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  • Webinar presentation2

    1. 1. How to Create a Profitable Website Using a Wordpress Blog Platform • Welcome to wwwblogforyoursuccess.com
    2. 2. Questions • 1. What type of business are you planning for this website? • Write down your 3 top business goals. • What is the function of your site? (information, video, training, sell products, blog, build a community, make money)
    3. 3. Wordpress Blog Platform Is For You If: • 1. You want to launch a professional, affordable and flexible business website and or blog. • 2. You already have a website and want to set up a blog. • 3. You’re a new entrepreneur and you want to set up a new sleek interactive site quickly. • 4. You looking to create an online magazine. • 5. You want to create an online membership site. • 6. You want to create a video blog or an online tv channel.
    4. 4. Traditional Websites vs. Wordpress Blog Platforms • Traditional websites tend to be static, expensive to update and less interactive. • Todays online customer’s are looking for websites to be interactive, allowing comments from their visitors. They want to communicate directly with you which increases the likelihood of turning them into a customer. • Blogging allows potential clients to get to know you . The more you can humanize your business -the more people tend trust you. The more they trust you the more likely they will frequent your site. • Blogs -because of frequent activities-rank more highly on google than a regular static website. The more active your blog, the more points you score with google. • Blogs will give you a strong online presence by helping you to build traffic an establish authority and credibility. • Sharing valuable information is easier with a blog .
    5. 5. Did you know that most of the100 Websites listed on Forbes’ 2010 Best Websites for Women use a Wordpress Platform.
    6. 6. • What is Wordpress? • A Content Management system used for running an online blog and/or a website. • Free web-based software that creates, edits, and manages website content as well as blog content. • A platform that allows you to keep content fresh, which increases search engine ranking so you have a better chance of online exposure.
    7. 7. Why Wordpress? • 1. It is free to use. • 2.You can create unlimited pages. • 3. There are 1000’s of free templates to choose from and it’s highly customizable. • 4. Search Engine friendly- Wordpress sites can be easily optimized for search engines. Posts on your blog are automatically pinged and rss feeds are automatically submitted to rss directories. • 5. Integrates easily with social media - twitter, facebook, my space etc. • 6. Its interactive which helps to build community.
    8. 8. Sample Free Themes
    9. 9. Engaging Content • 1.Valuable to your clients • 2. Teaches something like a hobby • 3. Offers training classes • 4. Lists - like the top ten • 5. Magazine & News blogs- great articles • 6.Catchy and compelling headline
    10. 10. Integrate with Social Media • Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin • Ping.fm connects your blog posts to all of your social networks • “Share this” tool on your post
    11. 11. What is your niche? • What is your target group? • What are they searching for online? • What keeps them up at night? • What books, magazines and newspapers do they read? • What are they buying?
    12. 12. • How old are they? • Male or Female? • Where do they live? • How much do they earn? • What are they watching on TV?
    14. 14. 70% of offline businesses will move a majority of their marketing online! • Currently 60% of companies find online marketing more efficient and profitable than traditional marketing and 74% of businesses plan to increase their online spending over the next three years. • Establishing your presence online and effectively using strategy to attract your market share is essential for your business.
    15. 15. How To Get Started • 1.Visit the Blog Package page to find the package that fits your business and your personal brand. I offer a menu of support services to assist you. • 2. Visit the Purchase page to buy your blog package. • 3. Feel free to contact me with any questions. • 4. I offer a introductory consultation for an affordable fee.
    16. 16. Beginners Tool Kit Step One • Decide on a name for your website and or blog you want to choose names that are common or you may want to choose your first and last name. What’s important when deciding a name - make sure its searchable by the main search engines : Google, Yahoo, ASK, MSN and AOL. If your just starting out in business, you want to use strong keywords that the public is already searching for. Visit BFYS University to find out more about keywords • For example I chose Blog for Your Success because blog is being searched over 30 million times per month and the word success is being searched over 2 million times per month.
    17. 17. Step Two • Buy the domain name at Go-daddy.com. You want to buy the url or website address to match the name of your blog. You can search your name to see if its available at Godaddy.
    18. 18. Step 3 • Purchase a hosting package. I prefer hostgator because of their great customer service and they back up your blog database. Hostgator is rated one of the top ten hosting sites. They currently offer a 4.95 monthly hosting package for wordpress sites.
    19. 19. Step 4 • Choose a wordpress theme- there are thousands of free wordpress themes on the web. Premium themes will cost you.You can always change the theme which is one of the features I love about wordpress.You can find links for free wordpress themes on my resource page www.blogforyoursuccess.com
    20. 20. Step 5 • Prepare your site content - with wordpress you can have the best of both worlds - a website and a blog. My first website cost me close to $800 for 3 pages of content. With the blog for your success starter package -you will get 5 pages including a page for your blog on a beautiful theme that will look like exquisite. Website must have pages are home (comes with site), about, services, contact, testimonials and blog.
    21. 21. What services do I provide? • I help you establish your personal brand online with your new site. • For entrepreneurs, I help you to set up site to make money online. • I take care of all the technical tasks like installing the newest wordpress program, installing the theme template to match your personal brand, making sure your site has search engine optimization, and installing the plugins for videos, podcast, photos and rss feed. • Coaching and training comes with each package.