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Ilead 2012 presentation

  1. 1. iLead: Effective School Technology Model for Schools and Beyond Annejeanette M. Washington Manatee Bay Elementary University of Fort Lauderdale
  2. 2. University of Fort Lauderdale Since 2002Manatee Bay Elementary Professor of Computers andSince 2005 Curriculum and InstructionComputer Science 4th Grade/Webmaster
  3. 3. •  To identify the role of the Administration, Teacher Leaders in Technology, Instructional and Non- Instructional Staff, Technology Coordinator, an Webmaster/Social Network Manager•  To Identify best practices used at various levels to implement a high optimum learning environment, promote marketing of the school, and effectively use technology in all areas of the school and beyond•  To effective use social media/networking as a means for effective networking of leaders, marketing, and instruction.•  To empower teacher leaders in technology through removing phobias, stereotypes, and negativity.
  4. 4. What is ISTE and how does it relate to the iLead Model?
  5. 5. • Technology encourages individualized learning,and improves overall student achievement.• The effective use of technology in theclassroom helps prepare students for thetechnology-driven workplace of the 21st century.• Programs that provide teacher trainingmaximize the use of existing technologyresources and introduce innovation in pedagogy.
  6. 6. Teacher Instructional/Administrator Leaders in Non Technology Instructional Social Network Technology Coordinator/ Coordinator Webmaster
  7. 7. The (iFactor for Technology Leadership and Collaboration))Administration iLeadTeacher Leaders in Technology iPlan,iReview,iImplement,iAsse ss, iRe-Assess, iTrainInstructional Staff iImplement,iAssess, iProvideNon-Instructional Staff FeedbackTechnology Coordinator iCoordinate,iServeSocial Network Coordinator/ iTrain, iMaintain, iMarket,Webmaster iDesign, iResearch, iBlog
  8. 8. iLead-Administration •  Administration must first be the technology practitioner, leader, and supporter of technology within the school climate. •  Administration must take an active role in embracing the changing technology in administration, budget, curriculum, and most of all student achievement. •  Administration fosters a climate that iLead the school in demonstrating best practices in technology.
  9. 9. Model Practice Lead by Vision Example Planning Improvement
  10. 10. Teachers who are heavily trained in Technology serve on a school Technology Team or CommitteeiPlan activities for the school yeariReview best Practices throughout Academic Teams in TechnologyiImplement Best Practices in my class for optimum student achievement, showcase best practices for a Technology Night for all stakeholders.iAssess which Technology Hardware and Software will allow optimum teaching and personal best practicesiRe-Assess if these strategies are not suited for my teaching style or student learner outcomes.
  11. 11. These stakeholders inquire to learn more technology will participate in SBBC/ Technology Training such as GLIDES, DETA, Webinars etc.iImplement those best practices into instructioniAssess which technology practices are working and re-assess what is not working via networking with the Technology Team, Administration, or Technology Coordinator.iProvide Feedback to Administration,Technology Team, Technology Coordinator and Teachers.
  12. 12. Effective teachers model and apply the NETS·S as they design, implement, and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning; enrich professional practice; and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community. All teachers should meet the following standards and performance indicators.
  13. 13. •  The Technology Coordinators:•  TLC/Computer Science Teacher Model.•  iCoordinate with Administration, Instructional Staff, Technology Team, and Non-Instructional Staff to ensure that the Technology Needs of the school are met. Proficiency of Computers is at Optimum Level. Excellence must be the standard with this model.•  iServe my school through training, classroom modeling and instruction, trouble-shooting, Technology Inventories, and other duties as designated by Administration.
  14. 14. •  iTrain- Training is key to building and creating websites, videos, and marketing material that is relevant and effective in meeting all stakeholders needs. Continuous training is essential to being effective in this role.•  iMaintain- Maintenance of the website is essential to information being dissiminated•  iMarket- Collaboration with administration, teachers, and even students to create a positive product online iDesign- Production of Websites and Videos that reflect school culture.•  iResearch-Research trends in social network groups, website design, and video production•  iBlog- Posting and interactive log of school activities that build a climate of trust with viewers. THEY ARE WATCHING YOU ONLINE!
  15. 15. 1.  Create one-to-one connectionsUnderstand their needs and frame discussions around those needs.Establish partnerships based on common needs.Become involved in online networking locally, state, and nationally committees.2. Support Networking conferencesInvite them to present at your events.Consider offering them e-mail services, demonstration sessions, andsponsorship opportunities.Involve them as readers on grants, submissions, and advisory boards.
  16. 16. 3. Build Networking Opportunity and Shared ResourcesCreate an online site that highlights shared resources.4. Create Interactive PresentationsUse video clips with tools to encourage interaction:Connect to interactive presentations —http://www.videoclassroom.orgPublic Broadcasting Services—Teachersource: Showcase Student StoriesInclude student work in conference presentations.Support the stories on a Web site.Create “local” stories that could be used in their member newsletter or publications.
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION is KEY!!!!
  18. 18. Annejeanette Washington Manatee Bay Elementary lexuscane954@gmail.com 954-324-7029-Business 754-323-6450- School
  19. 19. BibliographyRaths, David. 2012 Technology Moving Teachers from Front to Centerof the Classroom. The Journal and Computing. (2012). The History Channel website. Retrieved1:46, March 30, 2012, from J. Using Power Standards to Build an Aligned Curriculum (2012)LinkedIn website. Retrieved 12:45, March 23, 2012 from
  20. 20. The National Alliance of Black School Educators- Broward County ChapterCarletha Shaw,Casandra Robinson,Lisa Mays,Bardetta Haygood,Dr. Valerie WanzaManatee Bay ElementaryUniversity of Fort LauderdaleDr. Henry FernandezMrs. Jean Watts-BrownMrs. Harriet TsocheffDr. Elizabeth WattsMs. Linda MedvinMs. Fran BishopMrs. Donna McCannMrs. Heather DevaughnDr. Earlean SmileyMs. Karin Smith, Ms Ninalynn C. Bradshaw, Mrs. Robyn MossMost of All.. My students who have inspired me these 19 years of teaching.