS   Laptop   Music  player   Note  pad   Remote  control   Telephone   Television   Wallet   diverse  insights   Consolida+on  of  Devices   Mobile     Device    =    
  8. 8. diverse  insights   Five  Parts  of  the  Mobile  Equa+on   •  Applica?ons        for  smart  phones  (phones  with  internet  access)   •  Mobile  web  vs.  or  sites  built  with          mode  of  access  detec+on  capability     •  SMS  (short  message  service)              Short  code  marke+ng  and  tex+ng   •  Kindle,  iPad,  etc.        Content  access  devices  with  added  func+onality   •  Loca?on  based  services          Foursquare,  Gowalla,  and  more  
  9. 9. diverse  insights   What  Does  All  of  This  Mean?  
  10. 10. diverse  insights  
  11. 11. diverse  insights   Societal  and  Behavioral  Shids   •   Smart  info  consump+on   •   Control  of  when/where  and  how  to  consume     •   Increase  of  tasks  in  shorter  +me  frame:        e.g.  31  to  24  hours     •   User-­‐generated  content  more  the  norm   •  •  •   Source: OTX - US Think Tank
  12. 12. diverse  insights   What  is  the  Most  Effec+ve     of  All  Mobile  Tools?  
  13. 13. diverse  insights  diverse  insights   The  Most  Effec+ve  Tool  is  the  One  That   Your  Customer  is  Most  Familiar  With  
  14. 14. diverse  insights   When  Integra+ng  Mobile   •   Create  or  refine  your  overall  brand  strategy   •   Create  a  mobile  plan  and  implementa+on  course          that  is  informed  by  your  brand  strategy  and  posi+on     •   Research  and  study  your  customers’  mobile  behavior        and  informa+on  consump+on  preferences   •   Understand  what  your  customers  (and  prospects)          expect  from  your  brand   •  •  •  
  15. 15. diverse  insights   Moving  the  Customer  from  One  Channel  to  Next:   Seamlessly  integrate  mobile  CTAs  (calls-­‐to-­‐ac+on)  with     your  non-­‐mobile  marke+ng  
  16. 16.  •  Applica+ons   •    Mobile  web   •    SMS  (Tex+ng/Short  Message  Service)   •    Kindle,  iPad…   •    Dynamic/loca+on-­‐based  engagement   diverse  insights   Integrate  and  Leverage  All  Components  of  the   Mobile  Mix  to  Connect  with  Your  Non-­‐Mobile   Marke+ng  Efforts  
  17. 17. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  18. 18. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  19. 19. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  20. 20. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  21. 21. diverse  insights   How  do  you  best  engage  your   customer  in  conversa+on?  
  22. 22. diverse  insights   Five  Parts  of  the  Mobile  Equa+on   •  Applica?ons        for  smart  phones  (phones  with  internet  access)   •  Mobile  web  vs.  or  sites  built  with          mode  of  access  detec+on  capability     •  SMS  (short  message  service)              Short  code  marke+ng  and  tex+ng   •  Kindle,  iPad,  etc.        Content  access  devices  with  added  func+onality   •  Loca?on  based  services          Foursquare,  Gowalla,  and  more  
  23. 23. VS.   diverse  insights   Taste  Tests  S+ll  Work  
  24. 24. diverse  insights  
  25. 25. diverse  insights   Thin  Line  Between  “Spooky,”  “Creepy”  and  Annoying    
  26. 26. diverse  insights   Case  Studies…  
  27. 27. diverse  insights   Bowery   Mission     of  NYC     Goal: To be the most effective provider of compassionate care and life transformation for hurting people in New York City. Established in 1879
  28. 28. Challenge:       To  raise  awareness  of  the  plight  of  the  homeless     and  hungry  in  New  York  City  and  increase  dona+ons     Strategy:   Approach  the  age-­‐old  problem  of  hunger  and     homelessness  with  a  21st  century  solu+on.   Crea+ve  use  of  SMS  that  included  facts,  trivia,     words  of  inspira+on  along  with  Bowery’s  services     for  users  of  the  services,  donors  and  prospects.   Result:   Increased  awareness  of  the  Bowery’s  Mission   Bonus:   Selected  Best  of  Non-­‐Profit,  2009,  by  Mobile  Marketer   diverse  insights   Bowery  Mission  of  NYC  -­‐  Pro  Bono  Project    
  29. 29. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  30. 30. diverse  insights   General  Mills:  Whea+es  Fuel    
  31. 31. diverse  insights   General  Mills:  Whea+es  Fuel     Challenge:       Create  a  mobile  campaign  to  support  the  new     Whea+es  Fuel  to  help  reinvigorate  and  modernize     the  Whea+es  brand   Strategy/Result   Created  next  genera+on  SMS  campaign  integrated     with  offline,  television,  and  print  promo+ons  in     partnership  with  Men’s  Health  Magazine.     Bonus:   Selected  among  top  10  campaigns  of,  2009,     by  Mobile  Marketer  
  32. 32. diverse  insights  diverse  insights  
  33. 33. Keep  it  Short  and  Useful:     Mobile  Marke+ng  that  Seamlessly  Fits   into  Customers’  Lives  and  Delivers  Value   SPEAKER:   Chi  Modu,  Founder     Chief  Transforma+on  Officer     MODERATOR:   Alli  Libb   American  Marke+ng  Associa+on   SPONSOR:   Aquent:     Thank You! Get in touch: