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Lattitude 28 Menu


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An overview of Latitude 28 giving you a glimpse of the restaurant.

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Lattitude 28 Menu

  1. 1. The food is best described as non fussy but divine. Voted the best Café in Delhi by Hindustan Times the menu offers a variety that tempts you every step of the way. Explore the menu which serves up the most divine salads, a fascinating Brushetta Bar, a superlative Pasta selection, and some of the mostimaginative and delicious Hearty meals. Lest we forget to mention, Dessert is a treat and an absolute must with a fresh selection made daily. Starters and Light meals Bruschetta Bar Salads & Soup Pasta bar Hearty Meals Sandwich Bar Dessert
  2. 2. Starters and Light meals• Philipino crispy Spring rolls with minced Chicken and Water Chestnuts, served with sweet and sour sauce (NV) 350.00• Grilled Chicken Satay with Peanut papaya Relish (NV) 390.00• Sizzling Prawn and Pineapple skewers served with Garlic dip (NV) 380.00• A platter with Latitude’s special Potato Salad, Salami, glazed Ham, and bits of Parmesan. A light lunch platter (NV) 490.00• Panzerotti - Crispy calzone from the streets of Sicily, filled with Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil (V) 290.00• Corn and Pumpkin Pancakes with a Sour cream and Olive dip – delicious!(V) 330.00• Eggplant Involtini rolled with fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato sauce(V) 280.00• Pita bread filled grilled Haloumi, Tahina sauce and Rocket leaves, back by popular demand (V) 370.00
  3. 3. Bruschetta BarCrusty Ciabatta Bruschetta with a choice of:• Tomato, Basil and perfume of Garlic (V) 290.00• Mushroom and Bacon (NV) 390.00• Smashed Avocado, bits of Tomato and a hint of Lemon (V) 315.00• Melting Cheddar, Jalapenos and Pesto - our take on old fashioned chilly-cheese toast(V) 330.00
  4. 4. SALADS & SOUP• Caesar’s salad, our way - Romaine leaves, no • Marinated prawn and Green Papaya salad anchovies and extra garlic with a choice of: drizzled with a Wasabi –Poppy seed (V/NV) dressing (NV) Crispy Bacon: 380.00 Grilled Chicken: 370.00 460.00 Asparagus: 380.00 • Minced Chicken and mushroom Salad• Fresh mozzarella, ready to burst tomatoes and with a Chilly, Ginger and Garlic dressing Basil, drizzled with DOP Olive Oil and sea-salt (NV) (V) 460.00 390.00 • Quinoa salad with Cherry• Beetroot, Coconut and Kiwi salad with a simple Tomatoes, Avocado, Olive and crusty Lime and Ginger dressing - my favourite(V) bread - healthy and filling (V) 380.00 380.00• Mixed greens with warm French goat • Classic Minestrone Soup with vegetable cheese, drizzled with Balsamic glaze and bits and aromatic Basil – a DIVA Classic Sundried tomatoes (V) (V) 440.00 310.00• Balsamic Roasted Pumpkin, Rocket, Feta cheese • Carrot, Ginger and Coriander Soup - light crumblings and Pine Nuts - a Latitude Classic and yummy! (V) (V) 340.00 390.00
  5. 5. Pasta Bar• Choice of Pasta: Penne, Linguine or Spaghetti• Choice of Sauce: Classic Tomato and Basil: 360.00 (V)• Artichoke, Garlic and Chilly Oil: 460.00 (V)• Wild Mushroom and Thyme, with or without cheese: 460.00 (V)• Ruby Red Prawns, crushed Tomato and Chilly: 490.00 (NV)• Old fashioned Meat Ragu: 460.00 (NV)
  6. 6. Hearty Meals• Dainty Potato gnocchi with slow roasted • Spicy Oriental Mushroom Curry served with tomatoes, fresh herbs and olive oil (V) Rice and relish (V) 370.00 430.00• Calcutta style Pumpkin and Potato curry • Mee Goreng- our version of Malaysian Rice flavoured with Nigella and Anise, served noodles tossed with garlic, greens and with Steamed rice – my personal favourite Sambal (V) (V/NV) 350.00 Vegetarian: 430.00 Chicken: 470.00• Lime, Goat cheese and Pink Peppercorn • Grilled fillet of Bassa Fish with semolina Risotto - refreshing and full of flavours crust, butter-lemon sauce - Latitude 28 (V) Classic (NV) 450.00 490.00• Spinach soufflé rolled with garden fresh • Pan seared Scottish Salmon with shaved vegetables served with Parmesan Fondant Fennel, crushed Chilly and Caper dressing (V) (NV) 430.00 660.00• Jordanian Mezze platter with • Grilled Chicken breast with a rich and Felafel, Hommous, Baba Ghanouj and elegant Mushroom and Wine sauce served Labneh (V) with greens (NV) 470.00 460.00
  7. 7. Hearty Meals (cont..)• Home style Italian Chicken stew with tomato thyme and garlic, served with mashed Potatoes (NV) 460.00• Prawn Moiley served with Rice and Carrot Thoran (NV) 530.00• Dish of the day- Please ask the server• Sides: Creamy Mash: 110.00 Zucchini Tempura 115.00 Grilled Veggies: 150.00 Wok-Fried rice: 110.00
  8. 8. Sandwich BarChoice of Whole-Wheat, Multi grain, Ciabatta or Arabic breadserved with either Potato Salad or Greens• Mushroom , Gruyere and Caramelised Onions: 360.00 (V)• Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto: 360.00 (V)• Grilled Pumpkin, Cheese, Roasted Peppers and spicy Sambal sauce: 360.00 (V)• Swiss cheese, Honey glazed Ham and Jalapenos: 410.00: (NV)• Smoked chicken Bacon, Provolone cheese, Mayo and Paprika: 460.00 (NV)
  9. 9. Dessert Please ask your server for the day’s fresh selection from our bakery 220.00o VAT as applicable, we add a discretionary service charge of 10%o Since most of our ingredients are procured fresh daily, please be understanding if certain dishes are not availableo In case of any food allergies please inform your servero (V) denotes the dish is suitable for vegetarians however may contain eggs. Please inform your server in case you are a strict vegetarian
  10. 10. Visit us at! Let us spoil you