Teacher's Day Quiz


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The quiz for the round i prepared for Teacher's Day 2012

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Teacher's Day Quiz

  1. 1. Round ?? Divakar
  2. 2. Seek. Find. EnjoyIs the tagline of _____________________ ???
  3. 3. Brookefields Mall
  4. 4. ID the video game which has this theme music
  5. 5. Super MarioThe most famous kids video game ever
  6. 6. How do we better knowMr. A. S. Dileep Kumar
  7. 7. A.R.Rahman
  8. 8. ID this Classic Music
  9. 9. Doordarshan
  10. 10. ID X• X is an Indian fictional superhero character created by Dinker Jani and Mukesh Khanna• It was first aired on September 13, 1997• X has super strength, the ability to fly, and is invulnerable to things that cause injuries on the body• His enemy is Tamraj Kilvish
  11. 11. Shaktimaan
  12. 12. Logo of ________ ??
  13. 13. ID the Bowler
  14. 14. Stuart Broad
  15. 15. Find The Connection
  16. 16. All of them are currently headed by a Woman
  17. 17. Connect
  18. 18. Uthamaputhiran(1958) was the firsttime Sivaji Ganesan did a dual role
  19. 19. Connect• Ilango Adigal• Seethalai Sathanar• Tirutakkatevar• Unknown Jain ascetic• Nagakuthanar (Nagasena)
  20. 20. Authors of the 5 Great Tamil Epics• Silappadikaram - Ilango Adigal• Manimegalai – Seethalai Sathanar• Jeevaga Chinthamani - Tirutakkatevar• Valayapathi - Unknown Jain ascetic• Kundalakesi - Nagakuthanar (Nagasena)
  21. 21. What do these time periods denote w.r to the Indian Govt ??• 20–35 days in the months of February to May• 20–35 days in the months of July to August.• 20–34 days in the months of November to December
  22. 22. Sessions of Parliament• Budget session: 20–35 days in the months of February to May.• Monsoon session: 20–35 days in the months of July to August.• Winter session: 20–34 days in the months of November to December
  23. 23. ID X Lord Krishna was critical of X for remaining a mute spectator and not having protested the humiliation of Draupadi by Dushasana and Duryodhana following the fateful game of dice. X is also criticized for pride andconceit. X is also infamous for the “Thumb as teaching fee” incident.X was responsible for the devious murder of Abhimanyu, asit was he who had suggested simultaneously attacking and disabling the tired, outnumbered and trapped warrior.However, he remains a revered figure in Hindu history, anda pillar of the Indian tradition of respecting ones teacher as an equal not only of parents, but even of God.
  24. 24. Drona Acharya
  25. 25. -- End of the Round --