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Philippine D-Days: Intro to Green Architecture


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Some of the Philippine Most Disastrous Days. An introduction to Green Architecture to Palawan State University, BS in Architecture, Theory of Architecture 02

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Philippine D-Days: Intro to Green Architecture

  1. 1. Green Architecture:Environmental Concepts of Architectural Design Activity Analysis and Linkages for efficiency in Shelter, EnergyConservation and the Design Process
  2. 2. Start of Building and Living Green
  3. 3. Before we start let’s go back to the some of the most disastrous days in recent Philippine History.
  4. 4. The D-Days of the Philippines
  5. 5. These fatefulevents would have been mitigated by Good design and planningAnd implementation of the plans
  6. 6. December 12, 1987The M/V Doña Paz collision with oil tanker MT Vector
  7. 7. December 12, 1987The M/V Doña Paz collision with oil tanker MT Vector M/V Doña Paz RMS Titanic Number of Life 4,375 lives Casualties 1,502 lives
  8. 8. What Went Wrong?1. Overcrowding2. The crew was under- qualified3. Boat’s license had expired
  9. 9. March 18, 1996 Ozone Disco Fire The Club has an occupancy load of: 35 Persons Total load during the fire incident: 390 Persons 160 Persons died.
  10. 10. What Went Wrong?1. No sprinkler system2. No working fire exits or fire extinguishers3. Victims were trapped inside because the door swung inwards
  11. 11. July 16, 1990Hyatt Terraces Hotel – Baguio Earthquake 7.7 Magnitude earthquake shook Luzon. There are 400 fatalities mostly buried in the ruins of Hyatt Hotel and Hotel Nevada
  12. 12. What Went Wrong?1. Unwise site selection2. Bad structural design3. Substandard construction materials
  13. 13. August 03, 1999Cherry Hills Subdivision Landslide Landslide buries Cherry Hills Subdivision during Typhoon Olga Killed 58 people and destroying. 379 houses.
  14. 14. What Went Wrong?1. Developers built the estate on unstable hillsides2. Poorly designed foundations built on clay3. Government regulatory bodies issued permits and licenses despite evidence of non- compliance with building code
  15. 15. September 26, 2009Ondoy Hits the Streets of Metro Manila Typhoon Ondoy registered 455 millimeters. It doubles the 250mm of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
  16. 16. September 26, 2009Ondoy Hits the Streets of Metro Manila Ondoy left more than 300 dead and thousands of families displaced.
  17. 17. September 26, 2009Ondoy Hits the Streets of Metro Manila
  18. 18. What Went Wrong?1. Unregulated urban sprawl2. Reckless of granting of permits todevelop and build on flood lands andalong waterways3. Improper disposal of garbage
  19. 19. What Happened Next? Because of these events, government formed stricter laws, guidelines, and standards.1. Revision of National Building Code2. Revision of Structural Code of the PH3. Fire Code of the Philippines4. BP 344 Accessibility Law5. Philippine Green Building Council
  20. 20. Prepared byArch. Rodelito R. Garobo September, 2012