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Reporting: The Best & Worst Part of Your Job


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Telling clients everything is going great? Best! Spending hours downloading CSV files and taking screenshots? Worst! Going over that report you spent hours on and realizing that no one understands it but you? The absolute worst!

In this talk, you’ll learn how to make better reports — including automation, design, and goal setting.

(Presented at MN Search, June 21 2019)

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Reporting: The Best & Worst Part of Your Job

  1. 1. Reporting: The Best & Worst Part of Your Job Dana DiTomaso @danaditomaso #MNSearch
  2. 2. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  3. 3. Why do we do this? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  4. 4. We’re insecure? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  5. 5. We can’t trust the results? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  6. 6. We’re only reporting on one tiny slice of the whole? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  7. 7. #MNSearch @danaditomaso We need to build a system.
  8. 8. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Why are we here?
  9. 9. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Are you going tactics-first?
  10. 10. Take a step back. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  11. 11. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Where do you want to go?
  12. 12. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  13. 13. How will you get there? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  14. 14. #MNSearch @danaditomaso If a tactic doesn’t relate back to the charter, discard it.
  15. 15. #MNSearch @danaditomaso How will you know that you’ve arrived?
  16. 16. #MNSearch @danaditomaso How are you going to report on these goals?
  17. 17. #MNSearch @danaditomaso The tools you use (mostly) don’t matter.
  18. 18. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  19. 19. Who do you need to reach? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  20. 20. #MNSearch @danaditomaso You are not the target market.
  21. 21. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Your competitors are also not the target market.
  22. 22. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Who are your best customers now?
  23. 23. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Talk to those people!
  24. 24. #MNSearch @danaditomaso I am a ______ who wants to ______ so I can ______
  25. 25. Remember: Not every touchpoint is a “Branded Experience” #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  26. 26. What systems are involved at each of these points? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  27. 27. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Now you know what tools need to talk to each other.
  28. 28. #MNSearch @danaditomaso But you need a common thread.
  29. 29. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Enter Google Analytics’ Client ID.
  30. 30. This is a nice start. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  31. 31. Save the CID as a session-scoped custom dimension in Google Analytics. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  32. 32. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  33. 33. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  34. 34. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  35. 35. Now we need to move that CID into other applications. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  36. 36. What about getting other application data back into Google Analytics? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  37. 37. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Did you know that you can put anything you want in Google Analytics?
  38. 38. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Let’s walk through an example.
  39. 39. Save the Google Analytics CID in a hidden field in your form. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  40. 40. #MNSearch @danaditomaso When the opportunity is closed, push the result back over to Google Analytics.
  41. 41. You don’t need to be a developer to make this happen. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  42. 42. All you need is Zapier. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  43. 43. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  44. 44. Make a test Google Analytics property just for yourself! #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  45. 45. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Go back to your touchpoints – what needs to be pulled together?
  46. 46. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Tie survey responses to purchases.
  47. 47. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Combine reviews with in-store visits.
  48. 48. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Bring online and offline purchases together.
  49. 49. Now your systems are talking to each other. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  50. 50. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Let’s make your reporting process suck less.
  51. 51. Perhaps you have a UTM tagging problem. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  52. 52. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  53. 53. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  54. 54. Thinking back to your goal charter, what do you need to include in the report? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  55. 55. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  56. 56. Resist the urge to use lots of tables. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  57. 57. #MNSearch @danaditomaso You know you have the right graph element when…
  58. 58. #MNSearch @danaditomaso You can tell at a glance if you’re on the right path.
  59. 59. #MNSearch @danaditomaso You don’t have to be there to explain the report.
  60. 60. #MNSearch @danaditomaso In fact, the report does not require additional explanation.
  61. 61. #MNSearch @danaditomaso The report can be used for years to come.
  62. 62. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Good reports answer a question.
  63. 63. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Are you comparing values? - bar, combo, line, table
  64. 64. #MNSearch @danaditomaso What is the distribution of your data? Are there outliers? - histogram, scatter
  65. 65. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Do you need to show how different parts come together to show a whole? - stacked bar or area, pie
  66. 66. #MNSearch @danaditomaso What is the relationship between different influences? - scatter, bubble
  67. 67. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Are we there yet? - bullet
  68. 68. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Keep these design guidelines in mind.
  69. 69. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Only answer one or a few questions per page.
  70. 70. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Choose a report color and orientation based on client needs.
  71. 71. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Give the data room to breathe.
  72. 72. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Explain everything.
  73. 73. #MNSearch @danaditomaso Use the client’s own words.
  74. 74. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  75. 75. But where is sessions by channel??? #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  76. 76. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  77. 77. Get the report: #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  78. 78. Ignoring what doesn’t help you is just as important as watching what does help you. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  79. 79. #MNSearch @danaditomaso You can also
  80. 80. #MNSearch @danaditomaso One last GDS protip.
  81. 81. File > Report Settings #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  82. 82. Now you can spend your time on what matters. #MNSearch @danaditomaso
  83. 83. Thank you! Dana DiTomaso @danaditomaso #MNSearch