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How to successfully onboard end-clients to a B2B Platform - Magento Imagine 2018


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Magento Imagine 2018 Presentation
Developing eCommerce since 2004, I‘ve seen how successful B2B clients digitize their businesses and how they onboard users

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How to successfully onboard end-clients to a B2B Platform - Magento Imagine 2018

  1. 1. How to successfully onboard end-clients to a B2B Platform
  2. 2. Tom Karwatka CEO | Divante @tomik99
  3. 3. Why this is such a huge problem 40–60% of software users will open an app once, and never login again. 70–80% of users never use the mobile app again 72 hours after onboarding. When a voice application acquires a user, there is only a 3% chance that the user will be active in the second week.
  4. 4. Know your Client first! Personas User research —  field research Mobile app for construction workers? A persona is a fictional identity that reflects one of the user groups we design for. Every time our team imagined a new feature — we asked ourselves:   Will Henry like this and will he be able to use this?
  5. 5. Map the real use-cases day a consultant found an order for 100 light bulbs and a huge utility pole.... Missing crucial features „If in eCommerce I can’t use my B2B discounts, I feel like a loser and I don’t like to use this system anymore.”
  6. 6. The most important success scenario Provide the first glimpses of value as soon as possible. AKA the “initial success”, “wow” or the “aha” moment. The initial success for email marketing? Send the first email campaign. When does your client achieve initial success?
  7. 7. Avoid Cliffs, Use Stairways Instead Show a user a small successes Progressive app onboarding - let the user discover the app step by step
  8. 8. Trial Period We should give the user as much time as he needs to achieve his first success. Dynamic trial period - ProdPad 7-day trial… but the more you use ProdPad, the longer your trial becomes. They were able to increase trial-2-buy conversion 300%
  9. 9. Data People really hate to input data manually. People are much more likely to complete something that’s already 60% done. Use NLP and ML to automatically capture all data directly from e-mails and upload them to the Client Account in Magento.
  10. 10. Mix channels to support users You must create support channels Live integration between eCommerce, Reco-engine and CRM Call centers should help clients use the eCommerce System - not do the work for them. Bots or chats could also be a good idea for immediate help. But remember that for B2B clients, you should be really careful about the quality of responses. So use bots with caution. But I’m still just a bot. Sorry!
  11. 11. Sales Team can be the best onboarding tool New goal for your Sales Reps: Visit as many clients as possible and onboard them manually during the meeting. Convert sales reps into sales consultants.
  12. 12. Physical means safe Old-school flyers with step by step instructions on how to make an order AOV can be in the millions - people are really afraid of making a mistake
  13. 13. Demo account Familiarize with the system without being afraid of the consequences The biggest problem - to get people really engaged („aha” moment) Part of your safety net
  14. 14. Documentation, slides, movies Users prefer acting to reading and watching Progressive Onboarding - send users bits of education while they are using system Create some proof of value Video streaming directly from the warehouse
  15. 15. eCommerce half way B2B clients are afraid of distribution conflicts. Onboard the most sensitive clients to non-transactional systems first. - Product Information Solution (Pimcore) - Loyalty Solution (OpenLoyalty) Build a digital bond with B2B clients. You can register clients in the system - the first step in their eCommerce journey.
  16. 16. Sources
  17. 17. Thanks! @tomik99